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Safety Meeting Starters (SMS) Oct 2012


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Safety Meeting Starters, Oct 2012

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Safety Meeting Starters (SMS) Oct 2012

  1. 1. Safety Meeting Starters (SMS)for October 2012Happy October! - - Please enjoy the October Safety Meeting Starters (SMS) material. Eachmonth, SMS is packed full of tons of helpful and timely safety information to help you and yourteam identify and control hazards and raise safety awareness. Enjoy the material, and pleaseshare it with a friend, co-worker, staff member or supervisor.Big News - - What Safety Leaders Do is now available on Kindle! Find the Kindle link andtraditional hard copy version at this link; us on Twitter! - - Why wait for SMS every month? Find tons of great safety news andarticles from the SafeStrat Twitter feed;, make your safety team, first lines, safety committee and executive management teamsmore effective with an energy filled and eye opening safety presentation from Matt. Learnmore from the link, and readparticipant comments below in “A view from the seats!”A view from the seats! “Matt’s presented very well, he was interesting, informal, humorous and easy to listen to…very effective.” “It is so hard to find someone with direct utility knowledge so we brought Matt in due to his utility experience…and Matt related so well to our team. He hit it out of the park!” “Matt brings so much positive energy and sincerity to each participant.”To inquire about Matt’s keynote presentations and seminars log onto Order Now - - Available today on Kindle or Hardcopy! What Safety Leaders Do, The Insider’s Handbook for Safety Leadership Tips, Tactics, Secrets and Ideas use code GHDF4HQD and get $5.00 off per book, no limits (hardcopy only)! To learn more and order: Thanks again and pass this along! Remember, no one gets hurt today! God Bless, Matt. Matt Forck, CSP, JLW | | 573.999.7981
  2. 2. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 2S.A.F.E. (See Accidents Forever Eliminated) ™ at Work- A Motivational Safety Column!A Toadfish and SafetyI’m not sure how many tax dollars it is costing us to explore this link, but researchers at theNational Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Disease (NIAMSD) believe thereis a connection between the mating call of a toadfish and fighting human muscular disease. Ohcome on, what is next? Are they going to tell us soymilk and tofu are good for us?Wait a minute, researchers have already told us soymilk and tofu are good for us -good for usand not good tasting. Besides, what can we possibly conclude from a male toadfish (is it a toador a fish?) called a plain-fin midshipman? Plain-fin Midshipman, it sounds like a division IIcollege mascot to me. I can see the sweatshirts now.Anyway, Kuan Wang of the NIAMSD says that in studies, the above mentioned toadfish, havetrained their air bladder muscles to vibrate 6,000 times per minute for an hour. The humanheart by comparison beats 60-80 times per minute. This is done as a mating ritual. Apparentlythe male toadfish thinks it is attractive to the opposite sex. We males do strange things for themermaids, don’t we? Wang says that kind of muscular capability could lead to clues onfighting human muscle disease, such as nemaline myopathy, a rare genetic disorder in infants.“It turns out, (the toadfish) is built for high performance and wired for high speed” Wang says,and if he can learn how those muscles work he can reverse engineer those qualities into humantissues.I say good luck to Wang and his team, and think that if a toadfish can vibrate his air bladder6,000 per minute hoping to pick up a chic, I mean a fish; we should be able to work an eighthour shift with a coffee break and a lunch break without an injury. After all, we may not haveair bladder but we are wired for high performance. And, high performance is safety.©20121-SafeStrat, LLC-All Rights Reserved Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  3. 3. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 3Safety Tidbits—the most information packed pages in safety!Quotes of the month:"The only certain means of success is to render more and better service than isexpected of you, no matter what your task may be." Og MandinoSafety Article:Halloween Safety: • help-asse-raise-awareness-about-work-safety/ • • • Free From Injuries; the Twitter Feed - - why wait for the end of the month Safety Meeting Starters when youcan get near real time safety updates from my Twitter feed! Join today; or @safestrat.Safety News from September:Halloween safety: Tips for trick-or-treaters - - …What Safety Leaders Do ... is ready on Kindle!… via @amazonCo. failed to lockout energy source before maintenance: out our brand new website! … and let usknow what you think!Man Killed While Trimming Palm Tree In Hollywood … via @laist Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  4. 4. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 4Construction accident kills worker: via @elkodailyOSHA cites paint-maker for chemical vapor cloud | The Columbus Dispatch …ASSE Prez Richard A. Pollock reacts to the BLS data on 2011 occupational fatalities: announces results of August impact inspections$159 can buy a ton of new stuff, don’t waste your $ on texting tickets. @ATT #itcanwaithttp://www.itcanwait.comName of Worker Killed on I-90 Released driving policies -- the time has come via @coshtribuneWorker Killed At Belton Metal Company (via @news_channel_7)Officials identify Spirit AeroSystems employee who died in fall … via@kansasdotcomDriver charged in I-70 crash that killed MoDOT worker - http://KansasCity.com …ATT worker dies after being assaulted - - …OSHA: Omega Protein fatality could have been avoided - - The News forSouth Mississippi …US Airways cited following employee death …Texting & driving simply isnt worth it! Pledge with us by replying or RT w/ "I pledge."#ItCanWait Dr. Howard at #ASCConf points out that American work force needs more attentionon a holistic level. @EHSTodayThe @NIOSH & @BCSP collaborative effort webpage is the page for resources on our jointeffort to advance safety: Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  5. 5. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 5Not a senior, but just tried AAAs new RoadwiseRx tool 2 chk allergy meds affect on driving-gr8 tool! MT @AAASafety new way to look at construction fatalities: in critical condition, West End homes lose power Worker Killed While Doing Construction - WKBN - 27 First News - Local News -Pennsylvania …OSHA Investigates Fatal Electrocution at Construction Site - Arlington, VA Patch …The Safety Notebook:• Safety Duct Tape - - 72 minutes of safety material to recharge your batteries for only 99 cents! Tape/dp/B005Q2XQM6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=dmusic&qid=1319715328&sr=1-1• Keep Going for Safety - - work/keep-going-for-safety.html• OSHA Quick Cards - - If you have not used OSHA quick cards before, then you will love this website. It’s a terrific reference for quick hit job briefings, safety awareness and safety meetings; Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  6. 6. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 6 SAI - - Safety Awareness Items (ideas to get raise your team’s awareness! Armor All Keep the Work Area Clean. Aspirin (small No headaches, Wear Your Hardhat. packages) Atlas Road Map Safety is the Map to Success. Badge Holder Many organizations require that the identification badge be displayed while on site, personalize badge holders with a safety message or slogan. Bagels Safety is the Cream Cheese. Ball Who Will Carry the Safety Ball Today? (You can use a stress ball with the “Who Will Carry the Ball” slogan printed on it or simply use a tennis ball, racquetball, etc.) Balloons Safety is not Hot Air. Banana Put Trash Away to Avoid a Slip Today. Band-Aids Band-Aids for the Kids, We Wear Our PPE. Barbecue Sauce Safety is Never Bland! Baseball Cards Dont Trade Away Your Health. The Untapped Secret To Selling Safety -And 401½ Tangible Items Guaranteed To Help Make That Sale! - - How well do you sell safety? The truth is that we are at the mercy of our ability to sell, no matter how “tight” the presentation. Regardless of our education or the facts surrounding an issue, we are still in a position where we have to make the sale in order for a positive change to take place. And, the better we are at selling, the greater our results. The fact of the matter is that there are secrets to selling…even selling safety. One such previously untapped secret is revealed here and your safety results will never be the same! “Matt’s passion for safety continues to shine through as he drives to inspire us to be the best we can be” wrote Bill Dampf, safety professional with three decades of experience. “Through this latest effort, he provides us with hundreds of ways to promote safety awareness to our employees. Although keeping our workers safe is always a challenge, this simple approach to helping us sell safety can be a tool that all of us can use.” Price: $8.99 - - AND use this discount code to save $2..00 per book,B9F5UNDN. Order from this link; Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  7. 7. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 7Exciting News…What Safety Leaders Do - - The Insider’sHandbook for Safety Leadership Tips, Tactics, Secrets & Ideas, is nowavailable on Kindle! What Safety Leaders Do – - The Insider’s Handbook for Safety Leadership Tips, Tactics, Secrets & Ideas Today there is a procedure for everything that is important. Yet, more than 99% of groups fail to have a road map for safety leadership. The reason is that leadership is different. While most of those other procedures are ‘one size fits all,’ safety leadership is not. Each team, work group, and company has a different culture, history, exposures and corporate structure which means there isn’t a cookie cutter mold to safety leadership. To be successful, each organization must customize their program to fit their unique organization. To effectively ‘customize’ your company’s safety leadership program, you first need access to all of the cutting edge leadership tactics, tips and secrets – - which is exactly what this book provides! Then, you can pick the ideas that are right for your group; putting proven methods to work for you – - to get the results you have always aimed to achieve. 204 pages. Price $19.95New Release discounts: use code GHDF4HQD and get $5.00 off per book, no limits! (Hard CopyOnly).To learn more and order: Read on Kindle – - Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  8. 8. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 8ISMA-Involved Safety Meeting ActivityActivity: DEER SeasonEstimated Time: 10 MinutesMaterials Needed: Paper and pen for participantsReference materials: See ISMA below:The ISMA:With paper and pen in hand ask the participants to answer the following questions:- List the projects (both at home and work) that you have started within the last two years yet have not finished. Note the reasons that you have not finished them.- Looking around your house or garage, what items or tasks have you wanted to clean, throw-a-way, re-organize, file etc but have yet to complete? Why?- At work, what projects or jobs have you been given that you were not able to complete? Why?After allowing for writing time, you may ask if anyone wants to share their answers withthe group focusing on the reasons that jobs, tasks or actions were not completed.The Take-a-ways:We have a tendency to make some days, jobs or actions DEER season. Some timeswe leave a job or action to DEER meaning we fail or fall short of completion, instead wewill Discuss, Explain, Excuse or Rationalize it. Remember, we all have good reasonsto do what we do, meaning the reason makes perfect sense to us at the time. But whenit comes to safety and safety rules and procedures, we can’t discuss, explain, excuse orrationalize not following these rules. Watch out for DEER season before youunknowingly place yourself in the cross hairs. Want 101 ISMAs? Check out ISMA (Involved Safety Meeting Activities— 101Ways to Get Your People In Involved! at Matt’s website; Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  9. 9. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 9SPOT-M –(Safety Picture of the Month) What’s wrong with this?This job is on a busy street where the crew closed alane. There was no advance warning signs and you cansee the tapper zone…about 20 feet long which simply isnot enough cushion for worker safety!Choose in favor of your safety! Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  10. 10. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 10Tools for Pros!Macho Safety…the new definition of toughness…Matt Forck, CSP & JLWThe second Saturday of September 2012 held the long awaited conference opener for theMissouri Tigers football team. The Tigers, who transferred from the Big 12 to the South EasternConference, or SEC, were playing their first SEC conference game. Some consider the SEC as thestrongest football conference in the country, and their teams have backed it up by winning thelast six football national titles. The Tigers conference opener was a nationally televised game inColumbia Missouri, against a top ten ranked and perennial power, the Georgia Bulldogs. Thegame began as a defensive struggle and remained close. Mizzou, led by their JuniorQuarterback James Franklin, was leading in the third quarter, 17 to 9, but mistakes by MU andstrong defense and tackling by Georgia led Georgia to a win. The next team on the Tiger’sschedule was Arizona State.The Friday before the Arizona State game, rumors began to surface that James Franklin, theTiger’s starting QB, would not start against Arizona State. While the University of MissouriSports Information Director was silent on the issue, sports reporters and bloggers were buzzingfor facts. The rumor said that Franklin, who was sacked numerous times against Georgia, had aserious contusion on his throwing shoulder. This was a big deal for a number of reasons. First,the Tigers had not been without their starting quarterback for ten years - - for nearly a decadetheir starter had not missed a start due to an injury. The backup to Franklin was a redshirtfreshman with absolutely zero experience. And, Mizzou’s game against Arizona State was amust win. No one was saying whether Franklin would play…or if the rumors were true.Moments before kickoff, head coach Gary Pinkel confirmed the rumors when an ESPN sidelinereporter caught up with him. When asked if Franklin would play, Pinkel replied, “It was just toopainful for him, and he didn’t want to play.” Pinkel went on to say that Franklin refused apainkilling shot.These comments did nothing to silence the ‘buzz,’ instead they fueled the fire. Pinkel, who hasbeen Mizzou’s football coach for a dozen years, is predictable and any sports reporter who hasfollowed his team could have forecasted Pinkel’s comments concerning Franklin. It would haveread, “Franklin was evaluated by medical staff and in their opinion, he is not able to play. Theymake all of those decisions, not me.” But that’s not what Pinkel said. He said Franklin “Didn’twant to play,” and refused a painkilling shot (as if taking that shot is the ‘norm’). Readingbetween the lines, Pinkel’s statements could be interpreted to say, “From one football player toanother, you aren’t tough enough to play.” Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  11. 11. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 11After the game, Franklin told the Columbia Daily Tribune, “I was just telling them I didn’t think itwould be smart to go in. I just said I wasn’t 100 percent confident (in my shoulder). I like to feelthe pain to be my own judge of it," Franklin continued. "I dont want to numb it and then playand possibly hurt it more. The next thing I know I wont be able to play for a couple weeks."What does ‘toughness’ really mean? This story gives many insights into the macho attitudesurrounding college football. Players get hurt. When they do, players are expected to takepainkilling drugs in order to play. If you refuse, you are called out, “He didn’t want to play.” But,what about the attitude that says l don’t do that. Sure, I play football but I have a differentmindset toward dealing with pain and injury. An individual who thinks, “These tough guy normsdon’t apply to me…I don’t take painkilling drugs.” I understand my body and my limits. I want tohelp the team today but also long term, and I want my body to be around after college. Thatmindset is macho too…and maybe tougher.We’ve all been around safety long enough to understand that our industry has a machoattitude. An attitude that says, I know what is best, or this won’t hurt me or, that rule doesn’tapply to me, or just because the rules say to do it that way, we do it this way, or finally, trainingsays to do it that way, but that is only in the classroom, we do it this way in the field. In short,over a thirty year career I’m going to get hurt a time or two, because that is just what we do - -this is the macho attitude that has been around for decades. But, there is a new attitude thatsays we don’t have to take short cuts. We don’t need the painkilling shot. We don’t have to gethurt at work. This is the new macho safety, and to get there think about these three steps.Follow Coach Mike – Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski is likely the most effective coachin any current sport at any level of competition. His success is unparalleled. That said, hecoaches and mentors 18 to 22 year old young men who have all of the pressures of being ‘rockstars.’ His players are watched, televised, analyzed, interviewed and reported on - - all by thenational media. In order to maintain control of his players, one would think that Coach K has anentire book of rules to protect and guide his players. How many rules do you think his programhas? One. That rules reads, “Don’t do something detrimental to yourself.” Coach Krzyzewskibelieves that this one principle is all that is needed. In taking care of yourself, you also take careof your teammates, coaches and school. I think that James Franklin knows this rule…and eachof us and our workers should too.Think Long Term— In September 2012, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released theirannual data on fatal occupational injuries for the previous year. In 2011, the report shows thatin the U.S. 4,609 people died from on-the-job injuries.American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) President Richard A. Pollock, CSP, said peopleshould be concerned. “It is alarming that 13 people a day are dying from work related injuries.This is a serious problem that we find unacceptable,” Pollock said of the report. “Theseincidents can be prevented. We urge all companies and organizations to take measures now to Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  12. 12. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 12make sure they have developed and implemented management systems of control that includeeffective occupational safety and health programs aimed at preventing worker fatalities,injuries and illnesses.I agree with Mr. Pollock that we should be concerned and that organizations need to developsystems to ensure safety. That said, I also believe that safety needs more James Franklins.James represents an attitude that says “I don’t take risks…I put myself first.” If each of us canhave that attitude, 13 people won’t die on the job each day!Plan Before you Play – Before kickoff, a college team has an entire week of practice andpreparation. In addition to practice, there is film review, team meetings, weights andconditioning, a game plan, a practice squad, more practice, more film review and revisions tothe game plan. Each player understands his role and each coach is specific about the job thatneeds to be done. That said, if football players can prepare for an entire week, we can take thetime needed to plan our work and make sure that every crew member understands their joband the hazards associated with it. Plan before we play…yes that is the macho thing to do.Each Monday the Missouri Football team hosts media day. Coach Pinkel and James Franklin putthis issue to rest and the team turned its focus to their next game…a road trip to 7th rankedSouth Carolina. Having rested his shoulder James is expected to be the starting quarterback.What is macho football (and safety), well, that depends on your definition. Work safe!Matt Forck, CSP and JLW, is a leading voice in worker safety. Matt leads SafeStrat, LLC, a safetykeynote and consulting services organization dedicated to building people. Matt works withclients in all business sectors and with trade organizations in over ten countries. Learn moreabout Matt, learn about his safety and motivational books and sign up for FREE safety resourcesat Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!