Recruitment Retention & Referrals | For Private Schools & Summer Camps


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Marketing private schools and marketing summer camps is our specialty. These tips will help you improve your sales, get new students and kids into your programs, and keep existing families happy and raving about your camp or private school. Review the top tips to help you recruit and retain students and kids for your summer camp or private school program.

Originally presented by Agnes Stawicki for Our Kids Media at the Our Kids Marketing Academy Lunch & Learn in Toronto on April 29th, 2014. Visit for more free marketing tools and resources.

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Recruitment Retention & Referrals | For Private Schools & Summer Camps

  1. 1. SALES: Recruitment Retention Referrals Presenter: Agnes Stawicki #MktgAcademy @ourkidsnet
  2. 2. Content   Understanding why people buy   Recruitment   Retention   Referrals   Reality   Summary
  3. 3. Thank you InSchoolwear. For over 16 years Canadian manufacturer and retailer InSchoolwear Inc. has been creating high quality school uniforms, and stylish casual and comfortable clothing suitable for school dress code.
  4. 4. Customers What do they want? What do they need?
  5. 5. Wants vs needs Hostage Sale Sustainable Sale No Sale Emotional Sale Want Need NO SALE? Provide programs that both kids and families want and need.
  6. 6. 8 Things that make us buy 1.  Fear: Don’t get caught with too little insurance (insurance) 2.  Guilt: Don’t let them suffer anymore (not for profits) 3.  Trust: No hidden fees (banks, hotels) 4.  Value: Find a better price, we’ll match it (grocery) 5.  Belonging: When you’re here, you’re family (Olive garden) 6.  Competition: Make them drool (Toyota) 7.  Instant gratification: now, today, within 24 hours 8.  Time: Cut the time it takes to…, More time for family/friends
  7. 7. Customer Lifecycle
  8. 8. Recruitment
  9. 9. Everyone is NOT your customer
  10. 10. Target your customer Parents With school aged kids Considering change Researching & comparing   Best camps, best schools…   Public vs private   Cost of …   Types of …   Rankings, alumni   Reviews, reassurance
  11. 11.   Directories   Print & online display ads   Content ads (events, articles…)   Email   Paid search   Social media   Tradeshows, community events Target your media buys
  12. 12. Profile your customer Brainstorm distinctive ways that your programs can solve their problem, need, pain, frustration, or fear. 1.  Profile: Name your ideal customer (star hockey player) 2.  Characteristics: Identify their demographic, behaviors, locations , interests… 3.  Needs: What are their needs, problems, pains, frustrations or fears? 4.  Keywords: Identify any key phrases this profile would use to articulate their need, problem, pain…
  13. 13. How schools market? OUR StudentsEducation academic PROGRAM WITH living learning community lifestyle environment artschild curriculum THEIR offers montessori small independent grade Source: member schools
  14. 14. What families ask schools? MY GradeUniversity Information currently SCHOOL I provide SERVICE visit needs want COST SON visit ROOM tour assistance education daughter care available Source: family inquiries
  15. 15. How camps market? CAMP SummerPrograms experience activities OUR day we skills campers children artsages curriculum YOUR offers FUN strong sports Source: member camps
  16. 16. What families ask camps? MY agesession Information currently camp I interested looking visit needs availability rates SON WEEK spots WANT activities daughter dates hours Source: family inquiries
  17. 17. Retention
  19. 19. Service satisfaction rates 45% 31% 47% 52% 7% 14% 1% 2%0% 1% 2001 2012 Very dissatisfied Dissatisfied Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied Satisfied Very satisfied Source: Margaret Wylde, ProMatura Group
  20. 20. Marketing is everyone’s job The experience builds your brand 1.  Website: Does it look professional? Does it function well? 2.  Receptionist: How do you answer the phone? Do you provide useful information? 3.  Staff: How do you solve critical problems? Do you take responsibility? 4.  Social Media: Do you answer questions and engage with users?
  21. 21. Improve customer satisfaction   Ask for feedback   Study your most and least satisfied customers   Track and study requests and complaints   Hire a mystery shopper   Focus on ‘marketing & customer service’ at staff meetings Don’t be afraid of change
  22. 22. Reinforce your value   Continue marketing to existing families   Showcase your programs and how they benefit your campers and students   Stay in touch with families on a monthly basis   Share awards you’ve won, articles you’re featured in…
  24. 24. Referrals
  26. 26. Word of mouth   Your #1 marketing channel   Get happy parents, kids, staff, alumni, partners… to become your ambassadors   Provide great content that ‘silent’ ambassadors will want to share   Maximize your use of social media   Feature your ‘customers’ in articles and videos   Consider a contest and/or referral program
  27. 27. Reality What can you do to improve your sales
  28. 28. Are you 100% full? All programs can and should operate at 100%. The #1 reason we loose sales is that we fail to connect with prospects that visit us and have a need/want.
  29. 29. Connect with your leads   Advertising and marketing   Messaging and communications   Lead generation   Lead follow-up   Entire team marketing   Focus on the family   provide an excellent experience
  30. 30. Reality: recruitment only generates leads   People sell to people   Customer service is most important   Invest in your sales team   Have a consistent follow- up   Respond to all leads
  31. 31. What is your lead response time? Two factors that enable you to speak to more leads are 1.  Inquiry response time which is the time it takes you to connect by phone with the lead from the moment they hit submit. 67% of sales are won by the first company that responds. 2.  Persistence of your re-attempts to connect by phone. Attempt to call them up to 6 times until you reach them. You’ll reach more than 70% of you leads within just two attempts.
  32. 32. Summary #MktgAcademy
  33. 33. Summary 1.  To drive exposure for your brand, go where your audience is (online and offline). 2.  Generate more leads by using messaging consistent with what prospects are looking for. 3.  Listen to and understand your prospects wants & needs. 4.  Advertising and marketing can only generate leads. A fast and educated sales team are key to make the sale. 5.  Families are demanding with high expectations, be open and ready to make changes. 6.  The best way to encourage word of mouth marketing, is to provide exceptional customer service.
  34. 34. Integrate your marketing to produce the strongest results
  35. 35.   Webinars   Checklists   Case Studies   Tip Sheets
  36. 36. OUR KIDS Ad Network