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Bulletin 48 47


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Bulletin 48 47

  1. 1. 22nd June 2012CROSSROADSRotary Club of Singapore Vol. 48 / 47 “Closing Speech of the 2011-2012 Rotary year” Speaker: Tapan Rao, President of the Rotary club of Singapore Lunch meeting of the 20th June 2012 Find your bulletin on the Facebook page of “Rotary Club of Singapore” 1
  2. 2. Introductory remarks ToastPresident Tapan welcomed members to the last Rtn. Florian Edelmann invited visiting Rtn. Keithmeeting for Rotary year 2011/2012 and called the Bryant to address the Club. Rtn. Keith advised thatmeeting to order. his club was the 33rd Rotary Club to be established and was the 4th largest club in the world with 530 members. He added that the club would beHappy Birthday ! celebrating its 100th year anniversary since it was founded in Rotary year 1911/12. Rtn. KeithPresident Tapan called upon Sergeant-at-Arms, informed members that San Diego was home ofRtn. Gerald Abeyawardena who celebrates his the largest military base in the USA, and in fact,birthday on 21st June, to come forward and cut the many of the military leaders were Rotarians. Hebirthday cake. also added that his club members included a number of CEOs of NGOs such as the Girl Scouts, American Cross and Make-A-Wish Foundation. Rtn. Florian called on members to join him in raising a toast to the Club 33 San Diego coupled with the traditional toast to Rotary International. 2
  3. 3. Welcome of visiting PP Raymon recounted that at one Vocational Service CommitteeRotarians and guests meeting, members were informed of the Major Project,Rtn. Dr. Rupesh Agrawal and Rtn. Dr. Mark Eger,welcomed our guests and visiting unhesitating said that he wouldRotarians see if his company could “do something”. He added that- Guests : “something” turned out to be aMs. Wendy Koh and Ms. Ng Leng magnificent donation of $25,000Leng (Allianz) from his company, Allianz S EMs. Monica Lim Reinsurance Branch Asia. PPMrs. Susan Bryant Raymon invited Rtn. Mark to present his company’s cheque, to Visiting Rotarians : the Major Project Committee,Keith Bryant – Club 33 San Diego, which he would then hand toUSA President Tapan. Upon presenting his company’s cheque, Rtn. Mark took the opportunity to inform members of Allianz’s strong social engagement around the world, including the two Trusts established to support culture and the environment.Major ProjectPresident Tapan called upon PPRaymon Huang, who wasstanding in for Rtn. Joseph Chia ,Chairman of the Club’s MajorProject Committee. He notedthat the beneficiary of the MajorProject was Boys’ Town, anInstitution, which has beenlooking after “boys at risk” since1968. He added that the MajorProject was a worthy projectand called on members whohave not contributed towards it,to do so quickly. 3
  4. 4. a minimum of 15 PHFs i.e. 15000 USD It is with his purpose that the BOD forPresident Tapan’s Closing per annum to TRF. These would have to 2011-2012 approved that the SPC be non-designated and 50% of such continued for the year 2011-2012. TheSpeech funds will be returned to the district in incoming BOD may consider approving 3years and like in some districts we can their tenure for yet another year. TheIt was an unforgettable experience to be probably work out a permanent final report from SPC is awaited and itthe 77th President of this club. understanding with the district to draw needs to be on the agenda of theThis was the first year that the club on these funds for our projects. incoming Board to adopt the SPC reportadopted the "Club Leadership Plan" 2011-2012 was a difficult period in and propose the resolutions required to(CLP) suggested by Rotary International recent economic history. The economic make amendment to the constitution toa few years ago. We had to tweak the uncertainties, austerity measures and formally incorporate the MCLP. As of noworganisational structure recommended mergers and acquisitions affected the the MCLP is only a Beta RI to suit our clubs traditional life style of many and they affected our At this point I would now like thank mymethod of operating. So it would be Board members too. Many of the Board Board members who devoted their timeprobably more appropriate to say that members were no longer in a position to and effort to make things happen duringwe have adopted a modified CLP or plan their schedules to suit Rotary my year as President. I deem itMCLP. In this structure certain responsibilities. They travelled at short appropriate to acknowledge speciallytraditional sub committees have been notices and were invariably held up at those floor members whose efforts madetransformed into well defined Board work for longer hours. Hence as a a perceptible difference to the Club.positions with specific responsibilities President one was compelled to I attended all SPC meetings as a PE & myand deliverables. We are now aligned schedule one to one meetings at takeaways from these meetings werewith the way District 3310 functions. mutually convenient times apart from valuable to the Presidency. Thank you,The clubs performance assessments at the monthly Board meetings scheduled PDG Philbert Chin and members of thethe District level is based on deliverables a year in advance. My purpose of SPC namely PP Paliath Mohandas, PPdefined as per the CLP system. A shift in highlighting this is to suggest that we Sajjad Akhtar, PP Mansoor Hassanbhai, PPfocus was therefore inevitable for the have to accept a paradigm shift in the Stan Low, Rtn Robert Craiu & Rtn SureshPresident. There is now enhanced thrust way Rotarians will interact, discuss and Hathiramani.and importance accorded conduct meetings in the immediate On another dimension, Past Presidentto Membership, The Rotary Foundation future. If we are enlisting younger and Stan Low put a lesson plan in place and(TRF), PR, (Admin & Finance) & Service. successful businessmen in our club and brought me up to speed on the forms andWith the Modified CLP in operation nominate them as Board members than formalities of the president’s office. Thisduring the year, all reporting at the we will have to redesign our meeting started early during my year as presidentBoard meetings were based on system to involve those who are elect. Meticulous as he is always, hefunctions as defined by the new system. constantly on the move. We have ensured that I had planned out the entireBeing in its first year of implementation, to consider upgrading our online year’s calendar of events right at thethe President & Board members were capabilities to include Webiners and beginning of my year. This allowed me toconstantly in a beta mode to evolve best SKYPE conferencing facilities. This is the plan my business commitments andpractices. Even though the club as a only way that we can involve the next travel. PP Stan also devoted substantialwhole functioned very effectively, there generation of high fliers to accept time and effort to help the Vice Presidentare a lot the still needs to be done to positions in the Club. May be the & Membership Chair, Ashi Sarwal. Hestrengthen all thrust areas. The Rotary incoming team of office bearers will designed a standard system for impartingFoundation Chair has such a challenging study this need in detail. RI is already basic information about Rotary and thetask in the years to come. During my conducting several experiments in this club for prospective members. All the 19year in office, I could not delink TRF area. new members were personally met by PPfrom International Service Committee. In the previous Rotary year, (now) IPP Stan to brief them about RotaryPaul Harris Fellow contributions (PHF) in Bala put together a group of movement & the history and heritage ofour club is entirely associated with knowledgable members & PPs to Rotary Club of Singapore.matching grant projects. Our redesign the club SOP and put it in line The guest speakers’ at our club’s regularcontribution to non-designated PHF with the MCLP structure. This meetings were eminent leaders in theirduring the year was in the region of only committee was called the "Strategic profession and the Rotarians enjoyed5000 USD. The expectation from RI Planning Committee". PDG Dr. Philbert listening to each one of the 47 weeklyunder the Every Rotarian Every Year Chin headed this committee. It was my speakers. Rotarian Joseph Chia(EREY) is minimum 100 USD per recommendation that the SPC should be coordinated the entire speakers’member per year and for the size of our in place for 3 years. program. He worked so silently behindclub we are expected to contribute the scene that it seemed as if the 4
  5. 5. program was on auto pilot and needed 4. Vocational Service Award – Rotary which resulted in greater involvement inno Rotarian intervention. Yet it is a fact Youth Social Enterprise Challenge. club projects.that to find a speaker & coordinate the Congratulations, RYSEC Project Rotary Club of Singapore organised thedates and schedules of 47 important Convenor, Rotarian Sirish Kumar. World Understanding and Peace Daymen and women, including requests for Rtn Sirish practically worked full time for celebration on behalf of all the Rotarylast minute rescheduling is some task! 3 months to organise mentoring Clubs of Singapore. It was supposed toRtn. Joseph, ensured that there were no sessions for young aspirants to develop have been RC Singapore West but theyhitches at all. business plans and launch their social regretted last minutes.Rotarian Paul Phua’s passion for New enterprises. He also ensured that a 150 The Diwali Nite jointly organised withGenerations Service is indeed member alumni was put together & Inner Wheel Club of Singapore was a hitcommendable. As always he worked were in constant engagement with with 160 participants. It attracted thetirelessly to guide the NGS in its efforts Rotary Club of Singapore and had access largest participation in recent develop the youth of today to assume to a pool of experts put together by the Sister Club Visit – A team of 13 volunteersthe responsibilities of tomorrow. He was RYSEC committee. A great responsibility, of Rotarians and spouses from the clubpresent at every installation of all well delivered! visited sister clubs in Japan to expressInteract Clubs. He guided me on all 5. International Service Award – Mega their solidarity and also spent a weekmatters of New Generations Service. Free Eye Camp, India. Approximately volunteering to clear children’sDedicated floor members like him make 982 cataract (IOL) surgeries were playground of bits of glass and othera great difference to the club. Thank you conducted. Congratulations Director of debris left by the Tsunami. The team alsoRtn Paul Phua. International Service Committee, Rtn. provided physical labour to off loadAll Board members were active Gary Goh. The gift of sight is probably supplies from trucks for the Tsunamiprofessionals who were constantly on the best gift one can give the elderly, affected areas.the move. They were not in control of weak and the underprivileged. This was reciprocated by a visit of 15their schedules in the current economic 6. Club Bulletin Award. Congratulations Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Osakauncertainties. Yet they were available to Rtn Jean-Philippe Lionnet who is Semba. Rtn Mohan Vaswani & Rtn Shoichiwhenever I cried “help”. The service probably the newest Rotarian in the sponsored and organised the dinner atcommittee Directors made necessary 2011-2012 team of office bearers. Tower Club. Thank you.efforts at every stage to ensure that Thanks to his effort, we will have 47 Our club members also attended atheir committees met regularly as issues of the Crossroads in our archives. fellowship organised by RC Bangrak inplanned and executed projects as 7. New Generations Service Award – Bangkok.scheduled. Their dedicated Raffles Institution (Year 1 to 4) Day-Out Major Project – Boys’ Town is this year’scontributions resulted in the Club being project to bring 25 disadvantaged beneficiary of the Major Project. The clubrecognised and awarded in practically all children beneficiaries to Universal is raising a sum of S$100,000 to providespheres of a Rotary Club activity. It is my Studios Singapore. A big thank you goes equipment for a new gym. We arepleasure to list these recognitions and out to NGS Director Koh Juay Meng. thankful to the two partners in thisawards, received during the year from Under his leadership NGS continued to project – 1) Patrick Hernon Trust FundDistrict 3310, along with the credits due: flourish. He organised an exceptional and 2) Rtn Dr. Mark Eger, whose1. Outstanding Club : Thank you all. leadership camp at NACLI for all the employer, Alliance Reinsurance Asia2. Outstanding President : Thank you Interact office bearers early in the Pacific pledged an amount of S$25000. IBoard. Thank you Executive secretary, Rotary year. KJM as I call him is a great also wish to acknowledge Rtn IrinaMrs. Bernadette Ng and Ms. Ivy. They leader and a great help! Francken for conceiving and assumingmade my job so much easier. They met 8. Public Relations Award – responsibility for the completion.all deadlines from District & RI. Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2011 Honorary Membership – I am pleased3. Membership Award for highest net was covered and broadcasted that both Past Presidents J. M. Jumabhoyincrease: extensively by CNA. Project Convenor and Koh Choon Hui have accepted to beThis credit goes to Membership Chair & for Rotary ASME Entrepreneur of the the Honorary members of our Club. TheVP Rtn Ashi Sarwal, who committed to a Year Award, PP Stan Low needs a special club has 15 Honorary members.plan with District Governor in round of applause for a great job done. Secretariat Relocation –On 30thSeptember 2011 and executed the plan Fellowships Programmes – Hon September 2011, the secretariat movedto perfection. His charm and persuasion Secretary Rtn Goh Bock Seng organised to its current location at 1A Internationalmotivated PP Dr. Oliver Hennedige and an evening fellowship meet every Business Park #12-02, SingaporePP Stan Low to help him at every stage Tuesday which was attended by many of 609933. We are indebted to ourto achieve what he set out to do. Thank the newer Rotarians. A warm member, Rtn. Mohan Vaswani, who hasyou, PP Dr. Oliver Hennedige and PP camaraderie developed among older made available office space for the Club’sStan Low. Thank you, Ashi. and newer Rotarians, use. 5
  6. 6. It is customary for a President to buygifts for all those who contributed to Last bulletin of the Rotary yearmake his year successful. So I willcontribute two PHFs in recognition of allhelp and guidance I received during the To wrap up this bulletin, I would like to thank all theyear. persons that made this year’s bulletin possible,Thank you.“ reliable and as neat as possible. Thank you Bernie for your notes and updates, Ivy forVote of thanks the constant support, Rtn. Xavier for the initial design and helping me to start smoothly, PP Raymond for his articles and Rtn Rewa for all the jokes that I haveSergeant-at-Arms, Rtn. Gerald been constantly using and reading.Abeyawardena called upon PP Bhagwan Thank you Tapan for giving me the opportunity to getMelwani to extend the Club’s vote of to know more of our club.thanks. PP Bhagwan stated that he hadwanted to acknowledge the list ofachievements acknowledged by the For the other Rotarians, thank you for reading theDistrict, however this was already bulletin, spreading it, forwarding it.described by President Tapan in his I encourage you to make use of the bulletin for yourspeech. future projects, announcements etc.PP Bhagwan noted that President hasbeen actively involved in all the Club’s Wishing you all the best to PE Jimmy for theprojects and his presence was felt in all Installation night.the committees and on overseas visits.He added that it has been a wonderful Rtn Jean-Philippe Lionnetyear for the Club and President Tapanwould be remembered for his personal Editor of the bulletin 2011-12involvement in all the activities.PP Bhagwan also added a vote of thanksto Mrs. Prabha Rao, he noted thatwithout the help of his wife, thePresident would not be able to do much.He noted that Prabha was very muchinvolved in person and gave her supportwhich was very appreciated.PP Bhagwan called on members to joinhim in extending a standing ovation toPresident Tapan for his good work. 6
  7. 7. The Guide to Daily LivingMARK YOUR DIARY Before doing the things we COMING ROTARY EVENTSBirthday celebrants want to do, consider first, theRC wishes Happy Birthday to precept of the guide. Askcelebrants this week: ourselves these 4 questions JuneJune 28th – Edward Loy and act upon them: Rotary Fellowships Month First: Have I spent some timeJuly 4th – PP Dr. Yap Lip Kee in self-examination?July 6th – PP Philip Leong June 27th Second: Have I spent qualityJuly 7th – Rudi Ackermann time with my family? Meeting Cancelled in view ofJuly 9th – Yong Poh Shin Third: Have I given my best to the Installation Dinner on my work? June 30thAnniversary Celebrants Fourth: Have I given someRC sends best wishes to time to someone near and June 30thWedding Anniversary far? Installation Dinnercelebrants this week The Guide, in fact, encompasses the 4 parts of JulyJune 27th – Kaustubh & the Object of Rotary. July 4thWrushali Bodhankar 1st Club Assembly for RotaryJuly 5th – PP Dr. Patrick & Next week Year 2012/2013Lillian ChinJuly 6th – PP Alfred & Joyce July 4th 2012 July 12thWong, Vicki Chan & Maurice Visit to the SingaporeJuly 8th – Dr. Irina & Nico 1st Club Assembly for Rotary Garden Festival with theFrancken Year 2012/2013 residents of the Sree Narayana Home for the AgedThis week Community ServiceJune 27th 2012 Date: Thursday, 5th July The Four-Way Test Time: To be advised Of the Things we think, say Venue: To be advised or do: * Is it the truth?Meeting cancelled in view of Host: To be advised * Is it fair to all concerned?the Installation Dinner on * Will it build goodwill andSaturday 30th June at 6.30pm better friendship? * Will it be beneficial to all(cocktails) at : concerned?Joyden Hall, 7th floorBUGIS+ (formerly known as Queries, comments andIluma) articles request can be201 Victoria Street, S188067 sent to GET YOU INSTALLATION DINNER TICKETS FROM THE SECRETARIAT! 7