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First day 2012


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Published in: Education, Technology
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First day 2012

  1. 1. Bienvenue! .. Just for fun while we arewaiting for everyone to arrive, see if you can guess: How many teachers on staff are expecting babies this year? How many new teachers are there? Who is missing? Which teachers are related?
  2. 2. Welcome Back!! et bienvenue en septième année!!7-91 Mme. R us se ll
  3. 3. Guidelines for LearningBe PreparedBe PromptBe Respectful
  4. 4. The way it is ....Check out this link ...
  5. 5. New Year..New Beginning ...
  6. 6. Review: Student Handbookyou guessed it ..... school rules
  7. 7. Consider the following ... What does listening look like?What shouldn’t I be doing if someone is speaking? What space is mine? What makes for a happy classroom? Language?
  8. 8. L’horaireQui enseigne quoi?Diner - c’est quand?X-classe?voici deux copies - attachez une dans ton casieret amenez une a la maison svp.
  9. 9. ASAPExactement comme lannée passe. On choisitnos activités pour septembre vendredi matin.Aujourd’hui, on se réunisse a l’auditorium.
  10. 10. Advisor/ConseillerC’est quoi?Bobcat Awards?
  11. 11. Les OPsOui! On les a!Faire signer “Policy 311”les différences
  12. 12. A Faire ....cadenas, casiers, et cartes d’indexorganiser les pupitresdécorer les cartes des nomsles formulaires pour les parents
  13. 13. Merci! Questions?russ ech d@n be d .n