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Rc freshwater bay v4 i17

  1. 1. The Official Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 District 9455 ABN: 99 602 195 617 Volume 4, Issue 17 27th October -2nd November 2011 Meeting 26th October CHOGM Annual RF Dr. Ken Collins Meeting 2nd November Microscopes for Subiaco Address Pride of Workmanship Awards Primary School AGM 9th November Rotary Information Rotary WA Cord Blood Bank Club Board 2012-13 Rotary Blog Open Week Update on Members Social Activity New Generations Committee Birthdays and Anniversaries World Polio Day 24th October International Service CommitteeMeeting 26th October be undertaken by Award, both of which were mainly to do with Clubs. are well in hand and Club Service, that is theLast meeting was the which have been running of the Club.Official Visit of the Although still ‘cash written up in the This covered areas suchDistrict Governor Liz poor’ the RCFB has Bulletin. She also as completed forms,Westoby. Liz brought been involved with a informed the Club of Committee structure,along PDG Doug substantial number of the ability to utilise frequency of meetings,Pascoe to assist her in International Service RAWCS (Rotary Membership, Clubthe absence of her and New Generations Australia World administration,husband Ian, who is projects and programs. Community Service Secretarial duties, Clubrecovering steadily It has and is doing a Projects), also well Constitution andfrom his stroke and it few Community and utilised by this Club as Bylaws, distribution ofwas pleasing to also Vocational projects there are currently five weekly bulletin,have AG Angus with room for such projects listed by Finances, ClubBuchanan attend. expansion in this area. the RCFB, with a Foundation, Audits, further two which have Charitable Collections,Other guests included Liz talked at length at been completed. social activities andRtn. Ralph Martins, the Assembly on the RI fundraising beforepotential members Pam Presidential Citation Other areas covered in moving through theReynolds and Vanessa and Changemaker detail in the Assembly Five Avenues ofWood, recipients of Service for reporting.Pride of WorkmanshipAwards Andre Harrisand his wife Peta, andKathy Lucas and her Meeting 2ndhusband Ron. NovemberAfter the usual Club Next week’s speaker isAssembly with the Dr. Stephanie Rainey-Board, DG Liz Smith. No informationpresented a number of on her topic isslides depicting various available.projects, along with D.G’s Visit Jim Gould, Ken Collins, Pres Bryant Stokesprograms of RI that can & DG Liz WestobyRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 1
  2. 2. Pride of Workmanship Awards - Wilma McBain, Jenny Gill, Kathy Lucas and Ralph Martins Andre Harris and Pres Bryant StokesPride of Workmanship Prof. Ralph Martins become knowledgeable Another bookletAwards from the McCusker about as it offers a provided to everyone Alzheimer’s Research smorgasbord of which contains aAs October is Foundation who was projects and programs substantial amount ofVocational Service recognised for 14 years in the Five Avenues of information is theMonth, two Pride of of dedicated andWorkmanship Awards sensitive service to thewere presented at the community throughClub’s meeting on 26th her work with theOctober. Foundation. Prof. Martins attended theThe first was to Andre meeting to recogniseHarris from Honmaz, and support Kathy’swho, with a friendly recognition.disposition goes thatextra mile to provide Heartfeltoutstanding customer Congratulations toservice. When advised both recipients.of his award, Andre Debbie Cash, Carina Marshall, Vanessa Wood, Andre and Peta Harris and Pam Reynoldssaid he was just doinghis job, to which he Service through which District Directory.received the reply that Rotary Information it works. Please also take a closehe did it very well. look at this. Rotary is a worldwide All members have beenThe second was to organisation which given a small booklet Once you have begunKathy Lucas, PA to takes many years to called ‘The ABCs of to learn more of Rotary Rotary’ plus a and its programs, if brochure on the you wish to know more Programs of the Rotary on any aspect please Foundation called ‘The feel free to contact Ken RF Quick Reference or Di Collins as both Guide’. If you have not are only too happy to already done so, please provide information on read them as these two any aspect of Rotary. small items contain a Ken, the most senior wealth of information Rotarian in Western and are an excellent Australia, has served overview of Rotary and on both the Boards of many of its programs. RI, as a Director of the Merren & Max Hipkins and Graeme PriorRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 2
  3. 3. Rotary Foundation are The ‘photographer’ official Programs, as is forgot to take photos RYLA (Rotary Youth until after the Leadership Awards), departure of some Rotaract, Interact, members, so apologies Rotary Community for missing some in the Corps, Rotary photographs. Friendship Exchange and so on. Feedback from attendees was very positive and we look forward to increasing Rotary Blog the number of social Joyce Lee, Ken Collins, Judy Edwards & Rachelle Gulland events in the coming Please check out the months.Board of RI and as a interest and if enough Rotary blogTrustee of the Rotary members say they http://public-image-Foundation so is would like these to action.blogspot.comeminently qualified to proceed, then it can be World Polio Day 24thassist you on any arranged.aspect of Rotary. You have no doubtFrom time to time heard both wordsspeakers on Rotary ‘Projects’ andtopics are programmed ‘Programs’ used wheninto meetings, the talking about RotaryRotary Down Under activities. It can beMagazine also contains confusing to many andan immense wealth of the difference betweeninformation. If the two is that Clubsmembers are and Districts carry outinterested, periodic ‘Projects’ whilst David Gulland, Jenny Gill. Clifford Yudelman and‘Rotary Information’ activities which come Joyce Leeevenings or sessions of down to the Clubs ora weekend can be held Districts from Rotary Hugh Jackman has a Octoberwhere members learn International are short video on Polio. World Polio Day wasmore about various ‘Programs’ of RI. celebrated by the RCFBaspects of Rotary. Examples of this is all with three ‘Paint YourPlease indicate your the activities of the Social Activity Pinkies’ at local schools. A casual social activity in the form of a First school was Cocktail Function was Quintilian, where held last Sunday, 23rd Carina Marshall came October. It was nice to along to assist. $240 have current and was contributed by potential members in students there as they attendance, along with all eagerly had ‘Pinkies our Group Study Painted’. Exchange Team Member (to Georgia Second school was USA) David and his Swanbourne where Debbie Cash, Gillian Yudelman, Elham, Gordon Hay, wife Rachelle. $208 was raised at Maryam and Pam ReynoldsRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 3
  4. 4. significant contribution the RCFB took it on to the Polio Eradication and presented 30 units Program by the to the school on Australian Thursday 27th October. Government. After the School Ken has been to Assembly, at least three Canberra twice in of the teachers recent months, with expressed excitement Michael Sheldrick from and said they could not the Global Poverty wait to get their hands Project to lobby the on the units. The Australian Grade 3s are currently Government for funds working with rocks Presentation of Microscopes to Subiaco Primary for the Polio and will be seeing them School - Ken & Di Collins with Principal Carolyn Eradication Program. in a different light next Pressrecess when students Whilst having fun andcarried out the Painting ‘being educated, $470of Pinkies after which was raised for the PolioPRID Ken presented a Eradication program.PowerPoint onImmunisation to years Certificates of4-7. Appreciation will be presented to all threeThird school was schools.Dalkeith at which justyr 7 was given aPowerPoint Paint Your Pinkie Quintilian PS – Carina Marshall CHOGMpresentation on painting ‘Pinkies’Immunisation, after Past RI President Glenwhich they Painted week. Kinross (fromPinkies and raised $30. Queensland) and PRID Gillian Yudelman also Ken Collins will be attended the 3 dayStudents at all three attending CHOGM on CHOGM Business Rotary WA Cordschools thoroughly Saturday morning as Forum as a Blood Bank Openenjoyed the activity PM Julia Gillard is representative of Maiti Weekand also learning more announcing a Nepal.about immunisation. The Rotary Cord Blood Microscopes for Bank is Rotary’s gift to Subiaco Primary the people of WA for School its 100th Anniversary. Although that was in Principal Carolyn Press 2005, it has taken a made contact with Sec. number of years to Di back in June raise the funds and requesting a set of bring the project to microscopes for where it is today. Subiaco P.S. After unsuccessfully asking a The week of 13-17th couple of Rotary Clubs November is when to sponsor this request, tours will be conducted of the Cord BloodRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 4
  5. 5. Youth Driver through personal Awareness in contributions and Paint August Your Pinkies  Science Experience Group Study Exchange – six students are – successfully sponsored from nominated a Team Christ Church member – David Grammar in Gulland January Ambassadorial Scholar – outbound Scholar Justin Hewett studying International Service Chinese Law at Committee Tsinghua Uni, BeijingBank. To book a tourplease contact Gail This Committee meets One Matching GrantLazzaro  RYPEN – one monthly under the application being putglassaro@redcross.org.a student, Martha Directorship of PRID together for Maitiu or phone 9421 2818 Forrest sponsored Ken Collins. It’s Nepal Foundation activities are extensiveYou may be interested  RYLA–one so a brief report is as Currently five projectsto know that for the nomination, Stuart follows: listed as Rotary Aust.50th Anniversary of James for camp in World CommunityRotary in 1955, January Budget set and on Service projectspearheaded by the target for RF general  4 Way Speaking giving Angel Academy inRotary Club of Perth, Competition - Nepalthe gift to the people of Tiffany Chua is the In line with theWA was the Medical RCFB’s Presidential Citation, Medical Centre PNGSchool. The funds representative in all members are beingraised to bring this Koro Scholarship Fund, the Semi Final asked to personallyproject to fruition was Fiji give to the Rotaryadmirable and since its  National Youth Foundation (taxopening in 1958 all Science Forum – Maiti Transit Home, deductible)doctors trained here in two couple hosted NepalWA (up until the two students each Gates PolioPlusfacility at Notre Dame) Matipwili Village , and attended the Challenge – on targethave been because of Tanzania main dinner at to meet commitmentthis project. A project UWAwith significantbenefits to all West  Interact – the firstAustralians. Community based (and second only) club formed in the DistrictNew GenerationsCommittee  Storm the Stage – sponsoredA report on the Kathleen Elliottactivities of the NewGenerations  RYDA – 200Committee, under the students fromDirectorship of Hamish Newman College Paint Your Pinkie Dalkeith Primary School – Yr 7sMackie, is as follows: for the RotaryRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 5
  6. 6. 14th Annual Address on Michael. More details Completed are apologies for theTRF to be held on 30th on attached flyer. nominations are to be meeting next week.November. returned to the Sec. by 7th December, with the Ken and Di Collins will elections taking place be in Malaysia AGM 9th November representing the at the meeting of 14thAnnual RF Dr. Ken President of RI at a Please make every December. NoCollins Address District Conference in effort to be present for nominations can be accepted in writing mid November, henceThis will replace the the AGM of the RCFBI after 7th December, there may be noregular meeting of the and the RCFBCFI on 9th however, if required, Bulletin for a couple ofClub so would all November. nominations can be weeks unless ourmembers please It will also be a Club taken from the floor at invaluable formatterregister on line Assembly, where the meeting on 14th Clifford, withhttps://district9455.wor Directors will report to December. assistance from thelsecuresystems.com.ke the Club on the results very competent andncollins2011.htm of their Committee capable Gillian can beIt is a three course meetings and the encouraged to take on Update on Members the task.meal, cost $55.00 per activities all membersperson (please bring of their Committees AG Simone Carotyour spouse) and hear have agreed to carry Collins is in Sydneyincoming world out. this week doing Birthdays andPresident Sakuji presentations at Pre- AnniversariesTanaka present an PETs and Rotary DownAddress on the Rotary Under on computing Nil until second week Club Board 2012-13Foundation. MP Ben and Social Networking. of November.Wyatt is the Alumni Nomination forms willspeaker and the MC is be sent out very soon A number of membersRC Perth PP Ken by Sec. Di. have commitments and Roster for Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay for Month of Oct / Nov 2011 Date Program Duty Attendance Introduction Vote of Thanks 2nd November Dr Stephanie Jill Henderson Rex Evans Carina Marshall Graeme Prior Rainey-Smith 9th November AGMs-RCFBCFI Wilma McBain Jenny Gill N/A N/A & RCFBI16th November TBA Bill Hassell Mignon Margaret Stuart Rob Pearce Shardlow23rd November TBA Clifford Gillian Toni James Warren Milner Yudelman Yudelman30th November RIPE Sakuji Annual Dr Ken Laguna Veneto 7.00pm Book On line Tanaka Collins Address Club Mt LawleyNB: ‘Duty’ responsibility is to set up venue and to pack away venue after meeting.Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 6
  7. 7. Board Rotary 2011-12 Ken Collins – Club Details Bulletin Editor International Service Clifford Yudelman/DiBryant Stokes – President Director The Rotary Club of Collinsbstokes@bigpond.net.au collinsk@bigpond.net.au Freshwater Bay, Inc. PO Box 168, WebsiteDi Collins – Secretary Hamish Mackie – New Nedlands,collinsd@bigpond.net.au Generations Director Western Australia, 6909 www.rotaryfreshwaterba hamish.mackie@optusnet. y.org.auToni James – Treasurer com.au Meetingstonipjames@hotmail.com Facebook Jim Gould – Membership Wednesday 5:45pm toRex Evans –Club Service Director 6:45pm http://www.facebook.comDirector, President Elect james@bizsuccession.com. Café, Bethesda Hospital /freshwaterbayrotaryrevans@powerplus.net.au au Queenslea Drive Claremont, 6010Wilma McBain - Jenny Gill – FundraisingCommunity/ Vocational Director President-Bryant StokesService Director jennypgill@gmail.com E-mailwilliemac241@hotmail.co bstokes@bigpond.net.au Chartered 19 Decemberm Bill Hassell – Vice Mobile 2008 President 0419 919 572 hassell@arach.net.auRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 7