Bmicg credential 2012 final


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Bmicg credential 2012 final

  1. 1. It’s about selling or else . . .
  2. 2. Vision  To  make  bmicg*  as  a  company  that  always  provide  the  best  for  its  employee  Mission  To  have  global  standard  with  strong  local  insight  and  deliver  nothing  but  excellent  result     Values   As  the  guidance  for  our  ac<ons  and  describe  how  we   do  our  business:     Passion,  Respect,  Quality,  Integrity  and  Fun        
  3. 3. How                                  works?   Work the Know the Challenge Dig the With PROBLEM CHALLENGE! INSIGHT! STRATEGY! X Ideas -  Making -  Brand DNA Put strategy to Evaluate with IMPLEMENTATION! POST ANALYSIS! -  X Telesales -  Viral Communications X Consumer -  Respond -  Advertising Campaign -  Activation Measurement (COREM) -  Events -  Web / Microsites -  Market Scan -  etc
  4. 4. START BIG5 talented youngsters in 2001 starting an integrated communication agency
  5. 5. An expert is2003 a specialist We transform our business units, each, to be an independent consultant to give more dedicated and specific services
  6. 6. 2006First step to international exposure The passionate youngsters openBMICG’s first overseas office in KL, Malaysia
  7. 7. A Group of Business Consultantsready to give the best servicewith dedicated team Creative Output &on specified field… Production,2012 Creative Activation Market Insight & Media Strategy & Media Strategy & Knowledge implementation implementation Market Insight & Media Strategy & Knowledge implementation X Digital xx Engagement & Amplifying the Experience Excitement Partner Monitoring Issue & Commercial PR ROI Measurement Monitoring Issue & ROI Measurement
  8. 8. EXPECTATION!In the recent days we believe selling is not about giving a bonus. Its about understanding Its about know each other. Its benefiting each other Its about ENGAGEMENT
  9. 9. INSIGHT   • Market  insight     • Consumer  insight   • Product  insight   • Brand  insight   STRATEGY    MEASUREMENT   • Brand  essence  •   Behavior  tracking   • Brand  discriminator  •   Brand  immersion     • Program  proposi<on   •   Sales  impact   • Ac<va<on  PlaDorm   Wheel  of  Thinking     EXECUTION   BRAND  IDEA   effec<ve  and   To  create  crea<ve  idea   efficient   that  can  be  executed  in   execu<on     variety  of  channels   Based  on  need   CHANNELS     SELECTION   360%  of  channel    to   touch  consumer  in  the   right  place  with  the     right  message    
  10. 10. Our ServicesIMC implementation Services:§  Develop Creative strategy Thru Above The Line and Below The Line§  Develop consumer engagement through Activation activity§  Develop Ambience Buzz and OOH experience§  Company Profile and video profile§  Video Documentation  
  11. 11. Xxx
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  13. 13. Full  Media  Services  offered  directly     Also  provides:  to  adverRsers:    §  Media  Strategy   §  Media  ConsulRng  §  Media  Planning   §  New  Media  §  SophisRcated  Buying   §  CreaRve  Services  §  Client  NegoRaRon   §  Events  /  Sponsorship  /  special  acRviRes  §  EvaluaRon   §  MarkeRng  Services  §  AdministraRon   §  OOH  §  Research  Tools  &  Techniques   OpRmum  soluRons  tailor  made  to  Client’s  needs  
  14. 14. X xxxxxx
  15. 15. RadioLab  assists  in  promoRng  your  brand  /  product  through  radio,  both  in  creaRve  content  and  media  placement  in  accordance  with  the  brand  /  product    RadioLab  has  a  network  in  more  than  1,000  private  radio  across  Indonesia  
  16. 16. •   Radio  Media  Placement  •   Strategic  Radio  Media  Planner  •   CreaRve  Radio  Content  •   Audio-­‐Post  Concept  &  ProducRons  •   Radio  Consultant  
  17. 17. We  also  handle  Radio  MarkeRng  RepresentaRve  
  18. 18. Good Reputation is Priceless
  19. 19. §  Create curiosity as well as leverage information about Brand to educate We PLAY ! target readerWith STRATEGY §  Deliver the right message with a strong media relations §  Involve the knowledgeable public figure as our Key Opinion Leader §  Present ‘experience’ for target media to deliver client’s key messages §  Maintain relationship with key influential media §  Support brand activities
  20. 20. Our Service §  Marketing PR§  Issues & crisis management§  Community development§  CSR activities§  Media Training
  21. 21. Why Us?§  Understand your needs and knows how to overcome it§  Have excellent media relations and reputations among key influential media §  Are able and have proven track record in delivering high quality media coverage§  Has a solid and experienced team and resources
  22. 22. To  help  our  valued  client’s  to  organize  important  and  related  issues  to  produce  good  analyzes  that  helps  you  to  make  the  right  decision  or  action.    
  23. 23. Indonesia is more connected now...45 Million internet users... So, what is digital marketing all about?
  24. 24. Digital Marketing is Ping Pong Use human engagement & dialog to drive preference & loyalty
  25. 25. ALract   CreaRve  Concept  &   Online  Planning   Digital  ProducRon   Measurement   Ideas   Crea<ve  Ideas   Content  Strategy   Website  Development   Brand  Awareness  Communica<on  Strategy   Channel  Planning   Flash  &  Rich  Media   Ac<onable  Recommenda<on   Experience  Design   KOL  Selec<on   Social  Apps   Consumer  Behavior  Analy<cs  Usability  &  Accessibility   Copywri<ng   Video  Produc<on   Web  Traffic  Informa<on  Architecture   Mobile  Sites  &  Apps   Social  Media  Analy<cs   Mobile  App  Analy<cs   Viral  Produc<on   Social  Listening  
  26. 26. Stop thinking advertisingStart thinking engagement & experience
  27. 27. Our value clients...
  28. 28. bmicg* OrganizaRon  Structure  2012     Advisor   Deny  Rahman  Saleh     Chief  OperaRon   Officer   Augus<ne  Leony   Finance  Director   HR  Manager   Suhermin   Eka  Rejeki  CreaRve  Mate   BMI  Research   Impact   RadioLab   Imogen   Trend  Reader     Manifesto  Frita  Salamah   Inu  Machfud   Joko  Prasojo   Heru  Krisnanto   Suharjo  Nugroho   Marini  Sastri   Prita  Himawan  
  29. 29. Behind  the  Guns….   Deny  Rahman  –  Advisor   Deny  was  born  in  the  business  as  an  independent  consultant  and   company  founders  in  2001,  he  holds  a  quite  reputa<on  in  many   Indonesian  business  chapters  in  some  countries.  He  was  awarded   as  the  best  leader  by  Ministry  of  Tourism  and  his  background  as   an  advisor  for  seven  companies.  It’s  not  a  surprising  thing  to  hear   the  story  of  him  as  a  consultant  who  brings  the  local  companies   and  investors  to  penetrate  the  overseas  market.   AugusRne  Leony  –  Chief  Opera0ons  Officer          Living  in  PR  industry  more  than  a  decade,  she  knows  exactly  how  to   make  companies  and  brands  to  be  the  most  favorable  partner   among  the  media.  She  has  experience  in  building  good  corporate   reputa<on  of  blue  chip  companies  from  various  industry  such  as   Cocal  Cola  Indonesia,  BMW,  Loreal  Indonesia,  Frisian  Flag  Indonesia,   Tetrapak,  etc.  Prior  joining  BMICG  Group,  she  previously  worked  at   PT  HM  Sampoerna  Tbk.  for  almost  eight  years  where  she  was   responsible  to  maintain  brand  marke<ng  posi<ve  image  and  ensure   brand  marke<ng  programs  were  communicated  to  key  selected   media  through  the  right  channels.  As  the  COO  of  BMICG,  she  will   ensure  the  good  reputa<on  of  clients  to  be  delivered  to  the   respected  consumers.  
  30. 30. Suharjo  Nugroho  –  General  Manager  Imogen  PR  Jojo  has  been  a  journalist  for  six  years  before  moving  into  PR.  This  made  him  had  a  very  strong  media  rela<ons.  He  was  the  man  behind  the  success  of  Honda,  Sampoerna  and  as  well  as  Magnum  Unilever  PR  Campaign.    Jojo  holds  a  diploma  degree  in  Mass  Communica<ons  from  the  University  of  Indonesia.  Jojo’s  focus  areas  are  crea<ng  a  very  strong  PR  formula  for  several  mul<-­‐na<onal  companies.  Frita  Salamah  –  General  Manager  Crea0ve  Mate    Star<ng  her  career  in  Sales  and  Marke<ng  industry  since  2002  focused  on  fashion  retail  business  as  Sales  Manager,  then  con<nued  to  ini<ate    numbers  of  range  of  promo<onal  merchandise  to  be  sold  by  Sampoerna’s  big  brands  in  their  promo<onal  ac<vi<es  for  five  years.  Since  2008,  she  was  trusted  to  handle  Sampoerna’s  consumer  engagement  ac<vi<es  and  lef  the  posi<on  as  event  manager  in  2011.  In  June  2011,  she  became  the  representa<ve  of  VITO  (Visit  Indonesia  Tourism  Officers)  as  coordinator  agency  on  behalf  of  Ministry  of  Tourism  where  she  was  responsible  to  promote  Indonesia  and  aLract  tourists  in  visi<ng  Indonesia.  With  her  exper<se  in  marke<ng  and  consumer  engagement  ac<vi<es,  she  was  trusted  to  lead  Crea<ve  Mate  as  Brand  Ac<va<on  agency  in  2012.  
  31. 31. Joko  Prasojo  –  General  Manager  Impact  With   over   nine   years   of   experience   in   Adver<sing   and   Media  Specialist   Agencies   as   Media   Investment,   Joko   specializes   in  communica<ons   planning.   Prior   to   BMCIG*,   he   worked   at   Carat  where   he   received   several   awards,   such   as   Best   innova<ve   of   the  Year  in  2009,  Best  team  of  the  Year  in  2010  and  Best  unit  business  of   the   Year   from   Kompas   Gramedia   Group.   He   has   handled   number  of  reputable  clients  during  his  career,  including  Nokia,  Merck,  ATM  Bersama,  BRI,  Smart  Fren,  Time  Interna<onal,  Mitsubishi,  Samsung,  BDF   (Nivea),     Sara   Lee   (   Brylcreem   ),   JHHP   (Baygon),   Singapore  Tourism,   Honda,   NZMI,   Philip   Morris,   Mobile   8   (Fren),   Value   Air,  MAS,  Tiger  Air  etc.    At  Impact,  he  is  currently  managed  Nokia,  BDF,  ATM  Bersama,  BRI,  Smart  Fren,  Time  INterna<onal  &  Mitsubihi.    Heru  Krisnanto  –  General  Manager  Radio  Lab  A  specialist  in  the  areas  of  Media  Buying  at  Hotline  Adver<sing  Agency,  had  made  Heru  owned  a  wide  range  radio  network  in  Indonesia.  Before  joining  BMICG*,  he  was  involved  in  Media  World  Group  as  Media  Manager,  where  he  had  succeeded  in  managing  major  clients  and  earned  valuable  experiences  in  media  buying  radio  &  print.  
  32. 32. Inu  Machfud  –  General  Manager  BMI  Research   Inu  was  a  marke<ng  post  graduate  from  Prase<ya  Mulya   Business  School.  He  has  12  years  experience  in  a  wide  array   of  func<ons  and  sectors,  he  also  had  a  strong  analy<cal   background  in  industrial  sociology.  Inu  started  his  career  in   Pacific  Rekan  Prima  Research  Consultant.  His  exper<se  in   research  pans  across  methodology  types,  product  categories,   types  of  respondents  and  as  well  as  his  capability  in  research   lies  in  looking  beyond  the  ordinary  in  the  data  to  understand   the  paLerns  in  the  subconscious  of  the  target  audience.  Marini  Sastri  –  General  Manager  Trend  Reader  Rini  started  her  carrier  in  public  rela<on  when  she  joined  Maverick  in  December  2004-­‐2010  in  media  monitoring  division.    She  has  encountered  several  pres<ge  clients,  such  as  Pfizer,  AXIS,  HM  Sampoerna  Tbk.,  Danamon  &    Carrefour.  Rini  holds  a  Bachelor  Degree  in  Social  Science  majoring  in  Public  Rela<on  from  Prof.  Dr.  Moestopo  University-­‐Jakarta.    Now,  she  has  become  part  of  BMICG’s  team  member  and  in  charge  of  Trendreader’s  business  development  and  to  ensure  all  the  valued  clients’  and  employees’  needs  are  met.      
  33. 33. Prita  Himawan  –  Chief  Crea0ve  Officer  Manifesto   A  writer  who  believes  big  ideas  should  be  at  the  core  of   every  communica<on  and  drawn  from  people’s  insight.  An   Ogilvy  graduate  who  decided  to  stay  digital  afer  going   through  different  adver<sing  disciplines  and  handling  a   variety  of  clients  such  as  Nestle  Indonesia,  Unilever   Indonesia,  IBM-­‐Lenovo,  Coca  Cola  Indonesia,  UNICEF,  Bank   Danamon,  OTG,  Yahoo!  Indonesia  and  LG  Indonesia  in  her  8   years  tenure.  
  34. 34. THANK YOUBMICG’s Office Trend Reader’s Office:Jl. Kemang Timur Raya No. 56 Perkantoran Buncit MasJakarta Selatan, Indonesia Jl. Kemang Utara IX No. 35 Blok AA6Phone. (62 21) 718 1389 Fax. (62 21) 7179 0148 Jakarta Selatan 12760, Indonesia Phone. (62 21) 799 8907 Fax. (62 21) 798 2782