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Rc freshwater bay v4 i21

  1. 1. The Official Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 District 9455 ABN: 99 602 195 617 Volume 4, Issue 21 25t h November - 2nd December 2011 Meeting 23rd November Community /Vocational ANZACS Tour Meeting 30th November Meeting Ian Westoby Club Christmas/Birthday Items for Hamper D. 3310 Fundraising Walk for Function Pasta and Sauce for Manna Polio Congratulations AG Simone Update on Microscopes Projects visited in Kota Kinabalu New Members RF Matching Grant for Maiti Former Rotary Youth Exchange Elham Teimouri Nepal Student New Address for Gordon Hay Claremont Christmas Activity Attachment ‘IN THE CARDS” Board Nominations Christmas dinner for the lonely Birthdays Quiz Night Meeting 23rd November pictures of the wild animals taken while working with their partners Meeting 30th NovemberDr. Helen Jones-Fairnie and PP in Africa. The Save Foundation is a totally voluntary foundation. The Annual Address on the RotaryDr. Ian Fairnie from the RC of Funds are raised through a variety Foundation, the Dr Ken CollinsPerth and Executive Director of of events, trips and donations. All Address, will replace the regularService Abroad Australasia, spoke funds raised are committed to meeting of the Club.about the Save Foundation of direct action on the ground in Members need to have registeredAustralia. Ian has lead more than Africa to support programs and and paid on line for this.50 study tours to Asia, however projects that stop poaching and 7.00pm for 7.30pm Laguna Venetothis time he spoke on his recent educate on the importance of Club, 49 Homer St, Mt Lawleytime in Africa and the problems of saving endangered species. We Speaker is RI Pres. Elect Sakujiextinction facing the rhinoceros. appreciate Helen and Ian taking Tanaka from Japan. AlumniFounded in 1987, the SAVE the time to inform us of the plight speaker is MP Ben Wyatt.FOUNDATION of Australia(Inc.) is committed to saving of these animals with an engagingAfricas endangered species from presentation. Club Christmas/Birthdayextinction, with the main focus of Functiontheir activities on the conservationof the African Black Rhinoceros in This event is booked for Thursday,Zimbabwe. Dr. Helen spoke with 22nd December, 2011 atus regarding the progress the Nedlands Golf Club,made on saving the Melvisa Ave, Nedlands.African Black Rhinoceros Cost is $50 pp for a threeand the barriers and course meal. Money forstruggles in saving this is to be paid inendangers species. advance and can be paidProjects include small into the Club’s Westpacscale breeding ranches Operating Account BSBfor rhinos, the painted 036-34 A/c 304015.dogs project, projects for Please include name andthe conservation of event.gorillas, hyenas, lions Please put the date inand elephants in your diary and inviteNamibia, Zambia, friends and family toRwanda, Zaire, and ensure a good numberZimbabwe. The are present and that it ispresentation was a successful function.enhanced by the lovely Finish line for the End Polio Walk with PRID Ken Collins & PDG George KinikunRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 1
  2. 2. An entertaining speaker, Fundraising andactor Faith Richardson, Membership.has been organised by BillHassell. Community /Vocational Congratulations Meeting AG Simone Dir. Wilma McBain has setAG PP Simone Carot a meeting for theCollins has been busy Committee forusing her IT and social immediately after thenetworking skills to update regular club meeting onand inform Rotarians in D. Wednesday, 7th December.9690, NSW. A Rotary Club is not ableSimone has been invited to to function effectivelyserve on the RI Sydney Children from the School for the Deaf in Kota Kinabalu without regular monthlyConvention Committee for committee meetings asthe Rotary Convention which will that is where direction andbe held in Sydney in 2014. New Address for Gordon projects are discussed and set.Simone has also been invited to Hay Attendance at committee meetingsparticipate in a workshop on Social should be treated as a priority.Networking at the RI Convention This weekend Gordon will bein Bangkok in May. coming onto dry land after living Items for HamperCongratulations from all in the on a boat since his arrival in Perth.RCFB Simone. Gordon’s new address is 6 Dir Jenny Gill has requested Archdeacon St, Nedlands, right assistance in the form of a food New Members next door to our Treasurer Toni hamper for a young lady with and Bill James. advanced Alzheimer’s Disease.Due to the next meeting being Dir. Wilma has asked thattransferred to the Dr KCA, new Board Nominations members bring in items tomembers Pam Reynolds and contribute to the hamper. WhenVanessa Wood will be ‘officially’ shopping, perhaps you can put a Nominations for the Board forinducted the following week, 7th couple of extra items that may be 2012-13 are being sought. If youDecember. suitable for the hamper in your are interested in serving as aDelighted to have you both join the trolley and bring them along to the Director, Secretary or Treasurer,RC Freshwater Bay Pam and meeting 7th December. please have a nomination formVanessa. completed and returned to the Secretary by 7th December. Pasta and Sauce for Elham Teimouri Elections to take place at the Club meeting 14th December. MannaElham, a frequent visitor and Nominations have been received for PE, International and Carina Marshall and her friend Jo‘Friend of the RCFB’ is a PhD collect packets of pasta and jars ofstudent with Prof Ralph Martins. Community/Voc. Directors. Still required are New Generations, pasta sauce each year and donateElham and her friend Maryam are them to Bev and John Lowe atboth from Iran and Manna Industries.interested in assisting the Once again, if membersclub with its projects. would like to assist CarinaElham suddenly took ill and Jo with their Pasta andand has been diagnosed Sauce project they wouldwith MS. She is currently love your contribution.in the Ramsay section ofJoondalup Hospital and nodoubt would appreciate a Update onvisit from any member able Microscopesto do so. However, as shemay be discharged soon it Gordon Hay has arranged awould be advisable to meeting with CS Lynphone first. The hospital Beazley, Brett Sabien fromnumber is 9400 9400. Royalties for Regions alongGordon paid her a visit on with Ken and Di Collins to Children from the School for the Deaf in KotaSunday. see if funds can be obtained KinabaluRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 2
  3. 3. for regional areas to advance the David Brockway from Shelter box like to join with others for a mealMicroscopes in Schools project. for bringing it along for the Club on 25th December. To date thereThe meeting is taking place on and also thanks to Mike Penny for have been 5 interested peopleMonday (28th) afternoon. his attendance and bringing his make contact.Orders and enquiries continue to money spinner machine for ourflow in. Three further orders are use.awaiting payment prior to Quiz Nightdistribution (Albany, Fremantle Setting up commenced at 3:30 andand Rockingham) plus an enquiry then the streets were closed to all The RC Joondalup is holding ahas been received from the Pres. of traffic and the event got underway Quiz Night on 21st January, 2012.the RC of Tweed Heads South in D. at 4:30pm with a street parade and Cost $10 per person. Contact9640, NSW the whole event went until colin@connectedlearning.com.au 8:30pm. It was a very friendly andHello Di, colourful night with all sorts ANZACS TourMy name is Valerie Haywood, of stalls and displays to be seen.President of Rotary Club of Tweed Stilt walkers, bungy jumps andHeads South in Northern bongo drums for families to join After the RI Convention in Bangkok, on 10th May, 2011, a tripNSW, District 9640. in, to name just a few. Our tally atWhile visiting family in Narrogin, the end of the night and for to HELLFIRE PASS has beenI was present at a school assembly donation to Shelter box was organised by PDG Jennifer Scot twhere the local Rotary Club $171.90, this was nearly all five E: scottadr@optusnet.com.au Costpresented St. Matthews Primary and ten cent pieces put in by the is $100 pp and will be of particularSchool with microscopes. children having fun watching the interest to members with anThis is a wonderful learning tool money spin around and go into the interest in the history of thefor young people. I would be final hole. ANZACS in the Second Worldinterested in exploring the Thanks also go to Matt Milner War.possibility of starting such a (Warrens son) and Andrewproject over here. Hassell (son of Sue and Bill) who Ian WestobyI would be grateful for any lent their time and their muscle ininformation you can provide helping to set up and dismantle the DG Liz has advised that Ian isregarding the setting up of this display...very much appreciated by progressing well and it is hoped heproject. us all. will be home in 3-4 weeks.Yours in Rotary, Rotary members who attended Good news for all concerned.Valerie Haywood. President. were Bill and Sue Hassell, BryantRotary Club of Tweed Heads Stokes, Margaret Stuart, GordonSouth. Hay and Wilma McBain. D. 3310 Fundraising Walk for Polio RF Matching Grant for Christmas dinner for the From 7-18th November two drivers Maiti Nepal lonely of support vehicles accompanied eight Rotarians who walked (andGillian Yudelman has prepared a The Post Newspaper has run two climbed) 340 klms from East toRF Matching Grant application articles on the RCFB coordinating West Saba to raise funds for Poliowhich is ready to be submitted to a luncheon on Christmas Day for Eradication.the Rotary Foundation for people who are alone and would It is the third walk to raise fundsequipment for Maiti for Polio that PP RobinNepal Foundation. Tay has organised. TheLook forward to hearing first was two years agoof the progress Gillian. when Rotarians walked from northern Malaysia Claremont to KL, the second was last year when they Christmas walked from KL to Activity Singapore and this year it was from West Saba toOn Thursday 24th Kota Kinabalu. The nextNovember RCFB walk is planned to beparticipated in the from northern ThailandClaremont Christmas to Bangkok in time forCarnival by displaying a the RI Convention inShelter box and had a May.money spinner for Money was still comingdonations to Shelter Walkers and drivers for the D. 3310 Polio Saba Walk in and it is hoped thatbox. A big thank you toRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 3
  4. 4. Equipment from a Matching Grant for the School for the Deaf in Kota Kinabalu of the visit on 17th On a brief visit to Mulu a World December which were Heritage site in the Sarawak gratefully received. rainforests, Ken and Di chatted with a young recently married The School for the Deaf couple, Priska and Urs Burri- Oven from a Matching Grant for the School for is another project of the Muller. Priska, from Bern, the Deaf in Kota Kinabalu RC of Kota Kinabalu Switzerland had been a Rotarythe amount this year will be which they started back Youth Exchange Student to the RCsomewhere between $100 and in 1978. As it is the end of the year of Canberra in 1999-2000. Six$150 thousand. and schools are breaking up until couples from Canberra travelled toRotarians in D. 3310 walked the early January, the end of school Switzerland to attend Priska andlast leg either 11klms or 4klms. final Assembly and Concert was Urs wedding.PRID Ken and Di were the held over to the afternoon for the Rotary touches the lives ofRepresentatives of RI Pres. Kalyan benefit of the visit by Rotarians. A countless numbers of peopleand Binota Banerjee at the District Matching Grant for an oven and around the world and is withoutConference and Ken and his Aide mixers is just one of the many doubt the greatest tool the worldwere amongst those who walked projects undertaken by the Club. has for uplifting humanity andthe last 4 klms. With this equipment biscuits etc creating a better world.An outstanding effort. Well done are made and proceeds from theto PP Robin and team! sale of the products benefit the School. Attachment ‘IN THE CARDS” Projects visited in Kota Kinabalu As members do not subscribe to Former Rotary Youth the Rotarian Magazine, anDon Bosco’s Orphanage near Mt Exchange Student excellent article ‘In The Cards’ isKinabalu was one of the attached which it is recommendedprojects visited by Ken all members take the timeand Di. Both genders are to read.housed at the Orphanagewhich receives assistance Birthdaysfrom the Rotary Clubs inKota Kinabalu. Birthday greetings go toCurrently there are 71 Gordon Hay for 29th Nov,,orphans at Don Bosco, Paddy Ramanathan andwhich is down (a Rex Evans for 30th Nov,wonderful sign) on over and Mignon Shardlow for100 previously looked 6th December. A veryafter. The children attend Happy Day is wished tolocal schools and are well each one of you.cared for by Brother Benand Sister Loretta. TheRotarians donated a hoseand emergency lights to Former RYE Student Priska and husband Ursthe Orphanage at the timeRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 4
  5. 5. Roster for Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay for Month of Nov/Dec 2011Date Program Duty Attendance Introduction Vote of Thanks30th November RIPE Sakuji Annual Dr Ken Laguna Veneto 7.00pm for 7.30pm Book on line Tanaka Collins Address Club, Mt Lawley 7th December John Fleming Gordon Hay Ken Collins Di Collins Alistair Brown 7th December Comm/Voc Cttee After Regular Meeting Club meeting14th December Bernard Bowen Jim Gould Sue Hassell Jill Henderson Paddy Ramanathan22nd December Faith Richardson Rex Evans Jim Gould Bill Hassell Sue Hassell NB: ‘Duty’ responsibility is to set up venue and to pack away venue after meeting. Board Rotary 2011-12 Jim Gould – Membership President-Bryant StokesBryant Stokes – President Director E-mailbstokes@bigpond.net.au james@bizsuccession.com.au bstokes@bigpond.net.au MobileDi Collins – Secretary Jenny Gill – Fundraising Director 0419 919 572collinsd@bigpond.net.au jennypgill@gmail.comToni James – Treasurer Bill Hassell – Vice President Bulletin Editortonipjames@hotmail.com hassell@arach.net.au Clifford Yudelman/Di CollinsRex Evans –Club Service Director, Club Details WebsitePresident Electrevans@powerplus.net.au The Rotary Club of Freshwater www.rotaryfreshwaterbay.org.au Bay, Inc.Wilma McBain - Community/ PO Box 168, FacebookVocational Service Director Nedlands,williemac241@hotmail.com Western Australia, 6909 http://www.facebook.com/freshwKen Collins – International aterbayrotaryService Director Meetingscollinsk@bigpond.net.au Wednesday 5:45pm to 6:45pmHamish Mackie – New Café, Bethesda HospitalGenerations Director Queenslea Drive Claremont, 6010 Chartered 19 Decemberhamish.mackie@optusnet.com.au 2008Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 Page 5
  6. 6. Rorenv SroRrES IN THE OA Major Donor Because Bill Benter playedhis han d righr, The Rotary Foundation won AS Tt)LIl Ttl STEPHEI{ YAFA was about to turn 40 when I joined Rotary. The timing else, Iii discovered, so my business parulers ard I had packed was perfect, Id wandered into a profession, computer up our primirive computer equipment and moved there. software developmenr, where I was disconnecced from Our goal was to handicap every Hong Kong racehorse any communiry. based on past performance, track conditions, and so forth, I was developing a somewhat complex database pro. and place strategic bets based on the results, It was a huge gram for beming on horse races, based on 70 variables for amount of work - but profitable and perfectly legirimate. each horse that enabled me and my colleagues ro derernrine By 1996, thebusiness was becoming a substantial suc- its true odds of winning in any race, once we enrered all cess, I was now beuing my own money and doing quire the data and did our modeling. But we had ro key the well but unless youre an extremely gregarious person, information inro our Kaypro compurers - this was way which Im nor, yolr dont make that many new friends in back when, and there were no available online racing dara- foreign surroundings. Thar was the draw of Rotary for bases in the mid-S0s. me. Our business lawyer, Gilbert Collins, invited me twice My interaction was entirely with a compurer screen. tojoin the Rotary Club of Kowloon North before I We didnt have cusromers or clienrs, so I had little oppor- accepted. I must have had some rrepidation; Im not a tunicy to connect with other humans. And I was living in joiner by nature, But before I knew it, I was on my way to Hong Kong a long way from Pittsburgh, my home.There becoming a member. Rotarians respect the digniry and were far fewer horses racing in Hong Kong rhan anywhere usefulness of all professions. Mine didnt have a service44 IHt ROTARIAN II{OVEMEER 2OII
  7. 7. Rorenv StoRrES I have a fondness anrj ancomponent, so I fblt immensely aptitude for I never made a serious career choicehonored to have been asked to join. to become a gambler. My only realIn the first year after I became a numbers, and, interest has been to beat the system andmember, I learned more about the come out ahead, I have a fondness andHong Kong comrnunity than in all the as I discove red an aptirude for numbers, which helpstime Id been living there. Looking - and, as I discovered through Rotary,back, its not surprising that I wouldbecome deeply involved in the clubs thror-rgh Rotary, a passion for putting my skills to w,rrk for causes I believe in, As I got to knowservice projects. the Chinese government officials in I soon became the clubs inter- for a passion Duan, my level of trust increased. Theynational service director and was rurned out to be sincere and honesr andcharged with reaching out to joinforces with clubs in other locations. puttingmyskills grateful for our help. The governlnent agreed to put up half the money if weBruce Stinson, past president of theKowloon North club, had already to work for put up the other half - a total cost of about $60,000 to rebuild each school.made friends with Sai-Hong Choi, To me, dris seemed like a slam-dunk,past president of the Rotary Club of CAUSCS and thanks to the sLrccess of my busi-Macau, and had visited impoverished ness, I was able to donate a substandalDu an County in southeast China in I believe in. amount of those costs on my ownThe1999. Hed been moved to tears by Kowloon Nordr club teamed up withthe condition of rnany of the areas the Macau club on the first threerural schools - the roofs and walls had collapsed, and there schools in the region, and since then, our districtt clubs havewere no desks or seats, he reported. The Macau club lacked been able to fund many more, Putting the money into briclsfunding, and thats where we stepped in. and mortar assured us thar we were creadng something I knew that it would be something of a gamble to make of lasting valug that the money wasnt being frittered away.our way through the Chinese regional bureaucracy and It was my kind of gemble,ensure that the money we raised went where it was For me, one of the most rewarding results of theseintended, but I d been gambling successfully for most of service projeccs is to warch my perceptions bump upmy adult life. In myjunior year,I had dropped our of Case against rcality,I expected China to be a tyrannical place,Western Reserve University, where I was studying physics even brutal. But my Rotarian colleagues and I learned aand philosophy, and gone to Las Vegas with my friends few things as we watched the Longbn middle school into play blackjack. I remembered a sign Id seen as a teen- Dubn beingtransformed from a dilapidared building intoager in an Atlantic City casino: "Professional card counters a functional structure, I asked the headmaster about disare prohibited from playing at our tables." That always cipline."Do you spank studentsi" I wondered He lookedstayed with me; it meant that if you learned to count, you at me incredulously."spank studentsi" He was shockedcould win. And thats what we did undl we gor bounced at the suggestion, Teachers and administrators are forbid-out of all the Las Vegas casinos. Card-counting improves den to employ physical punishment, he expiained"Theyyour odds and is complercIy legaI, but Nevada casinos are do that in your councryl" It was inconceivable to him thatprivate property, and owners can bar anyone they want we could even chink that was possible So much for myfrom entering, In our early 20s, we were averaging about concern about social protectors.$80,000 each per year atblackjack, which was pretcy good Now about 11 years after the first schools were rebuilt,back then for young kids. Duan has become a thriving region When we visited inTHE ROTARIAN I I{()VEMEER 201,|
  8. 8. i .l Ror.q. nv Sro Rr Es ;1 ll I rir rl il Who are we realy2008, schoolchildren no longer looked doing For rhe RI Afghan Refugee Relief Effort, which helped people iiving in rhis farlat our cameras in awe; they snappeddigital photos of us with their smart- refugee carnps along dre Afghanisran-phones. Thele had been an amazing Pakistan border, we raised over $2 Our first schoolr-rpsurge in prosperiry. Is it to make rnillion; I contributed a lot myselfproject was dwarfed, in a good way, Again, cherewas an open-endedueedby high-rises a1l around. On rhat visit, I suggested that ourselves created by internal conflict, and we were able to adopt a few camps alongbecause the cicy centers were boom- the border to provide basic comfortsing, perhaps we could help rebuild feelsood, o and food. But tfiere was another kindschools in the surrounding mountain of reward, too. I visited P;rkistan, primi-villages, which are srill quite or to Provride where there are nllmerous Rotarycive. The local authorities told us clubs, and discovered that rnany ofthac they hoped everyone would beable to move our of rhe villages, genuine help their problems are the senre problenrs we deal with daily. Thatt nothing Idbecause there is no way people can ever have learned sirting in front ofalive prosperous lives in those areas. where comPuter screen.The land is arid; they can raise only Because of the success of mya few goats and not really grow any- its neededi business,I also was able co give athing. With a berter educacion ar one large gift recently to The Rotaryof the schools, the officials said, the Foundations Rotary Peace Cen[ers,poor village children may be able to qualifr for betterjobs. in support of programs leading to graduate degrees or Our Kowloon North and Macau clubs, wi# help from professional certificares in peace and conflict resolutionother Rotarians, have been able to give children in rhat at eighc universities around the world, Our goal on rhe lregion a chance to become educated in a safe environment. Rotary Peace Centers Major Gifts Initiative committee is liDuhn has been the perfecc project. We were able to launch to help raise $95 million to fund the Rotary Peace Centersit, chen eventually step away and applaud the success ofthe program in perpetuity, in the hope that peace fellows willschools from afar, Thac is an ideal scenario. And there was rise to leadership positions in their respective counrries.no donor fatigue, as there can be when funding seems to go The idea is to create a community of graduates so that, I Ion ard on with no end in sight and no progress. when conflicts arise between countries and cultures, these Thac brings up another point about philanthropy former peace fellows can get rogether and use their skillsthat I pay attention tor Who are we really doing this fori co resolve them before che tensions escalate.Is it to make ourselves feel good, or to provide genuine Did I ever expecr to become involved in so rnany proj-help where its neededi Ive been supporting a hospital ects, or to meet my wife, Vivian, in rhe Rorary Club of iiin Haiti that serves a region devastated by the 2010 Kowloon North - she is a past president of the Rotary Club Iearthquake, with no visible signs of improvement, Tire of Peninsula Sunrise, Hong Kong - and to marry for th"people are as poor as cheyve always been; theres no end first time at age 53? I wouldnt have laid odds on any ofto the deforestacion. Theyre mired, and the moment the those things happening. But computer programs, even mine,f-uncling stops, the hospital will shut down. If we can just have serious limitations. They couldnt have predicted thekeep the hospiral going, isnt that enoughi I try to remem- adventures Ive had or the personal rewards rhat have comeber that service is about serving, not getting something my way through Rorary. I donate to The Rorary Foundationback in retLrrn. because I believc in irs mission. r NOVEMBER 2OI1 I THE ROTARIAN 47