Discover the 5 New Windows 8 Security Features You Should Know - by Denver IT Support Specialists


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Are there any security features in Windows 8 you should know about? Learn About the 5 New Windows 8 Security Features - Presented by your Denver IT Support Specialists and Technology Consultants at North Star, Inc.


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Discover the 5 New Windows 8 Security Features You Should Know - by Denver IT Support Specialists

  1. 1. NewYou Should Know
  2. 2. DENVER IT SUPPORT SPECIALISTSN O R T H S T A R , I N C .Helping your Organization to beMore ProductiveNORTH STAR, INC.Presented by
  3. 3. With every new release of the Windowsoperating system, one of the mostsignificant elements is the introduction ofnew and improved security features.
  4. 4. It is often for this reason that it isimportant, particularly for businessusers, to make sure that they arealways using the latest software.
  5. 5. In addition to many other new features,Windows 8 introduces an abundance ofnew security features (dependent on theedition you choose).
  6. 6. The most exciting of these newsecurity features in Windows 8 areexplained here.
  7. 7. Secure Boot,All Editions
  8. 8. The new Secure Bootfeature is designed toprevent any unauthorizedfirmware, drivers oroperating systems fromlaunching as the computerboots up into Windows.
  9. 9. This feature may bedisabled if …
  10. 10. … You experiencehardware compatibilityproblems on older devices.
  11. 11. … You experiencehardware compatibilityproblems with otheroperating systems, such asLinux, which you may wantto run alongside Windows.
  12. 12. But…
  13. 13. Businesses find Secure Boot very useful insecuring corporate IT resources, since it makesWindows 8 extremely resistant to rootkits andother low-level malicious software.
  14. 14. PicturePassword, AllEditions
  15. 15. Windows 8 makes touchscreen devices moresecure.
  16. 16. Rather than usingthe onscreenkeyboard,passwords can beentered with athree-swipegesture over achosen image.
  17. 17. Both touch screen device and traditional computerusers will be able to use this feature, as well as theregular written password.
  18. 18. If you forget your picturepassword, you will always beable to enter your writtenpassword instead.
  19. 19. IntegratedAntivirus, AllEditions
  20. 20. Windows 7 included thevery basic free antivirussoftware, WindowsDefender.
  21. 21. Windows 8 comes with anew version of WindowsDefender - fully integrated.
  22. 22. The new Windows Defenderboasts all of the features ofMicrosoft Security Essentialsplus some additional featuresand performance tweaks.
  23. 23. Although thisfeature isextremely welcometo home users,businesses willprobably still wantto use moresophisticated,professionalantivirus softwareinstead.
  24. 24. SmartScreenFilter, AllEditions
  25. 25. SmartScreen Filter is a feature ofInternet Explorer.
  26. 26. But…
  27. 27. In Windows 8, it isapplied to the operatingsystem itself, as well asInternet Explorer 10,which ships with thenew operating system.
  28. 28. SmartScreen Filter helps toensure that only safe filesare downloaded from theInternet or other sourcesonto your computer.
  29. 29. It will also warn you ifyou are trying todownload somethingsuspicious.
  30. 30. This is an extremelyvaluable tool forbusinesses, whichmust rely onmultiple users.
  31. 31. Security Features inWindows 8 Pro andEnterprise Editions
  32. 32. Windows 8 Pro,designed forbusinesses andenthusiasts,replaces theProfessional andUltimate versionsof the operatingsystem.
  33. 33. Windows 8 Pro is the fullest edition of theoperating system.
  34. 34. Windows 8 Proincludes Bitlocker,Bitlocker To Go,file systemencryption (EFS),domainmembership andgroup policyobjectmanagement.
  35. 35. All of thesefeatures aresimilar to Windows7 and WindowsVista, with somenew additions tocompensate forthe other changesin Windows 8.
  36. 36. Windows 8Enterprise Edition isthe same asWindows 8 Pro,although onlyavailable to largercompanies whichhave volumelicensingagreements withMicrosoft.
  37. 37. These companies willhave access to the newApplocker, DirectAccessand Windows To Gofeatures.
  38. 38. Applocker providesadministrators withthe power torestrict access tocertainapplications.
  39. 39. DirectAccess allowscomputers to connectsecurely to companynetworks.
  40. 40. Windows To Go is a versionof the operating systemwhich runs directly off aUSB storage device on any64-bit computer.
  41. 41. To discover more aboutWindows 8, check outour article series at
  42. 42. Please feel free to contact us for your network analysis.THANK YOU!Looking forward to our future collaboration!N O R T H S T A R , I N C .303-552-0018 // www.nssit.comWe invite you to connect with us on:Facebook // Twitter // Google PlusProviding Network Design, Implementation, andSupport for Denver Small Businesses Denver IT Support and Consulting VoIP Business Phone Solutions Managed Services and On-site Support Web Conferencing SolutionsPresentation Designed by Andrea Kalli