Technical english vocabulary


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Technical english vocabulary

  1. 1. Technical English<br />General & Technical Vocabulary<br />Sl.NoColumn AColumn B1ComplexIntricate2DeviceInstrument3DiversionTurning aside4CapacityAbility5ErosionWearing away6PermeabilityPassing through7SignificantlyMarkedly8AugmentationIncrease9ImplementTool10ConsumptionUse11ExtractionTaking out12CollateralProperty pledged by a borrower13FlotationRemaining on the surface14DefaultIn the absence of an alternative15StagnantNot moving or changing16AmalgamationBringing together17DistressSuffering18CyanidationProcess of treating something with a cyanide compound19MigrantA person who moves from one place to another20RuralRelating to the countryside21UrbanRelating to towns and cities22CrampedConfined within narrow limits23StatisticsNumerical facts systematically collected24RecruitTake people into service on contract25ImportBring into a country people, goods etc, from foreign countries26SpellA condition caused by or as if by magical powers27GeniusA person having an instinctive and extraordinary capacity for creative activity28StimulusSomething that rouses people to activity29NucleusCentral part of the atom30UraniumMetallic element31FissionDivision of the atom32DisposalGetting rid of33CoreThe innermost part34CoolantCooling fluid35BreederProducer36RadiationGiving out rays37HazardDanger38ContaminationPollution39FictionNot factual40FantasyWild imagination41ExtraterrestrialNot belonging to the earth42RobotMachine which can perform some of the actions of a human being or animal43SensorDevice composed of silicon44Natural languageOf words in human communication45ArtificialElectronic device producing awareness of the surroundings46IntelligenceThe faculty of verbal expressions and the use47ChipThe capacity of a computer for learning and decision taking similar to human intelligence48SemiconductorMaterial whose conductivity at room temperature lies between that of metals and insulators49MicroprocessorElectronic device which can perform a range of basic logical functions upon given signals50PlyingWandering51EnforceCompel52FatalResulting in death make sure something is followed53ViolationNon-observance (of rules etc)54PedestrianA person who walks55StringentSevere56RegulationRules57StrayMoving between places58CongestionAbnormal accumulation of people, traffic59HazardDanger60HeritageAn object, custom or quality which is passed down over many years within a family or nation61IntactWhole; unaffected; in one piece62PanoramaA complete view of a wide stretch of land; a continuously changing view or scene63ExoticStrange; unusual, and attractive64RepositoryA place where things are stored65LushGrowing thickly, very well66SpectacularOf grand appearance67TranquilCalm, peaceful68SanctuaryAn area for wild birds or animals where they may not be hunted69DiversityVariety; having differences70TechnologyScientific knowledge needed for industry71AppropriateSuitable72ExploitationUsing, usually unfairly, for one’s own benefit73IndigenousLiving or growing in a place where originally from74InnovativeHaving the quality of introducing new things, making changes75PorridgeSoft food made by boiling a cereal in water or milk76CoagulumThick, sticky, solid mass77HuskDry outer covering of grain, seeds, etc78NutritionNourishment79ExtractionObtaining juices by pressing, crushing, boiling80InedibleUnfit to eat81IndispensableNecessary82AnticipateConsider beforehand83TransactionA piece of business done between people84CasuallyUnmethodical, unconventional85EnclosureSomething included with a letter in the same package86InformalIn an unplanned, careless manner87InstantlyImmediately88FeedbackResponse89ConservationReservoir, a place where water is collected and stored90GeneticsThe scientific study of the way qualities are passed on from one generation to the next91AmphibianOrganism able to live both on land and in water92SubmergenceBeing placed under water93EcologyBiology dealing with mutual relations between organisms and their environment94AfforestationExpansion of forests95RepercussionA reciprocal action or effect<br />Prepared By: G.Babu<br />Source : English for Engineers and Technologists , Combined Edition (Volumes 1 and 2)<br />