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Southern Hemisphere Open Educational Practices: A comparative analysis between Australia and Brazil

Carina Bossu, Marineli Meier
Federal University of Parana

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Southern Hemisphere Open Educational Practices: A comparative analysis between Australia and Brazil

  1. 1. Open Education Down Under: Some national and institutional initiatives. Dr Carina Bossu & Dr Marineli Meier
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Higher education sector in Brazil and Australia Brazil 203,2 million people 2,368 higher education institutions 301 public universities (free) 7,8 million students Australia 24,3 million people 43 accredited universities 40 public universities (fee) 1.3 million students
  4. 4. OEP in higher education Brazil and Australia Public universities Pockets of innovation Increase access to education to rural and remote learners Public good X marketing opportunities
  5. 5. University of Tasmania & Federal University of Parana UFPR Public university (federal) 24 state universities 4 study centres/academic units 28,000 students Online offering through UAB But predominantly f2f UTAS Public university State university 3 main campuses 34,000 students Online presence for all units But predominantly f2f
  6. 6. OEP the University of Tasmania Enhanced-Learning-and-Teaching-White-Paper-Academic-Senate-15-November-2013.pdf
  7. 7. UTAS Institutional Strategies – The adoption of Open Educational Practices is encouraged in the Deputy Students and Education Divisional Planning. – Embracing Open Educational Practices is a UTAS curriculum principle. file/0006/567744/7825_A3_Curriculum- Principles1.pdf By obsidianphotography (2014). Licensed as CC0 Public Domain -
  8. 8. Using Open Educational Practices counts towards teaching performance expectations. _file/0008/447443/7815A-Revised- Teaching-Performance.pdf Reward and Recognition Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license by Sean MacEntee (2012) at
  9. 9. OER Parana – REA Parana Initiative in partnership with the Federal University of Paraná - UFPR and the Federal Technological University of Paraná - UTFPR, was officialised in 2014
  10. 10. OER Institutional Repository
  11. 11. Reward and Recognition
  12. 12. Other similar activities – Online resources – Participation and dissemination in national and international events – Capacity building of academics and public servants By Lotte Grønkjær (2009) - CC BY NC SA 2.0 Generic
  13. 13. Despite the developments… many challenges remain – Create a culture of collaboration and sharing among educators – Lack of understanding of open licenses – Development of additional institutional policies – We need better informed senior leaders in HE Geralt (2014) – CC0 Public Domian
  14. 14. Points for discussion – Institutional policies – Recognition and reward – similar – UTAS alignment with curriculum and learning and teaching strategies – Open repositories – Similar technological approaches – UFPR push for OER being added into the repository – State universities X state representation through REA Parana – Lack of evidence regarding the existing policies
  15. 15.