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Intern challenge


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Intern challenge

  1. 1. Mariam Ekizyan Sample of Marketing Material Assignment for a Marketing Intern PositionGoal:To develop a marketing strategy to promote seminar of a real estate company in Kelowna. Try to reach thetarget demographic which is listed in target demographic. Please consider all avenues for promoting theevent and choose the best one to communicate to our target market. Be sure to explain your rationalebehind your choice(s) and elaborate on its effectiveness.Target demographic: The target demographic is both male and female individuals in the ages of 35 – 65 with household incomes of $60,000 or more. They typically have a family, own a home, and are working class individuals with a decent amount of disposable income.
  2. 2. Marketing Strategy for a Seminar in KelownaTo attract the right demographics to Vision Investment’s seminar in Kelowna, I suggest partnering with alocal golf club that can host a dinner/seminar event and provide the audience from its membership. Ichose a golf club because its members’ demographics closely match Vision Investment Properties’ targetmarket, as you can see from the chart below.Golfer Demographic StatisticsSource: online guide ( AudienceAge 31 - 54Annual Income $ 65,000 – $ 124,000Interest: Travel, Financial Services , Real Estate InformationBenefits of partnering with a golf club to host this event include Good demographics fit Availability of banquet facilities that can host events. For example, Kelowna Golf & Country Club Dining Facilities Kelowna Springs Golf Club - Legends Golf Grill & Banquet Facility Existing channels of communication with an established membership group Pleasant ambience of a golf and country club that will ensure a high turnout rateThe golf club will need lots of support in creating and distributing the marketing message to itsmembers; thus Vision Investment Properties should make it as easy as possible for the club to promotethe event. Two types of marketing strategies will be used for the seminar: primary and secondary. Theprimary strategies will target only the golf club members and their friends, the optional secondarystrategies - a wider audience.Primary promotional strategies: Create marketing content and materials for the golf club to distribute through its own channels: o Online: membership newsletter, email blast, club’s website, club’s social media (Facebook, Twitter) o Traditional: posters at the club Offer all attendees the option to bring two friends (who will likely also fit the target demographics), entice members who bring friends with a prize (e.g., golf equipment from the club’s pro-shop)Secondary promotional strategies: - Promote the seminar through Vision Investment’s website and social media channels; Twitter, LinkedIn events, and Facebook - Inform existing customers through the e-newsletter and press releases - Announce the event through third party websites such as Board of Trade, City of Kelowna, Kelowna events, and EventBrite - Obtain a subscribers’ list from Kelowna Real Estate Magazine and mail them directly - Develop and distribute a brochure containing a brief description of the company and seminar details in the Kelowna Golf Shuttle vehicles, holiday resorts, and local banks
  3. 3. Work Breakdown StructureOUTLINE VIEW1. Real Estate Seminar in Kelowna Golf Club 1.1 Seminar Planning 1.1.1 Finalize seminar objectives and profile 1.1.2 Assign responsibilities to employees 1.1.3 Develop seminar content and Powerpoint slides 1.1.4 Develop event schedule and budget plan 1.2 Logistics Coordination 1.2.1 Contact Kelowna golf clubs and local banks 1.2.2 Reserve golf club banquet hall and catering service 1.2.3 Contact quest speakers to check their availability and seminar topic 1.2.4 Finalize and confirm seminar agenda with the golf club and speakers 1.2.5 Reserve audio-visual equipment 1.2.6 Hire a contract employee in Kelowna 1.2.7 Review and modify seminar estimates 1.3 Promote the event 1.3.1 Develop marketing strategies and targeted content for promotion 1.3.2 Develop online strategies Update social media channels with seminar details (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) Create an event page on VIP and golf club website Promote event through third- party websites Send e-newsletter and invitation to the existing customers 1.3.3 Promote event through traditional channels Purchase subscribers list from Kelowna Real Estate Magazine Update the customer database and send e/mail invitations to new leads Design and print flyers, agenda and mini brochures Send flyers to the golf club Distribute the brochures on the Kelowna Golf Shuttle, holiday resorts and local banks 1.3.4 Create a thank-you card template for post-event mailing 1.4 Finalize Pre-Event Activities 1.4.1 Confirm the number of attendees with the venue and speakers and reserve hotel rooms 1.4.2 Ship event and marketing materials, equipment to Kelowna golf venue 1.4.3 Travel to Kelowna and meet the quest speakers 1.4.4 Purchase golf equipment from pro-shop at the golf club 1.4.5 Meet the quest speakers and take them to the hotel 1.4.6 Set-up and check equipment 1.4.7 Display welcome banner and place brochures on the table 1.4.8 Execute the event*Overview budget and schedule estimates every week* Held weekly team meetings* Update and remind every two weeks through social media and emails