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Wayne Pua SM Portfolio

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Wayne Pua SM Portfolio

  1. 1. Wayne Pua
  2. 2. My Work at
  3. 3. Capitalized on important sports talk in local markets to spread awareness of local handles
  4. 4. Looked for opportunities
  5. 5. Saw an opportunity
  6. 6. Capitalized on trending topics
  7. 7. Made a memory
  8. 8. Made personalized menus for winners of a contest
  9. 9. My Work at
  10. 10. I helped drive “Likes” by talking with ICONic Boyz fans who posted on Kmart’s wall and by asking them to tell their friends to like us so Kmart will sell ICONic Boyz apparel.
  11. 11. Kmart has been receiving a lot more positive feedback since then. Positive feedback has risen approximately 10%.
  12. 12. My Work at
  13. 13. Created Conversations with Influencers
  14. 14. Organized a Holiday Video for Clients
  15. 15. Utilized Engaging Content for Industry Professionals
  16. 16. My Work at
  17. 17. Engaged with Fans
  18. 18. Beat Numbers From The Year Before • 16% increase in New Fan Growth for Facebook • 3x the amount of Stories Created by 3x the amount of users • 20% increase in New Follower Growth for Twitter • 3x the amount of Retweets on Twitter • Spent less money on Paid Reach/Social Ads
  19. 19. Shared Stories

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