New Horizons Volume 2 Issue 13


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Weekly newsletter of the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay in Perth, Western Australia, issued on 27 September 2009..

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New Horizons Volume 2 Issue 13

  1. 1. New Horizons The Official Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 ! District 9450! ABN: 99 602 195 617 Volume 2, Issue 13" 28th September -4th October 2009 Letter From the Club Club Rosters From the Desk of the Climb for a Smile Pedaling Health Care Rotary Foundation President Do you know when District Governor Sponsor Team RC Find out how Rotary Thought of the Week A roundup of the clubs you are next rostered? An update from the Freshwater Bay in helps sick people in This week’s thought is activities. Page 5 District Governor. their inaugural Nambia. about the Club Goal Page 1 Page 2 attempt at the Page 4 Setting. BankWest Tower. Page 5 Page 3 fascinating. For me, the main Chief Scientist Lyn Beazley The very first visit to the Letter From the message that came through is and John Clarke, the CEO of Rotary Club of Freshwater that we each have to follow the Science Teachers’ Bay by the District Governor Club President our heart in the field in which Association of WA last will take place this Thursday, we want to work as it is Thursday morning and he 1st October. Also on the Dear Fellow Rotarians, through following our will provide more details on night Rob Rohrlach will passion that makes our this meeting and exciting present a Vocational Service The last meeting for chosen career a joy rather potential project. Award to an employee from September we heard about than a chore. Anne, an early Bethesda Hospital and Ken the ‘Life and Times’ of Anne childhood teacher (preschool Also last Thursday Kylie will induct our new member McAnearney. All members to year 3) finally qualified in West, one of the club’s Group Warren Milner into the club. very much enjoy learning this field about six years Study Exchange Team’s Treas. Rajah has had both of more about each other back, spent a year in the applicants to Normandy, the club’s accounts audited through these presentations Middle East teaching and is France, told us a little about and the Hon. Auditor, Adrian and like all others we have now teaching at Ursula her work at the Disability Rose will be at our meeting heard, Anne’s story is also Frayne in Victoria Park. Services Commission of WA where we will publically Anne did and of her desire to learn thank him for the work he not mention more through this exchange has done in auditing the l a s t to enhance her work in books. T h u r s d a y, supporting people with h o w e v e r, disabilities and their families. Climb for a Smile is the along the Kylie is another excellent following Sunday, 4th way she applicant and we all wish her October and Roger and was a every success with her Elizabeth are seeking member of interview on 10th October. sponsorship support plus six the Rotaract members will be working at Club of An email received Friday the exit. It will be the first Dianella. morning from Pres. Kerry we’ll be able to wear the McAuliffe, who is kindly club’s new T shirts. Thank Anne has assisting the club to set up a you to Claire and Elizabeth also been suitable Charitable for organising these. trialling one Foundation / Trust, informed of the us it could cost far in excess Sunday, 11th is brunch at the Magnifying of the $900 originally Hassell’s. It is a wonderful Microscopes projected. How this is dealt opportunity for all members with her with will have to be decided and families to get together class of little as quickly as possible, with in a purely social atmosphere people and one thing being certain and to bond and get to know each she reported that is the need to proceed other a little better. The that they with the establishment of the ‘Family of Rotary’ is a vital loved it. Foundation. Feedback from part in the success of any Dir. Rob members has been invited as club and in a new one, it Rohrlach I immediately forwarded takes time to develop. Club Rotarian Anne McAnearney and I met Kerry’s email to each of you. members need more social with WA’s contact so PLEASE, as many Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450! 1
  2. 2. N E W H O R I Z O N S of you as possible come onto Alan Stewart for the Unfortunately, Rohallah was for the wonderful job each along on 11th. Thank you indigenous in Wiluna.  Please not able to locate his father one is doing   which has Bill and Sue for arranging pass on our sincere thanks to and step mother.  helped the Rotary Club of this function for us all. all concerned for these Enid Freshwater Bay get off to a and a big thank you to you to On Thursday, 8th October, flying start. Yours in Rotary Service, for organising for this to Rohallah will be addressing happen.  the club, telling us a little of Would all members start Di Collins   his background, why he has giving serious consideration Charter President applied for a Rotary to nominating either Modified GSE Foundation Peace Fellowship themselves or others for the and what he would like to various Board positions. Brother James in Wiluna achieve long term in this   field, if successful with his Br. James is in Nepal and has While at Rotary application.   Rohallah is an Postponed established contact with the Headquarters in Evanston amazing young man whom President of the R.C. of USA last week Ken met with you will not want to miss Club Assembly Kathmandu, and is meeting the staff member in charge of hearing so please make every with him today (Sunday).  Group Study Exchange and effort to be at the meeting on Due to the long weekend and James should have an received formal approval to 8th October. inability of most members to exciting story to share with apply for the Exchange   attend the Club Assembly the club on his return.   between a group of last Saturday, it has been indigenous people from Quiz Night 21st postponed.   However, items Forty students who have Wiluna and Fiji. He is for discussion with members travelled to Nepal on a awaiting confirmation of October, 2009 and for which input is sought Pilgrimage of Hope with cooperation from the District are: James have taken the Governor in New Zealand Hope all members are contents of 13 bags of knitted who looks after Fiji and once encouraging friends and items (toys, jumpers, this is received the family to support our first Club Birthday and blankets, beanies, scarves application will be major fund raising activity.  Christmas and booties) with them, submitted. Funds are urgently required courtesy of Margaret   for the projects which are in Function  Brawley.   These will be the pipeline.   Thank you to distributed to orphanages by Rohallah Safely members who have handed As both of these coincide, the students and will be in items for the Quiz night suggestions and feedback is videoed and photographed, Back in Perth and please keep working on welcome on what kind of so we, and Margaret can see items which can be used for function and where would the fruits of her labour.  Pres. Di has spoken with raffles, auction and table members like us to look at   Rohallah since his arrival prizes.   A club letterhead is holding an event to celebrate attached to this bulletin so More Blankets home mid week.   He is saddened to have had to that members are able to put these two special occasions.  If we propose to look at an leave his 16 year old half together an appropriate letter outside venue, it may need to for Wiluna brother behind in which can be used to be given priority as many Afghanistan and will now try approach local restaurants places get booked up early Enid Wall has three boxes of to go through the and or business for donations for Christmas functions.  various size rugs / blankets appropriate channels to see if for the Quiz night.  Somewhere where we can from St. Louis Retirement he can bring to Australia.  Lotterywest have kindly sent have a room to ourselves is Village which will be passed a package of  50 $1.00 preferable to just a scratchy tickets. restaurant.   Also, WA Chief Scientist Lyn Beazley is a Thanks to Jan and her staff fascinating speaker and if we for these. are able to select a date she is   available, would members like us to try and have her Club Board for address us on the significant occasion of the Club’s first 2010-11 Anniversary?  In four weeks time Secretary Daniel will send out a notice Club Changeover and nomination form to all Night members for nominations for (end of June, early July) Board positions for 2010-11. The club has been extremely Another major celebration in fortunate to have members the life of a  Rotary Club is take on positions and carry the annual club Changeover them out so efficiently in its of its President and Board.  It first year of operation.  Pres. is traditionally an up market Crochet Rugs in Wiluna Di would like to sincerely event and once again thank every Board member suggestions from members 2! Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450
  3. 3. N E W H O R I Z O N S are sought on where it might be Dear Fellow Rotarians, and held.   As with the birthday/ Friends, Christmas celebration, a venue with its own room to allow for Margaret and I will be in the proceedings and speeches to middle of our Kununurra and Brunch at Bill & Sue Hassell’s take place is vital. Broome visits when you receive this. Only three visits left in Sunday, 11th October, 2009 Perth to finish a wonderful Club Foundation/ sequence of meeting old and You are invited to attend a Brunch at Bill and Sue Hassell’s. Trust new friends and discovering more amazing Rotary stories There is a cost of $10.00 per person which will be donated to and projects. With the the Club Charity Account. Please forward your comments cooperation of all clubs we hope on this and the recently received to compile a list of club projects. RSVP to Daniel Forsdyke to indicate your attendance. Please email from Pres. Kerry This will have a multitude of note that payment will be collected prior to the event. McAuliffe to Pres. Di and Board uses including providing new members.   Perhaps we should ideas and opportunities for immediately put on hold the clubs to jointly undertake smaller things like the ordering projects.  of the pull up banner and bannerettes, which were to come out of the Club account in Under Jerry Pilcher's leadership, District Governor’s Visit the membership drive appears favour of the costs that are to be in full swing with some Thursday, 1st October, 2009 needed to set up the Club great news coming from many Foundation if we are not able to Members, Spouses and Friends of the Club are invited to attend arrange for a ‘pro the Official Visit of the DG Geoff and Margaret Simpson. bono’ solution for the application, as This will be a dinner meeting 6:30pm for 7:00pm at a cost of was originally $25.00 per person, with BYO wine. envisaged.  RSVP to Daniel Forsdyke to indicate your attendance. Please note that payment will be collected prior to the night. From the Note: Board members are requested to meet with DG Geoff at 5:30pm Desk of the Karratha Pres Robin Vandenberg, newly District inducted Rotarian Rob Dunbar & DG Geoff Sponsoring Team RC Freshwater Governor clubs. Please upload your Bay for Climb for a Smile membership figures on the website so we can all celebrate Link to : page FreshwaterBayClimbforasmile Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450! 3
  4. 4. N E W H O R I Z O N S with you. hospital. Kilometres from the AIDS-related illnesses to The month has been filled with nearest health care facility, scorpion bites. BEN exciting activities including the villagers living with HIV/ Namibia has found that National Youth Science AIDS often miss their the bikes usually best Forum   Briefing, the Probus treatments because they have serve areas within 10 Rendezvous, the launch of Jeff neither transportation nor kilometres of a health Trudgian's book of poetry, the enough income to charter clinic. RAWCS AGM and interviews private vehicles. for the GSE Team Leader to “It means the difference Normandy in France - But today, Namibians are between getting to a clinic congratulations to Jim Benson. getting an opportunity to reach and a hospital or not,” clinics from the most isolated Offer said. “It means Unfortunately the   Rotary places -- and a better chance at being carried on Foundation Seminar was survival -- because of bicycle someone’s back when poorly attended. All of our ambulances. you’re injured or support is needed to bolster pregnant, being carried in our Foundation and help it The Bicycling Empowerment a stretcher by a group, through these troubled times, Network (BEN) Namibia is a verses one person being especially with the growing nonprofit organization that able to transport demands for its services. Our started out providing bicycles somebody. That’s the fight against Polio continues as transportation. It launched a difference.” and   another chance to help bicycle ambulance project after comes   on the 4th October - noticing that health care A volunteer checks tire Climb for a Smile. A great workers used their bikes’ pressure during a event with four deserving luggage racks to transport maintenance session. Photo causes set to benefit from your patients to hospitals and courtesy BEN Namibia generosity and effort. clinics. Next month is Vocational To bring bike ambulances to Service Month. It is significant the country, the organization that one of the priorities of the looked to the Rotary Club of RI Strategic Plan is to Windhoek, Namibia, for Quiz Night emphasise Rotary's unique support and adopted a design vocational service from Canadian Niki Dun. Dun, Wednesday, 21st October, 2009 commitment. It is crucial that cofounder and director of to be able to influence others Design for Development, a 7:00pm for 7:30pm at the Burswood On Swan Function Centre through business and Vancouver-based charity, had vocational associations one has come up with an innovative Cost is $10.00 per person, with tables of 8.  to be ethical and then lead by concept: a bicycle that could Bar service is available.  personal example. In Gandhi's tow an adjustable stretcher, words, "A man is the sum of already being used in Malawi, his actions." South Africa, and Zambia.   Quiz Master is PP Graeme Bain  Have a great month. Chris Offer, a member of the Members - please organise prizes for the Silent Auctions, Raffles Rotary Club of Vancouver and as tables prizes. Geoff Simpson, District 9450 Chinatown, B.C., became Governor, 2009-10 involved after he read a Please start getting the word out and putting together tables! newspaper article about an award Dun had received from Pedaling Health the Canadian government for her design work. Offer wanted Care to learn more and to see if he By Nicole Charky  could help. They were in sync: The Dr Ken Collins Address Rotary Canada She needed funds to support October 2009 the project in Namibia, and he Monday, 16th November, 2009 could help raise them. Eight Namibian men walk 7:00pm for 7:30pm at the Golden Nugget Room, Gloucester through the desert. Four of Now, more than 70 bicycle Park.  them carry an injured person ambulances are serving remote on a stretcher. villages with support from the Cost is $45.00 per person for a two course meal.  Bar service is Vancouver Chinatown and available.  The other four walk alongside Windhoek clubs and the Rotary and wait until the first four get Club of Port Moody, B.C., in RI President John Kenny will be the keynote speaker.  tired. They switch off, hoisting partnership with Design for the person and continuing Development. The Rotary Foundation Alumni speaker will be retired Federal along the unpaved ground. Court Judge Bob Nicholson.  The ambulances are often the This is the way people in rural only option for transporting Namibia usually reach a impoverished people with afflictions ranging from HIV/ 4! Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450
  5. 5. N E W H O R I Z O N S with a minimum US$100 “We decided to try for a total As our club sets its goal for The Rotary contribution. of $600,000 or $200 per capita the coming year, we should Foundation At the President-elect in our district,” says PDG Holly Callen, D5950. “It also remember to measure our success by the number of Training Seminar (PETS) this seemed like a real stretch and lives we’ve saved and Week 13: This week’s Rotary spring, our club president- it took us three years to get changed. Foundation Thought is about elect will be asked to submit there, but by setting an Club Goal Setting. an annual giving goal for the ambitious goal, we were able upcoming year. History has to achieve it. This year we Clubs are asked to set annual proven that clubs that set have raised the goal to giving goals for the Every goals follow through with $1million - $300 per Rotarian, Every Year effort. them. Many clubs are Rotarian!” We’re asking every Rotarian exceeding that goal now. to support our Foundation Program for October Introduction Date Details Date Name 1st October District Governor’s Visit - Dinner 1st October Ken Collins Meeting 8th October Bill Hassell 8th October Rohallah Haidiri Vote of Thanks 15th October Committee Meetings 22nd October Simone Carot Collins - Waist Date Name Disposal Challenge Overview 1st October Rob Rohrlach 29th October Bill Hassell - Life & Times 8th October Warren Milner Welcoming Roster Board Club Details Rotary Year 2009-10 Date Name Di Collins — President Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. PO Box 168, Nedlands, 1st October Elizabeth Bain Ken Collins — Vice President / Western Australia, 6909 Membership Director 8th October Sue Hassell Meetings Thursday 5:45pm to 6:45pm 15th October Bryant Stokes Cafe, Bethesda Hospital Simone Carot Collins — President Elect / Queenslea Drive 22nd October Peter Symons Club Administration Director Claremont 29th October Rob Rohrlach Email Rajah Senitharajah — Treasurer Phone 08 9385 0471 Fax Bulletin Contributions Daniel Forsdyke — Secretary 08 9385 0472 Website Contributions for the weekly bulletin are Rob Rohrlach — Projects Director sought from members of the club. Why not use the bulletin to update the club Facebook Claire Forsdyke — International Director on the projects your committee is working on or promote the clubs next fundraising gid=47737002646 event. Toni James — PR & Marketing Committee Director Chartered 19 December 2008 Please forward articles and photos to Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9450! 5