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Periodic Table for Children and Youth

II Congreso Scientix, presentation "Periodic Table for Children and Youth", MUNCyT Alcobendas, 2-3/2/2019

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Periodic Table for Children and Youth

  1. 1. Periodic Table for Children and Youth II Congreso Scientix, MUNCyT Alcobendas, 2-3/2/2019 Miquel Duran (UdG) and Fernando Blasco (UPM) @miquelduran and @fblascoxyz Project on Magic and Science-
  2. 2. #aitp2019 #iypt2019
  3. 3. The Periodic Table is probably the most compact and meaningful compilation of knowledge that man has yet devised. Astronomer Harlow Shapley, cited in the preface of “The Periodic, a Very Short Introduction”, by Eric R. Scerri, Oxford Univ Press, 2011
  4. 4. Today (2/2/2019) at FIRST Lego League - Girona
  5. 5. The PT has no unique shape
  6. 6. The PT has no unique shape
  7. 7. Having fun and learning with the Periodic Table
  8. 8. The Periodic Table, children, and highschoolers • Each element has a duality: an atomic number, i.e., a natural number – and a chemical 1- or 2-letter symbol (and indeed, a name) • This allows for a great amount of games and play: • Wordplay • Any game with natural numbers • Geometrical rearrangements and puzzles • Connections with real-life sets: postcodes, license plate codes – or province/state abbrevations • 12 lunar months = 3 current PT • 1 solar year = 3 (current PT + 4) • Game “What’s your element?”
  9. 9. What’s your element? #tpqee
  10. 10. Magic with the Periodic Table
  11. 11. Magic, Science, and Education • #ecme: Meeting in Science, Magic, and Education: gathering Scientists, Educators and Magicians • #ecme17: April 2015, Girona • #ecme17: Novembrer 2017, MUNCyT Alcobendas • #ecme19: Likely spring, Barcelona • #cemc: Summer Camp on Magic, Science and Education for 14-18 yo, University of Girona • #cemc16 • #cemc17 • #cemc18: • Urban Magic + Science Walks (Girona, Barcelona, Figueres, Torroella de Montgrí)
  12. 12. London, June 2015
  13. 13. What is a Schrödinger’s Card? What is a Qubit? What are entangled pairs? What is a quantum computer? What is quantum cryptography? Trying to explain those tough questions to lay educated people (i.e., non-quantum-scientists), to the general public, to highschoolers, to children as well. Using Poker playing cards
  14. 14. Take-away message The Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements allows for lots of fun and play, to learn about the basics of the building blocks of Nature, and to educate in all aspects of knowledge. #iypt2019 is an excellent opportunity to improve Science Culture of Society and to foster STEM Education Magic is a powerful tool in education, yet one must be cautious not to overuse it. Please contact us! @miquelduran and @fblascoxyz #magsci