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Why We Can't Do SEO WIthout CRO

  1. Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz | @randfish | Why We Can’t Do SEO Without CRO Shifts in Google’s rankings & searcher behavior have changed how SEOs must apply CRO
  3. SEO Historically
  4. Measured by: Traffic Driven
  5. Measured by: Rankings Achieved Via Moz Pro
  6. Improved by: Boosting Accessibility Via Moz Pro
  7. Improved by: Optimizing Keywords Via Moz Pro
  8. Improved by: Acquiring Links Via Moz Pro
  9. Improved by: Upgrading Visibility
  10. What Changed?
  11. Google Evolved Via Avinash Kaushik
  12. Solving the Searcher’s Query Became Google’s Ultimate Search Quality Metric
  13. Engagement Emerged as a Ranking Signal Google’s Search Quality team is always asking the same question: Are searchers satisfied by this? How do they get the answer?... Aggregate Behavioral Data
  14. Do searchers, on average, click the results we rank highly more than the results we rank lower? 35% of clicks 19% of clicks 11% of clicks All Good!
  15. Do many searchers click on nothing at all, and instead change their query, or choose a “related search?” If it’s these, maybe we show more results for where sour beer is available.
  16. Do searchers, on average, “short- click” some results, while “long- clicking” others? If clicks on Wikipedia result in a quick bounce back to the SERP While SeattleMag gets high engagement w/ few bounces… Google may swap their rankings
  17. Not Sure You Should Believe Me? Here’s Google Search Engineer Paul Haahr: Via Paul Haahr
  18. A brief aside… What’s up Brad? You sure that’s the best possible name for your real estate agency?
  19. Google’s Also Shifted from Prioritizing Good Results to The Fastest Answer
  20. This is all about speed – predicting my next search query w/ more accuracy based on my prior one.
  21. Powerful Query-Interpretation Processes Now Help Google Sort Out Which Signals toApply Via Rankbrain Unleashed
  22. And Content Analysis Algorithms Have Grown Vastly More Sophisticated Via Google Research’s SyntaxNet Announcement
  23. An Emerging SEO Priority: Searcher Task Accomplishment
  24. Can the Searcher Quickly, Comprehensively Solve Their Problem via this SERP?
  25. Do the Top Results Take Them All the Way Through Their Issue? Thinking about writing a book… Financial expectations Odds of getting a publisher Self-publishing vs. traditional Finding an agent Choosing a publisher Tips by genre Book marketingThe pitch
  26. Google’s Goal: Find Signals &Algos that Reward Pages Optimized for TaskAccomplishment IMO, this page (#12) does the best job of solving the searcher’s problem
  27. SEO’s Goal: Align the Business’& Searcher’s Objectives, then Optimize Jane’s “next steps” perfectly align (& balance) the searcher’s needs w/ her content, products, & services
  28. The CRO Process for Searcher Task Accomplishment
  29. Via Conversion Rate Experts
  30. We want to replicate this process, but apply it to the “conversion” of searcher task accomplishment what searchers are seeking. searchers come away unsatisfied.
  31. STEP 1: Establish Your Primary KW Target Via Keyword Explorer
  32. STEP 2: Expand w/ Related KWs that Share the Same Searcher Intent
  33. STEP 3:Add In KWs w/ Slightly Expanded Intent The grouping features in KW research tools can be useful for ID’ing unique searcher intents
  34. STEP 4: Visit the Competition – What Tasks Are They Helping Searchers Solve? Amazon-specific process info Self-publishing tips How to write a best-seller Process to find a literary agent
  35. STEP 5: Survey a Small Group Sample survey here
  36. STEP 6: Curate Your List of Searcher Expectations
  37. STEP7: Create the Content to Match Each Need, & Use a Layout that MakesAccessing Each Element Easy VS.
  38. STEP 8:Apply the On-Page SEO Checklist Createtrust&engagementthroughUI,UX,&branding EmployKWsintelligently(title,headline,content,URL,img,etc) OptimizeyoursnippettoearnthehighestpossibleCTR Deliveruniquevaluebeyondwhatothersitescanoffer Craftcontentthatfulfillsthesearcher’sprimarygoals Speed,speed,andmorespeed Avoidelementsthatdissuadevisitors Userelatedtopicstoboostrelevancy&rankingpotential Via On-Page SEO
  39. STEP 9: Usability Test Your Page Like a Product Via UsabilityHub’s “Question Test” Surveys
  40. STEP 10: Launch, Learn, & Iterate Via Sprint from Jake Knapp & Google Ventures
  41. SEO+CRO Isn’t Just Task Accomplishment…
  42. CRO Can Help You StayAhead of Your Competitors’SEO Invesments If has a higher conversion rate, they can re-invest more budget in SEO, and eventually overtake
  43. Traditional CROAlso Matters Because It’s How Execs Decide Where to Put Budget
  44. Yes. There’s Conflict Between *Who* Gets the Conversion
  45. Conversion Rates & Searcher Satisfaction Are Sometimes in Direct Opposition
  46. AHigher Conversion Rate w/ Worse Searcher Satisfaction May Yield Lower Organic Traffic
  47. But… There’s a Win/Win
  48. Helping Users First Often Leads to Better Long-Term ROI Searcher Satisfaction Trust & Loyalty Return Visits Stronger Long-Term Conversions
  49. Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz | @randfish |