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  1. 1. Nivea – Managing Brand Portfolio
  2. 2. Case Issues• Balance sub-brands and umbrella brands• Make Nivea more contemporary while retaining heritage• Building and retaining brand associations for sub-brands• Make marketing of sub-brands consistent• Corporate branding – Is it necessary? – How can we proceed?
  3. 3. Nivea Brand Inventory & Brand Portfolio• nivea brand inventory.xlsx
  4. 4. Nivea’s Brand Image• Rich set of Brand Associations (Strength) – Care, mildness, reliability, gentleness, protection, high quality, feel-good factor – The Nivea Woman: reflected in Ad’s as “clean, fresh and natural”• Used by entire family (Favorability) – A universal, unisex acceptance satisfying multiple needs – Strongly associated with shared family experiences: Mother & child relationships, family vacations on the beach• Caretaker of Skin (Uniqueness) – Caring & protective: Nivea Sun, Mens range
  5. 5. Nivea Crème: Brand Personality Drivers• Product-related Characteristics Product Package Price Attributes Category Multipurpose Dark Blue Tin, Logo Reasonably Distinctive colors (dark Skin Care cream and name in white priced blue & white) used in lettering (BLOCK and packaging, ‘Nivea’ name: cursive combination) snow white color of crème, water-in-oil emulsion
  6. 6. • Non-product related characteristics User Symbol Age Ad-style ImageryChildhood, Famous blue “since childhood” -Promoted basic themes ofEntire tin with white product, introduced skin care and protectionfamily, Uni- lettering, into Germany in 1912 -Simple, plain, informativesex Nivea -Shared family-experiences: Weather mother & child relationships, Calendar, Blue family vacations at the beach Beach ball
  7. 7. Nivea Crème Brand Personality Scale (The Big Five)• Sincerity – Down-to-earth: family-oriented – Honest: sincere, real, caring, mild, gentle – Wholesome: natural, classic, original, high-quality – Cheerful: sentimental, friendly, warm, happy, feel-good• Excitement – Spirited: lively, clean, fresh• Competence – Reliable: trustworthy, protective• Sophistication – Reflects styles of time, modernized – Charming: gentle
  8. 8. Nivea’s Sources of Equity• NIVEA Crème ‘s unique water in oil emulsion - snow-white incolor• Nivea name from Latin word- “nives” - snow• Nivea products - blue color background with white lettering -extended from the NIVEA Crème tin• Nivea’s core brand associations – “mildness and caring”-Correlated with the key skin needs of consumers• Enjoyed high degree of confidence & goodwill- Reliability, qualityand honesty.• Nivea’s brand associations fit with the values of the consumer -Desire for fairness, authenticity, openness and belonging• Nivea name - synonymous with skin care & protection
  9. 9. Variation of brand image and equity across product classes• Nivea - Exploited the strength of NIVEA Crème brand associations and transferred it to other product classes• New products - Positioned with a promise to contain the core brand associations of NIVEA Crème - With some new benefit provided by the product• 1992 : Nivea crème - largest contributor to total revenues(22%) – The newer product lines had each made significant contributions of their own• 1996-2006- Diversified and consolidated - Successfully carried brand associations of Nivea crème - Global presence - Established Nivea as a skin care brand - Rather than only a skin cream brand.
  10. 10. Brand Associations of Core Brand extended across the product class• Nivea Sun – the new Nivea Sun makes the sun gentle• Nivea For Men- Less alcohol, more care• Nivea Shower and Bath-Delightfully Gentle and creamily mild• Nivea Hair - Entire care for frequently washed hair• Nivea Deo-The deo that even cares for your skin
  11. 11. • Nivea Body• Target : People in need of moisturizer• 1. Nivea Milk : long term storage of moisture• 2. Nivea Lotion :Specialized skin care acc to different skin types• Print ad headline: “A first choice twice”• Tagline : “What your skin needs to be beautiful”• 1990- “Your skin tells you what kind of care it needs”
  12. 12. • Nivea Visage• Target : women (European)• 1.Nivea Geisicht(Nivea face) : cleansing milk, tonic and moisturizing lotion• Ad campaign tag line : “The mildest way to cleanse your face”• 2.Nivea Viso : moisturizing cream rich of precious components like jojoba oil• Italian TV commercial : “Discover the beauty of your face”• 3.Nivea Visage liposome crème : Science in all confidence
  13. 13. • Nivea Sun• Target : People who enjoy sun but need protection• Variety of SPF factors and after-sun products• 1986 :Emotional appeal through ad : “Tanning with care instead of tanning with burn. The new Nivea sun- your skin should be important to you”• 1988 : “ Nivea Sun. Tanning without problems”
  14. 14. • Nivea Men• Target : Men(European)• After shave balm : alcoholic water & moisturizing• Print ad Tag line : “Less alcohol, more care”• 1980s, “the Couple” ad for Nivea After shave balm• 1991- highlights APG factor, mildness, caring.• Barber ad
  15. 15. • Nivea Shower and Bath• High quality mild caring benefits• 1991-Nivea Crème shower :soft and caressing feeling of showering• Ad “ care you can feel. Nivea crème shower, the feeling of gentle care”• “when freshness becomes like a caress”
  16. 16. • Nivea hair care• Multipurpose shampoo and conditioner• Pflege Shampoo and Pflege Spulung : aligned with mildness and care qualities for daily hair care• Print ad headline : “The entire care for frequently washed hair”
  17. 17. Nivea deo• Deo crème• Nivea deo• TV : “ Now there is deodorant that guarantees you not only secure efficacy, but also extra mildness. Because its from Nivea. New Nivea Deodorant• Print ad : “The harmony of mildness and efficacy” , “The deodorant that even cares for your skin”