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October Assignment for EDF2005, informative powerpoint about open house at a non-existent school.

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Open House PowerPoint

  1. 1. Hello, hello! It’s a brand new year. Filled with fun and learning, Nothing to fear. Sit back and listen, Lend me an ear, I’m your teacher for the rest of this year!  
  2. 2. All About Miss Conrad: o  I Enjoy being outside. o  I have two sisters. o  I like to travel. o  I have a nice dog. o  I love the color purple. o  I am excited to begin this school year with all of my great new students.
  3. 3. o  To help your child develop the academic and social skills needed to be ready for fourth grade. o  To provide an interesting, challenging, and fun classroom environment. o  To be your child’s guide as they make new friends and grow, academically, this year.
  4. 4. Throughout this year you will see tremendous growth in your child's learning! This year, our hope is to build a strong foundation for the rest of your child's educational endeavors. This Slideshow will guide you through this coming year. You will learn about the many things happening in our classroom and ways you can help your child at home!  
  5. 5. R aise your hand before talking. U se your walking feet. L isten when others talk. E veryone keeps their hands, feet, and objects to themselves. S how respect, be responsible, be a problem solver, and build relationships every day!  
  6. 6. Build Relationships I will share my supplies with others. I will take turns and be respectful to my neighbors. I will be friendly and polite. I will play nicely with my friends. I will work as a team member. I will give complements to others. I will use polite words everyday. Be Responsible I will keep my hands and feet to myself at all times. I will use good manners each day at school. I will keep my work area clean every day. I will listen with interest! I will do my homework on time. I will care for myself and my family & friends. I will try my best each day at school. I will be a good citizen. I will work well with others. I will control my words and body. Be a Problem Solver I will THINK first, about what I’m doing. I will THINK first, about my behavior and the choices I can make for myself. I will try to help others fix a problem. I will use our class RULES to help make me better. I will work on my problem first, then ask for help! I will be smart and make good choices in school. I will stretch my brain and think. Be Respectful I will be kind and share with my classmates. I will wait my turn to speak. I will be a good listener. (My eyes on the speaker and my ears open wide!) I will only use polite words. (Please, Thank You, Excuse Me, You’re Welcome, I’m Sorry) I will respect my property and the property of my classmates. I will keep my eyes on my own work during a test. x  
  7. 7. o  Our classroom is a community. In our community, we have rules to help us get along with each other. o  School rules are introduced on the first day of school and the handbook is sent home, please Review the rules with your child. o  You will also see their behavior chart every night and are asked to sign it every weekend. o  We like to practice and reinforce the rules so that we maintain good behavior in our students year round.
  8. 8. o  To manage classroom Behavior, we will use a clip chart. o  Each student will have a clothespin or clip with their name on it. o  At the beginning of each day students start on Green. o  If your child stays on green or moves up, at the end of the week they get a special ticket of their choice for next week.
  9. 9. Outstanding Role Model Great Citizen Ready to Learn, Good Day! Reminder 15 minutes at Recess to work on making better choices Recess with Principal to complete a Think Sheet Office Referral with a next day before-school intervention with principal and phone conference with parents. These are all very important and we would like you to talk to your children at home about there behavior daily, whether it be good or bad.
  10. 10. 7:40am ---- Students report to class 8:00am ---- Tardy bell rings 11:00am ---- Lunch 2:40pm ---- Dismissal If you will write your child’s way of going home on the information notecard that will help me ensure your child has a safe and speedy dismissal. If this way of transportation were to temporarily change, please inform me so I can make arrangements.
  11. 11. Morning Work Small Groups Math (Lesson and worksheets, group work twice a week) Reading/Writing (word wall words, independent reading, in class assignments) Small Reading Groups Lunch/Recess Centers Specials Social Studies/Science/Health (Activities vary with curriculum) Books Read Aloud Homework Assigned/Packup
  12. 12. o  Monday=Music o  Tuesday=Art o  Wednesday=Library o  Thursday=Gym (wear Sneakers) o  Friday=Wellness (P.E.)
  13. 13. We eat lunch every day at 11am, there is a lunch calendar sent home every month, please go over this with your child so they can make a quick decision. Lunch from home is also an option. Feel free to eat lunch with your child but remember to check in at the office first. All lunch money needs to be paid in advance and be enclosed in an envelope or Ziploc bag with your child’s name printed on it.
  14. 14. Important reading and language arts Milestones: o  Knowing the names and sounds of all the consonants and vowels o  Understanding phonics concepts such as consonant combinations o  Following along, reading, and summarizing simple stories with pictures o  Developing an understanding of composition Important math Milestones: o  Counting to 100 by 1’s and skip counting o  Knowing the addition math facts o  Adding and subtracting small numbers o  Understanding the value of money o  Knowing the units for measurement, time, and weight Important Topics covered in Science and Social Studies: o  Living and Nonliving Things o  Earth Science o  Contributions to Science o  The Surface of the Earth
  15. 15. o  Each student is responsible for having a red folder with prongs, this folder will be the homework folder. o  In the middle of the folder will be a page with information and homework grades. This will change weekly. o  The left pocket will hold homework for that night and the right pocket will hold the previous nights homework.
  16. 16. Please Make sure your child has these items for them to succeed in the classroom. If you need help getting school supplies please don’t hesitate to contact me. o  1 Pencil box (Medium) o  1 dozen #2 Pencils o  2 boxes of Ziploc Bags (Any size) o  2 Large pink erasers o  2 Expo Markers (Any Color) o  2 Folders with prongs (Red, Blue) o  1 Spiral Notebook o  1 Set of headphones
  17. 17. o  Parents are welcome to volunteer and it would be much appreciated. o  Please remember though that volunteers must have a volunteer form on file and approved by the school. o  Also, it s helpful if you call at least 24 hours in advance of when you plan to come in so we can prepare for your visit.
  18. 18. o  The best way to contact me is through email: o  You can also contact me through signed noted in your childs homework folder. o  If you would like to call me through the school, I am available 30 minutes before and after school. o  If you would like to schedule a phone or in person conference this can be arranged by email.
  19. 19. o  You have filled out the transportation form. o  You have filled out all other school forms on the students desks. o  You have Read over the open house packet. o  You have a supply list. o  You and your child have filled out an all about me card.
  20. 20. Thank you so much for coming out tonight! We look forward to a great year in first grade!   Go Panthers!