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Asignment 1 literature edited

  2. 2. Definition of symbolism in literature.Symbolism is an iconic representation that is used to carry particular conventionalmeanings. It also as a figure of speech where an object, person, or situation hasanother meaning other than its lateral meaning which have the deeper meaning in thecontext of the whole story.For example, some of the people said ‘time is money’ which is carrying the meaning ofsymbolic warn to us that when we spend our time, we are giving up the opportunity todo something else with that time ( just as when we spend our money, we give up ourchance to do something else with the money ) Furthermore, like money, time is notinfinite.Another sample of symbolism is, life is like a roller coaster, which is telling ussymbolically that there will be ups and downs in our life that we have to cater andovercome. The formation of how the roller coaster moves also telling that the obstaclesthat we need to face and deal with it in our daily lives.It is the same like what has been said in a short story of ‘The Pearl’ by John Steinbeckwho was born in Salinas, California in 1902 and grew up in a rural valley near thePacific coast. He was the writer of the novel entitled ‘The Pearl’ and he has used someof the symbolisms in his novel. The title itself, at the moment, is telling about providencewhich can be seen when Kino and his wife were having the prophecy to get the pearlgreatly in order to change their life especially for their baby, Coyotito, for better life. But,at last, ‘The Pearl’ symbolizes to negative attitude of the people at the town when all ofthem become more greedy to get it just to change their life into easy and luxurious life.So, in this novel, ‘The Pearl’ symbolize two things, there are the providence and thegreediness of the people.Another symbolism which is used in the novel is the scorpion. It is telling that thedestruction of the innocent people from what the mistakes that the other people havedone. In this novel, Coyotito, baby of Kino and his wife, Juana, is the victim of theirgreediness to get the pearl to fulfill their intention, that is to be rich and luxurious.2
  3. 3. Next is the use of the word canoe which is symbolizing the cultural tradition becauseKino is coming from a rural place nearby the sea and it is something to do with thespirituality of their community.All those samples as mentioned above are showing that each objects represents theirown perspectives or meanings to describe the abstract meanings which are directly andindirectly in the story.It is the same goes to a play of ‘A Doll’s House’ by Henrik Ibsen, who was the father ofmodern drama in the era of 1851 to 1864 in Norway. There are many symbolisms usedin the play of ‘A Doll’s House.’THE MAJOR THEME OF A DOLL’S HOUSE.Theme is can be either the meaning or the lesson that a story is trying to convey orimplied to the audience. And it also like the message of the story is trying to get across .In the play of ‘A Doll’s House, the major theme is about the sacrifice of women in whichcan be seen from the situation of a woman from economic class, Mrs Linde, who hasabandoned her true love that is Krogstad . Eventhough Krogstad is a penniless man,but she really loves him so much. But, in order to support her mother and two brothers,she left her love by marrying another man who is richer than Krogstad.It also same goes to the nanny, who had to abandon her own child just to supportherself by working in Nora’s house as a caretaker ( take care of Nora’s children ). Thenanny feels so lucky to have this job since she was a poor girl and now, she got thechance to raise up her children using the payment from her job as a caretaker.And, when we talk about Nora, who had sacrificed a lot for Torvald, her husband bymaking loan just to help his husband’s financial problem. Meanwhile, at the same time,she had to hide it from her husband as she knew that her husband would not acceptedher action ( making loan ). These three samples of situations by the three women areshowing the sacrificial role of women in real life.3
  4. 4. Symbolisms from ‘A Doll’s House’There are three main symbolisms used in the play. The first one is the Christmas itselfis representing as a decorative thing in the eve of Christmas. And, it is similarly to Nora,who is a woman in the house, positioning as a plaything who is pleasing to look at andas the person who cheers up the house too. This can be seen when Nora asked hermaid to hide the Christmas tree from her children until the tree has been decorated. Itshows that Nora is a person who likes something which is decorative and likessomething cheerful in her life. It also can be known when Nora tells Torvald that no onecan see her in her dress until the evening of the dance and at the same time, it is tellingthat Nora is a person with full of surprise too. The use of the Christmass tree also ells usthat the scene took place during the coming new year celebration too.Second symbolism is the use of word ‘squirrel’ by Torvald to symbolize his wife, Nora isa proof to show the attitude of Nora too. Nora is symbolized as ‘squirrel’ because of herchildish character in the house even though towards her husband, Torvald. By lookingat the first scene when her husband came back from his work, Nora acted like a childwho waited for some sweets.The third symbolism to describe the characters of Nora is, the use of macaroon ( a typeof light, baked confection, described as small cakes like cookies consisting largely ofground almonds ) which is telling and describing the characters of her, who is a bitnaughty like a kid and always do something hidden. For example, she has made a loanin order to help her husband but without informing her husband,Torvald ( do it secretly )without her husband’s concern.The third symbolism is showing that Nora is sacrificing a lot towards her husbandbecause of her intention to help him from the financial problem and it showing the majortheme of this play is the sacrificial of woman in their lives.4
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