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Superintendent of student services message march 2012

  1. 1. Superintendent of Student Services Message March 20, 2012Student Services Handbook: Superintendent of Student Services Personal Beliefs:  Will not be available in print  Connect with peers with intent and purpose format this year  Capacity building and support rather than judgementalism  Can be found at the  Transparency in all that I do following address:  Trust and support those I work with tservices/ Superintendent of Student Services Personal Vision:  A link also appears on the GSSD website and Admin.  Capacity Building NING  Collaboration  Communication FOR INFORMATION:Student Services Vision:The Good Spirit School Division Important Dates for Administrators, Student Services Teachers &Student Services Team Professional Service Providersbelieves, supports andpromotes the vision for (Entire Year Calendar located in the Administrator handbook)supporting student diversity Marchthat has been defined bySaskatchewan Ministry of Staffing for Fall (teachers)Education and that is based on Inter-Disciplinary Team Meetings with PSPsexemplary practices as outlined Transition meeting should be scheduled for intensive needs studentsin the current literature. leaving the school and those entering the school. Special considerationAll Children …. should be given to students with intensive needs entering school for the are acknowledged as having first time and have been receiving therapy from the health region unique abilities and needs; Spring field trip planning and approval and Parent/Teacher Interviews and report card distribution are provided with the Education leave requests opportunity to develop to their maximum potential and Prepare for Kindergarten Registration become lifelong learners; Participate in Student Services School Review Process using the Ministry Rubric Specific dates to remember: March 13 – RAD assessment training
  2. 2. Learning Communities …. are caring and inclusive; April focus on the development of the whole child with a focus AFL testing for grades 5 & 8 on social, emotional, Identify and then review the planning for transitional meetings with intellectual, cultural, spiritual Student Services Teachers and physical attributes; and Administrative Assistant Day this month are centres of excellence in Discuss staffing needs with Superintendent of Schools and which qualified personnel Superintendent of Student Services (professional and support staff) provide responsive, Identify needs for course development (Alt. Ed. & Functional comprehensive programs Programming) for the upcoming school year with your SSC based on core curriculum, instructional diversity and Develop a school plan to identify resources that would assist students effective practices; who have PPPs or ROAs Principal’s message in the yearbookServices and Supports …. are available to all students; Review and update Impact Assessments for students on PPPs to are comprehensive, integrated determine if prioritized areas will remain the same and address the needs of the Determine priority impact areas for 2011-2012 school year and discuss whole child; goals with school and division team for students on PPPs are age and developmentally Specific dates to remember: April 5 – Parent/Teacher Interview day in appropriate; and lieu, April 16 & 17 – TRA Training Level 2, April 17 – CLASS ACT #5, focus on prevention, early April 24 – ISC Meeting, School Review Meetings – April 26 & 27 intervention and effective transitions;Relationship and Partnerships… June are based on mutual respect, Develop the final plan for the completion of transition meetings collaborative processes and Overview of PPP expectations shared responsibility for the Complete the final stages of the evaluation process with Educational education and well-being of Assistants children and youth; Review Professional Growth Plans engage and support students, May 31st - deadline for teacher resignations families and community members in planning, Reflect on school goals and develop focus implementation, evaluation Division literacy assessments – Fountas & Pinnell and continuing development; Distance Learning schedule out for schools to use as a scheduling guide and By May 31st all SCC’s should have reviewed their progress on their current clearly articulate roles and Learning Improvement Plans and submitted the results through their responsibilities; Principal to SuperintendentContinuous Improvement… Yearbook ad requests to Division Office – Superintendent of Schools is facilitated through Graduation professional reflection and Review teaching loads for the fall clearly defined outcomes; and Submit final purchase orders for school based items is based on a commitment to Specific dates to remember for May 2012: May 18 – Student Services excellence and facilitated by Spring Meeting for SSTs and PSPs (changed from May 11), May 22 – planning processes and supports in every school. Division Wide PD Day/CUPE Meetings/STF Meeting, May 31 – Teacher Performance Appraisal Principal’s Report submitted to Superintendent
  3. 3. FOR DISCUSSION & REVIEW: I. GSSD Student Services Areas of Focus for 2011/2012 School Year Maplewood/TPM Project – The vision of the project involves enhancing communication between the service providers, schools, etc. using the Maplewood Data Management system and TPM (Tracking/Progress/Monitoring) software. We will begin with the referral form used by Student Services, ePPP/Impact Assessment (new IIP), and the Counsellor Tracking document. PSPs were trained on this software on February 28th. SSTs will begin their training on May 18th at the Positive Path Forward Meeting. Autism Pro & Circle of Care – The Vision of the project involves enhancing the communication, collaboration & capacity of the three schools being piloted (one per cluster). Online PD, academic, and behavior supports provided for selected students. This project will continue into the 2012/2013 at the current level. Inclusion Now PD – The vision of the project is to increase the capacity of our SSTs and PSPs by providing self-guided online PD. We will be mandating that all SSTs complete six online modules. The SSTs will be given time during the Positive Path Forward meetings to complete the self-guided PD. To date, SSTs have completed 143 modules. This online PD opportunity will be continued into the 2012/2013 school year. TEAM Orientation Package – Communication & Capacity Building. SSCs will support the implementation for new and existing staff. Differentiated Instruction & RTI – Focus on collaboration Leveled Literacy Intervention – Eleven schools will be utilizing this intervention system as of the end of February. Continued PD will follow. Refer to the LLI blog for additional information. Inter-disciplinary Teams – The project focus is on capacity building, communication & collaboration. To date, all GSSD schools have completed at least one inter-disciplinary team meeting. Several Central Cluster Schools have completed two meetings. Columbia and Saltcoats are utilizing this format for their own Student Support Teams. The second phase of Inter-disciplinary Team meetings will be occurring throughout the month of March. II. EA Allocation/Contingency Fund Status Update as of March 20th Meeting Dates - October 11, December 8, February 14 Next ISC Meeting – April 24 Total number of requests to Date - 40 Percentage of requests approved – 77% Number of hours approved – 83.50 additional hours approved
  4. 4. Number of FTE approved – 13.92 FTE remaining in the Cont. Fund to Date (EA): 2 FTEIII. School Review Process Refer to attached agenda, etc...IV. SSC PLC Wiki – SSC PLC Meeting Wiki Administrators are welcome to look at the meeting agenda and minutes from our monthly Student Services Coordinator PLC meetings Admin. may suggest areas that we should focus our attention at future planning meetingsV. New PPP Document In 2009, the Ministry of Education hosted Student Support Services forums for both teachers and parents with a broad goal of improving Student Support Services in Saskatchewan. The Ministry has heard challenges and opportunities from school divisions, school administrators, student support services teachers, classroom teachers, and professional service providers related to the Impact Assessment (IAP) & Personal Program Plan (PPP). The key challenges expressed with the present IAP & PPP processes include:  time required to complete the IAP & PPP is significant (with maximum amounts ranging from a half to one day per student);  duplication in completing both the IAP & PPP;  ongoing difficulties with the identification and expression of students’ current level of performance;  challenges with writing purposeful, practical and meaningful SMART goals;  language used within the IAP & PPP is not as accessible as it could be to support holistic planning for students; and,  a focus on identifying students and program planning but limited emphasis on program implementation, actualization and outcome measurements. In response to this feedback, changes were initiated to simplify, enhance usability, and shift from an identification and planning document to more of a continuum of identification, planning, monitoring progress and adjusting programming to ensure student achievement of outcomes. The result is now a single document that incorporates the key features of the IAP, PPP, and progress monitoring with a focus on interventions and inclusionary planning. This draft, revised document is called the Inclusion and Intervention Plan (IIP). To assist with implementation, the Ministry will provide a series of webinars throughout the months of April, May and June to guide and support SSTs in adopting the new IIP format. Student Services will be providing release time to allow for the smooth transition between the PPP and the new IIP. One release day will be provided for every ten IIPs completed at the school level. Refer to attached documents to see the new IIP
  5. 5. VI. SLP Services for 2012-2013 We have been able to recruit two additional SLPs for the Fall This will place our levels at 5.2 FTE There will need to be a redistribution of personnel with the emphasis on equality of serve, increase student contact The new SLP allocations will be given to schools by mid-AprilVII. PT Services We have entered into a service contract with the Sunrise Health Region to provide PT services in GSSD starting in the Fall of 2012VIII. Transition Planning for Student with Intensive Needs coming from Therapies Refer to the Moving On Up Transition Guide Attachment