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Why every startup should use crowdfunding


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Powernote by Ronald Kleverlaan at Dutch Incubation Forum 2016 #DIF16 in Amsterdam

Published in: Investor Relations
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Why every startup should use crowdfunding

  1. 1. European Expertise Centre for Alternative and Community Finance
  2. 2. Why you should always use Crowdfunding More control for entrepreneur
  3. 3. Crowdfunding = Community Funding Not an anonymous crowd, but involved community
  4. 4. Crowdfunding more than money marketing broad support market research brand loyalty easier to attract additional finance
  5. 5. Luchtsingel Rotterdam
  6. 6. Marketing 1300 funders - Local city promotion - 4 million euro
  7. 7. Market research 18.000 subscribers - >1 million euro raised
  8. 8. Investment by customers – Brand Loyalty 1 million euro funding in 2 campaigns
  9. 9. Additional finance 1400 members - 15 million euro (2 million equity)
  10. 10. Additional finance $2,5 million pre-sales -> VC -> Facebook
  11. 11. Next step: Crowd Businessmodel
  12. 12. R&D with customers/investors
  13. 13. Use community as marketing team
  14. 14. Crowdfunding = Community Funding Funding from an involved community Crowdfunding = More than money Marketing, market research, local support Crowdfunding for projects Not for your brand/organization Crowdfunding campaign = Marketing campaign Not only a fundraising campaign Crowd Businessmodel Implement crowd in R&D and marketing department Key take-aways
  15. 15. European Expertise Centre for Alternative and Community Finance Ronald Kleverlaan Founder CrowdfundingHub Advisor European Commission “Alternative Finance” @kleverlaan