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Votto Vines Tourism Scrapbook

  1. 1. Votto VinesPrivate Italian Wine Estate Tour Scrapbook 2010
  2. 2. Votto Vines Private Italian Wine Estate TourCountless Acres of GrapevinesAlthough the primary focus of Votto Vines is to import Italian wines, Votto Vines also organizes andguides wine tours in Italy with a focus on Italian agriturismo. Italian agriturismo is a form of ruraltourism whereby guests visit working farmhouses, vineyards and villas in some of the most beautifulregions of Italy.A Glimpse of Life in the Italian Country-sideRanging from relaxing holidays of lounging at pools surrounded by countless acres of grapevines to10-hour days learning to farm and prepare the regional cuisine, visitors have the ability to get aglimpse of what life is really like in the italian country-side.A Unique OpportunityWe have the good fortune of working with many small Italian vineyards that not only produce finewine but also offer customers and friends the chance to visit and stay on their properties.Dodici persone, dieci giorni, sette aziende vinicole, cinqueregioni, e troppo bottiglie di vino per contare.Twelve people, ten days, seven wineries, fi regions, and too many bottles of wine to count. ve
  3. 3. DAY 1: We depart the United States on our overnight flight to Rome. DAY 5: Today we take a private tour of Vecchia Cantina in Montepulciano. The afternoon is available for shopping and exploring inDAY 2: We arrive in Leonardo da Vinci airport where we meet our Montepulciano and then a private dinner at the cantina. Overnight atchauffeur and travel to the award winning vineyard of Domodimonti near Sanguineto.the city of Ascoli Piceno in Le Marche. Later we enjoy lunch and a tour ofthe vineyard. Tonight we enjoy a welcome dinner and hospitality as we DAY 6: After breakfast we travel from Montepulciano to Radda inpreview the tour itinerary and sample local cuisine and Domodimonti’s Chianti. Situated down a winding dirt road is the hamlet of Livernano.olive oil and wine. Domodimonti features red wines blended from Owned and operated by Bob and Gudrun Cuillo, Livernano grows itsSangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Montepulciano grapes as grapes respecting the environment through sustainable farming. Thewell as the little known Passerina white varietal. Overnight at Cuillos’ passion and quest is to produce only the best, high quality winesDomodimonti. possible. We enjoy lunch and an afternoon of relaxation before having a wine dinner prepared by Livernano’s Michelin-star rated chef. OvernightAzienda Agricola Domodimonti, www.domodimonti.com, Via dei Sabini, at Livernano.28, 63100 Ascoli Piceno, +39 0736 245 981 Azienda Agricola Livernano, www.livernano.it, Loc. Livernano 53017DAY 3: Today we visit the city of Ascoli Piceno and the Adriatic coastline Radda in Chianti, (Si) Tuscany, +39 0577 738353in the lesser known region of Le Marche. Part of the afternoon will be leftopen for personal exploration, shopping and relaxation. This evening we DAY 7: Today we have the option to visit Radda in Chianti, Castellina inagain enjoy local cuisine and wine from Domodimonti. The chef will also Chianti and surrounding villages in the Chianti Classico region ofallow us to participate in preparation of the meal. Overnight at Tuscany before returning in the afternoon for a cooking class with the chefDomodimonti. and another unforgettable wine dinner at the estate. Livernano and its sister vineyard, Casalvento, boast several 90+ point rated wines that we willDAY 4: After breakfast at Domodimonti, we depart for the Umbrian sample and enjoy throughout our stay. Overnight at Livernano.village of Montefalco. Today we visit the award winning Tabarrinivineyard. Owned and operated by third-generation wine maker, DAY 8: After breakfast, we begin our journey back to the region ofGiampaolo Tabarrini, this vineyard produces red wines from Sangiovese, Umbria. We visit the family winery of Tenuta Vitalonga in the province ofMerlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and local favorite Sagrantino. We’ll tour the Orvieto. Owned and operated by the gracious and kind Maravalle family,vineyard, enjoy lunch and wine with Giampaolo and his family and barrel Vitalonga boasts 90+ point rated red wines from Montepulciano, Merlottaste Tabarrini’s early-maturing vintages. Aferwards we continue the and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. After touring the property and samplingjourney to the village of Montepulciano and the agriturismo Sanguineto. the wines, we enjoy a farewell dinner and overnight at the estate.Azienda Agricola Tabarrini, www.tabarrini.com, Frazione Turrita, Tenuta Vitalonga, www.vitalonga.it, 05016 Ficulle (TR), Località06036 Montefalco (PG), +39 0742 37 93 51 Montiano, +39 0763 836 722Agrturismo Sanguineto, www.sanguineto.com, Via Sanguineto 2-4 53045, DAY 9: After breakfast we will transfer to the airport to board ourAcquaviva, Montepulciano (Si), +39 0578 767782 flight home.
  4. 4. Domodimonti a le MarcheThe Domodimonti vineyard was the dream of Dr. Francesco Bellini, a prominent figure in thepharmaceuticals and biotechnology field. Their incredible devotion to the art of great wine-making andconsistent philosophy of tradition and family makes them a great partner of Votto Vines Importing. We arevery excited to report that Domodimonti has recently developed a fabulous Agritourism destination at thevineyard where these excellent wines are being produced. "What an amazing way to start off such a wonderful trip. As soon as we passed through the beautiful entrance gates of Domodimonti, we were met with such kind and inviting people... and one of the most spectacular lunch displays I have ever seen. After a long journey, you cannot ask for more than food, wine, and good company. Above all, the views were nothing short of spectacular."
  5. 5. Later that evening, the chef invited a guest tohelp prepare a regional specialty, OliveAscolane. To make the famous fried olives, theyare filled with fresh meat mash of beef, pork andsmall quantiies of!chicken liver (and sometimesturkey). They are then fried in boling oil andeaten hot to appreciate the In addition, Ricardo, the caretakerfull flavor. shared another specialty of the area, Vino Cotto (cooked wine). In fact, a bottle of the homemade after-dinner drink was graciously given to the guests to take along for the rest of the trip. Of course, homemade biscotti was included.
  6. 6. "Being taught about the wine you are drinking by those who produce it was an enlighteningexperience. Before descending to the cellar, we learned how the grapes are harvested, dried,selected, how long the skins are left in, what temperature is necessary for each varietal.Learning more about how one makes wine only makes me appreciate and enjoy the wine thatmuch more. Another aspect of the tour I greatly enjoyed was learning the differences, as wellas the similarities in the wine making process at each vineyard we visited" -Barbie Jean H., NYC
  7. 7. "While I have visited Italy many times, the Votto Vines experience completely alteredmy vision of Italy! Although I will continue to visit Rome, Florence and all the wonderfulItalian destinations, I will also be sure to spend time in the countryside enjoying ournew friends in Umbria, Marche and the lesser knownregions of Italy."
  8. 8. The Casalvento vineyard was the place that spurred the creation of Votto Vines.President Michael Votto was vacationing with his wife and having learned aboutCasalvento through the National Italian American Foundation, decided to stay at thevineyard. The Chianti Classico is a supreme example of the depth and quality of thesangiovese grape grown in this region for centuries.
  9. 9. "The people; the food; the wine; the rustic charm and beauty of the tourwas simply incredible. I did not want the trip to end, but I know thememories will last forever.”