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New Horizons Volume 1 Issue 15


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New Horizons Volume 1 Issue 15

  1. 1. New Horizons The Official Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 ! District 9450! ABN: 99 602 195 617 Volume 1, Issue 15" 27th April - 3rd May 2009 4 Way Test Finals Letter from the Club Rotary Fellowships Leadership by Rotary News of the Texas GSE Rotary Foundation Urgent call for clubs to President Pitch in for Polio Sharing Rotary success Teams’ Exploits Thought of the Week support the finals of Update on club Eradication stories with other Find out what the team This week’s thought is the 4 Way Test activities from the Club Alternative ideas for Rotarians. has been up to, and how about the value of competition. President. fundraising for Page 3 to keep up-to-date with Matching Gramts. Page 1 Page 2 PolioPlus. the team. Page 5 Page 2 Page 4 Therefore, I urge you all to Final Urgent make the necessary enquiries of your members Call To All and let me and Eric Atkins know the results as a matter Clubs: 4 Way of URGENCY. Test Tri- I can be contacted on 0411 721 851 or email District Final au (work) or A plea to all D9450 Clubs. (home) Despite a number of Thanking you in requests for clubs to provide anticipation. details of the members of your clubs, as well as Allan McLean sponsor school guests, who Chair 4 Way Test Speaking will be attending the Tri- Comp. D9450 District Final of the 4 Way Test, to date I have received not a single response and a print out I received from the Movie D9470 coordinators, (this years Tri-District Final Fundraiser for coordinators) shows NO response from D9450. PolioPlus This really is a very poor The pre-sold tickets are $16, result and does not reflect of which $8 will be well on our district. contributed to PolioPlus in the name of your Rotary Final numbers should have Club. been provided by 22nd April, however, if we can get some CandyBar vouchers are also numbers by Tuesday, or no available for $6.50, of which later than Wednesday 29th $2 will also be contributed April, we should be able to to PolioPlus in the name of get the caterers to cover for your Rotary Club. that. Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450! 1
  2. 2. N E W H O R I Z O N S more in depth insight into outdoors) so that we can start to marathon, the Rotarians took to Letter from the ‘Climb for a Smile’. market ourselves out in the local the streets to promote Rotary's Club President PRID Ken told members community. I will stress that causes, wearing shirts with the this " would not " be compulsory Rotary colors of royal blue and present about PolioPlus, Dear Rotarians, and that it would be"entirely at gold for a friendship run from the Rotary’s signature project to the member's own expense. No United Nations headquarters to It is with sadness that I report eliminate Polio. Ken has been Club funds would be used for Central Park. the resignation of out involved with Rotary’s push to this." President Elect for 2010-11, eradicate Polio since 1985, "We were proud to wear our Glenn Darlington, due to when Dr Albert Sabin asked I would be happy to take on this running shirts marked [with] commitments elsewhere. Rotary to help him eradicate project, sort out collecting the Rotary along the New York Glenn has been a vital part in the disease. Ken is currently money and taking the orders etc. streets," says Jean-Claude Brocart, the establishment of the club. the Zone 7 Coordinator of the I will get prices from 2 of the Rotary Club of Toulouse We hope that when he has PolioPlus Gates Challenge. Bill companies so that we can ensure Ovalie, France. "It was an lessened his other and Melinda Gates donated US "due diligence". I would suggest unforgettable experience. All commitments he will rejoin $355 million and have that we look at using a blue/ along the way, an enthusiastic and us. Glenn you will be missed challenged Rotarians white theme for the polo shirts enormous crowd encouraged the and we hope you will come worldwide to raise US$200 as it will reflect Freshwater Bay runners." along to the club frequently million. Each club is asked to and the colours we were looking with Judith. The Rotarian's Wine Appreciation contribute US$2,000 per year at originally for the banners. Fellowship challenged members for the next three years and this All members of the Board We would then be appropriately to raise $100 each for polio, and can be raised from the public have been informed of this attired for our fundraising pledged to match the first 50 by way of fundraising events or development and in line with activities and maybe feel a bit contributors. Those contributors from personal contributions RI policy the Board will make more like a Team!!! Embroidery also received a lifetime which are tax deductible. a decision as to a replacement on the polo shirts would be the membership in the fellowship. In Please support our film night for him. Rotary Wheel and 'Rotary Club December, the group sent a check on 20th May which will provide of Freshwater Bay' (nothing for $10,000 to The Rotary We are delighted that $8.00 for each ticket sold fancy!). Foundation, earmarked for Elizabeth Bain has agreed to towards our share of this PolioPlus. become a member. Her amount. With immunisation I have discussed this with the husband Graeme has been a rates dropping, it is vital to board, and would now be The fundraising effort even member of the Rotary Club of support this magnificent grateful if you could let me helped the fellowship add new Cambridge for some 15 years project of a polio free world so know if you are interested in members, especially from India, thus Elizabeth comes with a that children in our own having a Club Polo Shirt. one of the four remaining polio- knowledge and background country are not subject to the endemic countries. in Rotary. risk of the disease. Claire Forsdyke"" Club Director "Fifty Rotarians, many of them It is planned that Vicki Latest reports indicate that the The Rotary Foundation - new fellowship members, Rasmussen will be inducted current President of Rotary International participated. A new chapter"is into the Club this coming International, DK Lee will be being started in District 5320 Thursday, however, her visiting Perth on 22nd May and Rotary Fellowships (California) as a result," says Past husband Jesper is having a it is anticipated he will present District Governor Conrad Heede, hip replacement in May and those clubs who have qualified pitch in for polio the fellowship’s president. "The she will be looking after him for Presidential Citations with success of this initiative and the for a few weeks. We also these at a Cocktail function eradication recent increase in the Gates grant hope to ‘officially’ induct Jes from 5.30pm to 8.00pm. Venue Rotary Fellowships are finding prompted us to set aside another Senathirajah this coming to be announced soon. Club creative ways to do their part to $2,500 to match the additional week. members will be pleased to meet Rotary's US$200 Million contributions from"25 more new note that the Rotary Club of Challenge, including running in members with an interest PE Kerry McAuliffe was marathons and auctioning off Freshwater Bay has qualified in"wine." scheduled to make quilts, to name a few. for one of these Citations. recommendations to us on As a result, the fellowship sent setting up a Club Yours in Rotary Service, In November, 150 members of another $5,000 in April to the Foundation, however as he the International Marathon Foundation. Di Collins Fellowship of Rotarians ran the did not attend our meeting Charter President famed New York City marathon. The Rotarian Fellowship of we’ll set another date for this very important discussion. With the help of the Rotary Club Quilters and Fiber Artists plans to We did however have PP Team Spirit of Metro New York City, the lend its talents to the cause during Steve Weychan speak to us four-year-old fellowship the 2009 RI Convention in Dear Rotarians Birmingham, England, 21-24 June. very briefly about his attracted other Rotary clubs, fundraising activity ‘Climb Now that we have had our families, and community Rotarian quilters will auction off for a Smile’ which raised in Strategic Planning Meeting and members as sponsors to raise handmade quilts, with proceeds excess of $111,000.00 last year have an idea of where we want $3,500 for PolioPlus. going toward polio eradication. and a fundraiser we could to go as a Club, I would like to Last year, the group raised $3,000 The event was a great for polio during the RI easily become involved with, see us bring a sense of "Team opportunity for global Convention in Los Angeles. This particularly with all the Spirit" on board." fellowship, as the New York year's convention attendees can private schools around our runners welcomed their I would like to research the visit the fellowship’s booth or area. Steve will return to the counterparts from Andorra, possibility of organising a Club check its Web site"for more club on June 4th to provide a Austria, France, Germany, and Polo Shirt +/- cap/hat information. (protection for when we are Tunisia. The day before the 2! Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450
  3. 3. N E W H O R I Z O N S Club of Yonkers, New York in - Global Fund for AIDS, The initiative that District Leadership-by-Rotary Eric’s Rotary District. Tuberculosis and Malaria Governor Eric Storberg together Sharing Rotary success with the Rotary Clubs of Yonkers Dr. Steve is an internationally- The great thing about the Rotary stories with other recognized HIV-AIDS expert, Mother-Baby AIDS Project, is and La Romano took regarding Rotarians the Rotary Mother-Baby AIDS who in 1988 started the Harlem that it stretches Rotarians dollars Project is a great example of Hospital Pediatric AIDS Program to the maximum. For example, a Fellow Rotarians, Rotary Leadership that inspire us in New York and was its medical donation from Rotarians of $500 Rotarians. When I traveled to Central Asia director and executive director can save a whole family of 4 many years ago, I was told: from 1988 to 2000. This program because it leverages additional Even in our economic recession, totally stopped HIV-AIDS donations from other compassionate Rotarians in If you want to know how rich a transmissions in Harlem from organizations. For example, $500 Yonkers, New York, La Romano man is, don’t just look at how HIV-AIDS infected mothers to from Rotarians generates an in Dominican Republic, much money he has, but look at their newborn children. After additional $250 from the Rotary Saskatoon in Canada, West Palm how many friends he has. having been successful with the Foundation; this $750 will Beach in Florida and District By this definition, we Rotarians Harlem Hospital Pediatric AIDS generate approximately $7,500 7230 are showing that they are must be the richest people in the Program, Dr. Steve looked at the from other organizations making still able to save the lives of world with 1.2 million friends in Dominican Republic, which is it a total of $8,250. How often do newborn babies. 32,000 Rotary Clubs around the the most HIV-AIDS infected we have the opportunity to world. country in the western generate 16.5 times our I believe that such sprit of hemisphere. You can read about investment? The answer seems compassion and service will help What makes these friendships Dr. Steve on the Internet at the to be, only in Rotary! The other Rotary to grow around the extra valuable is that we following links: Rotarians have agreed to live by organizations will follow world. Nobody has ever the 4-Way Test: because Rotary takes the lead. achieved greatness in history by physician/nicholas.shtml being selfish or cynical. Great - Is it the truth? w w w . f a m i l y a i d s . o r g / If you want to find out more people in history have always - Is it fair to all concerned? AboutIFAP.htm about the Rotary Mother-Baby been those, who served others - Will it build good will and w w w . f a m i l y a i d s . o r g / AIDS Project, you can contact above self. better friendships? FamilyAIDS.htm District Governor Eric Storberg, - Will it be beneficial to all telephone 917-903-0300, e-mail The success story about District concerned?" The program that District, Dr. Governor Eric Storberg and the Governor Eric supports is Dr. Steven Nicholas, telephone Rotary Clubs of Yonkers and La Who would not want to have Steve’s international Rotary 2 1 2 - 3 0 4 - 6 1 2 8 , e - m a i l Romano shows that it is possible friends like this? Remember the Project between the Rotary Club and Past for Rotarians to make dreams old saying: of Yonkers and the Rotary Club District Governor Chuck Katze, real. Show me who your friends are of La Romana in the Dominican telephone 914-633-3790, e-mail and I will tell you who you are. Republic, which is in district It is time to roll up our sleeves 4066. The Rotary Foundation and fasten our seatbelts. The We Rotarians have many friends, also supports the project with a For your information, I have future of Rotary is in our hands! who influence us to develop and matching grant for up to $36,666. attached a copy of District improve ourselves. It is a great Governor Eric Storberg’s letter Yours in Rotary Service, privilege to be a Rotarian! In his capacity as District that he sent out to the Rotarians Governor, Eric is contributing The mission of Leadership-by- in his district. I have also Matts Ingemanson $10,000 in District Designated Rotary is to share Rotary success attached the color brochure that Leadership-by-Rotary" Funds. A number of Rotary stories with other Rotarians, so Eric enclosed with his letter. Eric Clubs and Rotarians are also we can learn from the wisdom in also enclosed a letter from Dr. making contributions. There is a these stories and apply them to Steve, which I have also If each Rotarian contributes $100 total of $41,200 in contributions per year to the Rotary our own Rotary Service. We attached. so far with an additional $23,834 Foundation. Rotary would, with Rotarians need such wisdom in that needs to be collected. order to serve better. We crave Because donations are made to its 1,221,920 members around the this wisdom. In addition to Rotary, the the Rotary Foundation, they are world, collect $122,192,000. One following prominent donors are fully tax deductible in the United hundred dollars per year is only Rotary International President D. also providing economic support States. They also qualify for the 27 cents per day. I have not yet K. Lee’s theme for this Rotary to Dr. Steve’s International following Rotary Recognitions: met a Rotarian, who could not year is “Make Dreams Real.” Family AIDS Program: afford such an amount. These 27 - Sustaining Member cents per day would help Rotary District Governor Eric Storberg - William J. Clinton Foundation - Paul Harris Fellow make an even bigger difference in Rotary District 7230 (New HIV/AIDS Initiative in the world. You can read more - Major Donor York and Bermuda) is a great - United States Agency for - Arch C. Klumph Society about the Rotary Foundation at example of a Rotarian, who has International Development made his dream real by helping - Knights of Malta, Coral Gables, You can read about Rotary children to be born without the FL Foundation Recognitions on the You can conveniently make a tax HIV-AIDS virus. Eric does this - Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Internet at the following link: deductible $100 donation to the because in 1992 AIDS claimed Church, NYC Rotary Foundation via the the life of his younger brother - Cathedral St. John the Divine, Internet at the website https:// Neil, so Eric is very passionate NYC D o n o r R e c o g n i t i o n / about fighting AIDS. He does so - Canada Dry Delaware Valley IndividualRecognition/Pages/ d o n o r _ x m l / by supporting Rotarian Dr. Bottling ridefault.aspx contributionmenu.asp Stephen Nicholas and his Rotary Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450! 3
  4. 4. N E W H O R I Z O N S After dinner we went home " welcome and spoilt rotten with News of the with our host families. Renee food and good conversation. and Team Leader Grace Ley are " Texas GSE staying with Rex and Caroline " Tillery (and the naughty Team's Exploits knicker-stealing shiatsu “Tucker”), Gracie and Nikki - so far this are at the beautiful lake house home of Sandi and Tom Sheils week while Nina and Tilai were taken to the historical and " intriguing home of BF Hicks at " his converted Church Inn. Within the first few hours of being in Mount Vernon we have quickly realized how wonderful (and slightly overwhelming) this experience is going to be! Wednesday 22/04/09 " " Monday 20/04/09 " Wednesday included an Tuesday 21/04/09 excellent vocational visit to the Farewell San Francisco, hello " central distribution centre for Texas! Our first full day Itinerary “Lowes” – a home improvement started with a bang and an store very similar to Australia’s The team’s excitement intriguing visit to Jordan ‘Bunnings Warehouse’. The team overflowed into squeals of Health Service, where we took a tour through the factory pleasure when we walked immediately blew our schedule to learn about the systems used through the arrivals gate to a out by gas bagging too much. to sort and distribute the various large welcome banner and a When we reached the end of products to 100’s of stores in the bunch of happy smiling our visit the lovely ladies eastern Texas area. Much to our faces. We were soon packed actually confessed that they amusement we also learnt about were expecting a bunch of old Thursday 23/04/09 into Pat Wright’s ‘floating the ‘Big Ass Fan Company’ fans " palace’ – a huge van that people. When they saw us which are used to keep air coming round the corner they Being the excitable bunch of girls comfortably seated us all circulating during the hot and that we are, our shopping trip to better than a normal lounge giggled with excitement at the humid Mt Vernon Summers. raucous bunch of young Dallas in the Tillery’s motor home suite would. Our impressions was a fabulous treat! Wow – when of arriving in ‘dry country’ women descending on them. Lunch time we met with the they say everything is bigger in were quickly quashed when lovely people at the Rotary Club Texas they really mean it!! Grace we turned onto the east- We had a tour of the town and of Pittsburg where we made our some of the local museums, but Carroll and Tilai took advantage bound highway and the esky first presentation. Thank you to of the queen size bed and snuck was opened and beers freely the highlight was discovering President Chris for his it was National Jelly Bean day in a nanna-nap during the two 2 distributed to the thirsty hospitality and to all the club hour drive to Texas. travelers. when we visited the library members for the warm welcome and were bestowed with large and for showing such great bags of brightly coloured Our excitement for the day After a speedy 60 mile trip to interest in our lives in Australia! included a tour of the Dallas Mount Vernon (thanks to treats. Needless to say the expected sugar rush ensued Arboretum (magnificent gardens), lead-foot Pat) we arrived at The afternoon was spent visiting the Women’s Museum and the Mi Casita Mexican and we were bouncing around the local museums and some of the local council chambers and cowboy boot shopping in one of restaurant for dinner. Our the fabulously restored homes the big western stores called welcoming committee court house like a Tetris game. (thank you Libby and Ron Shepleys (yee-har!). included Mt Vernon Mayor Milton) about town. Mt Vernon Mr JD Baumgardner and his Dinner was an amazing affair was established in the 1850s of ribs and fall of the bone BBQ We all indulged in an aperitif and lovely wife Iris, Past District when Europeans made the nibbles on the return trip while Governor Bill Rains, town treats at Carolyn and Rex pilgrimage from Oklahoma into Tillery’s house, set in beautiful our fluffy mascot “Tucker” caught lawyer and historian BF Indian country. up on a few ZZZzzs after an Hicks and about 20 other woodland surrounds. A few " glasses of wine kept the sprits exciting day with the girls. Rotary family and friends B.F. Hicks hosted a chili night who immediately made us high until we all fell into bed with the Mount Vernon locals at exhausted and happy. Bye Y'all feel right at home. the Church Inn, where as always "Nina " we were made extremely You can now follow the http:// allows, and includes photos Want to Follow exploits of the Rotary Group www.teamtexas2009.blogspo and short accounts of the Study Exchange Team from teams activities. the GSE Team? District 9450 to District 5830 The blog is updated Keeping track of the team is (Texas) by reading their blog regularly as computer access now easier than ever! at: 4! Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450
  5. 5. N E W H O R I Z O N S provide the Malawi Children’s children in my country,” says Guest Speaker The Rotary Village (MCV) with everything Sibale. Support Foundation from clean water, food and medications to blankets, Rotarian’s contributions to this Week 43: This week’s Rotary sewing machines and a project have literally meant the Foundation Thought is about windmill. difference between life and 7th May - Bryant Stokes to Changing and Saving Lives. death for many of the children introduce Ken Wyatt and Alan The Rotary Club of in the MCV program. Stewart to give vote of thanks. Canandaigua, New York, USA Have you ever considered that and Chakunga Sibale, director 14th May - Bill Hassell to your contribution to The of the MCV, founded the introduce Rohallah Haidari Rotary Foundation may mean program in 1997 and it is and Alistair Tulloch to give vote the difference between life and supported locally by the of thanks. death? Rotary Club of Limbe. “The MCV has had a very great Rotary Foundation Matching effect to relieve the suffering of Grant projects have helped Program for April / May Birthdays and Anniversaries Date Details Date Details 30th April Liz Westoby - National Science Youth 30th April Peter & Mandy Symons (A) Forum 7th May Ken Wyatt - Aboriginal Issues 3rd May Mary Ann & Michael Wright (A) 14th May Rohallah Haidari - Peace Fellow Applicant 21st May Committee Meetings 23rd May Club Assembly Welcoming Roster Board Club Details Date Name Rotary Year 2008-09 Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay PO Box 168, Di Collins — President 30th April Toni James Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 7th May TBA Ken Collins — Vice President / Membership Director Meetings 14th May Sue Hassell Thursday 5:45pm to 6:45pm Cafe, Bethesda Hospital 21st May Peter Symons Queenslea Drive Rajah Senitharajah — Treasurer Claremont 28th May Andrea Hayward Email 4th June Marija Jelavic Daniel Forsdyke — Secretary Phone! 08 9385 0471 Bryant Stokes — Projects Director Fax 08 9385 0472 Bulletin Contributions Claire Forsdyke — International Director Website Contributions for the weekly bulletin are sought from members of the club. Toni James — President Nominee / PR & Facebook Marketing Committee Director Why not use the bulletin to update the club on the projects your committee is working gid=47737002646 on or promote the clubs next fundraising Peter Symons — Club Administration Chartered 19 December 2008 event. Director Please forward articles and photos to Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450! 5