Newsletter 8.5.2011


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Rotary Club of Parramatta City Newsletter 8th May 2011

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Newsletter 8.5.2011

  1. 1. Rotary Club of Parramatta City COMMUNITY NETWORKER ROTARY CLUB OF PARRAMATTA CITY PRESIDENT MESSAGE ROTARY YOUTHLast week we had our Club Assembly and a number of topics were IN AGRICULTUREcovered. I also took the opportunity to announce from our last board (RYAG)meeting a motion that as from July 1st, 2011 we will not be operatingaccounts for members attending club lunches or functions, theTreasurer will issue a tax invoice for those members who need one. Withour mobile credit card facility this now means members can use theirplastic cards as well as cash. The Board believed that were relining on Begun in Coonabarabran (D. 9650)our administration account to fund the luncheon’s until members settle RYAG is aimed at encouraging youngtheir accounts. people in the area’s major industry, cattle-raising. This program hasBarry spoke on how to make the club meetings in his year will be gained momentum in other associated agricultural interests across NSW.streamlined to allow the meeting flow better. But this will mean that our RYAG Beef is a 4-day camp for yearsclub meetings will run from assemble at 12.45 and start at 1.00pm to 10 and 11 students aimed at providing participants with a broad knowledge offinish by 2.00pm. On a rotation basis each Club Director will meet with the cattle industry. Students are accommodated under supervisiontheir committee once every 5 weeks prior to a club meeting. within the local showground complex. They are allocated a beast betweenAs a result of this discussion David Ross spoke about the Club Visioning two students over the four days toScheme and our Club is in real need to embrace this club training tool. prepare for stringent show ring presentation.With the Club’s full support David is now organizing this to happen and This entails the normal breaking in, clipping, grooming, watering andhe will advise times, dates & place where this will occur. feeding along with informative lectures on herd management, artificial insemination, marketing, feeding,This Monday the club is meeting at Oatlands Golf Club for our annual nutrition, transport and public speaking. The camp is concluded withAustralian Rotary Health PhD Scholars night. Keith has done a a grand parade and judging to professional standards.wonderful job in organizing this event, being the showcase of where a Similar RYAG programs have beenmajor portion of funds are given. Enjoy the night. developed for students in Cotton (Moree), Sheep (Armidale), Aquaculture (Great Lakes), Dairy (Wingham), Equine (Tamworth), and Don’t forget the Red Shield Appeal is on again Sunday morning 29th RyMarine (Coffs Harbour).May and Bob Rosengreen has offered his home again for our Club to Contacts : John Sawyer (R.C. ofassemble with family, workmates & friends to door knock the local Coonabarabran) (02) 6842 1081 •area. One last item is the Australian Rotary Race Day is happening at the Peter McClennan (R.C. of Moree) (02) 6752 5573 •Rose Hill Races Saturday 21st May with Gai Waterhouse Race Day, contact Joy Gillett if you are going to attend as numbers closeoff this week.
  2. 2. Rotary Club of Parramatta CityCALENDAR OF EVENTS May ROTARY HEATLH MONTH 9 PhD Students Night- Oatlands 16 Hat Day – Trivia Quiz on Hats, Rotary and Mental Health 21 Australian Rotary Race Day- Rose Hill Gardens 23 Eric Stanley – Be Happy Be Rich – 9 keys to a Happier & Richer Life 29 Red Shield Appeal Day-Bob Rosengreen’s Place 30 PDG Dick White – ethical dilemmas JUNE FELLOWSHIPS MONTH 6 Police Officer of the Year 13 PUBLIC HOLIDAY 20 Keith Henning – RI Convention report 27 Club Change-over JULY 2 District Changeover- Penrith Paceway 4 First meeting 7-11 Prashanth’s WeddingOUR COMMUNITY SERVICE Hat Day Australian Rotary Health is launching a new mental health research awareness day! More than four million people are affected by mental illnesses such as depression, schizophrenia,Alzheimers, anxiety and bipolar disorder at some point during their lives. Not only does mental illness affectthe quality of life of these Australians, but it also represents a huge cost to families, communities and theeconomy. In an effort to bring the importance of mental health research to the fore, Australian Rotary Health will beholding a fundraising and awareness day in May, 2011. ‘Hat Day’ will be a day you and your Club can getbehind as a way to promote the importance of mental health research. While the official day is Friday, the 20th of May, you can hold a Hat Day celebration any day during themonth of May. You might like to encourage members of your Club to come along wearing a hat during aregular meeting, or organise a community event in an effort to spread awareness and help raise funds for agreat cause.
  3. 3. Rotary Club of Parramatta City Remember, mental health is not something you want to keep under your hat. Help us help yourcommunity by getting involved in this exciting new event. OUR INTERNATIONAL SERVICEPUSH TO END POLIO DRAWS ALUMNI SUPPORT By Dan NixonRotary International News -- 3 May 2011 Tim Shadbolt (center), mayor of Invercargill, congratulates Xaver Hausner (right) and Oliver Macindoe onthe completion of their 2,000-mile Journey of Hope in support of polio eradication. Photo courtesy of XaverHausnerEven before completing his studies as a 2009-10 Ambassadorial Scholar in New Zealand, XaverHausner says he “wanted to give something back to Rotary International and the world in general.”Hausner, of Wurzburg, Germany, followed through in a big way. He and a friend, Oliver Macindoe,cycled more than 2,000 miles across New Zealand, raising about US$37,000 for Rotary‟s US$200Million Challenge .The cyclists completed their 54-day Journey of Hope from Cape Reinga to Bluff on 16 January.“One of the biggest lessons from this [fundraiser] is that when you work for the good of others, peopleare so keen to help you,” the cyclists blogged at the end of their journey. “We can see this is one of thegreatest strengths of Rotary.”
  4. 4. Rotary Club of Parramatta CitySarah Perry, a 2010-11 Ambassadorial Scholar from West Virginia, USA, raised more than US$10,400for the polio eradication campaign by running the Rotterdam Marathon in the Netherlands in April. Shegot the idea while speaking to Rotary clubs in Scotland, her host country.“As I came to understand more and more about Rotary‟s worldwide push to rid polio from the final fourcountries in the world [Afghanistan, India, Nigeria, Pakistan], it struck a chord with me and I started towonder if there was something I could do to help with some fundraising,” Perry says.In addition to giving back to Rotary for her scholarship, Perry says she ran the marathon “to ensure thatpolio can no longer rob children of their ability to walk, run, and play like so many other childrenaround the world.”Esha Chhabra took part in National Immunization Days (NIDs) in India in 2009 and 2010, before andduring her studies as an Ambassadorial Scholar in England. Chhabra, who was born in India and grewup in California, USA, worked alongside “college students who volunteered their free time, localRotarians who accompanied us, and young health workers who took the mission to heart,” she says ofher second NID. “I saw an army of volunteers of varying colors, creeds, and nationalities march in aparade through [Delhi] in the hundreds, shouting in Hindi, „We must erase polio.‟ ” Group Study Exchange teams also take partDuring India‟s NID in January, the country‟s Rotarians, joined by their counterparts from Hong Kong,Italy, Korea, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, helped immunize 174 millionchildren. In Veraval, Gujarat, a participating Group Study Exchange (GSE) team from District 9980(New Zealand) reported that “the town clearly bought into the whole project, and kids were flowing intothe booths for immunizations.”Participating in a NID in India also made a profound impression on Gordon Hedahl, who a led a GSEteam from District 5960 (parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin, USA) in 2010.“After 17 years as a Rotarian, hearing about and financially supporting PolioPlus, I don‟t have words toexpress how moving it was to be able to administer drops to those small children,” he says. “I am reallylooking forward to the day when we can declare that we have totally eradicated this disease.”