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Safety Meeting Starter (SMS) July 2012


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July Safety Meeting Starters, 2012

Published in: Education, Business
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Safety Meeting Starter (SMS) July 2012

  1. 1. Safety Meeting Starters(SMS) for July 2012Happy July ! Welcome to July. This month’s theme is safety with-it-ness. What does safety‘withitnes’ mean? You’ll need to read more to find out!As always, Safety Meeting Starters contains tons of helpful and timely safety information tohelp you and your work group identify and control work hazards and raise safety awareness - -enjoy the material, and please share it with a friend, co-worker, staff member or supervisor.To inquire about Matt’s keynote presentations and seminars log onto’t wait for effective safety information, stay up to speed on the latest safety informationthrough Twitter - - ( or @safestrat).Order Now - - Available today! What Safety Leaders Do, The Insider’sHandbook for Safety Leadership Tips, Tactics, Secrets and Ideas, was releasedmid-April. One early commenter wrote; “We are all very busy, so if you want totake the time to read one book that will have the greatest impact on improvingyour safety program results, then you need to read What Safety Leaders Do.”Steve McKay, Willis Insurance Group.New Release discounts: use code GHDF4HQD and get $5.00 off per book, nolimits! To learn more and order: love your feedback - - send comments to again and pass this along! Remember, no one gets hurt today! God Bless, Matt. Matt Forck, CSP, JLW | | 573.999.7981
  2. 2. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 2S.A.F.E. (See Accidents Forever Eliminated) ™ at Work- A Motivational Safety Column!Contribute Your Good to SafetyIn 1957 Bangkok, Thailand was expanding many roadways in and around the city.One such road project required that a Buddhist Temple and monastery be moved,the new road would be cutting it in half. As part of the relocation, a ten footstatue of Buddha which was in the current Temple would be moved to the newone. It wasn’t just a ‘normal’ statue, it was a ten foot tall, 2.5 ton statue ofBuddha. The monk in charge of the relocation was nervous. The statue was over200 years old and the center piece of the temple.As straps were put around the statue, the monk looked on; he didn’t have a goodfeeling. The statue was lifted off of the ground. So far so good he thought but justthen it cracked. The monk’s heart sank. Sit it down, he ordered. So, they did. Theyplaced a tarp around it and left it for the day. Later, it began to rain. The monkwent out to see if the Buddha statue was staying dry. He lifted the tarp andpeered into the darkness. As he did so, his eye caught the crack, and a beam oflight returned the glance. Dumbfounded, he left and returned with a screwdriver.Scrapping away at the crack, he fell backwards in disbelief. Under the clay figure,was gold!After the initial shock of such a discovery, the research began. It was discoveredthat centuries ago Burmese invaders launched an attack into Thailand. To protectthe gold statue of Buddha, it was covered with clay. The Burmese killed everyoneon their attack and the secret died with them. Several hundred years later, amistake lead to the discovery of this golden Buddha-now valued in the hundredsof millions of dollars.The secret today is to understand that each of us has gold inside. Of course, wehave forgotten this since overtime we have had mud thrown at us-generally fromall directions. This mud has covered our gold. Today, on the job, throw off a littlemud and get back in the safety game. Help out another, make a safety suggestion,use additional PPE. In other words, let your safety light shine.©20121-SafeStrat, LLC-All Rights Reserved Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  3. 3. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 3Safety Tidbits—the most information packed pages in safety!Quotes of the month: "The only people you should get even with are those who have helped you." - - Napoleon Hill "A good character is, in all cases, the fruit of personal exertion. It is not inherited from parents; it is not created by external advantages; it is no necessary appendage of birth, wealth, talents, or station; but it is the result of ones own endeavors - the fruit and reward of good principles manifested in a course of virtuous and honorable action." - - Joel HawesSafety Article: Being Free From Injuries; the Twitter Feed - - why wait for the end of the month Safety Meeting Starters when youcan get near real time safety updates from my Twitter feed! Join today; or @safestrat.Safety News from Recent Tweets OSHA probes bistro death - Times Union… via http:/ /www. @TimesUnion Cochrane victim of ‘freak’ workplace fatality identified… http://www. Working in the heat can affect your health and safety - Learn how "Heat Stress" can be prevented NIOSH resources http:// OSHA and young workers; this is a very good resource;… http://www. Tips For Keeping Cool During Hot Weather … http:// PHOTO BLOG: Top 5 Wacky Warning Labels… http:// Stop Construction Falls http:/ / Distracted Driving | National Highway Traffic Safety Administration | Texting and Driving http://www. Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  4. 4. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 4Farmer killed in slurry tank fall - Local - Belfast Newsletter:…http://www.What Safety Leaders Do - - New Book Release by Matt… via #constantcontacthttp://What Safety Leaders Do, new book by Matt Forck. Learn more and get $5.00 of per bookat;… http://www.Being Free From Injuries - Utility Products Magazine: …http://www.One dead, six injured in two incidents on same day at Fort Leonard Wood http://Nevada OSHA probes death of construction worker killed in Lake Mead tunnel accident…http://www.OSHA begins investigation into fatality at Third Straw project - My News 3 - KSNV, LasVegas, NV… http://www.Blind spots and communication break down embarrass Britain Prime Minister;…http://www.Only two months on the job! Worker, 26, killed at Tioga County foundry Monday -…http://www.State officials investigating Burbank crushing death http://www .8…Watch the Heat! Cal OSHA investigating two heat related deaths;…http://www.Remote sensing technology aims to increase construction safety – Journal of firm fined in March death, OSHA sites lack of seat belt, among other items,Charlotte Observer: http://Tree Falls, Killing One CA Tree Cutter, Injuring Another - Fire Engineering:…http://www.Hawaii Dept. of Labor Says Weak Soil Led to Workers Zip Line…http:// Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  5. 5. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 5 Leadership Is a Conversation… http :// Safety Meeting Starters, June 2012… via http:// #constantcontact Worker recovering after 19-foot fall at Madison construction site - via http:// @njhills 1 dead, 4 hurt in Minnesota paper mill explosion, fire via http:// @msnbc_us Cleanup at MFG completed, investigation continues after 43 employees go to hospital; via @sharethis http:// Company fined over aircraft engineers death - Business - NZ Herald News via @nzherald http:// UT student hit by bus...lucky that this blind spot didnt get him killed! See video here; … http://www.The Safety Notebook: Sign up for the OSHA heat app at this link...pretty cool, no pun intended! Safety Duct Tape - - 72 minutes of safety material to recharge your batteries for only 99 cents! Tape/dp/B005Q2XQM6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=dmusic&qid=1319715328&sr=1-1 Keep Going for Safety - - 16/issue-2/safe-at-work/keep-going-for-safety.html OSHA Quick Cards - - If you have not used OSHA quick cards before, then you will love this website. It’s a terrific reference for quick hit job briefings, safety awareness and safety meetings; Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  6. 6. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 6OSHA Clipboard:Cochrane victim of ‘freak’ workplace fatality identifiedBy Stephane Massinon, Calgary Herald June 24, 2012. The Cochrane man who was killed when a trailerramp fell on him has been identified as a town employee of more than six years and a longtime resident.Tim Bannister, 52, died Thursday afternoon in a workplace incident that is now under investigation byAlberta Occupational Health and Safety. Bannister was repairing the back section of a flatbed trailerwhen the hinges failed and the trailer fell on his chest. A co-worker discovered him, but he could not besaved. His family said they are shaken up by the incident, but do not blame anyone for the tragedy.“It was just a freak accident,” said his daughter, 30-year-old Tanya Popplewell. “It was nobody’s fault. Idon’t even know why it happened, but it did.” In a statement issued Saturday morning, Cochrane mayorTruper McBride said Bannister’s co-workers are grief stricken.“We are a close-knit family at the Town of Cochrane and are obviously devastated by the loss of anemployee, especially in such tragic circumstances. Our thoughts and prayers are with Tim’s family at thistime.” Bannister is described in the statement as “a highly regarded and much loved team member,colleague, and friend (and) always on hand to help, encourage and motivate others.”Bannister grew up in Kimberley, B.C., but resided in Cochrane for many years. He played sports, coachedringette and repaired appliances before he started to work for the town. Bannister leaves behind twoadult daughters and a wife. His funeral will take place Wednesday at 3 p.m. at the Cochrane old arena.© Copyright (c) The Calgary Herald Read more: investigating Formula One contractor after labor complaintsU.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration authorities opened an investigation this week intopossible workplace violations at the Formula One racetrack construction site in Elroy.At least four workers have complained to a nonprofit worker advocacy group that they and their roughly80 colleagues have been told to bring their own water to the work site, a violation of federal rules. OSHAsaid construction sites must provide drinking water for workers.When asked about the requirement to provide water, Circuit of the Americas spokeswoman Julie Loig-non said workers had not previously raised the issue at daily safety meetings and that site managerswere not aware of any problems. Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  7. 7. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 7Elizabeth Todd, a spokeswoman with the U.S. Department of Labor, said OSHA investigators went to thesite Monday and have opened an investigation, which will consist of interviewing workers and otheractions to determine whether violations of federal regulations occurred.If investigators find a violation, which they must report within six months, the violator might be fined.Todd declined to comment further, including identifying which construction company at the site is underinvestigation.Gregorio Casar, business liaison for the Austin-based Workers Defense Project, said that the complainthe filed Monday is directed at JMEG, an electrical subcontractor. He said he filed the complaint onbehalf of the workers and said that they are being given inadequate breaks."The immediate goal is for this situation to be rectified," Casar said. "It makes no sense as to why thishigh-end construction project ... is putting peoples lives at risk."JMEGs website says the company is "providing electrical construction services" at the track site. Anofficial with the company said he did not know anything about an investigation and directed a reporterto call the sites general contractor, Austin Commercial. Officials with that company responded throughLoignon, who said "Austin Commercial has assured us that they are complying with the required breakstructure for workers at the site."OSHA probes bistro deathBy Lauren Stanforth, Sunday, June 24, 2012 - - SCHENECTADY — The Occupational Safety and HealthAdministration will investigate the death of Bangkok Bistro co-owner Israel Silva, whose head becamewedged in the mechanism of his restaurants dumbwaiter early Saturday.Schenectady Fire Chief Michael Della Rocco said his department and police evidence technicians tookwitness statements and photographs at the scene in preparation for OSHAs investigation that likely willstart Monday. The dumbwaiter, or food service elevator, was used to hoist food from the restaurantskitchen in the basement to the dining room on the first floor of the 111-year-old building at 268 State St.Della Rocco said Silva appeared to have had his head in the dumbwaiter shaft around 1:20 a.m. Saturdaybecause he was trying to repair it when the elevator suddenly became operational. Della Rocco said itwas unclear if someone had turned the elevator on. A flight to Albany Medical Center Hospital wascalled off after it was determined Silva had died at the scene from head trauma.While passenger and freight elevators must be inspected regularly under federal guidelines, Della Roccosaid he didnt know if the same was true for dumbwaiters, small elevators that were used decades agoto quickly transport items from one floor to another. An online database maintained by OSHA showsthat such fatal accidents nationwide are rare. A search of the database showed that apparently only oneother person in the U.S. has died in a dumbwaiter accident since 2002. That incident occurred at a hotelin Branson, Mo., in 2005 when an employee who was also trying to fix a dumbwaiter suffocated aftergetting his head stuck in the mechanisms. Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  8. 8. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 8A note on the door of Bangkok Bistro Sunday said the restaurant will be closed indefinitely. Condolencemessages were left on the restaurants Facebook page and two flowers were left on the bistrosdoorstep in honor of Silva, whose nickname was Bobby. "Rest in Peace Bobby," read one note left with ared rose, "you will always be in our heart." People gathered Sunday at a family home in Niskayunadeclined to comment.Read more: recovering after 19-foot fall at Madison construction siteFriday, May 25, 2012/By SALLY CAPONE, Staff Writer - - MADISON - A 23-year-old worker at theWalgreens construction site in Madison, who apparently slipped while working with a steelbeam and fell some 19 feet to the ground last Thursday, May 17, is home from the hospital,said his employer, Jeffrey Vandermeyde, owner of Vandermeyde Welding-Iron Work Inc., basedin the Hewitt section of West Milford Township. “He’s doing well and recovering well,”Vandermeyde said Monday.The employee, Thomas Block of Sussex County, is recuperating from injuries suffered in the fallfollowing surgery at the Morristown Medical Center. Police said that at about 7:32 p.m. May 17,police Detective Edward Mitchko and Patrolman Carmen DeCaro responded to the Walgreensconstruction site on Main Street at Greenwood Avenue on a report of a construction accident.Found Victim On Ground - - The officers found Block prostrate on the ground, bleeding and inobvious pain. With the assistance of Patrolwoman Jenna Landrigan of the Morris TownshipPolice Department and the Madison Fire Department, Block was secured on a backboard andtransported to the Morristown Medical Center for treatment. Patrolwoman Landrigan was off-duty at the time and happened to be jogging by the accident scene. Madison police said shehelped Mitchko and DeCaro stabilize the victim until the arrival of medical personnel.The Madison Volunteer Ambulance Corps and paramedics from the Morristown Medical Centerresponded to the scene and the victim was taken to the Morristown hospital. Construction atthe site, where the skeletal structure of the future Walgreens has been erected, halted afterthe accident and is expected to resume this week, Vandermeyde said. The U.S. OccupationalSafety and Health Administration (OSHA) confirmed Monday it had opened an investigationinto the fall. Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  9. 9. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 9Available Now! Order today…What Safety Leaders Do – - The Insider’s Handbook forSafety Leadership Tips, Tactics, Secrets & IdeasToday there is a procedure for everything that is important. Yet,more than 99% of groups fail to have a road map for safetyleadership. The reason is that leadership is different. While mostof those other procedures are ‘one size fits all,’ safety leadershipis not. Each team, work group, and company has a differentculture, history, exposures and corporate structure which meansthere isn’t a cookie cutter mold to safety leadership. To besuccessful, each organization must customize their program to fittheir unique organization. To effectively ‘customize’ yourcompany’s safety leadership program, you first need access to allof the cutting edge leadership tactics, tips and secrets – - which isexactly what this book provides! Then, you can pick the ideas thatare right for your group; putting proven methods to work for you– - to get the results you have always aimed to achieve. 204pages/$19.95New Release discounts: use code GHDF4HQD and get $5.00 off per book, no limits!To learn more and order: or www.safestrat.comReviews are in: “I felt that Matt was speaking directly to me through this book. It not only identified many of the issues facing my companys safety challenges but also many that apply to me personally. We oftentimes over-complicate safety. Matt provides a very simple recipe for success. He not only identifies key weaknesses that most of us face but he provides ideas and solutions that could be implemented tomorrow." Bill Dampf, Manager, Safety and Training Utility Sector “I edit the writings of 100s of safety authors and Matt Forck is unique in his approach to safety leadership and saving lives. Matt makes safety reading easy with his humor, down to earth realism, and "from the frontlines" solutions. Matt has a sharp mind, big heart, and is "mission driven" to give safety professionals ideas and tools to build strong safety cultures, nurture strong effective safety leadership, and keep employees actively engaged in safety processes.” Dave Johnson, Chief Editor (since 1980), Industrial Safety & Hygiene News (ISHN) Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  10. 10. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 10ISMA-Involved Safety Meeting ActivityActivity: Expect from Me, Expect From YouEstimated Time: 15 MinutesMaterials Needed: Dry Erase Board and markers.Reference materials: See ISMA below:The ISMA:In a group discussion format generate discussion on the following question: What is expected from management in order to succeed in safety?Chances are, there will be a lot of good comments about what management needs todo in order to achieve safety success. But, management is only part of the equation, sochallenge the group with the next question; What do you have to do to be successful in safety, meaning, no injuries?Our people know what to do so that they return home each night safe and whole. Oncethis list is on the board, challenge them to begin today.The Take-a-ways:Our power to decide is not greater tomorrow than it is today! And, our workers knowwhat to do and when to do it. It’s the natural ‘human’ urge to make a job faster, moreconvenient or quicker. It’s in this effort that we often cut a corner here and there.Challenge your workers to begin acting and doing those specific items outlined in theabove activity. If they decide to act today, injuries will be a thing of the past! Want 101 ISMAs? Check out ISMA (Involved Safety Meeting Activities— 101Ways to Get Your People In Involved! at Matt’s website; 20Books.htm Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  11. 11. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 11SPOT-M –(Safety Picture of the Month) Backflip Anyone?Are you ready to Tumble! Falls are a leading cause of work place injuryand death. Falls come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the task, ifyou are more than four or six feet above a surface you may needadditional protection.Choose in favor of your safety! Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  12. 12. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 12Tools for Pros!Do You Have Safety With-it-ness?In the December 15, 2008 New Yorker, Malcolm Gladwell published an interesting article on education.The article focused on how teachers are evaluated. The article is entitled, Most Likely to Succeed, HowDo We Hire When We Can’t Tell Who’s Right for the Job? introduces a concept called with-it-ness; andasserts that today’s most gifted teachers have it!Gladwell writes, “Another educational researcher, Jacob Kounin, once did an analysis of “desist” events, in which a teacher has to stop some kind of misbehavior." In one instance, “Mary leans toward the table to her right and whispers to Jane. Both she and Jane giggle. The teacher says, ‘Mary and Jane, stop that!’ ” That’s a desist event. But how a teacher desists—her tone of voice, her attitudes, her choice of words—appears to make no difference at all in maintaining an orderly classroom. How can that be? Kounin went back over the videotape and noticed that forty-five seconds before Mary whispered to Jane, Lucy and John had started whispering. Then Robert had noticed and joined in, making Jane giggle, whereupon Jane said something to John. Then Mary whispered to Jane. It was a contagious chain of misbehavior, and what really was significant was not how a teacher stopped the deviancy at the end of the chain but whether she was able to stop the chain before it started. Kounin called that ability “with-it-ness.”Gladwell, and researcher Jacob Kounin, simply define ‘with-it-ness’ as the ability to be proactive - - tostop an event before it happens. And, they assert that with-it-ness, along with feedback, is the key traitto teacher effectiveness. Safety with-it-ness, or our ability to be proactive or to stop an event before ithappens, is also the measure of safety effectiveness. So, the simple question is, do you have safetywith-it-ness? Here are three simple questions you should ask every day in order to have a high level ofsafety with-it-ness.First, what on this job can change my life forever? Having worked in the electric industry for nearly 20years, I have had the misfortune to analyze dozens of electrical contacts and other serious incidents.What is amazing about many of these tragic events is that on most of these jobs, the energy source wasthe only hazard on the job that would change the workers life forever. And, it was the energy sourcethat went unguarded or that the worker didn’t take the appropriate action to protect himself against.Before starting any job, ask a simple question; what on this job can change my life? You may find anenergy source, trench, fall exposure, vehicle traffic, etc. Usually however, there are only one to threethings on each job that are ‘major’ life changing hazards. Find them. Take proactive steps to controlthem…work with safety with-it-ness.Am I in a transition? Several years ago the quest to summit Mount Everest hit 1,000 official requests.When reviewing those attempts, statistics show 200 of the 1,000 climbers perished. The interestingthing for me is that of those 200 who died, 150, or 75%, died climbing down the mountain. One could Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  13. 13. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 13argue that the focus and energy and planning was dedicated to reaching the summit and climbers lostsight in transition, underestimating the focus and planning that phase of the climb demands.Our jobs are often similar with transition situations often leading to incidents and injuries. Ourequivalent of descending the mountain might be when a construction job is finished and the only task iscleaning up, or backfilling or climbing down off of a roof or elevation. Transition is simply the last taskbefore break or lunch. It might be the day before a long vacation. Having safety with-it-ness means weactively look for transition situations knowing that there is added danger in these times. If you don’tbelieve me, think about those 150 climbers. Jeff Evans, a man that has successfully climbed anddescended Mount Everest says it this way; “Reaching the summit is optional…Going home isn’t.” What’s new? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration published the following on an OSHAfacts sheet, “Young workers, ages 14-24, are at risk of workplace injury because of their inexperience atwork and their physical, cognitive, and emotional developmental characteristics. They often hesitate toask questions and may fail to recognize workplace dangers. OSHA has made young workers a prioritywithin the agency and is committed to identifying ways to improve young worker safety and health.” Inother words, they are new, and because they are new, there is added risk of incident and injury.But being new doesn’t just apply to young workers. Having an added risk of injury or incident applies tonew tools, new equipment, a more seasoned worker in a new job, etc. Safety with-it-ness means youand your organization understand the added risk of ‘new’ and take pro-active steps to review and train.This small amount of time making ‘new’ more comfortable and getting your workers more comfortablewith ‘new’ tools and equipment can save more time later…and can save lives.In short, good teachers are able to stop events before they occur; and for us to make it through eachday safe, we need to employ that same skill set - - or as I like to say, we need safety with-it-ness!Mat Forck, CSP and JLW, is a leading voice in worker safety. Matt leads SafeStrat, LLC, a safety keynoteand consulting services organization dedicated to building people. Matt works with clients in all businesssectors and with trade organizations in over ten countries. Learn more about Matt, learn about hissafety and motivational books and sign up for FREE safety resources at the entire Gladwell article; the OSHA Facts Sheet for Young Workers: Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!