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New Horizons V3 I39

  1. 1. N E W H O R I Z O N S New Horizons The Official Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 ! District 9455! ABN: 99 602 195 617 Volume 3, Issue 39 9th - 15th May 2011From the President District Assembly Indigenous Programs Magnifying From the District Pink Jeep in HaitiFrom the Club What is the District Letter from the DGE - Microscopes Governor’s Desk Find out how a pinkPresident. Assembly? To Make A Difference. Latest update from this Find out what is Jeep is being used toPage 1 Page 1 Page 2 major project. happening around the deliver prenatal care in Page 2 district? rural Haiti. Page 3 Page 3Letter from thePresidentThe District Assembly iscoming up this weekend, andthis year ALL Rotarians areencouraged to attend,whether you will be holdinga position on the club boardor not. It will give you a greatopportunity to learn aboutthe role and responsibilitiesof the committees.More details are given below.If you would like to attend,please let me know ASAP, asI need to give final Photo (L-R): Tony Munday, Margot Huntsman, Deborah Pinter, Sue Fielding, Jim Gallagherattendance figures from ourclub by Friday. that in the majority of cases Two thirds of our club have encouraged to come along forYours in Rotary, separate arrangements need Facebook accounts, but not the morning. RegistrationSimone to be made to ensure all those people use Facebook starts at 8:30 am, with Superannuation goes to the regularly. Learn about sessions starting at 8:45 am beneficiaries intended. privacy issues, what the point and finishing at 12 noonLast Week’s of social networking is, and sharp. how we can best use it toMeeting This Weeks promote our club and our The program for the morning activities – for free! is:Sue Fielding’s address on Meeting 8:45 – 9:30 am - Rotary International ThemeWills and probate was ofinterest to all in attendance.  Originally scheduled for June District for 2011-12 (“Fellowships”) month, but - Kalyan Bannerjees GoalsSue is very experienced inthis area and answered a rearranged due to other Assembly - District 9455 Goals speakers not being able to - Rotary Internationalnumber of questions posed come until June, Simone will The District Assembly will be Strategic Planby members.  We all left the be talking this week about held this coming Sunday 15th - District 9455 Strategic Planmeeting better informed.  the Rotarians on Social May at Mt Lawley Senior - The Rotary Foundation 6One of the most relevant Networks Fellowship she High School (65 Woodsome Areas of Focuspieces of information wasregarding Superannuation.  founded and using social St, Mt Lawley). networking for Rotary 9:30 – 10:10 amMany thought that it would purposes in general. ALL club members, not just - Breakout groups:be covered in our wills incoming office bearers, are Secretaries, Treasurers, Newhowever, we now understandRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 1
  2. 2. N E W H O R I Z O N SGenerations, Vocational and I believe programs such as was only one proxy form immediately.  Otherwise, ourCommunity, Public Generation One team offers returned and insufficient Club, with its limited funds,Relations, International, The our District a unique members (75%) in attendance would not have been able toRotary Foundation, opportunity to highlight to conform with the do so.Presidents, Membership. Rotarys willingness to "get requirements to vote in the- Roles and Responsibilities involved" without asking us changes. There are still almost 800of committees to "give money". Very simply, units on backorder and one- How do these goals impact are Rotarians who run Due to this, the entire process Club has already payed forthe committee / portfolio? businesses employing people will need to recommence.  To their entire order (60 from willing to take on suitably avoid the previous scenario, the one just received and 12010:15 – 10:30 am trained indigenous all members will be from next delivery).   The- Feedback from Groups employees? requested to submit proxy following shipment is due to forms so that if they are not arrive in mid to late June.10:30 – 10:45 am There may be other many at the next meeting set down  - Morning Tea other initiatives of which you to ‘Alter the Rules ‘of the are aware and I would Charity Fund, there will at Finalists in the10:45 – 11:00 am welcome you tabling these least be enough votes to- Your Club Leadership Plan for discussion. proceed with the changes. Citizen of the- District 9455 Budget 2011-12   This is an open invitation to Year Awards11:00 – 11:30 am every Rotarian in District Magnifying- Membership – the 9455 to register their interest Rtn Prof. Ralph Martins andresponsibility of all Rotarians and ideas. Microscope Manna Industries have both- DVD: Katie Ischkin – A received advice that they areNew approach to Rotary If there is a reasonable level Project finalists in the WA Citizen of“Think Outside the Box” of interest, as your 2011-2012 the Year Awards, to beBrainstorm DG, I will ask 2011-2012 Last week the 1,000 units announced at a dinner on District Community Chair were received by the Club.  Sat. 28th May.  Ralph is in the11:30 – 11:45 am Ian Hutton to formally On Wednesday 996 of these category of the Professions- What makes a vibrant, well establish an Indigenous were distributed to local and Bev and John Lowe fromrun Rotary meeting? Involvement Committee in clubs Applecross, Armadale, Manna Industries are in the our District. Booragoon, Byford Southern Gold Swan category.  A few11:45 – 12:00 Districts and Willetton, as years back Rotary- The Presidential Citation & On the other hand, if there is well as regional Clubs International won the GoldChangemaker Awards little interest, then there will Boulder, Bridgetown, Swan Award. be no recognised District Broome, Carnarvon,   9455 IndigenousIndigenous Involvement Committee in Hannan’s Kalgoorlie, Harvey and Kalgoorlie, plus the Manna 2011-2012. Rotary Club of Hobart, Tas.Programs Industries I look forward in anticipation As the last of the paymentsAs the incoming DG for to your feedback. for the microscopes On Friday morning Bill2011-2012 for District 9455, I distributed some time ago Hasssell and Ken Colllinswould like District 9455 To Cheers .... Liz was only received a couple of attended the official openingMake A Difference in weeks back, the new policy of a new kitchen in thedeveloping a positive DGE Liz Westoby in the Club is to request pre Forrestfield Primary School. relationship with the Rotary Club of Perth payment of the units.  This is The Rotary Club ofIndigenous People in our Email: proving to be extremely Northbridge funded theDistrict. successful with payment for facility.I am not interested in General Hobart (who were only invoiced last week when Manna Industries continues"talkfests" or "who is to delivery costs were known)blame chest beating Meeting to and three other clubs still to to make an incredible contribution to the needy, theexercises" on this issue, as have their cheques received. they have little interest for Alter the Rules The three Clubs have all homeless and disadvantaged children with the meals andmost Rotarians and run the indicated that their payments clothing packages that theyrisk of "Politicising Rotary At the regular meeting of the are in the mail or will be provide.   Another area thatand Rotarians". Club last Wednesday, a received by us this week. they are involved with is the General Meeting of the Country Clubs have been ‘seniors’ and Chevron areBut I am very interested in RCFBCFI was held to alter a sent a second invoice for assisting with funding byour District 9455 helping number of the rules to assist delivery costs, hence a sponsoring part or all of theClubs get involved in the Charity Fund to operate minimal amount of money is costs of feeding the ‘seniors’practical, grass roots more efficiently. still outstanding. administered to by Mannaactivities that are planned, Industries.with definite timelines and Despite due notice, an With the pre payment system  have the involvement of the Agenda, the proposed it has allowed the RCFB toappropriate indigenous changes and proxy forms pay the $12,500 invoice from Changeovergroups. being distributed to every the Science Teacher’s member of the Club, there Association of WA Function2 Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455
  3. 3. N E W H O R I Z O N S reached the 100 mark. This is a services to the CommunityWould all members please put tremendous effort fro m our Our Group Study Exchange team and YouthThursday, 30th June in their District, particularly given the that will visit District 1880 in •* Advise your local Councilordiaries for the annual Club other disasters that have Germany departs for Germany of the relevant club contactChangeover. occurred this year in our region towards the end of May and will details- and the response from Clubs to return towards the end of June. •* Invite your local Councilor toIt will be held at the Nedlands the needs of those affected. The team has been preparing for a meetingGolf Club and further details of its visit to Germany including •* Advise the local MPs of yourtime and cost will be advised in The ballot of Clubs to determine German lessons and having a club’s office bearers fordue course. if District 9455 would join weekend in Busselton to get to 2010/11 ShelterBox Australia as a Multi know each other better. I was •* Invite your local MPs to aTo support the changeover of Rotary District Supported Project pleased to have the opportunity meetingPres Simone to President Elect was concluded and the proposal to visit the Rotary Club of Swan •* Invite important people inBryant, would all members and was approved. I have advised Valley on 18th April when the your area to share your greatpartners please make every effort ShelterBox of our decision and outbound team gave its projectsto attend and also invite as many the process to establish the new presentation. It was excellent and•* Advise the local newspaper ofguests as possible to make it a Multi Rotary District Supported I am confident the team will your new office bearerssuccessful event. Project is progressing. represent our Australia and our •* Invite the local journalist to a  District really well when away. meeting Interact The team has started a •* Make Your Changeover AInteract Club Inductions to establish the new blog; follow the link on this page Great Event - Plan Now Freshwater Bay Interact Club to get more information on the •* Invite your local MPs andAfter a break for the school were carried out on 14th April. team. local Councilors to yourholidays the Interact Club of There were 17 inductees on the changeoverFreshwater Bay will recommence evening with 3 or 4 others still to District Assembly •* Get ready to write up yourmeeting this Thursday, 12th May.  be inducted. This is a community The District Assembly for Changeover (with photos) forThey will be presented with a based Interact Club in that it has Metropolitan Clubs is being held the local pressbeautiful jarrah lectern, gavel members   from four different on 15th May. There will also be a •* Make sure that you have yourand base, all hand crafted by schools in the area. It is the number of Assemblies held in club brochure up to date andPDG Bill Benbow.   It is hoped second Interact Club in our regional areas including that at ready for distributionthat the remainder of the items District and my congratulations Cunderdin on 9th May. All Clubsordered from Rotary Down go the Rotary Club of Freshwater should ensure that as many of Ian MurrayUnder Supplies for the Club will Bay for its achievement in their incoming Board Members 9276 7977also arrive in time for the establishing this new Interact as possible should attend these 0414 927 679meeting and in due time to have Club. Assemblies and, in country areas    the President’s Collar and Collar in particular where trainingBar engraved prior to Thursday’s Water and Sanitation Projects opportunities are limited, asmeeting. Rotary International has used many Rotarians as possible Pink Jeep appointed regional coordinators should participate. to monitor and promote Water Delivers PrenatalFrom the District and Sanitation projects. At the District Changeover same time, the Water and District Changeover this year is Care to RuralGovernor’s Desk Sanitation Rotary Action Group to be held on Saturday 2nd July (WASRAG) has also been active at the Mount Lawley Golf Club. Haiti Rotary International in supporting projects of this It should be a great fun evening. Rotary International NewsConvention nature. After a review of Flyers advertising the event have 5 May 2011The Rotary International arrangements this year, the been circulated to Clubs. Photos by Alyce Henson/RotaryConvention is being held this Rotary International Board Images year on May 21 - 25 in New recently decided that it will no Foundation and Polio PlusOrleans. It promises to be an longer appoint Regional Clubs are asked to review their A bright pink Jeep Wrangler,exciting event with something Coordinators for Water and contributions to the Annual staffed with four midwives, raceslike 18,000 delegates. There are a Sanitation but instead will rely Program Fund and to give along   uneven, dusty roads tonumber from our District on WASRAG to coordinate and particular consideration to reach more than 50 pregnantattending and I look forward to promote these projects. making a donation to the fight women in Darlegrand, a ruralgiving you a report on how it against polio. We are getting town two hours north of Hinche,goes. It will also be good to see Group Study Exchange close to beating this disease but New Orleans is recovering Our Special Focus Exchange we cannot afford to relax. Pleasefrom the hurricane and ensuing team from Wiluna has completed make your donations soon. The Jeep belongs to Midwivesfloods it experienced only a few its visit to Fiji and has returned for Haiti , a nonprofit to Western Australia and homeyears ago. in Wiluna. Reports from team The Buzz - May organization working to ensure that women in remote parts ofShelterBox leader PDG Hugh Lavery the country have access toLast month I was pleased to indicate the visit by our team has •Get your club registered with prenatal care and skilled birthreport that our District had been a great success. Hugh has the local council attendants. Without the Jeep,contributed a large number of remained in Fiji to assist the Fiji •Write to the Community Officer many of the women, who haveShelterBoxes in response to the team with its preparation for a listing your officers and traveled to the daylong Februarytsunami that devastated Japan. I visit to Western Australia which contact details clinic in Darlegrand, would   notcan now confirm that we have is now planned to start towards •List the meeting time and place receive proper medical attention. the end of this June. •Let the council know of yourRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 3
  4. 4. N E W H O R I Z O N S More than 340,000 can expand so that every Learn about RIs social media women worldwide die woman can have access to a pages. each year from skilled birth attendant." complications related to pregnancy and View Rotary’s childbirth, most of Use Social them preventable. On 5 Districts and May, midwives and Media to their supporters Zones Through celebrate the Promote EventsThe Rotary Club of Western International Day of the Rotary International News Google Earth Midwife --   launched by the 29 April 2011  Rotary International NewsHenrico County, Virginia, International Confederation   4 May 2011 USA, along with Bon Secours of Midwives in 1992 -- to Let the community knowHealth Systems and local raise awareness of their role about your upcoming Rotary A new feature on the RIindividual donors, in reducing maternal and event by using social media. website allows visitors tocontributed a total of   US child mortality. Prior to your clubs or view Rotary International’s$70,000 to purchase the Jeep,customized for rugged districts event, send out districts and zones on an Nadene Brunk, founder and invitations through interactive map powered byterrain. More than $20,000 of executive director of Facebook. You also can use Google Earth. Users canthat amount came from the Midwives for Haiti, says long social media to promote search for a specific district orHaiti Earthquake Relief distances, inadequate speakers or post discussions zone, then see a map of it inFund, a donor advised fund transportation, and lack of about the event. their browser, with theset up by The Rotary information on basic prenatal capability of zooming in toFoundation. care   contribute to Haitis In addition, encourage event the street level. maternal mortality rate, the participants to tweet or postRotarians around the world highest in the Western on Facebook about the event The maps are based onare   working to reduce Hemisphere. A Haitian as its happening or district data kept on file withmaternal mortality rates and womans lifetime risk of immediately after the event. Rotary International and willimprove access to essential dying in childbirth is 1 in 44. Highlight your events be updated each year asmedical services for mothersand their children. Maternal success by uploading photos changes in districts or zones The off-road vehicle allows or short videos from the occur. Maps for districts inand child health is one of the midwives to reach some event as well. Rotary International in GreatRotarys areas of focus . of Haitis most remote Britain and Ireland will be villages, says Brunk. "I added soon. believe Midwives for Haiti Program for May Board Club Details Date Details Rotary Year 2010-11 Simone Carot Collins — President Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. 11th May Simone Carot Collins: PO Box 168, “Social Networking Nedlands, for Rotarians Western Australia, 6909 Daniel Forsdyke — Secretary 18th May TBA Meetings Wednesday 5:45pm to 6:45pm TBA — Club Administration Director Cafe, Bethesda Hospital Queenslea Drive Welcoming Roster Claremont Toni James — Treasurer Email Date Name Phone  Bryant Stokes — President Elect 11th May Jim Gould 08 9385 0471 Fax 18th May TBA 08 9385 0472 Claire Forsdyke — International Director Website Horizons: Winner of the District 9455 Ken Collins — Membership Director Bulletin Award for 2010/11 Facebook freshwaterbayrotary Wilma McBain — Projects DirectorNew Horizons: Winner of the District 9450 Chartered 19 December 2008 Bulletin Award for 2009/104 Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455