Stay Productive While on the Move with Microsoft Office 365 - by Denver IT Consulting Company


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Stay Productive While on the Move with Microsoft Office 365 - Presented by your Denver IT Support Specialists and

Technology Consultants at North Star, Inc.


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Stay Productive While on the Move with Microsoft Office 365 - by Denver IT Consulting Company

  1. 1. StayProductive Whilethe MovewithMicrosoft Office 365
  2. 2. DENVER IT SUPPORT SPECIALISTSN O R T H S T A R , I N C .Helping your Organization to beMore ProductiveNORTH STAR, INC.Presented byStay Productive While on the Movewith Microsoft Office 365
  3. 3. Introducing You to the World ofthe Microsoft Office 365 Cloud
  4. 4. Wherever we go, whateverwe are doing, we havedevices we can use to keep usconnected to people, things,and processes that matter;people, things, and processesthat keep us productive.
  5. 5. This is a wonderful innovation for businesses,especially the ability to access productivity toolswith a simple touch, no matter where we are.
  6. 6. There is, or has been, just oneproblem however, our mobile toolsrarely talk to each other.
  7. 7. We also know the value of being ableto share information, data, andcontacts in a seamless fashion.
  8. 8. We believe Office 365 makes this type of sharing easierand more consistent, helping you and your people toremain productive wherever they happen to be.
  9. 9. Why do we believe sostrongly in the use ofOffice 365? AsMicrosoft explains…
  10. 10. “Microsoft Office 365 delivers“anywhere access” to e-mail,documents, contacts, andcalendars, on almost any device,for businesses of all sizes—helping to save time and moneyand freeing up valued resources.
  11. 11. Office 365 combines the familiarOffice desktop suite with the nextgeneration of our most trustedcommunications and collaborationservices: Exchange Online,SharePoint® Online, and Lync™Online.”
  12. 12. Microsoft Office 365 is theversatile solution to your mobilecomputing needs
  13. 13. The real beauty ofOffice 365 is theability to accessfamiliar desktopapplications on yourmobile devices.
  14. 14. Not only are Word, Excel, Outlook, all ofyour most-used Office programs availablein a mobile setting.
  15. 15. With Office 365 any documents orspreadsheets you are working onare available exactly where youleft off – right on your tablet,PDA, or Smartphone.
  16. 16. With improved security and built-in anti-virus protection, as well as full access tothe cloud, Microsoft Office 365 is the mostversatile mobile productivity toolavailable today.
  17. 17. Office 365 offers seamlesstransitions to your mobile deviceswith Outlook and Office right inthe palms of your hands.
  18. 18. Through the use ofExchange Synctechnology, Office 365allows you to sync with avariety of mobiledevices, such asWindows® Phone,BlackBerry, iPhone, andothers.
  19. 19. With cloud-hosted server solutionsfrom Office 365, you will haveaccess to SharePoint and Exchangecapabilities, without the cost oradministrative hassles.
  20. 20. As a subscriptionservice, Office 365provides access to up-to-date technology,with lower up-frontcosts than on-sitehardware solutions.
  21. 21. Office 365 offers you the versatility that onlya hybrid combination of cloud-based and on-site solutions can deliver.
  22. 22. Microsoft Office 365brings desktopcomputing power toall of your mobiledevices.
  23. 23. Your people will no longer have to learn new apps orprograms to remain productive while on the go.
  24. 24. With virtually every programthey use while in the office,all of the familiar Microsoftproductivity tools with whichthey are already familiar,will now be available tothem wherever they may beworking.
  25. 25. If you are looking for reliable IT consulting in Denver andthe surrounding areas, North Star, Inc., is the place to gofor quality Denver network support, including yourintroduction to Microsoft Office 365. Find out more aboutus at
  26. 26. Please feel free to contact us for your network analysis.THANK YOU!Looking forward to our future collaboration!N O R T H S T A R , I N C .303-552-0018 // www.nssit.comWe invite you to connect with us on:Facebook // Twitter // Google PlusProviding Network Design, Implementation, andSupport for Denver Small Businesses Denver IT Support and Consulting VoIP Business Phone Solutions Managed Services and On-site Support Web Conferencing SolutionsPresentation Designed by Andrea Kalli