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Piloting the iPad and other tablets coffee club at University of Huddersfield


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This slideshow was presented at the ATL-Conference held between September 1-3, 2014 @ the University of Warwick.

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Piloting the iPad and other tablets coffee club at University of Huddersfield

  1. 1. Exploring Academics' formal and informal iPad support systems Piloting the iPad (and other tablets) Coffee Club at the University of Huddersfield Olaojo Aiyegbayo Olaojo Aiyegbayo University of Huddersfield @olaojo15
  2. 2. University of Huddersfield
  3. 3. iPad (and alternative devices) Coffee Club Informal Space
  4. 4. iPad (and other tablets) Coffee Club
  5. 5. iPad (and other tablets) Coffee Club Peer/informal Learning Knowledgeable Enthusiast Semi-formal space + Refreshments Motivated Learners
  6. 6. Format
  7. 7. Show and Tell
  8. 8. Wisdom of Crowds
  9. 9. Booking/Attendance breakdown per session Session Booked (Eventbrite) Attended Session 1 26 17 Session 2 16 11 Session 3 14 10 Total 56 38
  10. 10. Evaluation Findings
  11. 11. STRENGTHS (1) The informality of the sessions: • “I like the informality – don’t change that!” • “I really liked the session and found it useful. It is also good to meet others using tablets and learning from each other. It’s a good informal forum.”
  12. 12. STRENGTHS • “It’s a really good chance/opportunity to find out how iPads can be used. Its assumed we know what we’re doing with them, the coffee club provided a relaxed environment to share ideas and learn how to make the most out of mobile devices. Not too technical and not too basic, just a really good forum to find out ‘stuff’.”
  13. 13. STRENGTHS (2) No pressure on attendees to share: • “I really liked the format especially not feeling pressure to share unless you wanted to – I’m still getting to grips with using an iPad for work purposes and still not sure I use it to the optimum functionality….”
  14. 14. CHALLENGES (1) Time constraints: • “I'll like to come and try this out, but I am away next week.” • Please keep me on your list as I might be able to come another time.” • “I can never do a Tuesday: any chance of having the occasional Wednesday or Thursday?”
  15. 15. CHALLENGES (2) Technical issues: Institutional WiFi problems • “A positive experience despite some technical issues which limited one or two demonstrations.” • “More preparation in making sure stuff is working and to reduce technical issues and waiting around.”
  16. 16. Twitter: @olaojo15 iPad Project site:
  17. 17. Image References • iPad image by bfishadow otostream/ • iPad (and alternative devices) Coffee Club image by Tamsyn Smith • People designed by Benjamin Harlow from The Noun Project: • Person designed by Ferran Brown from The Noun Project: