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COGSThe magazine for Rotarians in Ireland - District 1160January 2011 Volume 43 Issue 190• The new editor sharpens his pen...
From the District Governor                                                    The story so far.. and some                 ...
Report from Conference 2010500 Rotarians gathered in Cavan for the2010 District ConferenceDistrict Governor Wes Armstrong ...
District Communications                      and Membership                                                               ...
International Service                                                                                                     ...
The Rotary Foundation                                                                         Caroline Bourke             ...
Presidents Elect BarneyCallaghan prepares fora year in office                                                             ...
Young Writer of the Year                                  Japanese treat for Comber Rotaryacknowledged by Belfast East10‑y...
Cookstown fundraising focus                                                                                Rotary Club of ...
Eating snails in the name                                 Monaghan Rotary in Bulgariaof Rotary?                           ...
Why RIBI?  At the District Council meeting in July 2010, as we wrestled with the new budget and discussedmethods of reduci...
COGS - Jan 2011
COGS - Jan 2011
COGS - Jan 2011
COGS - Jan 2011
COGS - Jan 2011
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COGS - Jan 2011


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COGS - Jan 2011

  1. 1. COGSThe magazine for Rotarians in Ireland - District 1160January 2011 Volume 43 Issue 190• The new editor sharpens his pencil• Reports from around the District• Full conference report
  2. 2. From the District Governor The story so far.. and some words on membership by Wes Armstrong District Governor s I put pen to paper, the • If willing to proceed the potential new member must then be A weather is causing us all major problems and indeed, I imagine club events FORMALLY PROPOSED by an active club member. • NOTIFY all club members of the proposal in writing (7‑day letter). • DISCUSS the outcome at Club Council. over the festive season may • If acceptable to Council, ADVISE the club members of the induction well have had to be curtailed. date. I have been fortunate in • INDUCT the new members in a formal induction ceremony; being able to visit 69 clubs so • WELCOME him or her into the club, and most importantly far, I express my, thanks to all of you for the events you • APPOINT A MENTOR to ensure that the new member grows into a have organised to date and true Rotarian.the hospitality you extended to me. As we enter a new calendar year – the As I reflect on our activities over the past six month, I remember withvery year a hundred years ago when our forefathers planned the first Rotary excitement and pleasure our fabulous Conference in the Slieve Russell Hotel“get together” resulting in the formation of the first Rotary club outside the Co, Cavan. After a slow start, I was delighted to welcome so many delegates.North American continent, it is my pleasure and privilege to wish you all a The highlight of the weekend was the pro Rotary speech by President MarySuccessful, Peaceful and Happy New Year. McAleese. It is still foremost in my mind and will remain on our website I find it difficult to accept that we are halfway through the Rotary year 2010 indefinitely.– 2011. From my point of view, it has gone by like a flash. As I reflect back We also welcomed to our District a visiting GSE Team from Britishover my activities and particularly my official visits to all but five clubs so far, I Columbia (Canada) and Washington State (USA). We enjoyed their companyam comforted by the fact that throughout our entire District there is a wave at Conference and I thank all participating Clubs who made their visit aof enthusiasm and a determination to achieve ambitious goals. notable one. We are recognising the vital importance of addressing membership and I congratulate Dublin Viking and thank them for inviting me to attend theirknow that we must make every effort to continue / start to recruit new 30th Anniversary celebrations. Newbridge also recently celebrated theirquality members. More than ever before, in this year, when we celebrate 100 20th Anniversary. Unfortunately, due to a meeting at RIBI I was unable toyears of Rotary in Ireland (and indeed in Great Britain and Western Europe), join them.we owe it to those who have gone before us, our forefathers, who invited usto join this great Organisation, to ensure that Rotary lives on for our children Looking towards Dublinand our children children, long after we have gone, so that they can We all look forward to celebrating with Dublin “100 Years of Rotary incontinue, as we have done, to set high ethical standards and to strive to Ireland” in February 2011 and of course attending the RIBI Conference (15thbring peace and goodwill to this troubled world. – 17th April 2011) which is being held in Dublin in honour of 100 years of Rotary in Ireland.Increasing membership As we start the new calendar year after re‑charging our batteries (and To enable us to raise the profile of Rotary in Ireland and hence increase possibly our glasses) over the festive season, I would remind all Presidentsand improve our membership we have embarked on a very professional that now is the time to concentrate on qualifying for the prestigious award –promotional campaign orchestrated by the Marketing Department at RIBI. The Presidential Citation. The paperwork must be completed and with meThis is a primarily a Marketing Exercise and should not be regarded as by 31st March 2011. It would be a wonderful achievement and a personal“opening the doors” for all to join Rotary. It is important to recognise that goal if we had 100% qualification for this award in our centenary year.this campaign is designed to create awareness of Rotary in the community... I thank all the clubs who participated in “Focus on the Crocus”, designed toThe rest is up individual clubs. We still must be selective about our create awareness of Rotary and the “Thanks for Life ‑ End Polio Now”membership and exercise the thorough selection procedure. campaign. In Ireland, we have planted 415,000 bulbs (85,000 more than any • INVITE potential new members to attend one or more of your club other District in RIBI). The Emerald Isle will be the Purple Isle in celebration of meetings. Rotary Day 23rd February 2011. • ENSURE that they meet all or as many club members as possible. • If all parties agree, PROCEED to invite the potential new member(s) Finally to attend a formal Information meeting where they are fully briefed Finally, as our theme for this year simply asks, continue to work in your on ALL aspects, including commitment, cost, and obligations. community and contribute to International projects of your choice, with a special emphasis on the Thanks for Life – End Polio Now Campaign From the editor It was with some trepidation that I accepted Partnership for giving us the opportunity to Editorial and Advertising deadline the position of Honorary Editor of COGS produce COGS for just £0.50 (€0.60) per The deadline for the next edition is Friday especially following twenty‑two successful Rotarian for the remainder of this Rotary year. April 1 2011 please send your contributions by years under the stewardship of Jack Thereafter there will be no cost to Rotary in email to and copy Cunningham. On behalf of us all, I thank Jack Ireland! to for his contribution to Rotary in Ireland and Of course, there is no such thing as a “free look forward to him becoming District lunch”, advertisers have and will be sought to Phillip Beggs, Honorary Editor Governor in the Rotary year 2010 – 2013. defray the costs and I ask you to support Gavin As you all know in this time of austerity we all and his team by placing advertising for your have to be even more mindful of the costs businesses and by making use of the “COGS associated with Rotary, one of our challenges Marketplace” please make all advertising has been to significantly reduce the cost of enquiries directly to producing COGS. I hope you enjoy reading this and future I have to thank Rotarian Gavin Walker editions of COGS and welcome any comments (Bangor) and his team from The Word Works you may have. 2
  3. 3. Report from Conference 2010500 Rotarians gathered in Cavan for the2010 District ConferenceDistrict Governor Wes Armstrong welcomes his guests President McAleese and her husband to the Conference he Rotary Club of Coleraine ‑ under the leadership of this yearsʼ children of the world to eradicate the polio virus. In 1985, when Rotary madeT President Martin Dinsmore undertook the mammoth task of organising the Annual Conference, which saw some 500 delegates converge on theSlieve Russell Hotel in Cavan. The location is central to everywhere in Ireland the commitment, 363,000 cases of polio were recorded that year. Today, thanks to billions of man hours and over $6 billion in funding the latest figure is less than 350 in isolated pockets of Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, andand provided a fantastic location for such a high profile event. Nigeria. The program is ongoing and Rotary is determined to achieve the At the conference, the main speaker was Mary McAleese, President of goal of total eradication soon”. DG Wes reminded delegates of theIreland. During her keynote speech she congratulated Rotary on 100 years of commitment made by clubs worldwide to match the gift given to Rotary byservice in the community locally and across the world and said: “One of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation by raising $200 million before June 30,Rotaryʼs key features and particular witnesses in our world of strangers, who 2012”.too often demonise one another, is its non‑religious, non‑denominational A truly great conference was enjoyed by all who attended –status and, in Ireland, your all‑island status is a particular and respected congratulations to DG Wes, the Rotary Club of Coleraine, ably assisted by thehallmark. For Rotarians there are no barriers to harnessing the energies of Rotary Club of Enniskillen, the staff of the Slieve Russell Hotel and all thethe values they share in common, especially the belief in Rotaryʼs motto of willing helpers.Service Above Self”. The delegates had the opportunity to listen to some thought provokingand entertaining speeches from Dr Ian Adamson, Peter Sheridan, Gavin Bate,and Gary Mabutt. Delegates also heard from a range of Rotarians as thebusiness of Rotary in Ireland was discussed in detail. During the District Council meeting, held on the Friday, the votes werecounted for the election of District Governor for the Rotary year 2013 /2014.Verity Swan from the Rotary Club of Dublin North was successful, and willsucceed Jack Cunningham of the Rotary Club of Galway–Salthill –congratulations to Verity. As well as the business of the conference, there was an opportunity toenjoy the facilities of the hotel and surrounding area. Delegates, from theUSA, Canada, Germany, Australia, as well as closer to home in England,Scotland, and Wales, also enjoyed a banquet and ball and an excellentvariety concert during their stay. Our Group Study Exchange visitors from British Columbia and WashingtonState attended the conference and added an extra international flavour toproceedings. Delegates also had the opportunity to hear about the Shelterbox, thebrainchild of Rotarian Tom Henderson OBE. The box contains pre‑packagedhumanitarian aid in the form of a family sized tent, blankets, cooker, toolsand water purification and life saving equipment. ShelterBoxes are rapidlydeployed to areas of humanitarian need and already 100,000 ShelterBoxeshave been sent to needy families in over 70 countries, including Haiti.Rotarians in Ireland have been responsible for helping to fund many of theseprojects. Another worldwide effort from Rotary has been the battle against polioand it is something DG Wes highlighted, he said, “Perhaps the most Verity Swan from the Rotary Club of Dublin North was elected as Districtimportant achievement of Rotary worldwide is the commitment to the Governor for the Rotary year 2013 /2014. 3
  4. 4. District Communications and Membership Phillip Beggs Garth ArnoldThanks for Life we have had nearly 40 web enquiries and clubs are in ongoing contact with The TfL team are delighted to confirm them. Remember this is a primarily a Marketing Exercise and should not bethat their application for a PR Grant from RI regarded as “opening the doors” for all to join Rotary. The campaign ishas been successful. This has enabled designed to create awareness of Rotary in the community; the rest is upthem to produce a General TfL Leaflet and individual clubs, who must exercise a thorough selection procedure.a 2 min TfL promotional DVD. Of the clubs, we have been able to make contact with (circa 30%); we have TfL is truly a ʻcompleteʼ Rotary project 45 potential new Rotarianʼs through “club efforts”. We have beenthrough community engagement; clubs will be able to create opportunities encouraged by the support and engagement through various club attract new members into Interact, Rotaract, and Rotary. Moreover, each Many of you have requested additional membership recruitment leaflets andevent or activity should attract some great publicity, raising the profile of our posters and purchased membership banners / pull‑ups. The membershipRotary work. recruitment campaign has helped endorse what you are all doing locally and Clubs should now be deciding how they are going to maximise the return has provided an excellent buzz and focus to help us address ourfrom this yearʼs Focus‑on‑the‑Crocus initiative. When the flowers bloom in membership decline. It is extremely important we continue to work on thisFebruary there will be a multitude of opportunities to reconnect with as we move into 2011.schools and community groups that helped plant the bulbs. Fundraisingdrives will take place across Ireland and, to ensure that Clubs have all the Retention is the Keyresources that they need, Stickers, Wristbands, Polo Shirts, Tin Wrappers, Clubs must work hard to ensure we do not lose members, something wePosters, Leaflets, Pull‑ups, Flower Bed signs etc are all available via all can work on. Look at your weekly attendances; are there Rotarianʼs whowww.thanks‑for‑ are not regularly attending. Has someone been in contact? Do not leave it too late until either you receive a letter of resignation or they stop attendingWindows of Opportunity altogether! We have to work so much harder to get new Rotarians; across There are many vacant shop premises in towns RIBI, we recruited 4475 new Rotarianʼs last year, but overall we lost 4735. Ifacross Ireland, now is a great time to identify you need any assistance or want to learn more about retention, please emaillocations for Thanks for Life week. Many clubs made Frank Arnold use of this idea in TfL week last year and So far, the 2010/11 the RIBI campaign has run in four districts, over 200used empty shop windows to showcase Rotaryʼs enquiries have been generated (more than half going directly to the clubs).work for Polio Eradication. They also provide a Participating clubs in the remaining 18 districts are busy preparing theirwonderful opportunity to interact with shoppers plans at present. The advertising supports the main ingredients of theand to talk to them about the exciting opportunities campaign, which are clubsʼ own activities designed to generate enquiries.that joining their local Rotary club could bring. Looking beyond the numbers, there is no doubt that the RIBI campaign, the availability of tool kit materials and the membership seminars we ran inDistrict Database Belfast & Dublin to launch our campaign were extremely well received and attendance was very high. Groups of clubs are working together with The District Database is now available for club updates for the Rotary year structured plans to generate interest locally and to recruit. Many Rotarians2011/2012, please make sure that you update your Club Officers (as elected have been encouraged to recruit in the past but have not felt able to do your club Special General Meeting) as soon as possible The campaigns provide support, focus, and Please also make sure your member detailsare up‑to‑date. E‑clubsShelterBox cost increase Following e‑club pilots worldwide, all Districts now have the opportunity to start two ʻE‑clubʼ clubs. Is this is something we could explore in District The cost of a ShelterBox had increased to £590, the first increase since the 1160? There is no doubt that new clubs will continue to play an importantstart of the project in 2000. Announcing this increase ShelterBox said: part in increasing our membership base. New Club formation is on a real roll, “At the start of October, we announced a new figure for fundraisers who the clubs and their membership are our future with their energy, vision, andwish to sponsor their own ShelterBox. This new suggested figure allows us enthusiasm. They all need to be encouraged and supported by our localto continue our work delivering the highest quality equipment to those who established clubs.need it most, responding to current and future disasters, with speed,competency, and compassion. By donating £590, fundraisers are sponsoring more than just a ShelterBox. Finally£590 means we will be able to pre‑position more stock around the world Please consider adding a statement, such as the one below, to all theallowing us to respond faster and even more efficiently to disasters. All documentation your club produces should it be press releases, leaflets,donors will continue to receive a unique box number allowing them to find posters, letters, etc.their sponsored ShelterBox through our website. “Rotary International in Ireland is currently undertaking a membership/ Since day one, we have been about doing the most for the most and recruitment campaign and is looking for women and men of all ages to joinproviding shelter, warmth, and dignity to people around the world in their their local clubs and make a World of Difference to their local communityhour of need. We have always believed that no corners should be cut when and across the world. For more information, visit or makeit comes to the business of saving lives. When families are caught up in direct contact with the Rotary Club of Your Town email yourdisasters, they need the very best survival equipment that money could buy. contact@yourclub”.All donations, whatever the amount, are invaluable to us in achieving thisgoal”.RIBI Dublin Conference 15‑17 April 2011 Have you registered for the RIBI Dublin Conference 15‑17 April 2011? If Stop Press!not you can do so on the RIBI website and if you havenʼtalready done so, please take just 5 minutes to complete the Conferenceonline survey form too. ‑ Thank you.Membership Marketing campaigns –excellent progress Garth Arnold writes: “We are very pleased The Rotary Club ofwith the outputs from the membership Belfast raised more thanmarketing campaign. We have had excellent £20,000 for local charities,feedback on the quality and professionalism with our "Tree of Hope atof the radio & press adverts. Tesco stores in Belfast. Whilst it is early days with our campaign, 4
  5. 5. International Service Sean LavertyBuy a radio - change a life Zambia is one of the poorest countries in theWorld, a country where the average life audio and can record live voice or radio programmes for playback later. With a wireless Haiti updateexpectancy is 37yrs. An estimated one in four solar panel and a hand‑wound crank, thepeople is HIV positive or ill with AIDS. As a result, Lifeplayer can even charge mobile phones.there are over 800, 000 orphaned children who This game‑changing tool combines radio, Jaipur Limb Haiti Appealhave to support themselves and cannot attend media player, cellular and Internet content as With more than 5,000 amputees in Haiti hopeformal school. Lifeline Radios supplied to never before possible. and expectations is often no more than metalcommunity schools, which are often no more It has outstanding speaker quality enabling 60 crutch.than a tin hut, can introduce them to basic listeners to hear it clearly. For classrooms of more Mackendy Francois, whose left leg was cut off toeducation and hope for the future. than 60 listeners, speakers can be added to free him from earthquake rubble in the T‑shirt Rotary in Ireland has supported lifeline Radios ensure everyone can hear. The Lifeplayer can factory where he worked, has a dream to return toto go to Zambia since 2003/2004 when a deliver educational or informational content the factory if he had an artificial limb.massive fundraising drive, spearheaded by PDG anytime, anywhere to large groups. Amongst all the difficulties of life in Haiti JaipurFrank Arnold, raised £82,000 to purchase over PDG Frank Arnold is highlighting the supply of Limb is still making progress towards their limb2,300 Radios. Over the last six years we have the original Prime Radios (£35/euro40) and the camp in Pignon.continued to support the project in the keenly awaited new Lifeplayer (£85/euro90) for A suitable 4x4 to use as an ambulance forKnowledge that every Radio sent brought your attention. Donations of any level are general hospital use has been identified. It will beanother 35‑40 children into education. acceptable from one Radio to one hundred. ready for handover around the beginning of March Launched in September 2010 the new If you have a forthcoming special event and 2011.Lifeplayer represents the first time that the wanted to support this very needy cause Frank Here in District1160 (Ireland) we need yourextremely poor have the opportunity to access has a radio you may borrow for publicity donations towards this vehicle now. Please do notreal‑time information on demand anytime, purposes. wait until the end of the Rotary year.anywhere – in even isolated locations ‑‑ without Given notice Frank will even travel and assist if Help us provide hope for those who have lostconcern for electricity or batteries. It has been necessary. limbs giving them the chance a better future.created to deliver on‑demand programming Contact PDG Frank Arnold (Banbridge) Tel. PLEASE DONATE NOW Send your donations tothose classrooms or communities can replay +44(0)7885346899 or email PDG Gussie Hynes (R.C.Omagh).continually. The Lifeplayer is an oversized MP3 Cheques made payable to RIBI (District 1160)player that can be pre‑loaded to hold 64GB of and add a covering note saying “Jaipur Limb Haitieducational content, can download Internet Appeal”.ShelterBox 2010 a year to remember Rotary aid on way to combat cholera in Haiti WSB in action in Haiti The alarming news of a cholera outbreak in Haiti has further spurred Rotarys rapid response boxes into action. Water Survival Box (WSB) was amongst the first responders to the disaster zone when the earthquake struck in January this year. WSB chair, Hugo Pike, is in contact with Rotarian Dr Claude Surena, the coordinator of incoming Rotary aid in Haiti: "We have offered 200 Water Survival Boxes in multi‑pack format. These boxes contain the water‑purification kits only and each box is capable of supplying 3,000 litres of clean The past year has seen ShelterBox face some than ever before. water so the consignment of 200 would deliverof its biggest ever challenges. The Organisation Here in Rotary Ireland we should feel rightly some 600,000 litres. Claude Surena has confirmedhas proved, yet again, the absolute and proud of our position as top supporting District that they are needed and would be distributed byimperative need for high quality emergency in RIBI with almost 10,000 victims benefiting Rotary in partnership with the local Bureau deshelter to protect the lives of those threatened from our donations. Protection Civil. We are currently organising a flightfollowing all types of disaster. On behalf of the ShelterBox Organisation I to Port au Prince subject to confirmation that the Through no fault of their own families lost congratulate you all for your hard work and Haitian Customs will expedite transit on arrival."relatives, their homes, their possessions and their enthusiasm. Contact has also been made with the Frenchlivelihoods. ShelterBox responded instantly to It makes me proud to be a Rotarian in Ireland. search and rescue group, Pompiers sans Frontieres,their need. who still maintain a presence on the island and They provided, in the last year, emergency Sean Laverty used WSBs in the immediate aftermath of theshelter and lifesaving supplies to more people Chair International Service earthquake. 5
  6. 6. The Rotary Foundation Caroline Bourke Polio on the way out thanks to Rotary Polio Eradication ‑ Thanks for Life ‑ US$ Polio Plus / Thanks for Life: bandsWhat is Foundation 200 million Challenge ‑ US$6,000 per I hope that every club has identified at least Club by 30th June 2012 two schools to get involved in Thanks for Life for Do you know how much your Club has 2011. It will run the week before and week after Foundation is Rotary International in action as a contributed towards the US$200 million Rotary Day 23rd February.major international humanitarian and educational Challenge? How close are you to the US$6,000 There are some purple silicone bands still inNGO. Foundation is a core part of the structure of request/target? stock so if your clubs needs them then contactRotary International. By joining a Rotary club you If you dont know, simply drop me a line and Caroline Bourke or Werner Scheel. All bands willbecome a participant in the Rotary Foundationʼs Ill happily bring you up to date. have to be paid for before they are given out.programmes. Cheques are to be sent to District Treasurer In short, 7 of our 74 Clubs have achieved their Werner.How are the programmes delivered? target, 17 are ahead of schedule and close to the €125 or £125 for 500 bands They are delivered by Rotarians themselves finishing line and 50 are behind schedule (including 3 that have contributed NOTHING!). €250 or £250 for 1000 bandsthrough the network of 32,000 clubs around the One big effort in 2010‑11 should see us close VAT is extraworld. to our goal. Please make this the year we "bop til Donʼt forget to keep an eye on the we drop!" ‑ well, not literally!! website for news andWhat is the scope of the programme? PDG Howard Caskie, RRFC Zone 17, District ideas. International and local humanitarian projects,international educational exchanges and Polio Challenge Coordinator, District "Thanks forscholarships, high level education and training in Life" Coordinatorpeace studies and conflict resolution.How are the projects funded, and who Foundation newsdecides how the funds are spent? The postal survey continues. Currently the Ambassadorial Scholars coming this Funds are collected from donations by Rotarians Survey administrators PriceWaterhouseCoopersthroughout the world. They are allocated to clubs summer: are looking for participants from all areas of Thewhich have humanitarian service projects here or Each scholar is expected to present to at least State. Should your Club have Rotarians, orabroad, or to participants in an educational 10 clubs so get your club on the list. indeed friends, etc of Rotarians, who wish toexchange or scholarship sponsored by a club. Contact Annie Raftis (Dublin Central) for the participate please contact: Alan Jones – Rotary list of the scholars. Club Dublin North at email – alan@alanjones.ieWhat makes Foundation special? Please invite them to speak at your club and telephone – 01 8499 842 for detailed description • Every humanitarian project supports Rotariansʼ make an effort to meet them at conference. of the Survey.service activities • The core humanitarian projects and the District Simplified Grants and Matchingeducational programmes bring clubs and Alumni database Grants….participants together across national and cultural A new database of alumni is being done – Please be sure to send your grant applicationsboundaries contact Gerard OʼReilly (RC Clonmel) for details for both types of grants to Monica Robertson • Operations are entirely driven by grass roots of Alumni in your area. (Dublin Central) for 2010/2011initiatives from clubs GET YOUR GRANT APPLICATIONS IN EARLY!!How do I contribute? Postal Measurement Survey Every Rotarian is asked to contribute at least$100 per annum, either personally or throughcollections by their club. Ambassadorial Scholar in headlines Aoife ODonovan a Rotary Ambassadorial on interdisciplinary work. It will provide AoifeWho can tell me more about the projects Scholar is the first Irish person to win a Branco with a generous level of funding for up to fiveFoundation is supporting? Weiss Society in Science fellowship, according to years. “What this allows me to do is become The chances are that your club is, or has been, Cormac Sheridan in the Irish Times independent at the earliest possible stage,” sheinvolved in a Foundation funded project or We know stress is bad for the cardiovascular says.educational exchange or scholarship. If not other system, but Aoife is studying whether stress also Aoife is ideally placed to probe the linksclubs in your District can tell you about how they affects the ageing process. The question is between psychology and physical health, havinghave extended their service activities with support whether our psychological state can influence completed BA and MA degrees in psychology atfrom Foundation. Contact the Foundation Team to our immune systems. UCC and NUI Galway respectively, beforecome and speak to your club. For more Aoife is currently pursuing postdoctoral undertaking interdisciplinary PhD studies at UCDinformation on Foundation programmes go to research in psychobiology at the University of under the joint supervision of psychiatrist California, San Francisco (UCSF), working at the Malone, immunologist Cliona OʼFarrelly (now at Foundation is not just another charity. It is intersection between psychology and TCD) and psychologist Brian Hughes of NUIRotary in action promoting world peace and immunology. Her work looks at connections Galway.understanding through its 32,000 clubs around the between psychological states, such as stress or On some days, she recalls, she would conductworld anxiety, and ageing processes that occur at a psychological evaluations of patients in the cellular or molecular level. “Weʼre at the stage morning, followed by high‑tech molecular The mission of The Rotary Foundation is to where weʼre trying to discover mechanisms analyses of their blood samples in the afternoon.enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, mediating the relationship between She moved to UCSF for part of her PhDgoodwill, and peace through the improvement of psychological experiences and physical health research on a Fulbright/Rotary Internationalhealth, the support of education, and the outcomes,” she says. Fellowship. Although now working directly withalleviation of poverty. The fellowship programme, which is funded research mentors Elissa Epel at UCSF and by the Swiss entrepreneur and philanthropist Thomas Neylan of the San Francisco Veterans Branco Weiss, who died recently, and Affairs Medical Center, OʼDonovan also counts administered by the Swiss Federal Institute of 2009 Nobel prize‑winner Elizabeth Blackburn as Technology (ETH) Zurich, is particularly focused a collaborator. 6
  7. 7. Presidents Elect BarneyCallaghan prepares fora year in office YouthNot every difficult and dangerous thing is suitable for training, but only that which is Opportunities Jenny McCreaconducive to success in achieving the object of our effort. ~Epictetus The Youth Leadership Competition – is now completed for this Rotary year and we had excellent participation from most clubs. To those Clubs who ran the competition, thank you all so much for your support for this wonderful competition which gives young people the opportunity to improve their Leadership skills. The trip to Strasbourg commences on Sunday 6th March 2011. Sincere thanks to the eight Clubs who hosted the Regional Finals, who were Lagan Valley, Mallow, Portadown, Belfast East, Monaghan, Clonmel, Limerick Thomand, and Portlaoise. Thanks also to Assistant Governors for their support and to Sam Crowe ‑ Carrickfergus Rotary Club for his commitment and hard work as co coordinator of the Competition. Young Chef ‑ This is a competition for young people from 11 – 17 years old. Cooking among young people is a growing interest and is undoubtedly a valuable life skill. There is no reason why there should not be greater participation in this competition. Clubs who were late for this yearʼs event should consider planning for 2011/2012. There were seven entries this year. ach year, the Presidents Elect of the Rotary “There is nothing intangible about Rotary: It isE Grateful Thanks to Teresa OʼBrien from Cork Clubs of District 1160 meet with the District reality itself. To give is to receive; to lose oneself Douglas for co coordinating this competition. Governor Elect and District Officers to is to find oneself; to be happy is to serve. Theseprepare for their incoming year of service are old truths…for the individual…and the mass, Young Writer – A great competition for three agetogether. This weekend, affectionately known as whether application be in the exchange of groups, young people are invited to submit aPEPS (Presidents Elect Preparation Seminar) is an goods, toil, knowledge, or love.” written piece, varying in length depending onopportunity for Presidents Elect to assemble, I am looking forward to meeting all Presidentʼs age. Poems are also accepted. Entries shoulddiscuss their vision and ideas for the incoming Elect and partners at PEPS 2011 and I hope that if reach Patrick Towers in Galway Rotary ClubRotary year, to be a beneficiary of the experience, you have any observations, training needs or before the end of April 2011.knowledge and skills of others, as well as to requests that you will make contact either withprovide the benefit of their own experience, myself or with our District Young Photographer ‑ young people are alsoknowledge and skills to others. PEPS is also an Trainer 2011‑2012 Rtn. Michael Walsh invited to submit a photograph around aopportunity for Presidents Elect and partners to theme and a 50 word explanation of why theyenjoy fellowship. This important gathering will P. G. Callaghan (Barney), District Governor Elect feel the Photograph represents the theme. Thecontribute to our individual and indeed Theme this year is COMMUNITY SPIRIT for bothcollective efforts. competitions. Again all entries to Patrick Towers We need as individuals and as an internationalorganisation, in this challenging environment to Dates & Venues before February 2011 for this competition. Clubs please do encourage participation in theseprovide a dynamic support network both for our PEPS competitions, they are free, and they are an easymembers and for those, locally, nationally and Date: March 4‑6 2011 sell!internationally who depend on us to deliver onour motto – ʻService above Self.ʼ Now, more than Venue: TBAever, people will be relying on Rotary to BI Young Citizen Awards 2011 ‑ We are seekingdemonstrate our ʻcan‑doʼ attitude to overcoming District Council Meeting nominations for the RIBI Young Citizen Awards. Aobstacles and surmount challenges. They will Date: Saturday 19 March 2011 trophy, a cash prize of £500 and a visit to BBC Newsalso look to us to be a tangible representation of Venue: City North Hotel at TV Centre in London will be awarded to fivethe ethical values we espouse as we go about projects, involving young people working in theirour daily lives. District Assembly communities to improve the lot of others. For Rotary to grow and develop and most Especially attractive projects will be those involving Date: Saturday 7 May 2011importantly to provide effective service to those young people helping young people. The Venue: TBAaround us, we must place particular emphasis on awardees may be an individual or a group.Membership, both retention and recruitment These are the only RIBI awards that are District Executive Meeting guaranteed coverage on BBC News both with aand on The Rotary Foundation by actively Date: Tuesday 17 May 2011promoting its programmes i.e. Group Study live broadcast from the RIBI Conference in Dublin Venue: City North Hotel and the winning projects will form the basis for aExchange, Ambassadorial Scholars, PeaceScholars and by financially supporting The Rotary mini‑series of reports for television. It is veryFoundation (our own charity) through personal District Council Meeting important, therefore, that the judging panel haveand club giving. Both these areas are central to Date: Saturday 2 July 2011 as wide a range of high quality candidates asour strategy to 2016 and will be amongst the Venue: City North Hotel possible from which to choose the winners.primary objects of our efforts. During PEPS, 4‑6 Nomination forms have been sent to all clubs,March 2011, I hope that we will be able to The District Conference 2011 completed forms must be received before theexplore and engage with these topics. I also Date: September 22‑25 2011 deadline of 31st January 2011.hope that the weekend will enhance your soft Venue: Limerick Cityskills as a President Elect e.g. communications,leadership, planning and being effective. 7
  8. 8. Young Writer of the Year Japanese treat for Comber Rotaryacknowledged by Belfast East10‑year old Amy Cullen of Gilnahirk Primary School,Belfast ‑ was the winner of this years Rotary YoungWriter Competition at District level!Amy was presented with her prize of book tokensat a recent lunchtime meeting of Rotary Club ofBelfast East Here she is pictured with President LizDoherty." Group Study Exchange participants who visited Japan are welcomed to Comber Rotary by the President, Phillip Beggs (right). They are (left to right) Verity Swann, Anne Flanagan, Kathy Busby,Attention Darren Campbell and Justine Smyth A taste of Japan was brought to a recent They were hosted during their month‑longIm only a girl of 10 years old. meeting of the Rotary Club of Comber in Balloo visit by Rotarians in the idyllic and remoteI try to behave and do what Im told. House. Head Chef Danny Millar and his team Shimane Prefecture on Honshu Island borderingBut Im worried somethings happening all around. conjured up a special meal in honour of our the Sea of Japan in the Pacific Ocean. There theyThings are changing from the sky to the ground. visitors who had come to tell the club about had time to see many of the local sightsThe North Pole is melting, thats not good! their experiences in Japan as part of a Rotary including the ancient town of Izumo, which isWere using more electricity than we should. sponsored Group Study Exchange (GSE) home to one of the countryʼs oldest ShintoWaste is a problem; the most there has ever been, programme. And to further add to the occasion shrines, an inland sea area where the SetoWe all need to think more and try to be "GREEN". the visitors delivered their presentation dressed Ohashi Bridge links the islands over a six in traditional Japanese costumes. kilometres stretch, and a recently designatedSo turn off lights when not in need. They explained how Rotaryʼs Group Study geophysical park in a coastal area of natural Exchange programme offers an opportunity for beauty.Each family should have an eco‑creed. vocational exchange to business people and Their vocation days brought the whole teamNever drop litter ‑ put it in the bin. professionals between the ages of 25 and 40 to schools, hospitals, care centres, city offices,Taps left running ‑ thats a sin! who are in the early stages of their careers. It restaurants and hotels relevant to the vocational provides travel grants for teams from different experience of each member of the team.Oil spills are dangerous, so make sure they stop. countries to exchange visits, and presents the Having made the best of their pre‑departurePollution needs to end, we cant have another opportunity for team members to experience preparation the team impressed their hosts bydrop. their host countryʼs culture and institutions, to delivering – in Japanese – a presentation toFumes from cars are filling the air. observe how their occupations are practiced some 1,500 delegates to the annual RotaryStop and think for ifs destroying the ozone layer. abroad, to develop personal and professional Conference in Matsue – the prefectureʼs capital. relationships, and to exchange ideas. But for all of them the outstanding memory wasSo ATTENTION everyone, listen to this rhyme. In practice, this meant that a Japanese team to visit Hiroshima, once again a thriving city,We all must change before we run out of time. were chosen to visit and be hosted by Rotarians where each of them was privileged to ring theSo try to recycle as much as you can. in Ireland, and an Irish team was selected to visit Bell of Peace.To be eco‑warriors ‑thats our plan! Japan. Each team also had the opportunity to meet and work together in both Ireland and Japan.Rotary in Carrickfergus Youth Leadership Competition Following a selection procedure at school level Emma McLean ( competitorGillian Scott (Carrickfergus College), John Cameron Ulidia Integrated College),(Downshire) and Emma McLean (Ulidia Integrated Michael McCune (President,College) competed for a place in the area final. Rotary Club of Competition organiser, Carrickfergus Rotarian Jim Carrickfergus), JohnDunlop, and his panel of judges including local Cameron ( competitorbusinessmen David McCune, Rtn Sydney Johnston Downshire School), Rtn Jimand chairman Rtn Rickie Erskine interviewed the Dunlop (Youth Leadershipcandidates and were extremely impressed by the Competition Organiser),calibre of all those participating. They had a tough Helen Boyd (teachertask selecting the local finalist who, on this occasion Downshire School), Rtnwas Emma McLean from Ulidia Integrated College. Rickie Erskine (Chair of Judges), Gillian Scott ( Rotary President, Michael McCune congratulated competitor Carrickfergusall the participants and offered the Clubʼs best College), David McCunewishes to Emma for the area final which this year (Judge), Ashley Donnellywas hosted by the Rotary Club of Belfast East at the (teacher CarrickfergusStormont Hotel on 18th November . College), Rtn Sydney Johnston (Judge). 8
  9. 9. Cookstown fundraising focus Rotary Club of Dublin Viking celebrate 30th Anniversaryon Pakistan and Lough Neagh A total of 67 people attended dinner in Elm Park Golf Club to celebrate Dublin Vikingʼs 30th Anniversary. Included among the guests were Past DG Joe Flood and his wife, Marie. Thirty years ago PDG Joe decided to celebrate seventy‑five years of Rotary by forming a new Club in Dublin and so Viking was born. Joeʼs late brother Phil Flood was the first President of Dublin Viking. Also present were DG Wes and DG Nominee Verity. All in all, there were twenty Past presidents of Viking present and of these twelve are still members of the club. A minuteʼs silence was observed for our deceased Past Presidents, Phil Flood (1980), Don Bailey (1987), David Little (1992), also past members Steve Malone our first Secretary , and John Daly who died very recently. DG Wes gave a lovely speech highlighting how much Viking had achieved in helping at local, national and international level during the past 30 years, both through fundraising and personalLough Neagh Rescue Coxwain and Training Officer, Stephen Ryan accepting a Cheque from activities, and also sounded a warning about theCookstown Rotary Club President Paul Creighton. critical importance of recruiting new members so Cookstown Rotary Club has proved once again great success with over £5,500 raised, the that Rotary would continue otherwise it would justthat it is one of the leading Rotary Clubs in proceeds of which will go to various local fade away.Ireland when it comes to fundraising and charities and Rotary Foundation. He presented our President Tom with thesupporting good causes. In recent months the The annual May Ball, one of the highlights in Presidential citation for year ended July 2010club launched a fundraising appeal to support the Rotary Clubʼs calendar, was once again a which he said was very well deserved by Viking .those people affected by the devastating resounding success with approximately £8,000 President Tom gave a short address describingearthquake in Haiti. The club aimed to raise raised. The main beneficiary from the May Ball some of our Clubʼs current activities, and finishedsome funds to purchase shelterboxes to send to was Lough Neagh Rescue, a 24‑hour lifeboat by presenting Honorary Membership to Pastthe devastated area. Cookstown Rotary has an service operating throughout Lough Neagh. President Terry Woods.excellent track record of buying Shelterboxes Cookstown Rotary Club has an outstanding The evening was an unqualified success and theand the Club was aware that the Rotary charity record of service both locally and internationally many past members that attended were delightedhad a response team in Haiti. The response to and as recent fundraising efforts testify, the club to meet up with old friends and to see the Club inthe fundraising effort was phenomenal and to continues to go from strength to strength. such rude Cookstown Rotary has raised over £25,000. Following the devastating floods in Pakistan,This has allowed the club to purchase over 50 Cookstown Rotary Club recently launched ashelterboxes, and such was the success of the fundraising appeal which is ongoing. The UN Christmas hampers deliveredfundraising efforts, Ulster Television highlighted says Pakistans worst flooding in nearly a centurythe efforts of Cookstown Rotary Club on the UTV has affected more than four million people andevening news. left at least 1,600 dead with charities scrambling While the Haiti appeal received extraordinary to get aid to the worst affected regions. All fundssupport, Cookstown Rotary Club has also carried raised through the Cookstown Rotary appeal willout additional fundraising over the summer be used to purchase items such as watermonths with a view to supporting local groups filtration devices and life straws, to be sentand charities. The recent charity golf day was a immediately to the devastated area.Strabane Lifford celebrateslongest serving members Members of The Rotary Club of Donaghadee took time out from their Christmas charity collection activities to attend their weekly meeting. The meeting was held at its usual venue “Gordonʼs Wine Bar” in “The Stables” Groomsport. President Richard Caldwell brought the members up to date on their Christmas fund raising activities. He informed them that 40 Christmas food hampers (prepared by the members) had been handed over to Bryson House Charity Group in Newtownards. The hampers will be distributed to deserving recipients through theDistrict Governor Wes Armstrong presenting Long Service certificates to two auspices of Bryson House Neighbourly Care, Homeof our founder members of our club. The club was founded 42 years ago on the from Hospital and Family Support.21st February in the Abercorn Arms, Strabane @7.30pm 31 present at the firstgeneral meeting.The citation recognizes the outstanding efforts of SamMartin PDG and Hill Robinson over all aspects of Rotary in the community andinternationally. 9
  10. 10. Eating snails in the name Monaghan Rotary in Bulgariaof Rotary? Another part of Monaghan Rotaryʼs Bulgaria story was written recently with the supply and fitting of two hearing aids for 18 year old Goran, who lives in Pavelsko village in the southern Rhodope Mountains. Goranʼs hearing had progressively deteriorated to 20% of normal, following an adverse reaction to medication during childhood, and the hearing aids have changed his life completely. The €4,000 project Thatʼs the proud achievement of a 10‑strong was made possible by thegroup from the Rotary Club of Clonmel who generous donation of the hearingtucked into snails as part of an exchange visit with aids by Widex/Bonavox in Dublin,the Rotary Club of Carcassone in the south of through the good offices of Neil Pictured in Bonavox, Earl Street, Dublin (L‑R) Morten Sorensen,France last October. Elworthy of Kel‑tec Media Managing Director, Widex/Bonavox, Neil Elworthy, Kel‑tec Media The link was established by the Clonmel clubʼs Solutions, who earlier this year Solutions, and Raymond Wilkinson.Treasurer, Brian Sheerin, who is a frequent visitor to completed a ten‑minute segmentthe historic walled city and has attended club on the Monaghan Clubʼs 19 year supplement as of right to the 50 further adultdinners on several occasions. involvement, as part of an hour long PKU sufferers. He was joined on the visit by President Anne documentary on Irish links with Bulgaria. Copies The Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign AffairsMarie OʼBrien, former Presidents John OʼSullivan of the DVD are available from the Monaghan recognised the work of Monaghan Rotary andand Tadg Browne and their wives, Patricia and Club. the Friends of Bulgaria at a Reception in Sofia onGeraldine, and Rotarian Gerry Flynn and his wife The Rotary Club of Monaghanʼs first Bulgarian 7th October 2010, with presentations by theAnne, and Tadg brother and sister‑in‑law, Anthony project started in 1992 with the annual supply of Bulgarian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikolaiand Kay Browne. the special food supplement for Theodora (now Mladenov, in the presence his Irish counterpart, They were welcomed with open arms by the aged 23) who has PKU, a metabolic condition Mícheál Martin. This followed recognition by theCarcassone Club who laid on a programme of which requires an almost protein free diet. Each Bulgarian Embassy in Dublin on 3rd March,activities ranging from guided tours of the old year Monaghanʼs twin Club in North Down Bulgariaʼs National Day, and by the Municipalitycitadel – very well worth a visit, with buildings contributed generously towards the annual cost of Chepelare at the naming of Ireland Streetdating from Roman times to the nineteenth of €5,000 approximately. In 2007 the Bulgarian (Ulica Irlandya) on 18th March by Mayor Georgicentury – to a cruise on the Canal du Midi, a rugby Health Ministry undertook the provision of the Popov and outgoing Irish Ambassador tomatch involving Carcassone and two wine supplement to the 100 under 18 year old PKU Bulgaria Geoffrey Keating. Then on 16thtastings, one in the winery of their incoming sufferers. Theodora was then aged 20, but by a October 2010 the community of BallinodePresident, Christian Bousquet. special protocol she has been included in the village and the Monahan family dwelling, which The highlight of the visit was the clubʼs dinner, at state provision since March 2010. Theodora, has hosted many Bulgarian visitors, wasa Michelin‑starred hotel, which included the afore‑ having completed her secondary education, is recognised by the Bulgarian Ambassador tomentioned snails, plus wild boar, a sublime fig tart currently employed as an administrative Ireland Emil Yalnazov by the unveiling of aand wines from the vineyards of some club assistant by Chepelare Municipality. Monaghan plaque designating it the “Bulgarian Embassy inmembers. Rotarians are continuing to lobby the Bulgarian Monaghan.” They were surprised to hear that the Clonmel health authorities to provide the special food From small acorns mighty oaks can confine themselves to water, tea and coffee atlunches! The Clonmel club are hoping that theCascassone club will pay a return visit to Co.Tipperary next year to enjoy the many attractions Londonderry Rotary charityof Clonmel and the surrounding area. mission to RomaniaInteract comes to The Rotary Club of Londonderry has aCounty Wexford longstanding association with the Rotary Club of Brasov, Romania, which proved to be very beneficial when completing a mutual project in the nearby town of Fagaras, where a Matching Grant assisted orphanage was extended and officially opened in June 2008. This project was also part financed by the North‑West Romania Fund, a community based support group in Londonderry. When the Rotary Club was offered – in the summer of 2010 ‑ a substantial supply of second‑ hand school furniture for physically impaired children, wheelchairs and other school equipment, Rotarian John McMonagle did not hesitate in recommending the transport of these items to Romania, where there is a great need for that last week in October when we presented specialised equipment. He generously sponsored our van loads to an orphanage / school in two of his new company vans for the trip. The Codlea, a few miles outside Brasov. Some items,Colaiste Bride Enniscorthy Interact inaugurated. goods were loaded onto the appropriately in particular the wheelchairs, were put toFirst such club in County Wexford. (Front row) decorated vans, together with 7 new trampolines immediate use, to carry handicapped childrenInteract President Ciara Murphy, President Peter and a substantial amount of nappies and other aroundPrendergast and Youth Chair Edel Fitzmaurice materials, and both vehicles left with a total of six Overall, the report can hardly express the drivers on 25 October 2010 for the more than worthiness of our efforts. Despite a cargo load of 2,000 miles long journey: Londonderry – Belfast – over £10,000, this barely scratched the surface of Ferry to Stranraer – Newcastle – Ferry to Ijmuiden what is still needed to be done in Romania. It was (Amsterdam) – Arnhem – Frankfurt – Nürnberg – concluded by all involved that more transports of Regensburg – Passau – Linz – Vienna – Budapest this kind should (and will) be organised in 2011 – Szeged – Brasov. This distance required four full and thereafter. Werner Scheel, Past President days of extensive travel, with drivers changing every 200 miles or so. It was Friday morning of 10
  11. 11. Why RIBI? At the District Council meeting in July 2010, as we wrestled with the new budget and discussedmethods of reducing the cost of Rotary, it was suggested we might, unilaterally, slash the amount wepay to RIBI and possibly even consider withdrawal from that Association. It is not the first time this suggestion has been mooted, and for that very reason, I feel we shouldnow examine not just the figures but also the associated advantages of RIBI membership. Let me preface the following by stating that I make no apology for being an unreserved RIBIsupporter. For the past 13 consecutive years, I have held District, RIBI, and RI offices and, during that period,have witnessed, firsthand, the benefits of RIBI membership. Make no mistake ‑ for a modest per capitasum, we are the recipients of service and training that are the envy of the rest of the Rotary world. So, letʼs see how the figures compare: Districts within RIBI Districts outside RIBIR.I.B.I. Dues* £47.50/ €57.00 NILR.I. Dues INCLUDED £33.00/€39,60Insurance * INCLUDED £10.00/€12.00Magazine *** INCLUDED £16.00/€19.20District Grant **** ‑£13.15/€15.80 NILNET cost per Rotarian in D.1160 £34.35/€41.20 £59.00/€70.80 Our membership of RIBI saves every Rotarian in D.1160 £25/€30 annually. * RIBI Subscription includes our fees paid to Rotary international ** Insurance – based on 55,000 members, RIBI negotiated a policy that includes public liability (up to £15 million); libel; regaliaand money; legal expenses; officers and club indemnity and personal accident insurance. The premium is £2.50/€3.00 permember and is included in RIBI Dues. It is estimated that, should D.1160 / 2,300 members seek similar cover, it would cost in theregion of £10.00/€12.00 per member *** Magazine – it is a requirement of Rotary Club membership that every Rotarian receives an official Rotary magazine (notjust a district magazine such as Cogs). Included in our RIBI dues, each D.1160 Rotarian receives six copies of “Rotary Today” perannum. We know that it costs other Districts outside RIBI US$24.00 to buy “The Rotarian” magazine. **** District Grant – Districts outside RIBI do not receive any financial assistance towards their running costs. Every 3 months,RIBI sends a cheque to our District Treasurer. The amount is based on a complex formula that takes into account geographicsize of district, number of Clubs, islands etc. For the current Rotary year, we stand to receive a District Grant of £30,200, whichequates to £13.15 / €15.80 per Rotarian in District 1160.Other benefits of RIBI membership include: • All Rotary literature is re‑written in RIBI terminology and UK English • Sustaining Members, Major Donors and Benefactors who pay through RF(UK) benefit from Gift Aid on their contributions to Foundation • Our District Officers benefit from high quality training and exposure to Rotary worldwide. • RIBI Staff provide speedy, efficient and local service (e.g. Paul Harris Fellowship Recognitions, publications, documents etc) • Provision of specialist support (e.g. Protection Policy/Crisis Management) Am I wrong or is retention of RIBI membership a no‑brainer? – PDG Howard CaskieThe RIBI subscription – How is it spent? The RIBI subscription for the Rotary year 2010‑11 is £44.75 + £2.75 for the New Member RecruitmentCampaign ‑ a grand total of £47.50. I donʼt have the current breakdowns but, instead, offer the figuresfor 2008‑09. Back then, the subscription was £43.00 ‑ hereʼs how it was calculated: Amount TotalInformation services (all RIBI Publications)RIBI annual conferenceOfficial publication (Rotary Today) £0.12 £0.98 £0.13 Win 2 ticketsInsurance (public liability of up to £15 million;libel; regalia and money; legal expenses;Officers & Club indemnity & personal accident insurance. £2.54 to LimerickRIBI assembly £2.51District Grants (monies returned to Districts) £5.46 Enter the Write a Limerick competition, and you could win free conference registration for two andDistrict Extension £0.19 two tickets to the Gala Conference Ball on SaturdayGeneral Council (4 x meetings per annum) £1.38 24 September 2011.RIBI committees (5 x service committees; This is a fun activity, open to all Rotarians in District 4 x administrative committees; 1160, with just a few simple rules: 2 x standing committees plus approx. 3 others £2.06Publicity & Marketing (publicity costs for committees 1. The Limerick or Limericks must be your own Promotional Reserve Claims, marketing materials, original work PR Costs £0.89 2. Consist of five lines (usually humorous but notMarketing Strategy* (Road Show) ‑ see below £0.76 mandatory)RI Obligations (cost of attending RI meetings ‑ 3. The last word of lines, one, two and five must RI Assembly; RI Convention; Institute; rhyme with each other and the words of lines three Council on Legislation £16.00 and four must rhyme with each other. See if you canAdministration costs (Staff costs; rates/energy/ include the words, Rotary and Limerick. cleaning; telephone; stationery; postage; repairs, maintenance; bank charges; professional fees £13.31 Entry by email To bdeedigan@hotmail.comNon‑reclaimable VAT £1.39 Closing Date March 1 2011Investment management charges £0.09Taxation £0.14 Please include your contact details with the entry £47.95Less other income £3.83 £44.12 The winners will be announced at the March 19Surplus £1.14 £42.98 District Council meeting.*In 2009‑10, replaced by New Member Recruitment Campaign with additional levy of £2.75 The decision of the judging panel will be final.Please keep a copy of this article in your Club minute book for future reference. 11