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Learn east 2012 writing


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Published in: Education
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Learn east 2012 writing

  1. 1. The Writing’s on the Virtual Wall... On-Line Tools for Writing Cheryl Russell-School District 10
  2. 2. Story BirdCheck out the classroom edition forstep-by-step instructions!
  3. 3. What’s awesomeFree for Educators including threeclasses and 75 students. Any morethan that costs $$You can keep books “private”. Classmonitoring is simple.Accessible from anywhere.Can be shared/emailed/embedded
  4. 4. Suggestions for use: You send a specific assignment to students to complete. Students create their own works. Students collaborate on one story.
  5. 5. What it might look like...Students select one picture and thenwrite sentences utilizing as manydetails as possible.Students put themselves into the storyas a character, interacting with thecharacters in the art they chose.Limit students to 3 pictures to writea story beginning, middle and end.Create a word problem based on animage.
  6. 6. Story JumperCheck out the classroom edition forstep-by-step instructions!
  7. 7. What’s awesomeFree for Educators including multipleclasses.“Safe” and easy for teacher tomonitorStep-by-step instructions to set upand printables to send home.Variety of options for writingCan be shared in multiple ways
  8. 8. Suggestions for use: Students complete graphic organizers before building a story. Students use Story Jumper to generate ideas for a story.
  9. 9. What it might look like...fictional narrativesinstructions for new students comingto your schoolcollaborative writing projects withinor outside your buildingsummaries of units, to be used forformative assessment purposesWrite-to-self, Read Aloud
  10. 10. Empower Students. Engage them.Make their voice heard.
  11. 11. Thank you for your time!Contact me at russechd@nbed.nb.catwitter: @russechd
  12. 12. A few more resources..Tech 20 Tuesdays - A great place tolearn in 20 mins. Lots ofpresentations are already stored here: Jumper: