Ralph Paglia Recommended Digital Marketing Strategy


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Ralph Paglia Recommended Digital Marketing Strategy... Visit and join http://ADM.fm

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  • PenskeSocial.com becomes the content repository and centralized distribution point feeding out across the social web and into the appropriate site profiles and accounts from amongst 300+ that have been set up to date for Penske Automotive Group.
  • Articles and content being syndicated out from the PenskeSocial.com hub social network contain references, citations, reviews and a wide range of content that all link back to PenskeCars.com
  • Penske Automotive Group’s syndicated profiles set up within over 200 of the web’s most popular business listing services and online directories such as Google Places, Yahoo Business Listings, Merchant Circle and more serve as a primary driver of inbound phone call traffic to the dealership’s sales and service departments.
  • Ralph Paglia Recommended Digital Marketing Strategy

    1. 1. Where are the best dealers going to get their competitive advantages in 2012 and 2013?
    2. 2. 1999 - 2012 Targeting TechnologyWeb 2.0 Engagement Science CRM Systems / PeopleShowroom / Service Drive
    3. 3. SEA ODA SMA OVA Targeting TechnologyExecutive Summary Digital Advertising SEA – Search Engine Advertising ODA – Online Display Advertising SMA – Social Media Advertising OVA – Online Video Advertising Revenue Realization
    4. 4. Retargeting ODARetargeting ODA
    5. 5. Made Possible by the Advent of Customer Engagement on Massive Levels
    6. 6. 8 Advent of Customer Engagement on Massive Levels
    7. 7. Phone Flow
    8. 8. Automotive Marketing Principle #1: Stories Sell! (Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow) DEALERSHIP SPONSORED SOCIAL NETWORK (community) Dealer Story, Article or News
    9. 9. 1. Set Up a “Profile” for each Dealer/GM/Manager2. Create a “Group” for your Franchise/Brand3. Create a “Fan Page” for your Community4. Post Links to dealer eCommerce site content items5. Remember the 80/20 Rule of Social Content
    10. 10. Ads were seen 7,201,334 times by Facebookmembers who live near the dealership…1,730 of those Facebook members clicked onone of the two Facebook displayadvertisements…$1,595.25 spent for the Facebook AdCampaigns, each customer visit to ourcommunity site or Fan page cost 92 cents(CPC).To show Facebook members our dealership adseach 1,000 times (CPM), cost 22 cents…
    11. 11. Social Media Holds Dealerships Accountablefor their Delivery of the Customer Experience
    12. 12. Why is Reputation Management Important to Car Dealers?
    13. 13. Why is Reputation Management Important to Car Dealers?
    14. 14. LouFuszReviews.com
    15. 15. Resources and budget for a“Complete Digital Marketing Strategy Implementation”
    16. 16. Process Phone Email Traffic Handling Marketing Online Customer Display Advertising Communication Online Process Video Advertising Email & CRM Search Engine Advertising Social Media Training – Process Advertising Implementation Social Media Marketing Service Drive Comprehensive (content) Process Digital Marketing Strategy POS Materials Websites Reputation Management Microsites Revenue Showroom EngagementRealization Process Apps
    17. 17. Traffic Process Revenue EngagementRealization
    18. 18. Dear Ralph,You can’t improve your digital marketing gameif you don’t know the score. The only way toovercome your competition and increase theROI of your marketing is to view all yourcampaign data holistically.
    19. 19. www.ADMPC.com
    20. 20. Slideshare.net/RalphPaglia
    21. 21. http://AutomotiveDigitalDealers.com
    22. 22.  AutomotiveDigitalMarketing.com DealerElite.net Slideshare.net/RalphPaglia AutomotiveDigitalDealer.org AutomotiveDigitalDealers.com Facebook.com/groups/AutomotiveMarketing Facebook.com/groups/AutoSocial Twitter.com/ADMcommunity YouTube.com/autodigitalmarketing