Nivea's Co-Creation Process: the Case of the Invisible for Black & White Deodorant


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Co-creation has become a prevalent approach taken by innovation leaders to excel in innovation management and complement internal R&D activities. In this article the authors will introduce the co-creation process at Nivea and describe how Nivea co-developed a new deodorant with consumers. The focus will be on two different co-creation tools – the netnography method geared to gain consumer insights from social media and an online co-creation session to evaluate and further enrich ideas.

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Nivea's Co-Creation Process: the Case of the Invisible for Black & White Deodorant

  1. 1. NiveaInvisible for Black & White Deodorant The Co-Creation Story Behind Volker Bilgram. HYVE AG
  2. 2. A deodorant co-created by consumers and Nivea Nivea’s new Invisible for Black & White Deodorant
  3. 3. Nivea‘s co-creation program for deodorant innovations A co-creation program helped Nivea to continuously involve consumers throughout the innovation process.
  4. 4. Nivea‘s co-creation program leading to the new deodorant Consumers Nivea 1 Consumer needs and 2 user solutions Nivea research and cooperation with partners Generation of ideas 3 4 Selection & enrichment 5 of ideas Realization of idea by Nivea R&D
  5. 5. What do consumers want in the field of deodorants
  6. 6. Thousands of consumers talk about your products in social media… … an abundant source for companies to listen in.
  7. 7. Listen to what consumers say about deodorants… I also have a husband who has problems with My husband‘s white linen and cotton shirts deodorant stains on his shirts. It is hard and have this yellow deodorant stain. I have tried crusty even after washing the shirt several times. I several ways to remove it, such as bleaching, have tried several stain removers, but nothing soaking in the hot soppy water, rubbing with seems to help. Any ideas? Would lemon juice or biochemical stain-removing stuff– all failed. I baking soda work on these stains? even sent the shirts to a laundry. … staining is one of the Today I noticed that the areas under the armpit, and even some areas biggest issues. around the chest on the underside, are completely white, as if they wereHow to get deodorant off of black bleached out… Does anyone have anyshirts? I have a nice black tank top, clue as to what caused this? Was it justbut my deodorant, no matter what from sweat? Was it from mybrand I buy, I always manage to get deodorant? Was it some strangethe white stuff under the arms. It chemical reaction of both? Was it a Dont you hate it when you notice a poorly dyed shirt?looks bad, so what’s a quick way to deodorant stain right as you areremove it if I’m going out? leaving the house? Use a baby wipe and its all gone!
  8. 8. There was so much information on different types ofdeodorant stains… … that we put together a stain manual.
  9. 9. Highly-involved expert users such as The Undershirt Guy… … experiment with deodorant stains and possible remedies. They helped us understand the problem. Source:
  10. 10. Nivea‘s R&D department came up with a lot of deodorant ideas… … and involved consumers and R&D partners in various co-creation sessions.
  11. 11. Consumers were invited to participate in an online co-creation study Source:
  12. 12. Deodorant ideas were evaluated and enriched
  13. 13. Ideas addressing the stain issue were rated best by consumers
  14. 14. The result:The co-created Nivea Invisible for Black & White Source:
  15. 15. For more information… Marketing Review St. Gallen white?nvem=/modules-components/ext/de-DE/expertise- modules/NDO%20BEAP&nvemt=2 The Undershirt Guy com-for-help/ 15
  16. 16. Volker