New horizons vol4issue9


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New Horizons is the official weekly bulletin for the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Perth.

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New horizons vol4issue9

  1. 1. PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 District 9455 ABN: 99 602 195 617 Last Week’s GSE , community Young Cook Bangkok Microscope Meeting service project update, convention, update, Professor Ray idea, Maiti Nepal Volunteers needed Rotary Friendship Aboriginal health Wills and many update, 4 way test for Science and exchange symposium, visitors and guests speaking engineering Returned Services competition Challenge League Page 1, Page 2, Page 3 Page 3 Page 4Meeting 24th August Solar, Geothermal, traditional energy In Australia Wind, Wav e, Tidal and ($140 billion). renewable projects 24%Our speaker last We Ocean Current. (from ABARE data)dnesday was Prof. Ray Almost 50% ofWills, CEO of Susta Facts on Global new generation builtinable Energy renewable from 2008 to around the globe inAssociation of 2011 are: 2009 was renewable The club welcomed aAustralia. Ray energy – 80 GW of number of visitors andprovided a huge World invests renewable power guests. They were our capacity built Group study Exchange compared to 83GW of applicant for the GSE fossil fuel plants to D. 6910 in Georgia USA next year, David 2010 up 32% Gulland and his wife with 211 billion Rachelle, Meryl Gould, investment in 2010 Jenny McNae, Jo Muir, Carina Marshall and China easily Pat Shalhoub from the the largest investor in RC of Godalming in renewable spending the UK. $48.9 billion Speaker Ray Wills & Rob Pearceamount of information on average around 300on Stainable Energy billion pa on energyand the Carbon Tax projects of any type –along with a vast conventional andamount of other renewable.information. 2008 – worldRenewable energy invested more in totalsuitable to Australia is on renewable energy ($155 billion) than on Rachelle & David Gulland (GSE applicant)Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 1
  2. 2. adjudicate and a $50.00 book voucher is to beMeeting 31st August presented to the winner on the night.Our speaker next weekwill be our own The competition is formember Town Planner students to speak forMax Hipkins who will six minutes on anyinform us on the Perth topic but must weaveWaterfront in Rotary’s Four WayDevelopment Test of the thingsProposals. Rotarians think, say or do which is: Meryl Gould & Jenny McNae 1. Is it theGSE between Fiji & the community by forwarded to the TRUTH?Wiluna providing them with Foundation in Nepal. Exit Packs. These 2. Is it FAIR toAfter months of packs include a all concerned?requesting hosts and backpack and adrivers for the Group 4 Way Test Speaking number of female 3. Will it buildStudy Exchange Team Competition hygiene products such GOODWILL andfrom Fiji, travelling to as a toothbrush, better FRIENDSHIPS? MLC have informedWiluna, it has now shampoo and hand the Club that they havebeen decided that this sanitiser. 4. Is it three students whoExchange will be BENEFICIAL to all would like to enter thepostponed until April Meryl suggested it concerned? 4 Way Test Speaking2012 so that the Team might be a project that Competition. Heats arecan attend the District the RCFB is interested to be held by Clubs inConference in in emulating, Many the week 19-23rd Young Cook 2011Geraldton. thanks Meryl, perhaps September. Wednesda Photo Competition Dir. Wilma McBain y, 21st has been set could consider All information has aside by the RCFB for including it on her gone to over 320Suggested Project for this heat to be Agenda for her Schools, however, in anCommunity Service held. Two members of Community / effort to ensure that the the Club experienced inMeryl Gould, who Vocational Committee information is passed Public Speaking plusscans regional meeting. onto students, someone registeredNewspapers in her with Rostrum are to members are beingposition working in sought to volunteer toMP Norman Moore’s Maiti Nepaloffice, kindly drew ourattention to an article in Recently a Mrs. Indiathe Pilbara News. It is Australia dinner wasa project being carried held in Sydney and theout by the RC of Maiti NepalKarratha who are Foundation hassupporting a re-entry benefited by in excessproject for people of $3,000 which will beleaving Roebourne channelled throughPrison. It is a small but RAWCS (Rotary Aust.important project World Communityassisting women re-join Service) before being Gillian Yudelman, Jo Muir & Carina MarshallRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 2
  3. 3. phone a list of variety of well to wear on the day and Convention toschools. Sec Di has the designed tasks. For keep. Cambodia.list of schools from Dir. more information visitJenny and she is happy Activity List 2011- for If interested, pleaseto provide a list to /challenge full details refer to the refer to the attachmentsmembers who are able email sent to all in Dist. Sec. Wesleyto assist. After all the This year the event has members from Dist. Sim’s email forwardedwork put into this already been held in Sec. Wesley Sim (via earlier in the week.fundraiser by Jenny five WA country Sec. Di)and her family, it centres, The Perth event will be held in Full Daywould be a pity to have Rotary Friendshipit not succeed due to the Perth Convention Gold Fever Exchange August 2011the schools not passing and Exhibition Centreon the information. ove4r five days, Mission to Mars This great Program of Monday 12th to Friday RI is being looked afterWith the Microscopes 16th September (8.00am Eco-Habitat by PDG Ianin Schools Project to 3.00pm). Different Murray. For furthergetting Rotary’s name schools participate each Hover Frenzy information contact Ianinto Primary Schools, day with the State on Half Dayperhaps when finals held over two iwmurray@iprimus.cocontacting the schools days Tues. 20th and Back to the future II M 0414 927 79 H.this project could be Wed. 21st September, 9276 7977mentioned and it used 2011. Flight of the navigatorto encourage The way the programparticipation in the Volunteers are sought Electracity works is that a team ofYoung Cook for any one or more of about four couples the days. If interested Puff Puff GolfCompetition. travel to another in volunteering please Rotary District forJenny has a press email Ryan Smith at about two weeksrelease ready to send to Engineers Aust as soon Attending the staying withthe Post for publication as possible. Bangkok RI Rotarians. The teamson the project so that it rsmith@engineersaustr Convention & usually have 4 differentis promoted locally. (T. 9321 Cambodia hosts. They are hosted 3340) with a copy to by the local club, attendPlease DGE Phillip Skelton If attending the RI meetings and visit thevisit www.youngcook. philipskelton@optusnet Convention in Bangkok tourist sights in (0405 188 6-9th May, 2012, a tour area. 792) Please include: is offered post Date(s) forVolunteers needed for which you volunteerScience & EngineeringChallenge Preferred activityThe Science andEngineering Challenge Whether youis a competition for wish to be an activityyear 9 high school coordinator (trainingstudent that aims to required on Sundayexcite the imagination 11th Sep)of students andprovoke their interest T-shirt size (allin science and volunteers areengineering through a provided with a T-shirt Pres Bryant & Pat Shalhoub (RC Godalming, UK)Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 3
  4. 4. A group of Rotarians with Lyn, Jo, John positive feedback on The theme of theand partners have Clarke (STAWA), Di the day. Rex Evans is symposium if to seerecently returned from and Carina Marshall to attending Levels 2 and what small charitablethe Cotswold area of talk about how best to 3 on Sat 27th and organisations could dothe UK. Negotiations work the two together. Sunday 28th over this to respond toare taking place for weekend what Aboriginalexchanges with Texas Lyn Beazley is also people would like themand Scotland. communicating with to do in this area. David Venning whoFurther information on has kindly offered toan attachment in Dist. prepare packs of nativeSec. Wesley Sim’s email seeds as teaching aids for the students to study using their Microscopes in SchoolsMicroscopes in program.Schools Project Slides of ‘skin’The microscopes are organised by Robnow in Peth and Pearce were presentedshould be available for to North Cottesloecollection and Primary School ondistribution early in the Friday, 26th at theirweek. School Assembly and Principal North Cottesloe Primary Wayne Press & Ken CollinsThere are orders for they were eagerly1,400 which will be accepted. A show of Symposium on Speakers will be Kendespatched as urgently hands by students of Aboriginal Health Wyatt MP, Sueas possible as many who had used the Gordon, microscopes was A Symposium onschools have been D/Commission of almost the entire Aboriginal Health ispatiently waiting for Police Chris Dawson Assembly. being organised by theup to five months. with negotiations in Order of St JohnSponsors for a further process to procure John Knights Hospitallers300 plus units (14 Moriarty form Sydney (WA Commandery ofschools) are being Certificate of and Paula Arnold from St George) onsought. Some clubs Appreciation the Darwin Aboriginal Saturday, 1 st October,respond rapidly to Medical Service. 2011requests for The Certificate ofsponsorship and others Appreciation which It is hoped that Rotary It will be held in thetake months of was presented to Clubs throughout WA Conference Centre of Stnegotiation and a never Principal Wayne Press can work together with John of God Hospital,ending stream of (North Cottesloe PS) at the Order of St John Subiaco, commencingcommunication. the Club Changeover Knights Hospitaller to at 8.30am and finishing on 30th June was bring about about noon. MorningChief Scientist Lyn represented at a School improvement in the tea will be providedBeazley has been Assembly on Friday, health of our remote and there is no cost totalking with and is 26th. indigenous attend, however,arranging a meeting to communities, number are required soblend an initiative of Rotary Leadership if interested in The Returned ServicesProf. Jo Ward, Dean of Institute attending please RSVP LeagueScience at Curtin Uni of Max Hipkins attended to Pres. Bryant, Sec. DiTelescope Kits with our Level 1 RLI last or Des Bradley (9284 The Frederick Bell VCMicroscope project. A weekend and has given 5156 or 0409 066 092). Annual Memorialmeeting is being set upRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 4
  5. 5. Lecture will be held at projects he is involved 5.30pm. Venue to bethe Cottesloe Sub- or ph. 9304 5182. with for a week or so. advisedBranch on Thursday,10th November, 2011 Update on Members Birthdays and Reports from eachand all are invited to Anniversaries Director on their Great to have Br. James Committee’s activitiesattend. with us again. A very Happy is due to be in theSpeaker will be PDG Anniversary to Paddy hands of President Debbie Cash is back and ZerinaRabbi Dr. Shalom Bryant and the from visiting her Ramanathan for 29thColeman CBE, AM, JP. members of the Board daughter and family in August. by 30th August.The lecture will be held the USA. Lookat the Cottesloe Civic forward to seeing you Birthday wishes go toCentre War Memorial next week Deb. Graeme Prior for aHall, 109 Broome St, great day on 29th Warren Milner will be August.Cottesloe at 6.00pm for home any day from hisa 6.30pm start. time in the UK. Board MeetingFor catering purposes Paddy Ramanathan To be held onplease confirm your will be in India with Thursday, 8thattendance to Hon. Sec. September atDr. Neville Green E. Roster for Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay for Month of August / Sep 2011 Date Program Duty Attendance Introduction Vote of Thanks 31st August Max Hipkins Wilma McBain Rex Evans Mignon Shardlow Toni James 7th September TBA Donna Bicknell Sue Hassell Paddy Ramanathan Debbie Cash14th September TBA Bill Hassell Jim Gould Jill Henderson Warren Milner21st September 4 Way Speaking Rex Evans Wilma McBain Ken Collins Jenny Gill Contest28th September TBA Jim Gould Clifford Yudelman Gillian Yudelman Bill HassellNB: ‘Duty’ responsibility is to set up venue and to pack away venue after meeting.Board Rotary 2011-12 Wilma McBain - Community/ Toni James – Treasurer Vocational Service Director williemac241@hotmail.comBryant Stokes – Rex Evans –Club Service Director Ken Collins – International Service DirectorDi Collins – Secretary Mackie – New GenerationsDirector Jim Gould – Membership Director Jenny Gill – Fundraising jennypgill@gmail.comRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 5
  6. 6. 0419 919 572Bill Hassell – Vice Meetings Bulletin EditorClub Details Wednesday 5:45pm to 6:45pm Clifford Yudelman/Di Collins Café, Bethesda HospitalThe Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, Queenslea Drive WebsiteInc. Claremont, 6010 Box 168,Nedlands, President FacebookWestern Australia, 6909 E-mail bayrotary Mobile Chartered 19 December 2008Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 6