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reelyActive's First Ever Pitch, FounderFuel 2012


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This is our first ever pitch deck, exactly as it was presented on Day 1 of the third cohort of the FounderFuel accelerator on August 13th, 2012. The Internet of Things would not re-establish itself as a buzzword until later that year, hence our self-description as "the proximity identification platform".

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reelyActive's First Ever Pitch, FounderFuel 2012

  1. 1. As presented on August 13th, 2012, Day 1 of FounderFuel’s third cohort.
  2. 2. Real life presence / Online presence
  3. 3. But the human world isn't digital! "As all of our information becomes digital - from video and audio to print and money - hundreds of millions of new devices and people are coming online every year (IDC, 2011)"
  4. 4. What if you could explore a museum like you do Wikipedia, complete with browse history?
  5. 5. What if "likes" were highlighted for you in real life and you could "like" real world discoveries?
  6. 6. What if walking into a space meant logging into that space?
  7. 7. Proximity Identification GPS WiFi NFC
  8. 8. 2012 2013 In March 2012, a majority of U.S. mobile subscribers (50.4%) owned smartphones (Source: Nielsen)
  9. 9. Incentive for Infrastructure
  10. 10. Incentive to Innovate
  11. 11. Incentive to be Identified
  12. 12. Putting it all together: Every business, home and vehicle is a potential deployment. Every developer is a potential innovator, partner and client. Every human is a potential participant, user and customer. Multi-billion $ market
  13. 13. reelyActive really are active! We have 15 years combined experience building similar technology together. Now we're back together to seize an opportunity. In six months we've developed an end-to-end working system including production-ready hardware which is undergoing trials in both Canada and the US.
  14. 14. Still working since May!
  15. 15. What's next? ● On schedule for MVP completion by year- end ● Commercial launch in early 2013 ● Immediate revenue stream from subscriptions
  16. 16. Challenges: Adopt-a-Dentist ● Correctly anticipating demand and managing infrastructure adoption ● Eliminating the friction associated with tag use by harnessing Bluetooth Low Energy technology as it finds its way into the latest smart devices
  17. 17. What's on our plate? ● Securing financing to reach commercial launch ● Establishing strategic partnerships in initial target markets, converting customers ● Preparing for Bluetooth Low Energy
  18. 18. What's on your plate? Infrastructure: Deploy a trial system Innovation: Build on our platform Identification: Prepare to monetize!
  19. 19. Together, we will bridge real-life presence to the cloud and forever change the human world!
  20. 20. You've been listening to: Jeffrey Dungen Co-founder and President