Innerworkings Pitch - Think Small to Get Big 3-4-13


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  • Cover Slide:This Infographic is intended for external use with a B2C customer or prospect to help them visualize the components and offerings within the Aprimo portfolio that when integrated comprise the Aprimo Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) solution.
  • Cover Slide:This Infographic is intended for external use with a B2C customer or prospect to help them visualize the components and offerings within the Aprimo portfolio that when integrated comprise the Aprimo Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) solution.
  • Cover Slide:This Infographic is intended for external use with a B2C customer or prospect to help them visualize the components and offerings within the Aprimo portfolio that when integrated comprise the Aprimo Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) solution.
  • The Social Revolution is also about this incredible shift in mobility. There will be over 1.8 billion mobile devices by 2014 while desktops and laptops are remaining stagnant.Analysts predict Apple will ship fifty-six million iPads shipping this year. Tablets and mobile -- we're in the post-PC revolution now.
  • The entire DM industry is pretty big. ANIMATIONEven the email marketing space, where we play right now, is big on it’s own, with spending continuing to grow, even as investments are made in mobile and social channels.
  • Problem - Launching new campaign initiative options are:  Purchasing and Operating legacy MRM Systems for:Finance System Workflow System Approval System Employing Campaign Agency for MRM CampaignsExamples are Markel and Epsilon Cater to very large Fortune 500 companies Are very expensive Corporate Marketing Dept. will staff up and execute them  Hire Data Base Manager Hire E Mail Expert Hire Content and Creative Experts Hire a Web Analytics Expert License and deploy necessary software and hardware  Outsource work to vendors who charge as a service similar to other media billing system 
  • Cover Slide:This Infographic is intended for external use with a B2C customer or prospect to help them visualize the components and offerings within the Aprimo portfolio that when integrated comprise the Aprimo Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) solution.
  • Marketers truly having control of planning, budgeting and spending …… they can execute multichannel campaigns that directly tie return on marketing investment to their business results. IMM solutions allows marketers to marry online and offline channels, tracks budget and spend management, streamline workflow and provide digital asset management.Centripetal’s offerings comprise solutions for: Marketing Operations Campaign Management Digital Messaging Business Analytics.
  • This slide deck begins with a total view of how an IMM environment flows in a B2C environment. Each subsequent slide then breaks down each major functional area into more detail, including a brief description of each area along with real customer results. At a high-level though you see how you begin from the Marketing Operations side and move through the engagement processes around to Marketing Analytics which delivers new insights back into the planning phases. So, let’s begin….
  • Slide 3: - Marketing OperationsThe Marketing Operations functionality (often referred to as Marketing Resource Management or MRM) is where marketing activities begin to take shape. Some activities may be new ideas or theories yet to be tested. Other activities might include annual events or campaigns that have performed well and worth repeating. Regardless of the inception, each activity goes through the planning, calendaring, creating, approving and production processes for a number of reasons some of which include; to monitor and track each project’s status relative to completion and budget, to save time and money, to allow for reuse of certain elements or assets, to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory concerns and to maintain consistency with corporate branding. The end result being marketing best practices. A marketing activity will start with planning whereby the action is proposed, reviewed and approved. Starting with the budget, funds are allocated and this will typically begin the campaign planning process. From this plan, offers and treatments are defined along with other creative needs to kick off the creative services process. As the campaign or marketing activity is in the planning stage, it is also being plotted into a marketing calendar so marketing groups and other departments have visibility to what is planned and happening at all times from a marketing perspective. Here is also where the audience is considered meaning the segmentation and/or personas to be targeted for a campaign or product launch.As the production of the creative is driven through the workflow for review and approval from brand marketing, legal and compliance, and the work is completed, the invoices are tracked against the activities’ stated budget for comparison and determination of dollars spent for other projects.Some results attained from customers that have implemented marketing operations in their companies include:-Gaining 100% real-time visibility into their marketing spend as a result of using MRM – company - Nationwide-Reduced turnaround time for reviews by 50% - Citizens BankOnce the creative is approved and ready to “launch”, we move to the next stage….next slide
  • Slide 4 – Campaign Management & Digital MarketingThere are many avenues in which to deliver content to your customers and with everyone using mobile devices and being on the road, digital marketing is one of the fastest growing areas within campaign management and is quickly becoming the most preferred method for content delivery. Consumers are looking at information as they need it – not because they received it. They choose the channels, the format and time in which to digest company, product, or sale information. Since this engagement model has been redefined, the marketer’s job is to make sure messages get to consumers when it’s relevant for them, and in the content format they prefer and through the channel they’re most likely to see and respond to it. Within this execution stage, the marketer is also running the segmentation and depending on the counts, may go through several iterations until the mailing universe is finished and ready for mailing. (Remember in the marketing operations phase marketers determine who to mail to through the segmentation – here in the execution phase, the list is actually generated) Additional analysis and data mining is also happening here to refine the target list even more or uncover nuggets of information and insight that could suggest new theories thus being the impetus for a test. - 43% US retail sales are influenced by the web - Source: Forrester Research
  • Slide 5: CustomersWhile we have reached an age where digital channels are more popular, there are still successful traditional offline channels that are not going away including stores, branches, and seminars. (think financial or brokerage houses) Many companies utilize call centers as their first line of contact with responders of campaigns or visits to the web site. And, doubling as a customer service center can also mean these reps might have the ability for cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Through a real-time offer engine (Aprimo Real-Time Interaction Manager) customer service agents can be ready with offers that are significant and timely for customers dialing into the center. Many companies have discovered that by implementing this inbound capability, incremental revenue is driven with little to no extra expense. - Gartner analyst Adam Sarner says: “Inbound marketing attains 10x more conversion rates than outbound marketing.” The dialogue exchange between the various B2C Channels and the customer continues and also includes various digital channels simultaneously as the customer chooses his or her path for gathering information.Slide 5: Bottom portion - Digital Channels as Part of the Engagement ProcessHere we see the use of web, social, email, and mobile as the primary digital channels in use today and because these digital channels generate more data about the customer’s preferences and behaviors, the marketer is able to use that data to more accurately predict future behavior of a persona and provide a personalized relevant message which in turn can drive higher response rates. - Achieved 40% Response Rates on Marketing Campaigns – Up to 75% when customer was contacted within 24 hours of a significant event (Banking customer APJ)
  • Slide 6: Marketing AnalyticsAfter the campaign has been planned, created and delivered, we come to the analytical phase of IMM. In this phase, data analysts and scientists are analyzing the data while the campaign is still in flight and can change course if need be. Results are reflected back against the plan to calculate ROI and to determine the overall success of the campaign or activities against objects set in the planning phase.Marketers understand the need to show results of their efforts and part of the beauty of digital marketing is the amount of data generated from the various channels to allow the marketer to do deep-dive analytics and mining of the data to draw connections and correlations that may not otherwise have been understood. Data Scientists are crunching the data in context with the overall company goals and objectives for an even broader picture of marketing’s efforts and how they are contributing to the company’s bottom line. “Data scientists turn big data into big value, delivering products that delight users, and insight that informs business decisions.” Daniel Tunneling, Principal Data Scientist at LinkedIn - Confirmed first year ROI> 700% - Deloitte
  • Slide 7: The Recap & Total Picture of IMMIn summary, the IMM process is an iterative process aimed at making marketing departments more effective and ultimately more accountable. IMM is an environment to which companies aspire. It is not a product, but rather a compilation of applications and solutions integrated to perform seamlessly. Companies can choose to begin their IMM journey wherever they feel they have the most opportunity and build from there. Aprimo provides solutions in each of the major IMM functional areas and can help customers begin their IMM journey wherever they choose to start.
  • “The Value Proposition” - Why IMM should be delivered by a PSP’s? IMM can be a profitable mechanism for holding onto existing and winning new clients Excellent mechanism to add new revenue steam without adding additional expense PSP’s have clients with critical needs and large problems PSP’s should know how to solve customer problems and guide their progress through the process “The Customers Problem” - Repairing a Fragmented Customer Experience A still static website Isolated Social Channels A disconnected sales / customer support team A Foggy Company Culture 3. “The Customers Solution” - Moving toward a more integrated experience - Integrated Marketing Platform  - Personalization that extends across channels- Responsive design for evolving devices- Structural and Cultural alignment
  • The number one question Kimberly-Clark asked was “How do we empower our sellers to inspire the customer in one to two minutes versus one to two hours?” And their brain child was the Healthy Workplace application.In this interactive application, sales reps can share interactive video content with their customers so that they can have an engaging experience with Kimberly-Clark. They can show customers the germ hotspots in a hotel or hospital, whether it's the reception area, the elevators, the water coolers, and bring it to life. Then, the reps can prescribe a solution to the customer that ends up resulting in the creation of a proposal, which can be presented to the customer on the iPad. The customer can sign, and then, that proposal can be sent back to is the platform that has delivered this application to all of Kimberly Clark’s sales people on their mobile applications.What is is the enterprise cloud computing platform for building employee-facing apps.More than 480,000 developers have used their Salesforce expertise to build the apps their company and employees need for a modern workforce with’s cloud infrastructure.CIOs and developers trust the proven platform and have built more than 275,000 custom, employee-facing apps that are used by more than 100,000 customers. With, custom apps can be more social and mobile. And, through all of our APIs, companies can connect to anything.
  • Going into detailEach key point is anchored with a question. I find posing a question to the audience relative to each key point engages them to proactively think and apply the ideas to their own situation vs. just listen to what I have to say.  Slide Notes:Place the title of the first key point where it says “People” and also in the box in the upper right.This may seem redundant, but the repetition is important. The “subline” in the upper right hand box is for a one or two word anchor to the first key point.In my case, the subline for “People” is “Happiness” – it’s the people you surround yourself with in business who impact your happiness.I’ll then carry the “box” in the upper right hand corner, color-coded to that section, to additional content slides in that section.
  • Image slidesTry to emphasize your concepts with pictures. And I tend to use real pictures – pictures of the companies and executives that are the subjects of my stories.Or I’ll choose a picture that elicits an emotional response to a key point I’m making. It’s important to touch a listener’s heart and head.  Slide Notes:Note the left bar color aligns with the section color – visual clue that I’m still in Section 1.To set a picture as a slide background, as on this slide, hold down CONTROL, click the slide and then click Format Background.
  • Innerworkings Pitch - Think Small to Get Big 3-4-13

    1. 1. “Thinking Small to Get Big” A Revenue Opportunity For InnerWorkings Offering Integrated Marketing Management
    2. 2. “Thinking Small to Get Big”
    3. 3. Purpose of the MeetingTo introduce a new digital service for InnerWorking clientsthat will:• Produce an ongoing revenue stream for InnerWorkings• Match the current stated goals of the company• Incur no additional marginal expense• Require no technical knowledge or expertise• Endear InnerWorkings to it’s current client base• Provide InnerWorkings the ability to garner new middle market clients
    4. 4. Major Marketing TrendsWhat are CMO’s & Marketers Wants and Needs? CHANNELS  Evolution of channels and technologies Proliferation of New  Improving cross-channel customer interactions Engagement Channels  Delivering exceptional “real-time” experiences CUSTOMERS  More informed customers Increasing Customer  Expectations for relevancy and personalization Power  Increasing control and influence over peers PERFORMANCE  Increasing accountability for performance Improving Marketing Performance &  Doing more with less Accountability  Linking activities to achieving business objectives Researched from 2012 IBM CMO Study
    5. 5. Mobile RevolutionNext Generation Mobile Devices are Changing How We Access theWeb and Print will be an Important Portal Tablets Smartphones 1.8 Laptops Desktop billion mobile devices by 2014 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012E 2013E 2014E Source: Gartner Research, Smartphone, Tablet, and PC Forecast, December 2011
    6. 6. Media Digitalization is HUGE An Opportunity that can be achieved through Print Media $76B 65%+GrowthGrowth
    7. 7. Background InformationWhat are CMO’s & Marketers Problems ? Research provide by … 2012 Aberdeen Group StudyProblem - Launching new campaign initiatives. The options are: 1. Purchasing and Operating legacy MRM Systems for: 2. Employing Campaign Agency for MRM Campaigns 3. Corporate Marketing Dept. will staff up and execute them 4. Outsource to vendors who charge similar to other media 7
    8. 8. AgendaIntegrated Marketing Management (IMM) as a Service…1. What is IMM?2. How does IMM work and why?3. How Centripetal Media makes IMM available to Middle Market Clients through Print Service Providers4. How InnerWorkings can partner with Centripetal Media
    9. 9. What is Integrated Marketing ManagementIntegrated Marketing Management is when…“Marketers truly have control of planning,budgeting and spending …… they canexecute multichannel campaigns thatdirectly tie return on marketing investmentto their business results.”
    10. 10. 360 Degree View of CustomerPrint is the trigger spoke in the hub of totally integrated marketing
    11. 11. Integrated Marketing Management ” A Solution Framework Approach” Seamless Customer Strategic Insight and Engagement Marketing Processes Marketing Analytics Channels Customers Source Data Web Mining Reporting Profiling Modeling Trending Segmenting Call Product/ Center SKU Consumer Partner Data Marketing Operations Warehouse Email Inventory Workflow Plan Brand Sales/ Events & Rules Spend Assets POS/ Pre-engineered Sales Franchise Consumer- centric Multi-Channel Campaign Social Data Supplier Management Automation Media Assets Promotional/ Mobile Loyalty Data Campaign Campaign Design Automation Leads Consumer Feedback Loop11
    12. 12. How does Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) work? IMM helps you get the most out of your marketing efforts by maintaining all content across your organization. Then IMM uses advanced database technologies to continuously deliver the right messages to customers. Here are the major elements of Integrated Marketing Management………MarketingOperations Customers Campaign Mgt. & Digital Marketing Marketing Operations Customer Engagement Real-time Interactions Marketing Analytics Customers
    13. 13. Marketing OperationsMarketing Operations gives your marketing teams the tools to automate the finance, planningand creation of timely, relevant campaigns for their customers and prospects. Approve Content Reduce turnaround time for reviews by 50% ProduceCreate ContentContent Media, Digital Content and Collateral Marketing Operations (see next slide) Review and Revise PlanCampaignPlanning Finance and Gain 100%, real-time visibility into Planning the companies marketing spend
    14. 14. Campaign Management & Digital MarketingReach customers using online and offline channels that are most convenient for them,including social networks, web and email. Media, Digital Content and Collateral 43% US retail sales influenced by the web Email Real-time Deliverability Decisioning Dialogue Segmentation Campaign Execution Analytics Data Mining Customer Data Warehouse
    15. 15. Customers Engage with your customers using the right message at the right time, building relationships by creating the best possible experience.Inbound marketing Retail Achieve 40-75%attains 10x higher response ratesconversion ratesthan outbound Real-time Callmarketing interactions Center Customer Engagement Live Event Real-time interactions Broadcast Media Web, Social and Email Mobile/ SMS
    16. 16. Marketing AnalyticsMaintain a broader view into how and where your marketing budget is beingutilized. IMM delivers the ability to adjust activities in-flight if necessary.Confirmed first year ROI > 700% Measuring Campaign Performance via Analytics Reconcile and Optimize Customer Engagement Spending
    17. 17. Why an Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) approach? The closed-loop framework of IMM provides improved manageability, better accountability and higher ROMI. 1 Marketing Operations 3 Customers Approve Content Produce 2 Campaign Content Management & Create Content Digital Marketing Retail Marketing Media, Digital Content and Collateral Operations Review and Revise Plan Campaign Call Planning Center Real-time Email Decisioning Deliverability Finance Dialogue and Planning Segmentation Customer Engagement Analytics Data Mining Customer Live Event Data Warehouse Real-time Interactions4 Marketing Broadcast Analytics Media Web, Social and Email Reconcile and Optimize Spending Mobile/SMS
    18. 18. Illustration of IMMConnect to a Slide PresentationWWW.__________.comLink to Lyrus Demo Slides…… possibly their livedemo….. 18
    19. 19. Centripetal makes Integrated Marketing Management available ‘As a Service’ through Print Service ProvidersIntegrated Marketing Management (IMM) as a Service… “The Value Proposition” - Should be delivered by a PSP’s? “The Customers Problem” - Repairing a Fragmented Customer Experience “The Customers Solution” - Moving toward a more integrated experience 19
    20. 20. Guided Selling App for Your Sales TeamYes, your Account Team can understand how to sell this solution #1 Cloud platform for employee social apps (IDC) Automate and extend your business Proven with 100,000+ customers 400% productivity improvement 108% ROI Start demo at 50:10 Extend
    21. 21. Guided Selling for Inner Workings Reps.InnerWorkings Client Engagement Process:1. Consultation and Analysis of client needs2. Outline Proposed Marketing Process3. Initial Client Engagement and Develop Formal Plan4. Review Plan with Client for Approval5. Signing Agreement6. Installation, Training and Operations 21
    22. 22. SummaryWhy should InnerWorkings Partner to Provide Services• Print Service Providers are natural channels for enabling Integrated Marketing Management• Print Service Providers need to protect and build upon their existing client investment• Centripetal Media is built to allow Print Service Providers to improve their revenue and margin by offering Integrated Marketing Management to their clients
    23. 23. How to Partner with CentripetalThe Pricing Package Package andContract PricingEngagement Agreement 23
    24. 24. Please Take the Next StepYour Customers are already exploring alternativesContact:Centripetal MediaDavid Motheral Jr. CEOdavid.motheral@centripetal3.com817-832-2988