The voice of PLC 1103-04


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Plymouth Laryngectomy Club (PLC) March - April Newsletter, Edited by Geoffrey N. Read. Find more about PLC at

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The voice of PLC 1103-04

  1. 1. The Plymouth Laryngectomy Club (PLC) A Charitable Support Group for Plymouth Cancer Laryngectomees The Voice of PLC March - April 2011 Address: c / o The Mustard Tree Support Centre, Derriford Hospital, Derriford, PLYMOUTH, PL6 8DH, Devon Mobile: 07745819828 (text only) Email: Website: EDITORIAL COMMENT THE PLC MARCH 2011 MEETINGI NTERNET Links. If you’re reading this on-line and come across words with blue lettering that are underlined, thenyou can click on these links and be taken directly to another O UR March Meeting took place at The Mustard Tree Cancer Support Centre at Derriford Hospital on th Monday, 7 March. 12 Members and Friends were insite for more information on that particular topic. Put your attendance to hear Ms. Denise MARTIN, the Macmillancursor over the link, hold down the Control (Cntrl) Key and Benefits Advisor give a very informative Talk. Ted presentedclick! Ed. Denise with a small bouquet of flowers on behalf of all PLC Members... just as a small token of our appreciation. The Talk was followed by our formal monthly PLC Club Meeting... our first real chance to resolve some matters since November 2010! FOREWORD BY THE CHAIR Written by Edward (Ted) BURNETT R AFFLE. £10 was raised on our raffle at our March 2011 Meeting, and both Ron MARTIN and Dave EDWARDS won prizes. Hopefully Ron will provide the prize for our April 2011 Meeting as we already know that Dave will beDear Friends & Supporters, absent. thOn Monday, 7 March, we had a very informative talk fromDenise MARTIN, about the various benefits that are THE PLC TREASURER’S REPORTavailable. Denise is The Mustard Tree Cancer SupportCentre’s Benefits Adviser.Two prizes were on offer at our Monthly Raffle in March. M ONTHLY Report. The Treasurer, Jean, reports that we have enough to pay our NALC Fees for 2011 which is our only known expense at present. The NALC Fees are dueRon and Dave were the lucky winners! Ron... can we please for payment in April 2011.ask you to bring in the prize for the April Draw as Dave willnot be present?Our April event will be a guided tour around the Plymouth M ONTHLY Subscriptions. Jean would like to remind everyone that our Monthly Subscriptions are voluntary payments. Those of you who wish to do so, canCentral Library Services. I very much hope that we’ll see a pay £1 at the April 2011 Meeting and a receipt will only befew more members coming along. We’ll be holding our issued upon request. New Club Members are remindedshort monthly meeting at the Library and then going for a that they should pay their £5 Joining Fee to Jean.snack immediately afterwards.Best wishes,Ted & Liz The Plymouth Laryngectomy Club (PLC) is an Affiliated Member of: The National Association of Laryngectomy Clubs (NALC) In Association with Macmillan Cancer Support Registered Charity Number: 273635 A Member of The Plymouth Third Sector Consortium (PTSC) Patrons & Medical Advisors : Mr. W.M. BRIDGER, FRCS - Consultant ENT Surgeon, Mr. Tass MALIK, BSc FRCS (Gen), FRCS (ORL H&N) - Consultant Otolaryngologist, Head & Neck / Thyroid Surgeon, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth.
  2. 2. THE PLC SECRETARY’S REPORT S OCIAL Events. Geoff would like to point out that our social events such as Talks, Visits and Outings are added to our Club’s Social Calendar as and when the suggestionsC ALENDAR of Events. A copy of the Club’s Calendar of Events, including Future Entertainments for the next 12months or so, is available on our Club’s website. Please are received and that our Social Calendar had been agreed to at each and every Club Meeting so far. Should any Member disagree with the what is or has been arrangedkeep yourselves up-to-date by taking the occasional peek! then they are at liberty to mention it formally at one of our Club Meetings or they can approach one of the CommitteeC OUNTRYWIDE Supplies. Christopher LOMAS writes for The Voice, which is a magazinepublished by Countrywide Supplies. Members in private. And we hope Members will do so!Christopher emailed Geoff in November2010 to ask if our Members would like PLC S OUTH West Ambulance Services. According to the SpeakEasy February 2011 Newsletter, there seems to be a requirement for Laryngectomees to register with thefeatured in his magazine. Geoff replied to Service due to the need for them to carry special equipmentsay that we would! Geoff then received an for neck-breathers. Geoff emailed Colin SALTER (SpeakEasyemail to say that Christopher had already Secretary) for specific information so that he could followcommitted to another club in February 2011 but would get 1 this up. Colin kindly emailed Geoff a reply. Maggie JARVISback to us later in the year. Watch this space! suggested that it might be a good idea if Geoff were to make contact with the Service and invite them to one of ourM EMBERS & Friends. Our current Membership Status is shown in the table below: meetings to give a Talk. Action is in hand! Confirmed Members: Confirmed Friends: POSTAL 6 6 EMAIL 11 11 TOTAL 17 17 S PEAKEASY Club, Cornwall. Geoff has emailed copies of the February 2011 Newsletter to those Members on- line. Those not on-line can contact Geoff should they wish TOTALS: 12 22 34 to have a hard copy.M10 th EMBERSHIP Recruiting Survey. Maggie JARVIS and Julia POCKETT sent out a questionnaire on Thursday, February to all patients who had undergonelaryngectomy surgery and also to their carers. No deadlinewas given for the replies but prepaid envelopes were PLC FORECAST OF EVENTSsupplied to facilitate them. Maggie reported that she waspleasantly surprised with the returns that had been returned A th PRIL 2011. Monday, 4 April 2011: A Tour of theso far: about 15... which represented about 50%. From the Plymouth Central Library Services followed by ourreplies received so far there seemed to be no one definite formal Monthly Meeting in the History Room. We’ll thenreason for not becoming a member of the PLC. The adjourn for an informal lunch... probably at the Southsideinvestigation is ongoing and we look forward to receiving the Cafe at Roland Levinsky Building at the University offinal outcome. If you’ve received a questionnaire but Plymouth. Those wishing to attend this event are kindlyhaven’t yet returned it, could you please do so without requested to contact Geoff at their earliest convenience.further delay? M th AY 2011. Monday, 9 May 2011: PLC Club MeetingN ATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LARYNGECTOMY CLUBS (NALC). Geoff and Jean(Treasurer) will be travelling to at the Mustard Tree followed by Lunch at the Jack Rabbit. After the meeting there’ll be a Talk by Mr. Miles WILLIAMS, the Platon Medical Representative. If timeLondon in May 2011 to attend the allows, this’ll be followed by a showing of some NALC DVDs:NALC Annual General Meeting. Ted(our Chair) was unable to attend. NALC: Talking it Through, NALC: Nursing & Laryngectomee Care, and NALC: NALC Life 2: Laryngectomee Information, First Aid & Medical Treatment.N ATIONAL Cancer Peer Review Programme 2010 -11. Geoff attended a day of Foundation Training for theUser Reviewers’ Programme 1 The South West Ambulance Service assure us that all personnel and ndon Wednesday, 2 March at every ambulance is equipped with an adapter to help a neck-breather getLaunceston. It was a full and oxygen from their standard kit. We got a chap from their Redruth ambulance station come and demonstrate it at one of our meetings.Theyintensive day of instruction also can flag up on their central computer data base where a neck-but enjoyable for all that! If breather is in residence, so they can be forewarned to check equipment isanyone wishes to know more then do please contact Geoff. ready and working etc. We provide them with name and addresses but only if the patient agree to this sharing of their information. We must keep the Ambulance list up-to-date for when people die, move, etc. Contact The Voice of PLC Newsletter Editor Geoff Read on (01752) 563800 or 0774581928 (text only) or email:, or go to PLC website at 2
  3. 3. NEWS & GOSSIP D ERRIFORD HOSPITAL Brings Down MRSA Rates by 90%. This article was published in the Plymouth Herald on th Monday, 7 March, 201.C ANCER CENTRE PRAISED In Report a Year After Controversial Creation. This article was published in ththe Plymouth Herald on Tuesday, 15 March 2011: PRECISION CHECKS: Neil Cooper looks at a sample. A staff member uses a glo box after hisA CANCER surgery centre at hands have been coated in UVDerriford Hospital has been praised disclosing a new report... a year after itscontroversial creation. ROBOT swab processors andSpecialist surgery for upper gastro-intestinal cancers moved infra-red talking signs areto Derriford in January 2010 in line with national policy among weapons used to fightrecommending "centres of excellence". deadly superbugs at DerrifordThree units in Exeter, Truro and Plymouth were Hospital.amalgamated into the single centre. But the tool which has reducedThe change sparked fury among patient groups in Cornwall infection rates more than anywhen the issue first emerged. other is much simpler – handA detailed review published today reports high levels of washing and its dogged promotion across the organisation.patient satisfaction with the Plymouth unit, and low death In the past seven years, Derriford has brought down itsrates. number of MRSA infections by more than 90 per cent, andConsultant Surgeon Tim WHEATLEY said: "We are very its C diff rates are the lowest in the South West.pleased with how well things have come together at the It has recently become the first hospital in the country tonew centre. introduce automated swab processing – to help screen"As a team, we are working extremely hard together to more than 116,000 a year for MRSA.ensure that patients receive the best service we can possibly And the 11-strong infection control team has beengive." shortlisted for a national award for reducing infectionsIn total, 129 people underwent operations at Derriford following surgery.during 2010 to remove part or all of their oesophagus orstomach to combat cancer. Overall, there was a mortality Note by the Editor. Well Done Derriford! The completerate of 1.1% among the 94 patients undergoing article is a little too long to publish here but it is worthwhileoesophagectomy, compared to 4.5% across the NHS reading it all. For the full version please visit:nationally. was a mortality rate of 5.7% among the 35 patients detail/article.htmlundergoing gastrectomy compared to 6% nationally.Patient surveys over the year show that 93% of patients feltthe overall service was either excellent or good. A further P LYMOUTH HEROES ARE HONOURED at Glittering Gold Star Awards. This article was published in the Plymouth th Herald on Wednesday, 9 March 2010:6% rated it as average with 1% not responding. The biggestproblem raised by patients and their families was parking. Anumber of strategies to try to improve parking are being PLYMOUTH’S unsung heroes and heroines haveconsidered by the hospital. been recognised and celebrated at an emotionalThe results were welcomed by the Peninsula Cancer awards ceremony.Network Board, which had requested the report from Winners of The Herald & First Devon andDerriford. Cornwall’s Gold Star awards enjoyed theAnthony FARNSWORTH, PCN Chair, said: "We know from limelight as they were honoured at a dinner atsurvey work that the great majority of people across Devon, The Duke of Cornwall Hotel recently.Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly would be prepared to travel The ceremony, attended by the Lord Mayorfor the best outcome from their operation. The new centre Councillor Mary ASPINALL and Lady Mayoressat Plymouth seems to be providing exactly that. What we Kate ASPINALL, highlighted the actions of aneed to do now is make sure these high standards are range of individuals who were presented with an engravedmaintained and, where possible, improved, and that all glass trophy.possible care apart from the highly-specialised surgery These included a brave ambulance worker, an 81-year-oldcontinues to be offered locally." fundraiser who helped form the Plymouth branch of RNLI, three carers and a woman who rallied around to ensure a mother-and-son had the trip of a lifetime after a tragic year. Others included a volunteer who dedicated his free time to Welcome Hall, a man who strives to help refugees despite suffering illness himself and a dynamic duo of women who bought the community together to aid a family devastated by a fire. Contact The Voice of PLC Newsletter Editor Geoff Read on (01752) 563800 or 0774581928 (text only) or email:, or go to PLC website at 3
  4. 4. Bill MARTIN, editor of The Plymouth Herald, said: “We take Some say it is very useful in all variants of cancer.great pride in recognising those who go the extra mile for It’s considered also as an anti microbial spectrum againstothers; those who cope admirably with adversity and those bacterial infections and fungi, effective against internalwho set an example to their peers through their selfless parasites and worms, it regulates blood pressure if it is too highactions. and antidepressant, combat stress and nervous disorders. The source of this information is fascinating: it comes from oneFor the fuller version of this article, please visit: of the largest drug manufacturers in the world, says that after more than 20 laboratory tests since 1970, the extracts revealedglittering-Gold-Star-awards/article-3309470-detail/article.html that: It destroys the malignant cells in 12 cancers, including colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreas... the compounds of this tree actually showed 10,000 times better than the product Adriamycin, a drug normally used chimiothérapeutte in the world, slowing the growth of cancer cells. And what is even more astonishing: this type of therapy with lemon extract not only destroys malignant cancer cells but doesn’t affect healthy cells. Source: Institute of Health Sciences, 819 N. L.L.C. Cause Street, Baltimore, MD 1201 ACKNOWLEDGMENT Our grateful thanks to The Devonport Regeneration Community (DRC) Partnership for their assistance in reproducing copies of this Newsletter.Photograph courtesy of Christine REID, enhanced by Kanda P. Geoffrey N. READ and the Gold Star Award! Tuesday, 8th March 2011"I work as part of a Team and so I’ll accept it on behalf of that Team."T HE BENEFITS of Lemon. Lemon (Citrus) is a miraculous product to kill cancer cells.It is 10,000 times stronger thanchemotherapy.Why do we not know about that?Because there are laboratoriesinterested in making a syntheticversion that will bring them huge The Plymouth Laryngectomy Clubprofits. (PLC)You can now help a friend in need by letting him know thatlemon juice is beneficial in preventing the disease.Its taste is pleasant and it does not produce the horrificeffects of chemotherapy.If you can, plant a lemon tree in your garden or patio.How many people die while this is a closely guarded secretso as not to jeopardize the beneficial multimillionaires largecorporations?As you know, the lemon tree is down, does not occupy muchspace and is known for its varieties of lemons and limes.You can eat the fruit in different ways: you can eat the pulp, – A Charitable Support Groupjuice press, prepare drinks, sorbets, pastries... it’s credited for Plymouth Cancer Laryngectomees –with many virtues, but the most interesting is the effect itproduces on cysts and tumours.This plant is a proven remedy against cancers of all types. Contact The Voice of PLC Newsletter Editor Geoff Read on (01752) 563800 or 0774581928 (text only) or email:, or go to PLC website at 4