Building service brand


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New brand management model in the new world

From ‘Manufacturing’ to ‘Service and Experience’ economies

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Building service brand

  1. 1. Truth about Brands in a Service Economy “Consumers aren’t loyal to the company that provides the service, they are loyal to the people who provide them the service.” Anisha Motwani
  2. 2. It’s so true about finance brands They are all service brands - Intangible products, lots of and continuous consumer interactions Anisha Motwani
  3. 3. To what extent would our impressions of finance brands be impacted by… …TV Advertising? …Print Advertising? …Radio Advertising? …Direct Mailers? …Easy-to-remember toll-free numbers? Anisha Motwani
  4. 4. To what extent would our impressions of finance brands be impacted by… …The telemarketer pestering us? …The insurance advisor who we meet? …The person on the helpline? …The customer care officer who went the extra mile? …The timely reminders on mail / SMS? Anisha Motwani
  5. 5. There’s more to finance brands than brand communication Anisha Motwani
  6. 6. There’s more to insurance brands than brand management teams Anisha Motwani
  7. 7. Because it’s all about people: people delivering the service and people consuming the service Anisha Motwani
  8. 8. Delivering Service Anisha Motwani
  9. 9. The 3 additional P’s of the marketing mix for service brands • People – How are the employees, sales, after-sales and customer service staff of your company handling your brand? • Process – How are the rules, procedures and systems of your company handling your brand? • Physical Evidence – How is the physical evidence (your forms, account statements, etc.) of your service handling your brand? Anisha Motwani
  10. 10. People • Does the staff know and feel the difference in their brand versus the competition? • Does the staff believe in the brand and its values? • Is the staff empowered to customise and deliver the service to its different customers? Anisha Motwani
  11. 11. Even the telemarketer who mispronounces a customer’s name, contributes to quality of service delivered Ditto for the customer service representative, who says he does not have the authority to modify the database information Anisha Motwani
  12. 12. Process • Does the process allow for customisation? • Is it customer-friendly? • Is it employee-friendly? • Is it in sync with the overall brand promise? • Is there a service recovery process / plan? Anisha Motwani
  13. 13. Is the process a hurdle or an enabler of the brand’s promise of ‘fast service’? Or is the company policy coming in the way of flexibility in options enjoyed by the customer for paying premium? Anisha Motwani
  14. 14. Physical Evidence • Do the application / claim forms make life easy or difficult for the customer? • Are the account statements and documents easy to understand? • How many asterisks are there next to the brand’s promise? Anisha Motwani
  15. 15. Questions to ponder about • What are we doing to ensure every individual involved in creating the brand is aware of his or her responsibilities? • Are we aware that both front-end and back-end managers are creating and responsible for brand building in today’s context? • Do they understand what the brand is and what they should be doing to create the right brand and brand experience? • How should we share brand philosophies and values to make every creator an owner of the brand? • Are we still stuck in a manufacturing world and leaving the allimportant task of brand building and management to a group of advertising and communication managers within our company? • Are our people, process and physical evidence seamlessly integrated to deliver the brand experience we want to create? • Are we tracking all the key parameters of service that could influence our brand’s perceptions? Anisha Motwani
  16. 16. Something worth thinking about Thank you Anisha Motwani