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Siegel decentral talk


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A quick promo for my talk on decentralization via blockchain and Ethereum. Can be 50 minutes to any length desired.

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Siegel decentral talk

  1. 1. Decentralization is the new paradigm for business. Resilience Agility Autonomy Business Agility Workshop
  2. 2. Introduction What are smart contracts? What are distributed apps? What is Ethereum? What is the blockchain? What is Ether? What is Bitcoin? Blockchain and Ethereum Cryptolaw What are the applications? What are the challenges? What should we do? What are the threats?
  3. 3. Ethereum turns the Internet into the world’s most powerful computer. By the end of this year, you will need to know and do something about it.” “ - David Siegel David's presentation on Blockchain was the finest I've seen. I learned more in 90 minutes than in the previous three months. - Thomas Power
  4. 4. Business Agility Workshop Blockchain and Ethereum By David Siegel
  5. 5. 2016: This is what a bank looks like.2016: This is what a bank looks like.
  6. 6. 2020: This is what a bank looks like.2020: This is what a bank looks like.
  7. 7. Business Agility Workshop What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is the world’s largest distributed-computing project, with over 1,000 times the computing power of the world’s fastest supercomputer.
  8. 8. Business Agility Workshop What is The Blockchain? Blockchain computers assemble worldwide transactions into a permanent record stored on the network. Blockchain computers assemble worldwide transactions into a permanent record stored on the network.
  9. 9. Business Agility Workshop What is Ethereum? Ethereum lets us run programs on that network. It is the operating system for the world computer.
  10. 10. Business Agility Workshop A smart contract is software that runs on every computer in the Ethereum network. It is unambiguous, can transfer asset ownership, and the results are recorded by all nodes in the network. It may be made up of subcontracts and have unknown dependencies. It cannot be revoked except according to predetermined conditions. What Are Smart Contracts?
  11. 11. Smart Contract Example
  12. 12. Business Agility Workshop What are the Applications?
  13. 13. Business Agility Workshop Developers with custom tools … Storage and retrieval … BlockApps Tendermint What are the Applications? BitCongress Governance …
  14. 14. Business Agility Workshop Cryptolabs … A private cryptolab with 40+ banks participating What are the Applications? Investment … Accounting …
  15. 15. Business Agility Workshop Supply-chain transparency and chain-of-custody … Prediction markets … Internet of Things … What are the Applications? Smart contracts …
  16. 16. What Should we do? To learn more, go to Click for talk details Email: