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Sv puglia casual guided walking 2011


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Sv puglia casual guided walking 2011

  1. 1.           Seven  (7)  Day  Casual  Guided  Walking  Trip  2011    This   is   a   beautiful   Southern   Visions   seven   (7)   day   casual   guided   walking   trip   through   the   region   of  Puglia,   Italy,   which   lies   in   the   heel   of   the   boot,   along   the   sun-­‐drenched   Adriatic   Sea.     Puglia   offers  access   to   the   freshest   seafood,   crowd-­‐free   open   spaces,   irresistible   desserts   and   pastries,   distinct  wines,  and  the  50  million  olive  trees  that  make  this  region  the  world’s  leading  producer  of  olive  oil.    Come  to  Puglia  and  hear  the  voices  of  the  past  call  out  over  the  trulli  houses…we  promise,  once  you  discover  it,  Puglia  will  leave  a  lasting  impression.    Trip  Highlights   • Daily  walking  &  shuttle  tours   • Pugliese  cooking  class   • Mozzarella  making  demonstration  &  tasting  with  local  cheese  artisan   • Olive  grove  walk  &  oil  tasting   • Winery  visit  &  tasting    2011  Trip  Dates   • May  23-­‐29   • September  3-­‐9   • Custom  dates  also  available    Day  1    We  will  meet  in  the  lobby  of  Bari’s  Hotel  Leon  d’Oro  (in  front  of  the  main  train  station)  at  10:00  a.m.    You   will   find   your   guide   holding   a   Southern   Visions   sign.     Guests   are   expected   to   make   their   own  travel  arrangements  to  Puglia.    We  suggest  that  you  arrive  no  later  than  the  night  before  the  start  of  your   tour.     See   the   end   of   this   itinerary   for   information   on   arriving   to   and   departing   from   the   area,   as  well  as  hotel  recommendations.    Matera  walking  tour  Food  &  wine  tasting  buffet  lunch  at  Latteria  Rizzi  Dinner:  Trattoria  Lucana  Lodging:  Matera  –  Palazzo  Viceconte    Your  adventure  begins  in  amazing  Matera  (in  the  Basilicata  region  bordering  Puglia),  perched  high  on  a  beautiful  hillside  and  only  recently  seen  by  foreign  eyes.    After  a  walking  tour  of  the  sassi  (ancient  cave  dwellings  restored  for  current  use  as  homes,  shops,  and  restaurants),  we  will  immerse  you  into  the  art  
  2. 2. of   flavor   and   freshness   that   is   Southern   Italian   cuisine   with   a   spectacular   buffet-­‐style   lunch   and   wine  tasting   at   one   of   Matera’s   signature   restaurants,   Latteria   Rizzi.     After   lunch,   we   will   walk   you   back   to  your  lovely  hotel  and  give  you  some  time  to  explore  the  area  on  your  own.    Be  sure  to  make  time  to  stop  by  the  Laboratorio  Ceramica  Piero  Colapietro  or  Pasquale  Dilena,  where  you  can  watch  local  craftsmen  make   traditional   decorative   ceramics.     And   don’t   forget   to   visit   a   nearby   bar   for   your   first   espressino,  Southern  Italy’s  signature  afternoon  coffee  drink.      Our  group  will  rejoin  in  the  hotel  lobby  at  6:30  for  a  welcome  aperitivo  before  heading  to  Trattoria  Lucana  for  some  traditional  Italian  fare  –  may  we  suggest  the  antipasti  caldi?    Day  2  Tour  of  Montescaglioso  countryside  Lunch  at  Masseria  San  Felice  Lodging:  Matera  –  Palazzo  Viceconte    After   breakfast,   we   will   drive   out   of   town   for   a   lovely   walk   through   the   Natural   Park   of   Rupestrian  Churches,   characterized   by   cliffs,   ravines,   and   caves   that   housed   prehistoric   settlements   and   medieval  monastic   communities.     Birdwatchers   can   enjoy   the   widest   variety   of   species   in   Italy   in   this   protected  area.     We   will   continue   through   the   Montescaglioso   countryside   and   stop   at   a   restored   farmhouse,  Masseria   San   Felice,   for   lunch.     Our   journey   will   culminate   at   the   Abbey   di   San   Michele.     From   there,   we  will  return  to  the  hotel  by  shuttle.    Dinner  will  be  on  your  own  to  allow  you  to  enjoy  the  evening  at  your  pace.    If  you  are  in  the  mood  for  a  real  feast,  try  Ristorante  Rivelli.    If  pizza  is  what  your  heart  desires,  visit   Oi   Mari’   or   Da   Mario.     Be   sure   to   get   plenty   of   rest   tonight   before   another   activity-­‐packed   day  tomorrow!    Day  3  Shuttle  into  Puglia  Lunch  &  cooking  class  at  Masseria  Murgia  Albanese  Alberobello  walking  tour  Dinner  &  Lodging:  Pezze  di  Greco  –  Masseria  San  Martino    After  breakfast,  we  will  shuttle  to  our  first  hotel  in  Puglia,  Masseria  San  Martino.    Along  the  way,  we  will  see   beautiful   hilltop   towns   whose   Greek   influence   is   apparent   in   their   whitewashed   exteriors.     The  landscape  is  filled  with  seemingly  deserted  paths  through  ancient  olive  groves  covered  with  blankets  of  poppies   and   surrounded   by   meticulously-­‐built   stone   walls.     We   will   stop   at   Masseria   Murgia   Albanese  for   a   cooking   class   and   lunch   with   the   staff.     We   will   also   stop   at   the   UNESCO   World   Heritage   Site   of  Alberobello   for   a   walking   tour.     As   we   wander   through   the   1500+   trulli   (whitewashed   buildings   with  conical  stone  roofs  unique  to  Puglia),  that  make  up  Alberobello’s  historic  center,  it  will  become  readily  apparent   why   this   town   is   the   postcard   capital   of   the   region.     After   a   fun-­‐filled   day,   we   will   arrive   at   the  hotel  and  give  you  some  time  to  relax  before  dinner.    Day  4  Tour  of  Vivai  Capitanio  Botanical  Gardens    Visit  to  Monopoli  market  Mozzarella  making  class  &  aperitivo  at  Crovace  House  Cisternino  walking  tour  Dinner:  Il  Cucco  Lodging:  Pezze  di  Greco  –  Masseria  San  Martino    
  3. 3. We   will   begin   the   day   with   a   tour   of   the   Vivai   Capitanio   Botanical   Gardens,   set   in   Puglia’s   beautiful  landscape  filled  with  the  olive  trees  that  the  Greeks  introduced  2500  years  ago.    Our  journey  continues  in   the   picturesque   coastal   town   of   Monopoli,   where   we   will   visit   the   open-­‐air   food   market   and   do   some  sightseeing.    You  will  have  time  for  lunch  on  your  own  in  Polignano,  which  is  perched  on  limestone  cliffs  high   above   the   sea,   and   then   we   will   stretch   our   legs   a   bit   with   a   walk   north   along   the   shore   to   the  quaint   fishing   village   of   San   Vito.     Our   next   stop   is   Crovace   House   for   a   fresh   mozzarella   making  demonstration  and  tasting  with  local  cheese  artisan  Dina.    We  will  finish  our  day  with  a  journey  to  the  hilltop  town  of  Cisternino  for  a  walking  tour  and  dinner  at  Il  Cucco.    We  are  sure  you  will  get  a  restful  night’s  sleep  after  this  very  full  day!    Day  5  Olive  oil  tasting  at  Masseria  Lamacavallo  Ostuni  walking  tour  Wine  tasting  at  Masseria  Liveli  Lodging:  Otranto  –  Relais  Valle  dell’Idro    After  breakfast,  we  will  journey  to  an  old  olive  oil  mill  in  Locopagliaro  to  chat  with  the  owner  and  sample  the  oil.    Next,  we  will  transfer  to  La  Città  Bianca  (The  White  City)  of  Ostuni)  for  a  walking  tour  and  on-­‐your-­‐own  lunch  at  one  of  the  city’s  fabulous  establishments.    Then  we  will  head  south  toward  our  hotel,  stopping  at  Masseria  Liveli  for  a  wine  tasting.    Upon  arrival  in  Otranto,  we  will  check  into  the  Hotel  Valle  dell   Idro   and   give   you   some   excellent   suggestions   for   dinner   on   your   own   (we   highly   recommend   the  pizza   in   Otranto).     After   exploring   the   city’s   azure-­‐blue   coastline,   well-­‐priced   restaurants,   and   exciting  cultural  scene,  we  have  a  feeling  you  will  leave  saying,  “I  left  my  heart  in  Otranto.”    Day  6  Walking  tours  of  Otranto  &  Capo  d’Otranto  Lunch  at  a  seaside  restaurant  Farewell  Dinner:  Ristorante  da  Sergio  Lodging:  Otranto  –  Relais  Valle  dell’Idro    We  will  start  our  day  with  a  walking  tour  of  Otranto’s  old  town  and  fish  market.    This  will  allow  us  to  fully  experience  the  diversity  of  the  city,  which  is  one  part  beach  resort,  one  part  Middle  Eastern,  many  part   Italian,   and   every   part   enjoyable.     We   will   enjoy   lunch   at   a   seaside   restaurant,   with   refreshing  breezes  and  postcard-­‐perfect  views.    After  lunch,  you  can  return  to  the  hotel  to  relax  or  join  us  for  a  tour  of   Porto   Badisco   and   the   Cape   of   Otranto.     Whichever   option   you   choose,   your   day   will   end   with   an  amazing  Pugliese-­‐style  farewell  party  starting  with  an  aperitivo  on  the  hotel  terrace  and  moving  into  a  memorable  farewell  dinner  at  Ristorante  da  Sergio  Garibaldi.    Day  7  Morning  walking  tour  of  Lecce  Farewell  from  the  Southern  Visions  Team    After   breakfast,   we   will   shuttle   to   Lecce,   known   as   the   Florence   of   the   South,   for   a   walking   tour  highlighting   its   amazing   architectural   gems   and   a   visit   to   a   papier-­‐mâché   studio.     We   will   also   enjoy   a  cappuccino   and   Pasticciotto   Leccesse   (a   signature   local   pastry   filled   with   yummy   custard   cream)   at   Caffè  Alvino,   the   oldest   coffee   bar   in   the   region.     We   will   finish   up   around   12:00   p.m.   and   guide   you   to   the  
  4. 4. Lecce  train  station,  shuttle  you  to  the  Brindisi  airport,  or  help  you  extend  your  stay  in  the  area.    We  hope  your  time  in  Puglia  will  have  changed  your  life  for  the  better,  as  it  has  all  of  ours.    WHAT  YOU  GET!!!     • An  outstanding  adventure  travel  experience   • Peace  of  mind  that  you  are  with  the  most  professional  tour  company  in  Puglia   • Local  guides  with  insider  knowledge  of  the  region’s  secrets  and  mysteries   • 6  nights  lodging  at  3-­‐  and  4-­‐star  hotels  and  Bed  &  Breakfasts   • 6  breakfasts   • 4  lunches   • 4  dinners   • Daily  snacks  and  happy  hours   • Guest  shuttles  and  all  luggage  transfers   • Detailed  maps  and  route  notes   • Aluminum  walking  stick   • Daily  walking  &  shuttle  tours   • Special  activities   o Pugliese  cooking  class   o Tour  of  majestic  botanical  gardens   o Visit  to  Monopoli  market   o Mozzarella  making  demonstration  &  tasting   o Olive  grove  walk  &  oil  tasting   o Winery  visit  &  tasting    Services  available  at  additional  cost     • Optional  shuttles  from/to  Bari  or  Brindisi  airport  or  train  station   • Room  upgrades   • Rental  of  prepaid  local  cellular  phone     Arrival  and  Departure  Logistics    After  reviewing  the  following  information,  please  inform  us  of  your  arrival  and  departure  plans.    Please  be  sure  to  note  these  important  contact  numbers,  in  case  you  need  assistance  before,  during,  or  after  your  trip  –  Puglia:  +39  340  264  4128  or  +39  392  185  7704;  USA  +1  800  737  5760.    Flight  arrangements    We  recommend  flying  into  Milan  or  Rome.    You  can  catch  a  flight  to  Bari  (airport  code:  BRI)  or  Brindisi  (airport  code:  BDS)  from  either  city.    Or,  if  you  prefer  to  see  the  countryside  and  perhaps  enjoy  a  pre-­‐tour  stay  in  another  Italian  destination,  you  can  make  your  way  to  Puglia  by  train.    The  trip  from  Rome  takes  about  5  hours;  from  Florence,  it’s  about  7  ½  hours;  from  Milan,  expect  approximately  8  ½  hours  of  travel.      
  5. 5. Transportation  between  the  Bari  airport  and  train  station    A   taxi   ride   between   the   airport   and   train   station   takes   25-­‐30   minutes   and   costs   around   €20.     An  Autolinee  Tempesta  bus  takes  approximately  30  minutes  and  costs  €4.15.    Booking  Italian  train  travel    You   can   purchase   Italian   rail   tickets   from   any   train   station   in   Italy.     Many   stations   are   equipped   with  automatic   ticket   machines,   from   which   you   can   purchase   tickets   and   reservation   coupons   for   travel  throughout  Italy  and  for  principal  cross-­‐border  routes.    The  machines  accept  cash,  credit  card,  or  ATM  card   with   PIN.     There   are   sometimes   unpredicted   system   outages   in   the   smaller   stations,   so   we  recommend  booking  your  entire  journey  in  advance  of  your  trip  (see  below)  or  at  a  major  train  station  at  the  start  of  your  trip.    For  more  information  on  train  travel  in  Italy,  visit    There  you  can  purchase  tickets  and   make   seat   reservations   with   your   credit   card.     There   is   also   a   great   website   called   where   you   can   purchase   individual   rail   tickets   as   well   as   rail   passes.     Another  option  is  to  purchase  tickets  and  make  reservations  through  your  own  travel  agent.    If   you   travel   on   one   of   Italy’s   faster   trains,   such   as   Eurocity,   Intercity,   or   Eurostar,   you’ll   be   charged   a  supplemental  fare  in  addition  to  the  regular  ticket  price.    If  you  travel  on  one  of  these  trains  without  a  supplemented  ticket,  you’ll  be  fined.    Don’t  panic,  though;  it  is  almost  impossible  not  to  get  the  proper  ticket   nowadays,   especially   if   you   buy   online   or   from   a   machine,   where   the   supplement   is   automatically  included  in  the  cost.    Intercity   and   Eurostar   trains   require   a   seat   reservation.     Reserving   a   seat   is   not   mandatory   on   other  trains;   however,   you   may   want   to   pay   the   extra   charge   for   a   guaranteed   seat,   especially   if   you   travel  during  a  peak  period  or  local  holiday.    Otherwise,  you  risk  having  to  stand  for  a  part  or  all  of  your  trip.    On   Italy’s   slower   trains   (Rapido,   Espresso,   Regionale,   Inter   Regionale,   and   Locale),   reservations   and  supplemental  tickets  are  not  necessary.    Boarding  the  train    The  platform  number  will  be  listed  at  least  10  minutes  prior  to  departure  on  the  small  TV  screens  and  larger   schedule   boards   in   the   main   station   area.     If   you   are   traveling   without   a   seat   reservation,   you   will  need  to  validate  your  “open”  ticket  by  stamping  it  at  one  of  the  small  yellow  machines  located  on  each  train  platform  (the  machine  stamps  the  date  and  time  on  the  open  ticket  to  prevent  multiple  uses).    If  you   forget   to   stamp   your   ticket   before   boarding,   tell   the   on-­‐board   inspector   immediately   to   avoid   a  supplementary  fee.                    
  6. 6.  WHERE  TO  STAY  BEFORE  &  AFTER  YOUR  TOUR    BARI        PALACE  HOTEL     HOTEL  ADRIA    Via  Francesco  Lombardi  13     Via  Zuppetta  10    70122  Bari     70121  Bari    Tel  +39  080  521  6551     Tel  +39  080  524  6699      GRAND  HOTEL  LEON  D’ORO     HOTEL  BOSTON    Piazza  Aldo  Moro  4     Via  Piccinni  155    70122  Bari     70122  Bari    Tel  +39  080  523  5040     Tel  +39  080  521  6633      HOTEL  VILLA  ROMANAZZI      Via  Giuseppe  Capruzzi  326      70124  Bari      Tel  +39  080  542  7400        MATERA        LA  CASA  DI  LUCIO     HOTEL  RIDOLA    Via  San  Pietro  Caveoso  66     Via  Morelli  13    75100  Matera     75100  Matera    Tel  +39  083  531  2798     Tel  +39  083  531  8811      HOTEL  SANT’ANGELO     ALBERGO  DEL  SEDILE    Piazza  San  Pietro  Caveoso     Recinto  Sedile  4  (Piazza  del  Sedile)    75100  Matera     75100  Matera    Tel  +39  083  531  4010     Tel  +39  083  533  3436      HOTEL  IN  PIETRA     LOCANDA  DI  SAN  MARTINO    Via  San  Giovanni  Vecchio  22     Via  Fiorentini  71  75100  Matera     75100  Matera    Tel  +39  083  534  4040     Tel  +39  083  525  6600      ALBERGO  ITALIA      Via  Ridola  5      75100  Matera      Tel  +39  083  533  3561    
  7. 7.      LECCE        HOTEL  PATRIA  PALACE     GRAND  HOTEL  TIZIANO    Piazzetta  Riccardi     Viale  Porto  dEuropa    73100  Lecce     73100  Lecce    Tel  +39  083  224  5111     Tel  +39  083  227  2111      HOTEL  DELLE  PALME     B&B  PALAZZO  ROLLO    Via  Leuca  90     Via  Vittorio  Emanuele  II  14    73100  Lecce     73100  Lecce    Tel  +39  083  234  7171     Tel  +39  083  230  7152