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Volume 18. Number 5.


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Published in: News & Politics
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Volume 18. Number 5.

  1. 1. Vol 18 Number 05 SELAMAT PAGI 1 August 2009 From the Editor President's message Tis the season of Installations " Come, woo me, woo me; One month into the new Rotary Year and the installations around our Rotary for now I am in a holiday humour, and like enough to consent.” District are still taking place at a hectic pace. New District Governor Leslie has a - Shakespeare, As You Like It - total of 72 Rotary Clubs to take care of in District 3300. Looking at the DG’s calen- dar, the Installations would go on until September 2009. For me however, the season of Installations is now finally over - and at last count I attended no less M rain. onday afternoon, the first email came, followed by the rest, like than 5 other Rotary Club’s installations (the most I have done in one single year in my 18 years as a Rotarian). Mostly were to thank the organizer for I am happy to note that the year has started on an excellent note and much posi- a job well done and to express appre- tive energy has poured into RC Bukit Kiara Sunrise. Attendance has shown a ciation for the efforts that went in to make the Sunday family outing truly marked improvement, averaging 71% (provisionally) for the month of July. We satisfying. I read them all, at the end have seen several good and vibrant speakers address our members in the past of which, I was truly tired. weeks and there will be more scheduled in the weeks to come. Our weekly Bulle- tin, Kiara Matahari (as sure as the sun will rise from the East every morning), is For those who were not there, Tanjong there at the registration desk during every meeting, containing high quality, inter- Sepat and its surrounds proved a little esting editorials and articles. Our Interactors from SMK Seri Hartamas exceeded gem. It occurred to us that Tanjong our expectations by organising an exceptional International Understan-ding (IU) Sepat was more than a fishing village Day with a record turnout of more than 500 paying guests and donated RM5,000 famed for its twisted jetty that had been to the Malaysian Aids Council (we are extremely proud of you Interactors). pre-tentiously and romantically marketed as “lovers bridge”. And to top the icing on the cake, so to speak, we had a successful Club service The seven sites PP Karen’s “club adventure to Tanjong Sepat last Sunday. This trip enabled Rotarians, family and service team” brought the group to guests to enjoy each other’s company, get to know each other better/ bond and were truly eye-opening. What used to simply have a fun outing. be pig farms were blooming with dragon fruits, lychees (which we All the above achievements did not just fall from the sky and drop into place by missed) and passion fruits. The lady automation. A lot of hard work, careful planning has gone into each and every boss at the dragon fruit farm was event/tasks. I have my Board and all active members to thank for taking respon- good value with her explanation of sibilities into your hands and being proactive, which has enabled all the above crop cultivation and a bit of history come together in harmony (whether perfect or otherwise). about how the enterprise grew out of the aftermath of the devastation For instance: brought about by the JE Virus. Nearby - James L & Karen working on the Bulletin; we saw a “swiftlet hotel” – erected for - James C, Kong, Elsie & Poay Lim working on the Speaker’s programme; the harvesting of the delicacy “birdnest”. - Ghaurry & Sanjay taking special interest in our Interactors’ activities; - Sanjay and Yoke Leong actively engaging our new and potential members; We then trooped to the tapioca factory - Sunny for providing the audio/video back up without fail; where tapioca chips of various flavours - Kate and Steve tickling us with their personal spill on members’ sharing; were ravenously sampled. Unfortun- - Siew Hwa treating us to Cadbury & Dentyne at every turn and function; ately, the seafood lunch by the sea, the - Ee Lay, Sanjay & Ghaurry working on the CIMB Link proposal at short notice; - fabulous paus and the full-bodied Cecelia & Graham ensuring all Club payments and correspondence are kept coffee along the narrow streets in the current; heart of the quaint fishing town had to - Frankie & Ann Sabrina, Poay Lim & Ann Jenny, CY & Teng Yoong for doing the be paid for. ....... continue on next page RC Bugis Junction trip with me and keeping the bonds with our sister clubs RCBJ and RCCCC alive; ......continue on next page
  2. 2. President's message ATTENDANCE .....continue Guest: - Sunny single handedly working on the Taiwan matching grant; Grant O'Malley, guest of Kong - CY and his vocational service committee (Yau, James C, Steve, Kong & PL) for Attendance: 74% Fines: $43.00 having the record number of meetings to discuss/plan future projects; - Chin Yi & James C keeping us tantalised with their eating sojourns; - James L, Karen and Teng Yoong doing a recee of Tanjong Sepat one week Announcements prior to the outing; - Susan giving us the insider information on Tanjong Sepat; Club Service ~ Karen - All the 35 of us who went to Tanjong Sepat and kept our cool despite the heat Briefing on the club fellowship trip to and all the frantic phone calls, detours and sudden turnings we had to take Tanjung Sepat tomorrow. during the trip. Vocational Service ~ CY I cannot possibly name all the good things all you great people have done. Each Sub-committee meeting immediately after club meeting today. and everyone; not just those named, have played a part and taken the Future of Rotary in your hands. You have contributed to the brilliant outcome that we are New Generation ~ Ghaurry witnessing in RC Bukit Kiara Sunrise right now. Reported on the Interact Club's IU Day. Reminded members on the Mathemat- For August, let’s aim for another great run together! ics Marathon on 25th August'09 Yours in Rotary The Rotary Foundation ~ Sunny Frances Po Reported on the Matching Grant with sister club, RC Chungli Chung Shing. RI District 3300 Officers Membership Development ~ Sanjay We have 4 past presidents from RC Bukit Kiara Sunrise serving on the various RI Encouraged members to attend the District 3300 committees. Let’s give them our full support for taking on additional Membership Development Seminar on roles outside of the Club. Best wishes from us on your roles but we hope you will 9th August'09. continue to be active within the club too Karen Chong Dr Kong Voon Sin Speaker's programme ~ Poay Lim - District Nominating Committee - District Governor’s Newsletter Next week Mr Andrew Lim will be - District Task Force Committee Committee speak ing on Blogging. (Health & Hunger) Graham Bennett Graham reminded members to pay Dr Yee Yoke Leong - District Community Service their subscription for July-Dec'09. - District Strategic Planning Committee Committee(Disaster Relief) - District Task Force Committee (Water) Source: RI District 3300 Handbook (2009/10) August is Membership Member sponsor and retention Development & Extention recognition Month At its January meeting, the RI Board Reach One, Keep One adopted a New Member Sponsor and Retention Recognition program, which became effective 1 July. The program, T he RI Board adopted a new membership slogan,"Each Rotarian: Reach One,Keep One", at also part of the long-term membership strategy, allows Rotary club presidents to nominate and recognize individuals its June meeting. for sponsoring new members while The new membership slogan emphasizes the need for Rotarians to focus on both focusing on retention. There are several The slogan emphasizes the need for recruitment and retention in their award categories: Rotarians to focus on both recruitment and retention in their membership membership growth efforts. • Gold pin and certificate: For growth efforts. Rotarians bringing 25 members into “‘Keep One’ reminds us that it’s not any Rotary club, with 20 still active after “Membership development is each sufficient to simply sponsor someone six years Rotarian’s responsibility,” said Paul into Rotary; we must also see that new • Silver pin and certificate: For Netzel, a member of RI’s Membership members become active and involved Rotarians bringing 10 members into Development and Retention Committee Rotarians. We know this is an essential any Rotary club, with eight still active and a past RI director. ‘Reach One’ element in membership retention.” after four years reminds us that because Rotary mem- • Bronze pin and certificate: For bership is by invitation, it’s essential The new slogan complements the Rotarians bringing five members into that each Rotarian reaches out and Board’s long-term membership strategy, any Rotary club, with four still active after invites someone to join.” which was also adopted at the June mtg. two years
  3. 3. Today's Programme NEXT CHANGE 8 August(Sat)7.30am Mr Andrew Lim Speaker: PP Leslie Yeap 'New Blog in town' Topic: More Members: Yes, but how? A very curious 23-year-old, Andrew Lim never gets bored with discovering (and 15 August(Sat)7.30am sharing) the latest technologies available. He helps people with their Powerpoint Speaker: Ean Cheah presentations, blogs, podcasts (mobile audio/video), and other areas related to personal and business computing. He believes that, in our high-speed information Special Speaker's Day age, anyone can use IT to carry their messages creatively and effectively. Andrew is Date: 22 August'09 currently working on the setting up of Online Audio-distribution Centres in Melaka, Speaker: Tan Sri Zaleha Ismail Kuantan, Alor Setar, and Kluang. President of Universal Peace From the Editor Foundation Malaysia ......continue There were interesting side actions too – Fung Ming attempting to push his beam- CALENDER of EVENTS ing BMW against the butt of the lead car Volvo XC90 as the convoy snaked its way from Sepang to Tanjong Sepat, Alvin lost in his world with Eric in the passenger 2nd Board Meeting seat of his S350 headed towards Jugra while the rest were going in the opposite Date: 6 August 2009 (but right) direction. Even before we hit the highway, we had already lost Graham, Alvin (again) and Steve who went their separate ways only to regroup in Sepang – President's Fellowship some 40 minutes and 60km later. What a start! Date : 15 August 2009 Time: 7.00pm However, the mother of all “economic stimulators” was probably Angie, guest of Venue : Eco Green President Frances. She, a passenger in my car, was a ferocious shopper filling up the trunk with tonnes of dragon fruit, fish balls, dried fish maws, mushrooms of all descriptions, salted fish, dried shrimps, tapioca chips and countless paus of .................... different stuffings. Was sure she would have bought lots more had we stopped at August Celebrations more places. Happy Birthday My head was shaking and I was trying not to let the smile go as I spent CY 7 August the rest of the evening ridding the car of the last whiff of the Eric 22 August bouquet redolent of the wet market in old town. PP James Lau Happy Anniversaries Soma & Esther 19 August Candid Moments Learning the secret .................... Poay Lim & Jenny 25 August DISTRICT EVENT behind making a good cup of coffee District Membership Development & Retention Workshop Date: 9th August'09 (Sunday) Venue : Bukit Kiara Club. Time : 9.00am - 1.00pm Seafood lunch Cost: $50 Visit to Dragon fruit farm @ Lover's Bridge The Strollers........ Duty Roster 1 August (New Generation) Sargeant-at-arms Soma Desk Duty Karen Introducer Elsie Mushroom discussion Thank Speaker Ghaurry Fines Jeremy 8 August (Membership) Sargeant-at-arms Elsie Desk Duty Yau Introducer Sanjay Tanjong Sepat trail Thank Speaker Yoke Leong Coffee break.......cheers! Fines Fang Keong
  4. 4. Board of Directors 2009/10 DISTRICT NEWS President Frances Po Invitation to 2010/11 Membership Action/Resource Group 21731618(0) DGE Lim Kok Beng has appointed me to be the Membership Development President Elect Chairman with PDG Dr Joseph Rajendran as the Co-Chairman. Tan Poay Lim On 30 June 2002 when I completed my term as District Governor our district 77277127(0) membership was 1817. According to AG Dr Krishna Kumar the membership on 30 June 2009 is 1721. And over the last 7 year we have chartered 14 new clubs. Immediate Past President/PR It is quite obvious that the membership development approach we have adopted Elsie Low over the last decade has not given us the results we would like to have. This is not 777281807(0) a criticism of any of the District Governors or membership chairman during this period. Many felt that perhaps the district should take a good look at what we are Vice President/Membership Director doing and adopt a different approach in future. The adoption of the Club Dr Sanjay Doshi Leadership Plan (CLP) by many of the clubs in the district should help. 23008030(0) I have obtain the permission of DGE Lim Kok Beng to extend an open invitation to all Rotarians-PDGs, PAGs, PPs, AGs, Club Presidents, and club members to a Honorary Secretary brain-storming session on Sunday 9 August 2009 at 2.00pm at the Bukit Kiara Cecelia Matuya Equestrain Club. It will be the same venue as the District Membership 56342870(0) Development Workshop. Honorary Treasurer Any Rotarian of District 3300 who has an interest in membeship is warmly invited. PP Graham Bennett Rotarians who have interesting ideas on membership, clubs that have been 012-2918619 successful, clubs that have problems, please come and share it with us. Using the inputs from the brainstorming session we hope to develop an action plan for Club Service Director the district that can take our membership to 2000. PDG Dr Joseph Rajendran has PP Karen Chong proposed that instead of having a district membership committee we set up a 012-2893380 district membership action group or district membeship resource group. We can settle on the name later. All those who have an interest or even passion for Vocational Service Director membership will be invited to serve on this committee in 2010-2011. PP CY Fong I would appreciate any input on the proposal. 78032276(0) Thank you and regards Community Service Director PDG Dato Dr Low Teong (LT) Ho Ee Lay 019-3395688 District 3300 Sister Clubs International Service Director District Governor Leslie Salehuddin RC Bugis Junction [D 3310] Susan Lim 03-77297761 (0) 03-77297762(Fax) Saturday, 08:00 am 012-2325860 Regional English Language Centre Orange Grove Road, Singapore New Generation Director Assistant Governor Veiven Goon Ghaurry 03-79805529(0) 03-79813514(Fax) RC ChiangmaiThinthaingam[D 3360] 23003757(O) Thursday, 12.00 noon International Center Rotary Foundation Chairman Rotary Clubs in Group 9 Chiangmai University, Thailand PP Sunny Khoo Ampang 22849089(O) Bukit Kiara Sunrise RC Chungli Chung Shing [D 3500] Bulletin Committee KL West Thursday, 12.00 noon James Lau/ Karen (Editor/Production) Pudu No 4, Ln 10, Gwo-Ti Street Poay Lim (Speaker's Programme) Sri Petaling Chungli, Taiwan