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If content is king, what is attention


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Everyone with internet access has the power to be both a creator and consumer of content. All this content contributes to the information tsunami that overwhelms us all. This presentation focuses on attention and the challenges of managing it in an information-rich world as lifelong learners and educators. Attention is explored as a scarce resource (Simon, 1971) and a digital literacy (Rheingold, 2012). The presenter will share examples of some digital tools and apps which he uses to manage the information tsunami. The audience will also be encouraged to discuss the digital tools they use to manage attention in a noisy 21st century world.

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If content is king, what is attention

  1. 1. If Content is King,What is Attention?Olaojo AiyegbayoUniversity of Huddersfield #TALISS
  2. 2. Attention is the king maker
  3. 3. Content like celebrities crave attention
  4. 4. There is no engagement without attention
  5. 5. Attention is a scarce resource
  6. 6. “… a wealth of information creates apoverty of attention and a need toallocate that attention efficiently amongthe overabundance of information sourcesthat might consume it” (Herbert Simon)
  7. 7. Attention as a digital literacy
  8. 8. • Attention• Participation• Collaboration• Network Awareness•Critical Consumption
  9. 9. “Attention is the fundamental building blockfor how individuals think, how humans createtools and teach each other to use them, howgroups socialize, and how people transformcivilizations.” (Howard Rheingold)
  10. 10. “You need to learn how to exercise mindful deployment ofyour attention online if you are going to become a criticalconsumer of digital media…” (Howard Rheingold)
  11. 11. “It is not information overload. It’s filter failure.”
  12. 12. Attention Management Apps and Tools Reader
  13. 13. Discussion QuestionsWhat are your digital media practices doingto your attention?What attention management web tools orapps do you use to deal with the tsunami?
  14. 14.
  15. 15.