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Business Models Template E145


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Business Models Template E145

  1. Business Models<br />
  2. What makes up a business model?<br />An ecosystem of companies and people<br />Motivations / problems<br />Budget / Currency<br />Flows of value / dollars<br />Flows of product<br />
  3. The Company: What are you selling?<br />Stuff that you physically produce<br />Device<br />Software<br />Things you know<br />IP<br />Data you’ve collected<br />People you know<br />Customers / Users<br />Partners<br />Employees<br />Reach<br />Technical infrastructure <br />
  4. OUR COMPANY<br /><ul><li>Device
  5. Software
  6. IP
  7. Services</li></ul>Product<br /><ul><li>Networks
  8. Technology
  9. Customer
  10. Partner
  11. Data
  12. Employees</li></ul>Resources<br />
  13. Users and Customers<br />Maps to Osterwalder “Customer Segments” and “Value Proposition”<br />DIFFERENCE: Users vs. Customer vs. Market<br />Users = The individuals or organizations who interact with your product. Their currency is attention.<br />Customers = The individuals or organizations who PAY for your product. Their currency is money.<br />Market = Category of customer segment<br />New, Existing, Resegmented, Niche<br />
  14. Product Flow<br />OUR COMPANY<br /><ul><li>EE
  15. System
  16. Mechanical
  17. Industrial
  18. Device
  19. Software
  20. IP
  21. Services</li></ul>Design<br />Product<br /><ul><li>Standard
  22. Tooled
  23. Critical
  24. Networks
  25. Technology
  26. Customer
  27. Partner</li></ul>Sales & Distribution<br />Components<br />Users<br /><ul><li>Data
  28. Employees
  29. Knowledge</li></ul>Manufacturing<br />Resources<br />
  30. Users and Customers: Key Questions<br />What problem do they have that you solve?<br />How many people have this problem?<br />How else can they solve the problem?<br />What user segments exist?<br />Do they pay anyone?<br />
  31. Users Versus Paying Customers<br />OUR COMPANY<br />$<br />Sales & Distribution<br />$<br /><ul><li>Device
  32. Software
  33. IP
  34. Services</li></ul>$<br />Users<br />Product<br />Design<br /><ul><li>Networks
  35. Technology
  36. Customer
  37. Partner</li></ul>Demand Creation<br />$<br />Components<br /><ul><li>Data</li></ul>$<br />$<br /><ul><li>Employees</li></ul>Manufacturing<br />Customers<br />Resources<br />
  38. Revenue Flow<br />OUR COMPANY<br />$<br />Sales & Distribution<br />$<br /><ul><li>Device
  39. Software
  40. IP
  41. Services</li></ul>$<br />Users<br />Product<br />Design<br /><ul><li>Networks
  42. Technology
  43. Customer
  44. Partner</li></ul>Demand Creation<br />$<br />Components<br /><ul><li>Data</li></ul>$<br />$<br /><ul><li>Employees</li></ul>Manufacturing<br />Customers<br />Resources<br />
  45. Pricing: What are you paying for?<br />Stuff:<br />Ownership<br />Usage fee (e.g. per minute pricing)<br />Things you know:<br />IP License <br />People you know and Reach:<br />Matchmaking<br />Access fee <br />
  46. OUR COMPANY<br />$<br />Sales & Distribution<br />$<br /><ul><li>Device
  47. Software
  48. IP
  49. Services</li></ul>$<br />Users<br />Product<br />Design<br /><ul><li>Networks
  50. Technology
  51. Assets
  52. Customer
  53. Partner</li></ul>Demand Creation<br />$<br />Components<br /><ul><li>Data</li></ul>$<br />$<br /><ul><li>Employees</li></ul>Manufacturing<br />Customers<br />Resources<br />
  54. OUR COMPANY<br />$<br />Sales & Distribution<br />$<br /><ul><li>Device
  55. Software
  56. IP
  57. Services</li></ul>$<br />Users<br />Product<br />Design<br /><ul><li>Networks
  58. Technology
  59. Customer
  60. Partner</li></ul>Demand Creation<br />$<br />Components<br /><ul><li>Data</li></ul>$<br />$<br /><ul><li>Employees</li></ul>Manufacturing<br />Customers<br />Resources<br />
  61. Demand Creation<br />How does the user become aware of the product?<br />How does the customer become aware of the product?<br />Are they actively searching for your product?<br />How much do these activities cost?<br />How many users do they get you?<br />How many customers do they get you?<br />How long does it take to acquire the customer?<br />
  62. OUR COMPANY<br />$<br />Sales & Distribution<br />$<br /><ul><li>Device
  63. Software
  64. IP
  65. Services</li></ul>$<br />Users<br />Product<br />Design<br /><ul><li>Networks
  66. Technology
  67. Customer
  68. Partner</li></ul>Demand Creation<br />$<br />Components<br /><ul><li>Data</li></ul>$<br />$<br /><ul><li>Employees</li></ul>Manufacturing<br />Customers<br />Resources<br />
  69. Sales and Distribution<br />Who delivers the product to the end user?<br />Does the end user see our brand?<br />In what context will the user find our product?<br />Does the distribution and sales channel also drive customer demand? What incentives are in place to do so?<br />Is there inventory risk? Who takes that on?<br />What are shipping costs?<br />
  70. <ul><li>Who delivers the product to the end user?
  71. Does the end user see our brand?
  72. In what context will the user find our product?
  73. What problem do they have that you solve?
  74. How many people have this problem?
  75. How else can they solve the problem?
  76. What user segments exist?
  77. Do they pay anyone?</li></ul>Sales & Distribution<br /><ul><li>Data
  78. Technology =>
  79. Faster
  80. Cheaper
  81. Easier
  82. More accessible
  83. Just different
  84. Relationships
  85. Employees
  86. Partners
  87. Vendors
  88. Customers
  89. Physical
  90. Knowledge
  91. Inventory/Warehouse
  92. How does the user become aware of the product?
  93. How does the customer become aware of the product?
  94. Are they actively searching?</li></ul>Users<br /><ul><li>How are they related to the user?
  95. What problem does the customer have?
  96. What customer segments exist?
  97. How do you solve their problem?
  98. How large is their budget/spend?</li></ul>Demand Creation<br /><ul><li>What is being purchased?
  99. What is the appetite for spend?</li></ul>Customers<br />OUR ASSETS<br />