can we describe earth's features(2)


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  1. 1. How can we describe earth’s features? Continued
  2. 2. Features of the ocean floor Continental shelf Continental shelf Is the ocean floor along a continent’s coast. (The ocean floor is covered by shallow water that slowly slopes down)
  3. 3. Continental Slope Continental Slope The sharp slope at which the continental shelf ends
  4. 4. Continental rise Continental rise Is the gentle slope after the continental slope
  5. 5. Abyssal plain Abyssal plain A wide flat area on the ocean floor (Found near mouths of large rivers)
  6. 6. Submarine canyon Is a steep side valley in a continental slope. (Found near mouths of large rivers)
  7. 7. Trenches Deepest part of the ocean floor (Usually long and narrow)
  8. 8. Sea mount An underwater mountain that rises from the ocean floor but stops before it reaches the surface of the water.
  9. 9. Mid ocean ridges Underwater mountain ranges.
  10. 10. Rift valley The valley down the center of a mid ocean ridge.
  11. 11. Scientists can tell the depth of the ocean floor by sending sounds into the ocean and waiting for the echo to come back.
  12. 12. Underwater vehicle (To explore ocean floor)
  13. 13. Atmosphere In latin: ‘Sphere’ means ball ‘Atmos’ means gas. So, Atmosphere is a ball of gas. Hydrosphere In latin: ‘Sphere’ means ball ‘Hydro’ means water. So, Hydrosphere is a ball of water.
  14. 14. Crust Upper mantle Lower mantle Outer core Outer core Atmosphere Hydrosphere
  15. 15. Crust - The rocky layer of earth’s surface. - The crust includes continents and ocean basins.
  16. 16. The Mantle is made of layers. (The mantle makes up most of the earth’s mass) Upper mantle - The top of the upper mantle is solid rock. - Top of upper mantle + crust = LITHOSPHERE - The rest of the upper mantle is made of melted rock (ASTHENOSPHERE). Lower mantle - The Lower mantle is made of solid rock.
  17. 17. The Core is the center of the earth. (The core is divided into outer and inner core) Outer core - The outer core is made of Liquid (melted) metals. Inner core - The inner core is made of solid metals.
  18. 18. Biosphere. (Includes parts of the earth where living things are found) What layers of the earth makes up the earth’s biosphere? The atmosphere, hydrosphere and crust