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Parisnicole payton Overview

  1. 1. Parisnicole Payton Accomplishments Overview Page 1 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 1 | P a g e PARISNICOLE PAYTON OVERVIEW Summary Top-tier public relations, marketing and communications professional with 15+ years of combined experience. Highly recognized for having a strong work ethic in strategic planning, media relations, publicity, and community relations. Adapt easily to new situations. Successfully handles a wide range of functions using a combination of creative, organizational, and writing skills. Dedicated, committed and responsible in delivering informed media-savvy public relations services. Well- known as an influential leader. Professional Experience THE PNP AGENCY – Trevose, Pennsylvania 2002 – Present Director of Public Relations, Marketing & Communications Serves as a publicist and personal assistant to NFL players. Plan and implement positive branding strategies and crisis- management preparation. Execute public relations and social media marketing plans. Accomplishments: • Support current and retired NFL players seeking business etiquette, crisis management, behavior management and leadership services. Schedule guest appearances. Coach and facilitate training and development sessions in preparation for press conferences and teach networking techniques. Book tours, speaking appearance, plan events and schedule meetings. • Manage sales and marketing campaigns to partner with NFL players. Cultivate relations with NFL players to support diverse fundraising and community outreach initiatives by ensuring business service contracts for special appearances based upon mutual interest and act in as the liaison for media coverage. • Provide marketing services to ensure positive coverage on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Network with bloggers and fan sites to generate buzz. Develop, manage and monitor collective content calendar for multiple platforms on media websites, television, radio programs and news to stimulate media blitz campaigns leading to 30% increase in engagement and 10% increase in the social media fan base. • Coordinate public relations, marketing and communications services. Monitored industry news in print, online and on social media platforms. Maintain and improve media visibility by identifying speaking and industry recognition opportunities. Write press releases and develop client profiles to ensure high-volume distribution to media websites. Conduct market research, analyze and monitor consumer trends and social media websites. Write business correspondences and media responses, reports, bios and resumes for celebrity clientele. • Negotiate contracts and coordinate referral services for clients. Manage personal and business service projects. Prepare comparison reports and make recommendations for vendors, legal, sports, travel, entrepreneur, event planning and relevant entertainment services.
  2. 2. Parisnicole Payton Accomplishments Overview Page 2 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 2 | P a g e Areas of Expertise:  Public Relations Publicity and exposure through, press releases, pitched stories, radio interviews, news media editorials, magazine editorials, commercial & television opportunities, book interviews, oversee press coverage for all red carpet premieres and special events. Provide marketing strategy for the client’s image to reach broader fan base.  Marketing Exhibit strong writing, communication and presentation skills, effectively articulate ideas to and for clients. Demonstrate proficiency in writing and editing materials, including client bio/media materials, magazine articles, correspondence and reports. Facilitate coaching on image control, delivering key messages on branding building. Build alliance for clients to secure endorsement and entrepreneurial opportunities that match their brand, charity cause and interests.  Communications Secure business relationships, negotiate contracts and administer prospect opportunities between client and corporate, non-profit and community sectors.  Management Administration Demonstrate strategic guidance to clients on an ongoing basis; anticipate and address client needs. Provide personal assisting, academic and career development, travel and hospitality, security, travel accommodations and relocation assistance. Provide 24-hour resource, referrals and recommendations.  Social Platform Presence Increase public presence with all major social media networks with designing a favorable and attractive image to increase fan awareness. Key Skills • Strategic and structured thinking ability • Strong leadership and motivation skills • Proven client relations and supervisory skills Education • Master of Education: Educational Management (Strayer University, 2012) • Master of Business Administration: Marketing (Strayer University, 2010) • Bachelor of Business Administration: Management (Strayer University, 2008) • Associates in Arts: Business (Community College of Philadelphia, 2007) • Certificate of Completion: Athlete Management (Sports Management Worldwide, 2005) • Certificate of Completion: Artist Relations, Studio Production, Concert Promotion, Event Production (Philadelphia Dell East Music Business Institute, 2001-2003)
  3. 3. Parisnicole Payton Accomplishments Overview Page 3 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 3 | P a g e Parisnicole Payton: Accomplishments Sports Client PR/MGT Administration: 2002 - 2013 Sports Public Relations & Administration, Personal Assistant, Administer & Secure Athlete Appearances/Magazine Features, Sports Memorabilia, Seek Endorsement Opportunities, Community Outreach Participation, Marketing, Interview Coaching, Media Preparation, Social Platform presence & Relocation Assistance Rennie Curran - NFL Free Agent • Pitched & secured online magazine featured interview  The Levity Ball Mrs. Shari Wiliams - (Wife of Pennsylvania Senator Anthony H. Williams) • Pitched & secured online magazine featured interview  The Levity Ball New York Giants Player - (1 Year Private & Confidential Contract, 2011-2012) • Provided Home Administration & Project Management of new house renovation Melissa Williams, MBA – Philadelphia Sports & Entertainment Marketing Specialist • 6 Month Mentor-ship Heather Byrd – Philadelphia Sports Commentator / & MTV “True Life” Reality Star • Public Relations Manager  Increased social platform presence by 200% within 1 week  Special Guest Radio Interview on Blog Talk Radio “In the Clutch,”  Media Coaching  Image Consulting Michael Stone – Retired NFL Player / Founder & CEO of Allied Athlete Group • Public Relations Administration  Allied Athlete Group “Landing Pad” event, SB XLV – Dallas, TX  Allied Athlete Group “Power Luncheon” & “Landing Pad” event, SB XLIV – Miami, FL Mike “Scooter” McGruder – Retired NFL Player • Secured and Administered Athlete Appearance  Super Bowl XLIV – Miami, FL Raheem Brock – Former Indianapolis Colts Defensive Tackle / Retired NFL Player 3rd Annual Celebrity Weekend for Brock’s Kids Foundation, • Secured and Administered Athletes Appearances  Byron Parker, Former Philadelphia Eagles Safety  Charleston Hughes, Former Philadelphia Eagles Linebacker  Eugene Bright, Former Philadelphia Eagles Tight-end
  4. 4. Parisnicole Payton Accomplishments Overview Page 4 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 4 | P a g e Amon Gordon – Former Philadelphia Eagles Defensive Tackle • Secured and Administered Athlete Appearance  Green Tree School Non-Profit Organization for Autism Event:  National Association of Black Journalist Fundraiser Event: “On the Move Campaign”  Public Appearance at the Philadelphia Black Public Relations Society at Temple University Sean Jones – Former Philadelphia Eagles Safety • Secured and Administered Athlete Appearance  National Association of Black Journalist Fundraiser Event: “On the Move Campaign” Vonta Leach – Former Houston Texans Full Back • Pitched & secured two-page magazine featured interview  Its In the Spotlight Magazine – NYC, / Published November 2009 • Administered The Vonta Leach Foundation Football Camp/Celebrity Weekend – Lumberton/Rowland, NC • Pitched & secured online magazine featured interviews  Suavv Magazine – Philadelphia, / Published October 2009  Game Sports Magazine – NYC, / Published July 2009  Blitz Magazine – Philadelphia, / Published July 2009 • Negotiated & secured a three-minute commercial spot with Houston Texas Real Estate Resort Company, Bella Luca Development, L.P. • Administered Hotel & Event Accommodations for Super Bowl XLIII – Tampa, FL Santana Moss, Washington Redskins Wide-receiver • Public Relations Administration  Annual Celebrity Weekend – Coordinated NFL Players’ interviews for the April Jones “Red Carpet” Show Correll Buckhalter – Former Philadelphia Eagles Running Back / Retired NFL Player • Administered Relocation Assistance: Denver Colorado • Secured Athlete Appearance for Super Bowl XLIII Gospel Celebration – Tampa, Florida • Secured special appearance requested by Ms. Yvonne Hodge, Vice President of Lockheed Martin-Cherry Hill, NJ (Private birthday party for daughter, Shannon Hodge. Correll presented Vice President’s daughter with a key to a custom made BMW luxury car) • Secured Athlete Appearance for Super Bowl XLII Gospel Celebration - Phoenix, Arizona • Provided Crisis Management Resolution Stacy Andrews – Former Cincinnati Bengals Defensive Tackle / Retired NFL Player • Personal Assistant • Pitched & secured a one-page magazine featured interview: “A NFL Player’s Life” Game Sports Magazine - New York • Secured Special Guest Radio Interview on New Jersey Radio WOND1400am
  5. 5. Parisnicole Payton Accomplishments Overview Page 5 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 5 | P a g e Shawn Andrews – Former Philadelphia Eagles Right Guard / Retired NFL Player • Personal Assistant • Provided Media Coaching for Sunday Night “Football Frenzy” with Gary Pappa, 6ABC Paul Spicer – Former Jacksonville Jaguars Defensive End / Retired NFL Player  April 2005 - BSI International, Inc. – Philadelphia **Received International Recognition** • “Fatherhood in the NFL” - pitched and secured discussion article featured collective interviews with Samuel McNabb, President of National Football Players Father’s Association and Paul Spicer, former Jacksonville Jaguars • Author: Diane A. Sears, Managing Editor  mcnabb.html • Personal Assistance • Super Bowl XLV – Miami, FL  Guest Speaker Appearance - Black Quarterback Club VIP Celebration Dinner: “On & Off the Field Leadership” • Public appearance & autograph signing at “grand opening” of a New Jacksonville Real Estate Condo Development • (2) Radio Guest Appearances during the 2007 NFL Season Samuel McNabb – Former President of National Football Players Father‘s Association  April 2005 - BSI International, Inc. – Philadelphia **Received International Recognition** • “Fatherhood in the NFL” - pitched and secured discussion article featured collective interviews with Samuel McNabb, President of National Football Players Father’s Association and Paul Spicer, former Jacksonville Jaguars • Author: Diane A. Sears, Managing Editor  mcnabb.html Keith Hamilton – Retired NFL Player • Event Coordinator for 2003 NFL Retirement Party Lawyer Milloy – Former New England Patriots Safety / Retired NFL Player • Publicist James “Ed Lover” Roberts - New York Radio One Personality • 4 Yrs. Administered & Coordinated Business Travel Accommodations: NBA All Star Weekend
  6. 6. Parisnicole Payton Accomplishments Overview Page 6 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 6 | P a g e Corporate / Non-Profit Organizations Clients: 2008 – 2009 First Hampton International Realty Lawrence Citarelli III Corporation Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey's Autism Organization - Generation Rescue Pros with a Purpose: Celebrity Golf Fundraisers Event: • Secured & Administered Athletes Appearance & Participation  Ottis Anderson, Retired NFL Player  Kenyon Rasheed, Retired NFL Player  Mike “Scooter” McGruder, Retired NFL Player  Phillippi Sparks, Retired NFL Player Green Tree School Non-Profit Organization: Golf 4 Autism Fundraiser & Awareness Event • Secured & Administered Athletes Appearance & Participation  Amon Gordon, Former Philadelphia Eagles Defensive Tackle  Todd Hoffard, Retired MLS Player  Terry Phelan, Retired MLS Player  Mike Moriarty, Retired MLB Player  Secured donated items from Jenny McCarthy & Jim Carrey’s Autism Organization – Generation Rescue Morgan Stanley - Annual Funderaiser Auction Event: “Children with Disabilities” • Secured NFL Sports Memorabilia  Houston Texans Players: Vonta Leach (former), Steve Slaton (former), Andre Johnson National Association Black Journalist – Annual Networking Event: “One The Move” • Secured, Administered Athletes Appearances  Amon Gordon, Former Philadelphia Eagles Defensive Tackle  Sean Jones, Former Philadelphia Eagles Safety Bella Luca Development, L.P. – Houston, Texas Base Real Estate Company • Secured & Negotiated Commercial Endorsement  Vonta Leach, Former Houston Texans Fullback Lockheed Martin Corporation - Mrs. Yvonne Hodge, Vice President • Secured Athlete Appearance for Vice President’s Daughter, Shannon Hodge 21st Birthday Party  Correll Buckhalter, Former Philadelphia Eagles Running Back / Retired NFL Player
  7. 7. Parisnicole Payton Accomplishments Overview Page 7 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 7 | P a g e The PNP Agency Community Outreach: 2009 - 2012 The PNP Agency “Help a Teacher Celebrate Schools” The PNP Agency is a proud sponsor of We supported their education campaign, "Celebrate Schools." During the month of October, November & December 2012, we toured several Pennsylvania Northeast region's malls (Neshaminy, Cheltenham, Springfield, Willow Groove, Oxford Valley and King of Prussia) in joining alliance with public school teachers to speak, encourage, support and advocate the importance of youth education. The PNP Agency is a true advocate of education, especially for the youth. The PNP Agency “1000 Shoes for Success” 1000 shoe donations delivered and distributed amongst six Women organizations (PA, NJ & NY) that develop programs which focus on disadvantage women pushing thru adversity and looking to improve their personal and work life.  “Women in Transition Organization,”  “The Career Wardrobe Organization,”  “Business and Professional Women of New Jersey,”  “Women’s Fund of New Jersey,”  “The New York Women’s Foundation,”  “New York Women’s Agenda,” The PNP Agency Sponsored & Partnered Provide Public Relations Administration  Allied Athlete Group “Landing Pad” event, SB XLV – Dallas, Texas  Allied Athlete Group “Power Luncheon” & “Landing Pad” event, SB XLIV – Miami, Florida The PNP Agency donates to United Way In times of hardship and prosperity, helping the community in need always has been part of The PNP Agency’s culture. In 2010, The PNP Agency donated $500.00 and raised another $500.00 from colleagues & business associates for the United Way, “Lived United” campaign.
  8. 8. Parisnicole Payton Accomplishments Overview Page 8 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 8 | P a g e The PNP Agency & Partners Giving Back to the Community The PNP Agency had the pleasure in taking part and learning of several that affected children. One cause in particular; children with autism. The PNP Agency closed out its 2009 blessed year by giving back to the community. The PNP Agency had partnered with several corporate companies to share the joy of giving back by providing donations to children in need. The PNP Agency will continue to help communities in vital research, education, community services and advocacy programs through its connections in the sports & entertainment industry. • $1,000 Community Donation & Participation (1)  Mass Mutual Financial Group  The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry • $5,000 Community Donation & Participation (2)  TD Bank  Bank of America  Philadelphia Children’s Hospital • $2,000 Community Donation & Participation (3)  Modell’s Sporting Goods Store  Toys “R” Us  New York City Boys Club  New York Save the Children Organization Internship, Volunteer-ship & Freelance Opportunities Event Administrator, Personal Assistant, Marketing, Promotions, Venue Coordinator, Social Media Administration & Technical Support National Football League - Super Bowl Host Committee: 2002 - 2012  Office / Command Center Administration  Guest Welcome  Athlete Appearances & Participation  Airport/Hotel Administration & Hospitality  Celebrity & Athlete Travel Accommodations  Community Events  NFL Support  NFL Experience  Pepsi Smash Concert  Super Bowl Village  Super Bowl Pre-Show & Half Time Preparations  Super Bowl Gospel Celebration National Basketball Association - All Star Weekend: 2002 - 2010  Office Administration  Venue Administration  NBA All Star Jam Session  Celebrity & Athlete Travel Accommodations  Events & Game Ticket Administration
  9. 9. Parisnicole Payton Accomplishments Overview Page 9 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 9 | P a g e Philadelphia Sport Events: 2002 - 2006  Philadelphia Eagles Carnival  Philadelphia Phillies Festival  Philadelphia 76ers Summer Hoops Tour Conferences: 1995 - 2010  Public Relations Media Conference at Associated Press Headquarters – New York, NY  American Black Film Festival – New York & Miami  Black Film & Media Conference – Philadelphia, PA  National Association of Women Business Owners – Philadelphia, PA  Independent Music Conference - Philadelphia, PA  Movie: “Jersey Girl” Big Ticket Production – Philadelphia, PA  The Tampax Total You Tour – Philadelphia, PA  African Women on Tour – Philadelphia, PA  Power 99FM Sister Conference – Philadelphia, PA Internships: 1994 – 2002 Office Administration, Promotions & Marketing Research  Philadelphia Metro Newspaper – Philadelphia, PA  WYBE Channel 35 Public Television – Roxbourgh, PA  International Association of African American Music Conference – Philadelphia, PA  WPEB 88.1FM Radio & Talk Station – Philadelphia, PA  WYSP, Channel 12 Television Station – Philadelphia, PA  WPHL, Channel 17 Television Station – Philadelphia, PA Additional Experiences: Guest/Panel Speaker Opportunities: 2003 – 2013 Selected to speak about Women in Sports & Sports Public Relations  Alma Mater Strayer University, Lower Bucks Campus – Trevose, PA  Cradle of Liberty Council: Learning for Life Speakers Bureau – Philadelphia, PA (2) • Annual Career Fair at Wachovia Complex Center • Career-Career Cluster Day at Strawberry Mansion High School  Temple University Philadelphia Black Public Relations Society Student Chapter – Phila. PA (4) • Public Relations Sports Talk  Panel Guest Speaker • Music and Entertainment Networking Mixer  Mentor Speaker • Black Public Relations Society  Panel Speaker for Discussion: “Breaking the Glass Ceiling”  Keynote Speaker for Discussion: “Americans in the Work Force”  MoGals for Success Dinner: LaTanya Martin, Smart Girls Set SMART Goals – New York • Guest of Honor  Monica Montgomery’s Urban Momentum Network Launch Event – Philadelphia, PA  Person-L Management: Hip Hop & Spoken Word Workshop – Philadelphia, PA  Montgomery County Community College – Blue Bell, PA
  10. 10. Parisnicole Payton Accomplishments Overview Page 10 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 10 | P a g e Online Radio Interviews: 2007 – 2013 Selected to speak about role of sports public relations and athletes • March 2013 - The Launch Party: “The Blind Side of PR” – Washington • December 2011 - R-Kal TruLuck – Retired NFL Player: “Inside the Trenches” – United States • September 2010 - Real Talk with Raym: “Battle of the Sexes: Venus vs. Mars” – New Jersey • June 2010 - Internet Talk Show w/Arthur Robinson, Jr. “Powerful Entrepreneurs” – Philadelphia • May 2010 - Talk Radio Show, “Your Money & More” - New Jersey • March 2010 - Radio & Talk Gospel Show w/Dr. Carl Ashton – Philadelphia • December 2009 - Internet Radio & Talk Show w/Dr. Richard Cooper – Philadelphia • March 2009 - G-Town Radio & Talk Show w/Len “Cruze” Webb – Philadelphia • February 2007 - Raymond Taylor – Radio Talk Show - New Jersey TV Interview: 2013 • January 2013 – New Orleans News Channel - ABC WGNO: “News with a Twist” Charm/#axzz2JuhnuX6K Magazine Featured Interviews: 2005 – 2010  July 2010 – Strayer University Scholar Magazine – Pennsylvania • “Time Out for Education” • Author: Courtney MacGregor Coder, Senior Editor  2010-final.pdf  January 2008 – Game Sports Magazine – New York • Featured Article: Recognized for Sports Public Relations work with NFL Players • Author: Monique and Shenese Brannon 
  11. 11. Parisnicole Payton Accomplishments Overview Page 11 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 11 | P a g e Website Featured Interviews: 2010 – 2011  January 2011 –  Author: Mimi Honey • payton-of-the-pnp-agency/  November 2010 – “Women Business Owner Edition”  Author: Shalena Broaster •  October 2010 – I AM PR “Industry Spotlight”  Author: Olivia Dikambi • agency/ Affiliations 2013 National Association of Professional Women 2012 - 2013 National Football Alumni Organization 2009 - 2010 National Black MBA Organization 2009 The International Association of Administrative Professionals 2009 Black Women in Sports Foundation 2009 Got Athletes 2009 Athletes and Executives 2008 - 2013 Philadelphia Black Public Relations Society 2006 Philadelphia Public Relations Association 2006 Public Relations Society of America 2005 Sports Management World 2004 - 2009 Toastmasters 2003 - 2005 Independent Music Managers Association 2003 - 2005 National Sports Marketing Network, Inc. 2003 Philadelphia Flyers, “Hockey 101-201” 2002 Philadelphia Eagles, N.Y. Giants & Jets, “Women for Football” Clinic 2000 - 2004 Black Entertainment & Sports Lawyers Association 2000 - 2004 Black Entertainment & Telecommunications Association 2000 - 2004 National Academy of Recording Arts and Science 2000 - 2004 Songwriters Guild of America Additional Areas of Specialties: Brand Development Event Coordinator Crisis Communications Image Consulting Interview Preparation Marketing Strategy Social Media Administrator Production Assistance PR/MGT Administration Reputation Management Promotions Travel Management Appearance Booking Budget Management Concierge Services