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Fostering research in science communicatoin by means of competitive projects


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presentation of oral communication on 9 oct 2019

Published in: Science
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Fostering research in science communicatoin by means of competitive projects

  1. 1. Fostering research and innovation in Science communication by means of competitive projects Miquel Duran (UdG), Sílvia Simon(UdG), Fernando Blasco (UPM) CCSC 2019, Burgos @miquelduran @silviasimonr @fblascoxyz This presentation:
  2. 2. How many scientists here?
  3. 3. Academic = magician?
  4. 4. Research: front porch of universities
  5. 5. Scientists: nerds?
  6. 6. 4 activities
  7. 7. Perceptions by scientists
  8. 8. Perception by group/university
  9. 9. Perception by target
  10. 10. Reward
  11. 11. Projects in Outreach / Science Communication
  12. 12. Conclusions & More Shaded area between teaching, communication and research involves • Ph.D. direction (and also undergrad research programs) • Mentoring related to research and Science communication. Key actions: • Set up 2 to 4-year projects on Science Communication • Establish system of rewards for academics and researchers • make Communication of Research compulsory and evaluable (same for innovation in teaching, of course). Whether this should apply to individuals or to groups, that is a matter of further discussion and cannot be separated from the formal structure of tenure at universities and research centers. Thank you! @miquelduran @silviasimonr @fblascoxyz