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Branded Ohio


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Presentation by Dr Lisa Gonzales and Trish Rubin for the Ohio Superintendent Learning Academy, Columbus Ohio
April 2019

Published in: Education
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Branded Ohio

  1. 1. BrandED! Tell your Story...Build Relationships… Empower Learning Ohio Superintendent Learning Academy April 9, 2019 Trish Rubin MA/MPA...Consult. Educate. Speak. Write. Dr. Lisa Gonzales...Lead. Advocate. Run. Raise twins.
  2. 2. TOP 10 Reasons Brand Matters in Business Brand matters to IDENTITY...IMAGE Brand matters for DIFFERENTIATING ...IMAGE Brand matters for PERCEPTION...IMAGE Brand matters to REPUTATION...IMAGE Brand matters for TRUST...PROMISE Brand matters for CULTURE...PROMISE Brand matters for ENGAGEMENT...PROMISE Brand matters for CONNECTIVITY...RESULT Brand matters to SATISFACTION...RESULT Brand matters for LOYALTY...RESULT
  3. 3. Top 10 Reasons to BRAND Schools 10 - to gain/sustain public trust 9 - to build support before you need it 8 - to tie to staff/student accomplishments 7 - to distinguish your district from others 6 - to let the taxpayers know what you are doing with their $$$ 5 - to bounce back after a challenge, setback, negative PR 4 - to expand your impact 3 - to change any misperceptions 2 - to make a shift in priorities, focus points, priorities 1 - to be a good community partner
  4. 4. Blurred Lines How about....? • Stores/ Retail • Print • Banks • Restaurants • Boxing • Amazon • Credit Card Company And How About...? • Magazine/Print • Experience • Coffee Shops • Office Space • Chess • Grocery Store • Tech Company
  5. 5. What does the "B word" BRAND mean to you…. in ONE WORD?
  6. 6. Define… before being Defined "Help people to be better versions of themselves." Seth Godin
  7. 7. Brand to BrandED … Attentional Power of 3! Communicative… Promotional… RELATABLE LEADERSHIP BrandED IMAGE … Define an IMAGE The good I/we accomplish! BrandED PROMISE ... Make a PROMISE The value I/ we bring! BrandED RESULT … Showcase RESULT The “reason to believe!”
  8. 8. BUSINESS... Customer Service to a consumer SCHOOLS... Servant Leadership for a community
  9. 9. #CAMERA CULTURE! By 2021 80% of what is shared online ...Visual! IMAGE. PROMISE. RESULT. BRAND NARRATIVE
  10. 10. PROMISE A Brand PROMISE extends the positioning of IMAGE -- the brand promise is what you deliver—it's the benefit that makes your product or service uniquely desirable.
  11. 11. A Brand Promise is based on Unique Brand Value…find the stories of that value! • Who am I? ….Who are We? • What do I value ? What do We Value?... • What are my Convictions? What are our Convictions? • With whom will I Associate? With whom will we Associate? • To what do I Aspire? To what do we Aspire?
  12. 12. RESULT What messages do you want the school brand to convey and why? • Select measurable, attainable Results that define Image and Promise led by the Storyteller in Chief • Brand Result: tangible features & intangible benefits • What channel (s) will you choose to show result? • Think of the Engine of Engagement: . Result is easier than you think ...OBSERVE. PARTICIPATE and CO-CREATE. • Not CRM Customer Relationship Management but SRM Stakeholder Relationship MAnageent
  13. 13. Make the invisible VISIBLE… Power of emotion in stories for School Brand!
  14. 14. Stories Power your IMAGE … Build your Community of Practice... Share, Network, Cultivate, Curate, Motivate, Model, Connect
  15. 15. Any questions? Trish Rubin Dr. Lisa Gonzales Twitter: @trishrubin Insta: @trishrubinNYC Twitter: @techietwinmom LinkedIn: trishrubinnetworking Insta: @techietwinmom LinkedIn: Dr. Lisa Marie Gonzales