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  2. 2. MYSELFThe day which changed my whole life is still vivid in my mind. It was an important event in mylife which affected my life in many ways. It happened years ago in a month of March. On thatparticular day, I wake up as early as 4.00 a.m. My eyes were wide opened staring at the ceilingof the room. At about 6 am I get out of my bed and went to the bathroom and take my bath. Soonafter that, I had my morning prayers asking for the Almighty’s blessing. Around 9.30 a.m, I lefthome . I was on the way to my school to take my Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examinationresult. As usual, Iam riding my motorbike. Along the way, I couldn’t stop myself fromimagining myself from getting a perfect result. Since, I was one of the top student in my school, Iwas quite confident that I would get an excellent result. As I reached the school compound, I saw many of my friends heading towards the schoolhall. I saw some of my friends coming out from the hall with tears. I could just not predict thereason. Is it tears of joy or sadness? I told myself, “I better get going in and get my result.”. Itook a deep breath and went to the hall. I queued up at the counter set by the school for theScience stream students. It was my turn. I was speechless looking at my result. I felt that my eyeswere getting heavier. I was trying not to allow my tears to flow. It was so tough. I could not staythere any longer. I rode back home. My result was not that bad. I was disappointed with some ofthe grades of the Science subjects. I know I could not obtained scholarship with this result. It is adisgrace for me. I have disappointed my parents. I should have worked harder. Actually, I did notcomplete my revision. I was too confident that I would be able to sail through since I havealways managed to do well. I failed myself. This event changed my life especially my living condition, my behaviour and attitude.First of all, this event is the cause of my current living condition. Although, my living conditionis not that bad, it is actually not a life I have ever dreamed off. Since, I could not secure a placefor a Medical Course due to my poor result; I had to shift my focus to a different field whichdoes not guarantee a promising living condition. Now, my salary is just an average amount anycommon person will earn. This amount is just enough for me to settle my bills, getting monthlygroceries, children’s expenses, petrol etc. At the end of the month, I barely have any amount formy saving. Sometimes, it is just not enough to run the family till the end of the month. Hence, I
  3. 3. have to change my living condition. I have to sacrifice a lot. In fact, I even have to abolish theuse of television at home. My behaviour changed drastically too. I was no longer over confident about anything. Istarted changing my goals in life. I enrol myself in a teaching course. I worked hard eachsemester. Some of the courses which I took were too easy. However, I did not want to repeat thesame mistake again. I worked very hard each semester. I studied very hard day and night.My hard work was worthy. I graduated with an excellent result. I passed with distinction. I amproud myself.I guess that important event which happened years ago really had given me a good lesson. Itreally changed my behaviour and attitude. I am a better person now. Perhaps that event was thereason for who am I now.
  4. 4. A) EXPLANATION OF THE TWO ERRORSi- INTRODUCTION ( TENSE )Tense is typically marked on the verb, that refers to the time of event denoted by the verb tosome other reference points. There are ten types of tenses such as Present Simple, PresentContinuous, Past Simple, Past Continuous, Present Perfect Simple, Present Perfect Continuous,Perfect Tenses, Past Simple, Future Continuous, Future Perfect.From the tenses which are used by the writer, it shows us the time of the event takes place. Bylooking at the changes of the verbs, so that we can know the sequence of the story very well.SYNTHESIS OF THE TENSE IN THE ESSAYThere are two main grammatical errors found from the essay. The first one is the wrong use oftenses which are not suitable. For example, on the third line of the first paragraph shows the useof the word ( wake up ) which is supposed to be written as ( woke up ). It is identified asincorrect because the writer wrote about her experience of an event which changed her life and itis something past. And, she wrote to talk about her experience during a particular period of time.Even though the ideas or points of the story is understood, however, the use of correct tense isvery important to get the consistency of writing and to be well organized. Same goes to the useof word ( take ) on the fourth line, which is supposed not to be done because of the intention ofthe writer was to tell the past action which is not ongoing happen.ii) INTRODUCTION ( LINKING WORDS )The use of linking words is important to help us to connect ideas and sentences to get a smoothflow of story or points. There are many examples of linking words such as ‘for examples’,‘namely’, ‘in addition, ‘as well as,’ ‘moreover’, ‘apart of’, ‘in conclusion’ and etc. It is good touse linking words to sequence the ideas or points so that the readers can understand the writingeasily to get a meaningful reading as well.
  5. 5. Referring to the essay, the writer uses very few of linking words which makes her essay doesnot having a smooth flow and consequently, it makes the reading like a series of unrelatedstatements. Generally, the linking words should link the paragraphs well and accordingly.SYNTHESIS OF LINKING WORDS IN THE ESSAYWe can see that there are very few of linking words used in the sample of the essay. She usedsome common linking words such as ‘however’, ‘first of all’ and ‘although’. The word‘however’ is often used to present an argument against something. This can be found in the lastthird paragraph, that she does not want to repeat the same mistake ( being too confident ofherself ) but she changed to be more hardworking in her study.Next, the use of ‘although’ in the essay is good to contrast each other. For example, the writerwrote (Although, my living condition is not that bad, it is actually not a life I have ever dreamedoff. ), which can be found from the third passage, tells us that she is contrasting between hercurrent life and her dream life.Overall conclusion, I found that the writer uses very few linking words which is not good inorder to perceive a beautiful style of writing.REFLECTION OF HOW I LEARNED GRAMMARThere are many ways of learning grammar. It all depends on the person himself. Like myself, Iuse DVD as the easiest way to learn grammar. To me, it is good way as a beginner learnerespecially for the kids. The interactive words and pictures from the DVD attracted me to learngrammar everyday. I really enjoyed to watch DVD of grammar when I was in primary school.But, as an adult learner, I prefer to learn from the reference books that can easily can be boughtfrom the bookstore. To me, reading and learning about grammar should be done frequently as away to enhance our grammar skill. Besides that, I also do some grammar exercises as a drillingor practice to improve my grammar and knowing the functions of each of the grammar item.Next, I usually write a narrative essay in a week to boost up my writing skill and then let mycolleagues to check the errors can be found from the writing. This is one of the way that helps
  6. 6. me a lot in order to improve and aware off the importance of grammar in writing and speaking aswell.But, strongly to say that,to me, the best way to learn grammar is by practicing to have acommunicative drilling with friends, colleagues or any people such as by involving anyimpromptu and interact in English. The fact is, practices make us perfect due to frequent drilling.REFERENCESMichael, S. and Catherine, W . ( 2011 ). Oxford English Grammar Course, OxfordUniversity Press, United Kingdom.Ken, P. ( 2012 ). Oxford Living Grammar, Oxford University Press, United Kingdom.Azar, Betty,S.( 1941 ). Fundamentals of English Grammar, Tina B. Carver, New York.