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Crowdfunding - Amsterdam business school - University of Amsterdam

Masterclass crowdfunding for Entrepreneurship International Master program Amsterdam Business School (University of Amsterdam)

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Crowdfunding - Amsterdam business school - University of Amsterdam

  1. 1. @kleverlaan | Crowdfunding strategy | Founder CrowdfundingHub – European Crowdfunding Consultancy & Research Crowdfunding introduction Crowdfunding Consultancy
  2. 2. Ronald Kleverlaan Crowdfunding strategy Founder Crowdfunding Hub & co-founder European Crowdfunding Network Advisor European Commission “Crowd Investing” Horizon2020 @kleverlaan
  3. 3. Crowdfunding Consultancy Agenda »Crowdfunding History & size of market in Europe »Return on Involvement »Crowdfunding = Community funding »Crowdfunding - More than money »CrowdBusiness – New business models »Crowdfunding Research
  4. 4. Crowdfunding Crowdfunding Consultancy
  5. 5. “Lenten” concert Mozart -1784 Crowdfunding Consultancy
  6. 6. Statue of Liberty - 1885 Crowdfunding Consultancy
  7. 7. Marillion Crowdfunding Consultancy
  8. 8. Kickstarter - Reward-based crowdfunding $2 billion || 10 million backers || >90K projecten Crowdfunding Consultancy
  9. 9. Funding Circle – CrowdLending £790M - > 40.000 investors Crowdfunding Consultancy
  10. 10. Crowdfunding / Alternative Finance EU Source: Moving Mainstream - The European Alternative Finance Benchmarking Report ( Crowdfunding Consultancy
  11. 11. ROI = Return on Involvement Financial, material and social returns Crowdfunding Consultancy
  12. 12. Crowdfunding trends Community funding, Market research, co-ownership Crowdfunding Consultancy
  13. 13. Crowdfunding = Community Funding Not an anonymous crowd, but involved community Crowdfunding Consultancy
  14. 14. Kickstarter - Mostly small projects 85%71% Crowdfunding Consultancy
  15. 15. Community of loyal customers 1 million euro growth funding in 2 campaigns Crowdfunding Consultancy
  16. 16. Community Funding & Ownership - Windfarm 1400 members - 18,5 million euro Crowdfunding Consultancy
  17. 17. Crowdfunding more than money marketing broad support market research brand loyalty easier to attract additional funds Crowdfunding = More than money Funding is only one of the reasons to use crowdfunding Crowdfunding Consultancy
  18. 18. Marketing 1300 funders - Local city promotion - 4 million euro Crowdfunding Consultancy
  19. 19. Local support for community projects Let citizens choose what projects to receive additional grants Crowdfunding Consultancy
  20. 20. Market research 18.000 subscribers - >1 million euro raised Crowdfunding Consultancy
  21. 21. Brand loyalty and local commitment Polare - Management buy-out after bankruptcy Crowdfunding Consultancy
  22. 22. CrowdBusiness: New Business Models Crowdfunding Consultancy
  23. 23. Co-creation with customers/investors Crowdfunding Consultancy
  24. 24. Crowdfunding Consultancy Source: Innovation Service Network CrowdSourcing
  25. 25. Use community as marketing team Crowdfunding Consultancy
  26. 26. Crowdfunding Consultancy CrowdBusiness Source: Innovation Service Network
  27. 27. Renewed interest in co-operative models Crowdfunding Consultancy
  28. 28. Crowdfunding = Community Funding Funding from an involved community Crowdfunding = More than money Marketing, market research, local support Crowdfunding for projects Not for your brand/organization Crowdfunding campaign = Marketing campaign Not only a fundraising campaign CrowdBusiness Marketing teams formed by fans & donors Co-created and co-funded innovations by the crowd New ownership structures Key take-aways Crowdfunding Consultancy
  29. 29. Current Research Crowdfunding Consultancy Nationaal Crowdfunding Onderzoek (Yearly research in the Netherlands) - Motivation of donors/investors in a crowdfunding campaign - Motivation of entrepreneurs to use crowdfunding Crowdfunding – Crossing borders A pan-European research on the legal issues of investing in or through crowdfunding platforms, focused on the liabilities, together with local law firms throughout Europe. The need for certification for Financial Advisors A research on the possibility to launch a certification (and training) program for financial advisors on crowdfunding/alternative finance.
  30. 30. Research Topics Crowdfunding Consultancy The European Commission recently launched two studies. One on the role of crowdfunding on the cultural and creative industries (DG Education and Culture) as well as a research on impact of crowdfunding on innovation (DG Research and Innovation). It could be interesting to research and measure the impact of crowdfunding on different industries in The Netherlands. Another interesting topic could be to understand platform behavior and development. Are platforms in the Netherlands or in Europe diversifying their business models? If so, how are they doing it and which ones are more successful? What would be the best way for the CrowdfundingHub to create a healthy ecosystem for investors, entrepreneurs and what will be it’s contribution to innovation and the start-up economy? Is there enough crowdfunding research to create a research paper & European academic event on crowdfunding (april 2016)? What would be the best way to distribute knowledge and insights on crowdfunding on a pan- European level? Will local websites with the basic information on crowdfunding and information about CF platforms & consultants be enough? What would be the business model and who would be interested to launch it? Would it be possible to create a “Crowdfunding – for Dummies” (e)-book and distribute it in all European countries where CrowdfundingHub is the publisher and local experts are editors?
  31. 31. Let’s talk crowdfunding! +31 628 254 452 Ronald Kleverlaan Crowdfunding strategy Founder CrowdfundingHub & co-founder European Crowdfunding Network Advisor European Commission “Crowd Investing” Horizon2020 @kleverlaan European Crowdfunding Consultancy

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Masterclass crowdfunding for Entrepreneurship International Master program Amsterdam Business School (University of Amsterdam)


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