Soutern Italy Wine Tour


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Terremobili Tour Operator's proposal for a taste of best southern Italy wines.

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Soutern Italy Wine Tour

  1. 1. Southern Italy Wine Tour Terremobili introduces the first interregional tour dedicated exclusively to the discovery of the native wines of Southern Italy. In accordance with Terremobili’s commitment to excellence and integrity, this tour is a journey through Sicily, Calabria, Basilicata and Puglia in the search of the best producers of local wines. Wine tastings of the highest level, charming lodgings and evocative ancient cities are all guaranteed components of this one-of-a-kind experience.
  2. 2. his is the ideal trip for true wine connoisseurs: it is designed for travelers whose curiosity and commitment to wine push them constantly to experience new flavors and places. Guests will be offered the opportunity to taste native wines that have been cultivated here for thousands of years. Wine is the ultimate focus of this journey: the tour is organized around vineyards that have resisted globalization, operating with respect to the environment and local traditions. Some of these wines have begun to gain wider appreciation in the international market, such as Nero D’Avola, Inzolia, Aglianico, Primitivo di Manduria and Negroamaro; others are small treasures yet to be fully discovered. The tour brings guests into the vineyards and inside the winemaking process: the choice of vines, the terroir, the process of winemaking and much more. Each tasting will be the finale to an experience that will deepen your knowledge of every step of production. You will stop at many marvelous historical and cultural centers which are untouched by large-scale tourism: Catania and its Mount Etna volcano, the Baroque cities of Ragusa and Modica along with the Sicilian interior, Lecce and the Murge Plateau in Puglia, and Matera with its caves (the “sassi”). The charming lodgings are carefully selected for their high level of hospitality. We also choose the restaurants due to the proprietors’ knowledge of fine wine, the presence of regional tradition and the overall excellent cuisine. This innovative tour covers four separate regions of Southern Italy, fulfilling Terremobili’s objective of removing any filters between travelers and their destination. In order to do this, we have chosen to travel by automobile. While this means that certain days will involve a good deal of driving time, it also provides guests with true contact with these regions and their beautiful landscapes. We believe that the tradeoff is worth it. Your guides are Pasquale Porcelli and Nicola Campanile, two journalists and experts in the field of eno-gastronomy. They personally organize Radici 2008, which is the final stop on this tour: a festival featuring the native wines of Puglia and Basilicata, showcasing more than a hundred local wine producers and directed towards wine experts. Take a look at the online detailed road map T Napoli Bari Taranto Lecce Catanzaro Messina Catania Arrival Departure Siracusa Ragusa Palermo Sicily Calabria Puglia Basilicata Salerno Potenza Foggia Southern Italy Wine Tour
  3. 3. Southern Italy Wine Tour Departure for Ragusa, a Baroque jewel of a city featuring elegant and crumbling churches and mansions, each spectacularly elevated on rocky outcroppings. Transportation to the hotel, Hotel Villa del Lauro, a 19th century villa located in the center of Ragusa. The Hotel is an ideal example of the Baroque architecture for which the city is famous, featuring arched passageways and frescoed walls. Dinner at the Ristorante la Fenice in Ragusa, serving modern Sicilian food in an elegant atmosphere. Ragusa Day 2° Take a look at the road map Next the group will visit the Azienda Agricola Gulfi, which is located below the town of Chiaramonte Gulfi about 500 meters above sea level. Along with the centennial olive groves, guests can enjoy Nero d’Avola, which has always been cultivated in the Iblean hillsides, along with the Frappato and local varieties of white grapes like Albanello, Carricante and Moscatello. The visit will be accompanied by a discussion of the battle against vine disease, followed by a wine tasting. Azienda Agricola Gulfi Chiaramonte Gulfi Visit to Modica and the Cioccolatificio Rizza, a world-famous chocolate workshop that is normally closed to visitors. The unique chocolate of Modica is made according to a tradition that was passed from the Aztecs to the Spaniards, and brought to Sicily during the 16th century. Modica
  4. 4. Southern Italy Wine TourDay 3° Take a look at the road map Visit to Azienda Agricola C.O.S, a vineyard that is run according to the biodyanamic theories of Rudolf Steiner, producing its grapes without any chemical treatments. Guests will visit the farm and vineyard and learn about natural wine fermentation processes. Then they will taste wines ranging from the Phitos (made from Cera- suolo grapes and aged in 400 liter semi- underground amphorae) to the Contrade Labirin- to, Vastunaca and Pojo di Lupo. Azienda Agricola C.O.S Comiso Return trip to Catania and overnight stay at Katane Palace Hotel. Guests will eat dinner at L’Osteria Tre Bicchieri restaurant, located in an 18th century mansion and owned by the Benanti family (whose vineyard will be visted the following day). The chef, Laquilangelo, prepares regional cuisine with an imaginative touch: diners can enjoy squid ink pasta with seafood ragu or fish roulade with lemon beans, along with a regular catch of the day. The restaurant’s bread is baked from organic grain grown on the Benanti farm. Catania During the visit to Azienda Agricola C.O.S., guests will be accompanied by the accompli- shed Chef Carmelo Floridia who will cook lunch on the spot from greens and vegetables that he will pick on-site, along with local products. The lunch will also be attended by a local cheesema- ker who will bring a selection of his cheese for a tasting.
  5. 5. Southern Italy Wine Tour Departure for Calabria. Arrival at Tropea, located on the Costa Degli Dei, Calabria’s most beautiful coastline, rich in pinnacles and hidden coves. The culture is a glorious mixture that bears the historical mark of the Greeks, Romans, Normans, Swabians, Anjouins and Aragonese. Tropea is an ancient small town perched on the cliffs above the sea. Accommodation in Villa Antica Tropea, a traditional baron’s villa that was built in 1906 and recently renovated into a luxury hotel. Dinner at the L’Approdo in Vibo Marina, which specializes in refined dishes featuring Calabrian seafood. Tropea Day 4° Take a look at the road map Departure for the Azienda Vinicola Benanti in Viagrande, a vineyard that cultivates Nerello Mascarese, Nerello Cappuccio, Nero D’Avola, Carricante, and Minnella grapes on the slopes of Etna. Tour of vineyard and discussion of climate, soil, and the life cycle of the grape, followed by tasting of native wines. Azienda Vinicola Benanti Viagrande
  6. 6. Southern Italy Wine Tour Departure and visit to the Cantina Librandi at Cirò Marina, a vineyard with a high level of inno- vative production. Guests will visit the wine cellar and the important experimental vineyard which hosts 100 varieties of native Calabrese grapes. This was created in an attempt to reconstruct the origins of several native vines and recreate cha- racteristics that were lost after centuries of culti- vation. Cirò wine, which is made here, was famously awarded to winning athletes at the Ancient Greek Olympics. The visit will culminate with a tasting of the Cantina’s wines, with special attention to the wine of Mantonico grapes. Cantina Librandi Cirò Marina Day 5° Take a look at the road map Check in to Valle Rita, an organic farm and 14th century manor house located in the hills of Ginosa. The structure is divided into different apartments and also features a tennis court and swimming pool. Dinner at Masseria Petrino Restaurant in Palagianello, a renovated villa that specializes in the catch of the day. Guests can choose between creative dishes like ziti with amatriciana sauce, pecorino cream and crunchy guanciale or spaghetti with basil and grouper ragu. Ginosa
  7. 7. Southern Italy Wine Tour Transfer and visit to the Cantina Attanasio, a small family owned vineyard that houses its equipment in an 18th century mansion. Guests will visit the premises and taste the two labels produced here, a Primitivo and a sweet Primitivo. Cantina Attanasio Manduria Transfer to Lecce, which may be Puglia’s most important city of ancient art and culture. The old city center mixes centuries-old artistic influences with a lively collection of cultural events and cafes. Check in to Palazzo Personè, an elegant and historical hotel located in Lecce’s city center. It is right next to the stunningly beautiful Basilica Santa Croce, one of the city’s most famous mo- numents. Dinner at Alle due Corti, which offers old- fashioned “rustic” dishes which have been re-imagined by the owner, Rosalba De Carlo. Guests can enjoy “broken” pasta with potatoes and meatballs and chicory-artichoke stew. Lecce Visit to the Cantina Accademia dei Racemi in Manduria, named for its dedication to the study and preservation of wine traditions. Visit to vine- yard and wine tasting, with particular notice paid to wines made from Primitivo and the lesser known Ottavianello and Susumaniello grapes. Cantina Accademia dei Racemi Manduria Day 6° Take a look at the road map
  8. 8. Southern Italy Wine Tour Transfer and visit to Azienda Cantele in Guagna- no, which has been run by the Cantele family for three generations. Guests will tour the vineyard and visit the newly built winery, which is made of traditional white local stone. The visit will be con- cluded with a wine tasting. The two most noteworthy wines are the the Amativo, a wine based on a mix of Primitivo and Negroamaro grapes, and the Alticelli, one of the most recent, exciting white wines to be created in Puglia. Azienda Cantele Guagnano Transfer to Conversano, a small jewel of a city located between the Murge and the Adriatic Sea and surrounded by fields of olives and vineyards. Guests will check into Corte Altavilla, a Medieval-influenced hotel with elegant rooms distributed throughout charming dwellings in the historical center. Dinner at Pashà , a family run restaurant speciali- zing in traditional Pugliese food with an exciting twist. Antonello Magistà will explain the cuisine and wine while his mother, Maria, oversees the creative kitchen, with offerings such as mussels with tuna caviar and green-tomato soup with mozzarella and anchovies. Overnight stay at Corte Altavilla. Conversano Visit to the Cantina Valle dell’Asso in Galatina, and visit to the vineyards of Piromàfo. The land in this region is nicknamed after the Greek piromàfo as it is believed to be able to resist fire damage. Here the sun is like fire: the grapes receive 2,800 hours of sun contact during 1 year – thousands more than a French vineyard! Visit to the wine cellar and tasting, with special attention paid to wines made from Negroamaro grapes. Cantina Valle dellʼAsso Galatina Day 7° Take a look at the road map
  9. 9. Southern Italy Wine Tour Departure for Matera, an ancient city that was created when Paleolithic nomads decided to use the natural caves of the Murge plateaus for shel- ter. Many of these cave dwellings have now been renovated into stunning hotels and restaurants, giving the city a magical and unique atmosphere. Guests will arrive at Hotel Sant’Angelo, a care- fully renovated hotel of over 1400 square meters including cave dwellings, pathways, stairways and courtyards. Matera Dinner at the Le Botteghe Restaurant which specializes in succulent meat dishes. Angelo Giannella is pleased to offer diners an experience in a renovated “sasso”, with offerings such as roast lamb with potatoes and eggplant meatbal- ls. Dinner will be accompanied by a presentation of the Basilicata section of the tour, with a special description of the Aglianico del Vulture grapes. Visit to the historical center of Conversano. Departure for the Cantina Barsento, situated near the evocative and ancient town of Noci. The area is particularly known for the presence of “gnostre” in the village: these are semi-enclosed alleyways between houses that were traditionally used as gathering spaces for the community. They constitute the overlap between public and private life. Guests will visit this small, family-owned vine- yard and learn about the origins of Primitivo grapes: the Primitivo “Gioia del Colle”. Tasting of the vineyard’s special Primitivo wines. Cantina Barsento Noci Day 8° Take a look at the road map
  10. 10. Southern Italy Wine Tour Transfer to Andria, a historically rich town located at the base of the Murge Plateau and surrounded by fields of olive trees and vineyards. It is also the site of the UNESCO protected Castel del Monte, a 13th century castle with a stunning octoganal shape. Accommodation at Lama di Luna, a restored 18th century farmhouse with luxurious, environmentally friendly furnishings. Guests can relax in the surrounding nature, which includes 180 hectares of farmland and orchards. Andria “Radici 2008” Minervino Murge In the afternoon guests will depart for the Masse- ria Barbera to participate in the third edition of Radici, a festival of native grapes and wines to Puglia and Basilicata. At 17:30 there will be a convention of producers, enologists, journalists, restaurateurs and con- noisseurs. After an awards ceremony for the win- ning wines of the festival, the tasting tables will open. The event will conclude with a Gala dinner with open tasting of all the native wines of the festival. Return to Lama di Luna for overnight stay. Transfer to Barile and visit to the Azienda Vinicola Paternoster, located along the Vulture Mountains. Guests will first visit the original wine cellar, which is located in ancient caves in the town center. Then they will depart for the new winery for a tasting: the green crests of the Vulture mountains provide a stunning backdrop. Particular attention to be paid to the wines made from native Falanghina, Fiano, Aglianico del Vulture grapes. The three selections of Aglianico Sinthesi, Don Anselmo and Vigneto Villa Rotono are already recognized among the best Italian wines. Azienda Vinicola Paternoster Barile Day 9° Take a look at the road map
  11. 11. Southern Italy Wine Tour Bari Transfer from hotel to Bari Palese International Airport. Departure.
  12. 12. Terremobili is the first Mediterranean tour operator to be founded by small local entrepreneurs. Terremobili accepts a limited number of people and offers travel and holidays based on established itineraries and quality accomodation at reasonable prices. We like to have a personal relationship with our travelers and offer first-hand knowledge of the area in which we live. Terremobili is to be found in Dalmatia, Sardinia, Sicily, Calabria and Puglia. Terremobili is a brand of GH Impresa Turistica. GH Impresa Turistica is a collection of businesses: the companies and tourism services managed by GH constitute a network of Mediterranean tourism that is based on a strong relationship with each region. GH is a group that works online, through a horizontal, de-centralized, elastic structure. A full range of tourism-related activities are carried out in each region: research, consulting, tour operating, management and brokering of real estate. In this sense, GH is a business of businesses.