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Augmented Reality: Broadband for the Brain


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Panel 5-18-2011: Using AR to Change the World.

Using psychology and brain science to understand the impact of AR.

Published in: Technology, Education
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Augmented Reality: Broadband for the Brain

  1. 1. Beyond the Technology: Using AR toChange The World Dr. Pamela Rutledge Panel Presentation May 18, 2011 are2011
  2. 2. AR: Broadband for the Brain Dr. Pamela Rutledge are2011
  3. 3. Hey guys,we’ve made it this far, but now what?
  4. 4. You canchange the world
  5. 5. You have tostep back to lookforward
  6. 6. AR can change the world because it changes how you see the world
  7. 7. Cut Here
  8. 8. Neocortex Thinking Mammalian Brain EmotionsLizard BrainInstincts
  9. 9. LIZARD BRAIN DECISION TREE IS IT ABOUT ME? No Yes IS IT DANGEROUS?IGNORE! No Yes IS IT GOOD? RUN LIKE HELL RIP THEM TO SHREDS No YesIGNORE! AM I AROUSED? No Yes Yay! Fire off some chemicals to the Neocortex. It will make up a story to explain what I’m feeling. Then it will decide what to do....IGNORE! Unless I’m already doing something. In which case, we’re going to need another story
  10. 10. It’s all real to me
  11. 11.  We experience the world perceptually and not selectively AR blends imagination into reality Imagination is the key to  Increasing empathy  Innovation  Creative solutions
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Little Changes Make a Big Difference
  14. 14. Thank You Dr. Pamela Brown Rutledge