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Advertising Life Cycle


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There are obvious similarities between the classical product life cycle and how traditional advertising is about to disappear. So I made up a new model.

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Advertising Life Cycle

  1. 1. Advertising Life Cycle Introduction Growth Maturity Decline Effect of advertising Traditional advertising 1 Pilots Experiments Trials Failure Success 2 Total industry 3 4 ad spend Total industry Socially Integrated ad effect business development Traditional advertising Awareness Differentiation Loyalty Deletion
  2. 2. Reklamens livstidscykel Introduktion Tillväxt Mogen Nedgång Reklamens effekt Traditionell reklam 1Piloter Experiment Trial & Error Framgång! 2 Branschens totala reklambudget 3 4 Socialt integrerad Branschens totala affärsutveckling reklameffekt Traditionell reklam Awareness Differentiera Lojalitet Nedläggning